Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on DAYS

Chloe's friends and family rallied around her after they learned that she had been diagnosed with leukemia. Nancy was forced to tell Craig the truth about Chloe's biological father. After Jennifer broke up with Brandon, Jack asked her to get back together with him. Tony, thought to be deceased, crashed John and Marlena's anniversary party.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, June 17, 2002

John burst through the front door of Stefano's house, ranting and raving. Marlena followed behind him, asking him to stop. Rolf and Bart were in the secret room, watching the couple on the monitor. Marlena tried to settle John down with no success. He tore through the house. Roman showed up, and Marlena shared her fears about John's behavior with him. John searched the house, uttering threats to Stefano while he did so.

Inside the secret room, Rolf received a call on the phone. He was visibly shocked by what he was told.

John returned to Roman and Marlena. Roman told John that he wanted to help him stop Stefano. The two men searched for the hidden room. They found their way in but discovered it was empty. The only thing that remained was part of an order form for a case of port wine that was due at the end of the week.

Brandon woke in the hotel room and found Lexie gone. He read the note she'd left him, saying that she was going home to Abe and thanking Brandon for helping her. At home, Abe dozed at the desk. Lexie woke him, and he thought he was dreaming. She assured him that she was real and asked him to listen to what she had to say before he turned her in. She told Abe that everything she had done had been to keep their family intact, but she realized that she had to move on.

She started to cry, and Abe tried to hold her, but she resisted. Brandon entered and thought they were struggling. Lexie told Brandon everything was okay and explained to Abe that she had called Brandon to help her. Brandon apologized to Abe for bursting into their house. Abe told Lexie that it had hurt to have to have her committed.

Lexie asked if Abe was taking her back, and he told her that although she seemed better, she still needed some help. She told him to go ahead and make the call. Just before Lexie was taken back to the hospital, Rolf called and told Lexie not to worry because her father would see to it she got all the help she needed. Rolf then turned to Bart and said that Bart would be in charge of Lexie, as Rolf had to leave town. Bart was ordered to wait for further instruction.

Sami was screaming as a stunned Jack said that he was not hurt. The old couple happily announced that the game was over and that they'd won. The whole debacle was explained as being an interactive murder mystery that Brandon had set up. Jack and Sami were not amused. Jennifer insisted that she'd had nothing to do with it, but Jack and Sami didn't believe her.

Sami accused Jennifer of being a tease and sending Jack mixed signals. Jennifer threw Sami's past into her face and said that Sami was so far from being a real woman that she couldn't understand why any man could ever have true feelings for her. Sami became enraged and pretty much called Jennifer frigid. Jack told Sami to back off so that they could pack up and get out of there.

Colin headed out to wait in the car. Jennifer called Brandon and told him she was heading back to Salem. She told him that she'd like to meet with him to discuss their relationship.

The teens rushed into the hospital with an unconscious Chloe. Craig whisked her into a room. Brady was angry with Philip for not seeing the signs of Chloe's illness sooner. In the exam room, Chloe awoke. She was informed of her test results. Nancy took her daughter into her arms and vowed to help her beat the illness. Chloe asked her parents to go and tell her friends what was going on.

While waiting, Belle explained Shawn's actions regarding Jan to Brady and Philip. They were interrupted when Nancy entered and told them of Chloe's leukemia. They were all stunned. They asked to see Chloe and were allowed, but only one at a time. Belle went in first.

Philip cornered Craig in the hall and lashed out at him. Philip threatened Craig's job and tried to manipulate him with Victor's influence. Craig told Philip off and informed him that he had excellent doctors working on Chloe. It was clear Craig was not intimidated by Victor in the least. After Craig walked off, Philip called his dad and started to cry.

In an alley behind the hospital, Brady lashed out by throwing things around. Shawn saw him and told him not to distance himself from Chloe, as she needed him more than ever before.

Philip went to see Chloe and told her that Victor would pay for the best doctors for her. She refused the offer, saying that she trusted Craig and his staff. Chloe also returned the necklace Philip had given her and asked him to hold on to it for her. Brady then entered, and Chloe asked to be alone with him. They held hands, and Brady told jokes in order to lift her spirits.

Craig and Nancy arrived to take Chloe to her first treatment. On the way, they passed by the teens. Chloe thanked all her friends for being supportive. As she was wheeled away, she glanced back.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

John talked with Marlena about the change that had passed over him the day before. He suddenly snapped back into his "military" mode and left, waking Belle as he did. Belle confided to Marlena that Shawn hadn't slept with Jan.

