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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, June 24, 2002

On the terrace at the Penthouse Grill Brandon tells Sami that it was cruel for Kate to give Sami the letter from Austin. Sami, thinking that Brandon is there to rub her nose in her misery, lashes out at him. Brandon tells Sami that he does not hate her but Austin is right when he says she'll always end up alone. Anyone who gets close to her ends up getting hurt. He says that he'd rather be alone than risk being hurt by her again. Sami says that she's trying to make a new start but Austin was a big part of her life and part of her will always love him a little. However, she is also angry with him over what he said in the letter and claims to be through with him. Then (in true Sami fashion) she switches gears and asks Brandon if he still loves her. Brandon asks Sami what she wants from him friendship or a relationship. She apologizes for using Brandon in the past and says she has feelings for him that one day could turn into love. He tells her to leave him alone as he won't be second best to anyone. As he heads back into the restaurant Brandon tells Sami that she needs to learn how to be alone. She asks about his relationship with Lexie and Brandon curtly tells her it's none of her business. Sami stands there and decides that she's better off resorting to her scheming ways in order to get Brandon back...

Brady and Belle arrive at the loft. Belle is concerned for their parents, but Brady tells her all will be okay. In order to calm Belle's fears he calls the restaurant and finds out that it's closed and the police are still there investigating. Still a little nervous, Belle reaches for her cell phone but Brady stops her and tells her not to call Shawn. Belle defends Shawn to her brother by telling him the real reasons behind Shawn being with Jan. The explanation does not change Brady's impression of Shawn. Belle changes the subject to Chloe. Brady admits that he fell for Chloe last summer. While everyone was away on the trip the two of them spent a lot of time together. He says he's been holding back because he knows Chloe still has lingering feelings for Philip. Brady also confides that Chloe suffering from the same disease his mother (Isabella) died from makes him feel powerless. Belle tells Brady that simply being there with Chloe can help her. She says that Chloe needs all the positive energy she can get and Brady is exactly the person to provide it!

Upon entering the restaurant, Tony exclaims that the phoenix has risen! John attacks Tony. Roman and Abe pull him off. A somewhat flustered Tony says his only intention was to have dinner with Lexie and is taken aback by seeing so many faces from his past gathered there. Bo accuses Tony of being there to try to kidnap Zack which totally confuses Tony. He has no idea that Bo and Hope had another child! Abe and Roman want to take Tony to the police station for questioning, but John insists on hearing his story then and there.

Nicole and Colin are watching all of this unfold from the doorway. She mentions leaving and he responds by telling her to shut up and go home if she's bored. She decides to stay.

Tony rehashes his history with John and how John was having an affair with Tony's wife Kristen. An angry John brings up the diary Tony left behind after his "death" that framed John for his murder. Tony reveals that it was actually Andre (gasp!) who died and was also the one who framed John. Everyone is a little skeptical since Tony was supposed to have personally watched Andre die in quicksand several years before any of this took place. Tony explains that Stefano swooped in and rescued Andre at the last second. And as luck would have it Andre had the same blood disease as Tony. So Stefano took the liberty of switching a very ill Tony with Andre (without Tony's knowledge) in order to defend the DiMera family honor and get revenge on John. As an added bonus Stefano was able to get rid of Andre, whom he never liked, permanently. Tony claims to have had no contact or involvement with his father in several years. Tony says that in order to put the matter to rest once and for all the police should send the diary for handwriting analysis and exhume the body.

On the way out, Tony makes eye contact with Colin. this does not go unnoticed by Bo. Bo confronts Colin who admits nothing( but he also doesn't deny anything...)to his cousin.

Jack and Jennifer are pleased to have an exclusive on this story. Jack is very curious as to why Colin is there when he has nothing to do with all of this. He decides to follow Colin and Nicole out.

John asks whether Stefano is also planning on returning to Salem. Tony admits he does know of his father's whereabouts. After apologizing to Lexie for having to give the bad news under such circumstances, Tony announces that Stefano is dead!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Philip arrives after visiting hours with games and books for Chloe, but she tells him she needs time alone to think. When Brady visits, he silently watches Chloe listen to her music until she falls asleep. In the office, Colin stops Nicole's questions with a kiss and lays her down on the desk in the flickering candlelight. Jack runs into Victor at the elevators and dodges his questions about Nicole. When Victor walks in on Nicole and Colin, and he orders Nicole to leave or else lose her job. Alone with Colin, Victor informs him that he investigates his past and threatens to divulge everything unless Colin stops seeing Nicole. John refuses to believe that Stefano is dead, even as Tony presents a death certificate.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Belle announces her decision to remain in Salem for the summer instead of leaving immediately for Columbia. Concerned for Brady, she tells Shawn that he confessed his feelings for Chloe the previous day. Jack and Jennifer groggily lift their heads from their desks after spending the night on the DiMera story. They discuss the importance of the story to the newspaper, and Jennifer questions what Jack was doing while she stayed at the police station. When he brushes off her inquiries, Jennifer insists that the story has nothing to do with Colin, but Jack is convinced that Colin is somehow involved. Craig complements Nancy for being so supportive of Chloe during her illness.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Victor and Nicole go at each other first thing in the morning after Victor caught her getting hot and steamy with Colin in the office the night before. Victor tells Nicole not to have Colin in her office anymore. Colin waits for Nicole in her office and reflects on the night before when Victor warned him not to see Nicole anymore or he would destroy him. Colin decides to break it off with Nicole to keep his secrets hidden. Nicole returns to her office to find Colin waiting for her. They exchange compliments about each other and then Colin tells Nicole he can't see her anymore. Nicole knows right away that Victor has him running. They have a goodbye kiss but Nicole is hurt and ticked off at Victor for interfering in her life, and vows to get back at him. Later, Nicole goes to Victors office acting all sexy towards him and admits that she was wrong about Colin. She tells Victor that Colin didn't do it for her and that she broke up with him. Then, Nicole asks Victor to spend 4th of July with her but he doesn't answer her. Nicole is planning on making her own declaration of independence from Victor, and Victor can't wait to see what Nicole is up to!