Belle stopped by Brady's loft to see the computer message, though Brady discovered it was gone from his PC. After Belle left, Isabella's spirit appeared in the room, though Brady couldn't see it.

As Chloe felt the effects after her first chemotherapy treatment, Craig advised Nancy that she might need a bone marrow transplant. Craig then asked her to reveal who Chloe's father was so they could start the search for half-brothers and sisters in hopes of finding a donor.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Abe was shocked to hear Dr. Dellman had approved Lexie's release from the psychiatric ward. Lexie explained that she still intended to sue the hospital and had decided to live at the Salem Inn for a while. Lexie denied it when Abe guessed Stefano was controlling her. He was hurt when he watched Lexie thanking Brandon for his support. A worried Brandon advised Abe that he'd urged Lexie not to sue the hospital. Bart paid off Dellman for releasing Lexie and then advised Lexie about Rolf leaving town.

Jennifer confided in Alice about the terrible time she'd had at the romantic lodge with Brandon and admitted that she'd made a mistake in trying to play Colin and Jack against Brandon.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Jack told Sami he was moving on from Jennifer, and to prove it, he kissed her passionately. Sami returned the favor with a slap in the face, all while Jennifer stared in amazement. Jennifer wanted to know what was up, and Jack let her know that he had finally gotten the message and was moving on. Sami noticed Jennifer's unusually bad mood and asked her if she'd had a fight with Brandon. Jennifer told them both that she and Brandon had broken up.

Sami and Jennifer exchanged mean words, and then Sami left happy. She was off to reclaim Brandon. Later, Jack went into Jennifer's office to confront her with all his honest feelings. He told Jennifer that he was no longer going to be chasing after her and let her know he would be dating other women. Jack told her that he'd kissed Sami earlier because he wanted to kiss her, not for a show.

Jack honestly spilled his heart and reflected on the things he had done to get Jennifer back. He told her that he could not pursue her anymore if she continued to pursue other men. Jennifer got very teary-eyed. Jack let Jennifer know that he still wanted a life with her and Abby, but she would have to turn to him -- and hopefully before he found someone else.

Jennifer realized that Jack had been totally honest about his feelings for once and that she needed to be honest too. She admitted to playing games with Jack but had not planned on it. Jennifer was stumped by all the honesty and was very emotional. Later, Jennifer gave Jack his next news story and told him to be careful. Jack needed to find out where Stefano was for his story.

At the police station, Abe told Roman about Lexie's release from the mental ward. Meanwhile, Brandon showed up at the DiMera mansion to find out what Lexie was up to. Then John showed up, demanding to know when Stefano was returning to Salem and what Lexie was up to. Lexie said she was only at the mansion to collect her things and leave. John expressed his dislike for Lexie and Stefano, and then Brandon asked him to leave.

After John left, Brandon told Lexie he knew she was lying to John and got her to admit that Stefano was returning soon. So he told Lexie to pack her stuff, and he was getting her out of there. Bart was in the secret room, watching Lexie on hidden camera, and got a phone call from "the boss." Bart said Salem was going to get rocked that night. Sami went to the police station and overheard Abe on the phone, saying that Lexie had just been seen checking into the Salem Inn with Brandon, so she rushed out to stop whatever might be going on.

Back at the Salem Inn, Brandon was getting frustrated with Lexie and her plans. Brandon told her that Abe was not the right guy for her. Sami showed up at the inn, looking for Brandon, then a messenger showed up at Lexie's hotel room with a package from Stefano, and Sami heard their voices and knew what room they were in. Lexie was excited by the note in the package and told Brandon that Stefano was returning that night.

John was at the police station, talking with Abe and Roman about being part of the group that was tracking Stefano. John reminded them that he was throwing a surprise anniversary party for Marlena that night at the Penthouse Grill and that it might be a target for DiMera.