Sami listens in on Brandon's phone call to find Lexie. Brandon is off to the DiMera mansion to find out what Lexie is up to and Sami plans to beat him there so he will be worried about her being with Tony. At the mansion, Lexie is mad at Tony for giving Stefano's ashes to John and storms out to get the ashes back. Tony is alone and talking on the phone to someone about how Lexie is all DiMera but quickly hangs up when Sami barges in. Tony laughs when Sami says she wants to be his friend and he reminds her how the Bradys feel about him and his family then he asks her to leave. Then, Brandon comes barging in looking for Lexie only to find Sami with Tony instead. Brandon accuses Sami of setting herself up to be there when he showed up. Tony asks them both to leave and not to come back. Back at the hospital, Brandon tells Sami to stay away from Tony because he is dangerous and asks her what she is up to. Sami's plan to get Brandon to worry about her instead of Lexie is working like a charm. Sami tells Brandon that Lexie wants his body, but Brandon tells her he is only helping Lexie and demands to know why she was with Tony.

John shows up at the police station with Stefano's ashes. John wants to sent the ashes to Shane Donovan at the ISA for DNA testing to find out if it is really Stefano. Abe gives his approval and Lexie shows up demanding that they give her back the ashes. Abe promises that the ashes with we treated with respect and returned as soon as their testing is complete. Abe and Lexie talk alone about Zack and how much they miss their family. Then Lexie tells Abe if he really loves her, he'll give the ashes back now, but he doesn't give them back. Later, Abe, John, Bo and Roman talk about the exhumation of the body in Aramat to determine if it is really the body of Tony or his cousin Andre. John leaves the station with Stefano's ashes and Abe wants to know what he is planning. John tells him he would not want to know. Bo gets the official typed statement from the night of Tony's return and heads off to the DiMera mansion for Tony's signature on it. Later, at the mansion, Tony answers the door and their stands Colin staring at him. Lexie comes out to see who is at the door and asks Colin what he is doing there and right after that Bo shows up outside and wants to know what Colin is doing there also.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Shawn surprises Belle with a romantic moonlight picnic at Lookout Point. Belle is very touched by the gesture. Shawn apologizes again for the whole Jan debacle. Belle tells him that it's time to move past all of that. She pulls out the paper heart that is a symbol of their love and together they repair it. Shawn promises Belle that he will never give her a reason to rip it up ever again. They kiss and spend a romantic evening together.

Nancy is in tears in Chloe's room. Craig enters and Nancy begins reading Chloe's will to him. They stop when Chloe wakes. Nancy quickly leaves the room so that Chloe won't see she's been crying. When asked by Chloe Craig admits that Nancy saw the will. Craig tells Chloe not to give up and the two have a very special moment where they truly bond as father and daughter. She thanks him for standing by her no matter what and tells him she loves him. Craig tells Chloe that her name has been placed on the national donor list.

At the nurses station, Nancy comes across Brady and Philip who are arguing over Chloe. Nancy tells the boys that Chloe has feelings for both of them and needs them both right now. They apologize to Nancy and make a pact not to fight over Chloe. Philip agrees to be tested to see if he's a match for the transplant (Brady already has been tested). When the boys arrive in Chloe's room Craig leaves. They do their best to cheer up Chloe. Soon Shawn and Belle arrive with their picnic. Chloe tells them of her need for a transplant. Belle comes up with an idea to organize a drive and have everyone possible tested to see if they are a match for Chloe.

Nancy and Craig are distressed over not being able to find Dr. Sykes. Craig sees Bo and asks for his help. Craig returns to Nancy and says that Bo is looking into it.

Sami insists to Brandon that Tony is a friend of hers and is being wrongfully blamed by everyone. Brandon thinks Sami is nuts!! Brandon tries to get Sami to stay out of anything involving the DiMeras, but she tells him to mind his own business.

Bo catches Colin arriving at the DiMera mansion. Colin covers his tracks by saying he's there to research Tony's rare blood disorder. (While in Africa Colin treated patients with the same disorder, but Tony is the only known survivor) Bo isn't buying any of this. Tony thanks Colin for his interest but refuses the research. Moments later Tony dramatically collapses to the floor. Lexie and Colin struggle to get him to the hospital. Bo very reluctantly helps. Arriving at the ER, Lexie begs Colin to help her brother. Tony snaps out of his state and is annoyed to find himself at the hospital. Colin asks if this has ever happened before. Tony avoids the question and heads back to the mansion. Bo gets into Lexie's face over Tony, telling her that her Brother is faking all of this. Brandon overhears and steps in to defend Lexie. After Bo leaves, Sami spots Brandon holding Lexie in his arms. She is very jealous and decides to up the stakes. She plots to have Brandon discover her in bed with Tony!!!

Tony arrives home where Colin is waiting for him. Saying they'll discuss business another time, Tony asks Colin to leave. It turns out that this catatonic state wasn't the first. Tony shuts down the house for the night and goes upstairs. A few minutes later John breaks in...

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