Colin met Nicole at the Brady Pub, and they made dinner plans for the Penthouse Grill. Colin talked to his Uncle Shawn and told him to contact Bo and Hope to tell them not to return to Salem because it wouldn't be safe. Colin got news that there was movement in the DiMera circle, and something big was going to go down. Bo and Hope were already on their way home. A mystery man was lurking outside the Brady Pub, keeping an eye on Colin and the Bradys.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Belle, Brady, and Mimi arrived at the hospital to visit Chloe. Brady offered to skip his parents' anniversary party in order to keep her company, but Chloe insisted he go to the party. Brady presented Chloe with a CD player and some CDs he'd made for her. Belle and Mimi left so that Brady and Chloe could be alone. Brady gave Chloe a little pep talk, and once the girls returned, Brady and Belle left for the party. Mimi stayed with Chloe to keep her company a while longer. They spent time together watching movies and bonding.

Craig and Nancy called the hospital to check on Chloe's condition and found out the prognosis of her treatment. They were told that the first round of chemotherapy would push her into remission, but she would need a bone marrow transplant if she were to have any chance of survival. Craig and Nancy also found out that the results of their tests indicated that neither one was a match for Chloe. Craig gently told Nancy that they needed to find Chloe's father -- and find out if he had any other children who could be potential donors -- if they were to save Chloe.

Naturally that upset Nancy, and she recalled the circumstances of the rape by a family friend -- a doctor that Nancy's father had worked with -- that had led to the conception of Chloe. Craig gently coaxed his wife to tell him the man's name. A very scared Nancy told Craig that Dr. Fredrick Sykes was Chloe's father. Craig reached for the phone, telling Nancy that he was going to find Dr. Sykes and see if he could help Chloe, and then he was going to kill him for what he had done to Nancy.

John and Caprice tried to keep the anniversary party a surprise from Marlena, but she overheard them talking. When Marlena questioned them, John revealed that he'd like to take her to dinner. As much as Marlena wanted to go, she didn't want to leave Caprice out, so John said he'd change the reservations to include her.

At the police station, Jack showed up in Abe's office, and Abe promptly threw him out. Sami, who was there with her dad, blurted out to Abe that Lexie was at the Salem Inn, "shacked up" with Brandon. Abe angrily informed her that he was well aware of his wife's actions. Abe summoned Roman into his office and shut the door. Jack smelled a story and tried to get information from Sami, but she wouldn't tell him anything. He asked her to take him to the anniversary party as her date, but she refused that too.

Inside the office, Abe updated Roman on Lexie and the return of Stefano. They agreed to meet at the party.

Jennifer saw Bo and Hope at the pub. Colin also arrived and told the couple that they'd made a huge mistake in returning home so soon. That irked Bo, who basically told Colin to mind his own business. Colin warned that Stefano was on his way back, but the Bradys said that they were going on with their lives and that they'd survived Stefano many times before. Colin left.

After Jennifer helped Bo and Hope pack up some things, including the bugged jack-in-the-box, Jack arrived. He updated Jennifer on the Stefano story. She told him the Bradys were aware of Stefano's return too. The two made plans to meet at the party and get the scoop on the story.

Lexie received a note that she assumed was from her father. It said that she was to be at the Penthouse Grill. Celeste insisted on going with her, as did Brandon.

Everyone began to arrive at the Penthouse Grill for the party and the arrival of the mystery guest. Abe and Bo discussed Colin and his possible link to Stefano. Bo made it clear that he did not trust Colin.

John and Marlena arrived, and Marlena was very happily surprised by the sight of all her friends and family gathered there.

A mystery man hailed a cab and headed for the Penthouse Grill.

Nicole was very suspicious as to why Colin had taken her to the Penthouse Grill that particular evening. He turned on the charm and laid it on thick, but it was not working.

Upon Lexie's arrival, the crowd hesitated. Everyone wondered what she was up to and if she was truly expecting her father. Abe confronted her, but Celeste defended her daughter, and they entered the dining room. Lexie was very excited about her father's return.

At the party, Caprice was startled to spot Celeste. It was so upsetting that Caprice made an excuse to leave early.

Kate gave Sami a letter from Austin that mentioned Sami. Sami read it and found that Austin had nothing good to say about her. Brandon saw that Sami was hurt but stopped himself from going over to her.

As Roman arrived with several police officers, Colin made a call, telling the person on the other end "the timing is perfect" and that he'd call back "when he makes contact." Nicole suspected that he knew more about Lexie's expected guest than he was letting on.

Roman announced that there was a fire in the kitchen and evacuated the restaurant. Everyone scurried around in order to find their loved ones. Soon it seemed there were only Stefano's enemies and Lexie left in the room.

A man stepped off the elevator and entered the dining room. Much to everyone's shock and horror, it was Tony DiMera.

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