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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 5, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, August 5, 2002

Abe and Bo watch in shock as they see the ID bracelets magically change on the enhanced surveillance video. They realize immediately that it's not magic, but really a plan of Stefano's being executed. Meanwhile, Roman is yelling at Billie because she's complaining that she hasn't been spending time in the station; he thinks it's because she wants to be around Bo. Roman watches the tape and Abe sends for Lexie to come see it as well. Billie sees the babies on the tape and is reminded of the baby she lost; Bo walks in and she asks if he ever thinks about Georgia, but he gets a call from Hope before he can reply. Later, Lexie is brought in and forced to view the tape...

Jack and Jennifer spy on Colin, who has a private moment with Nicole. She spots Victor and pulls Colin to an isolated area of Salem Place, in order to remain discreet. Per Tony's orders, Colin gets close to her and gives her a friendship ring. Afterward, he pulls her into an intense kiss and a hidden photographer snaps some pictures. Nicole pulls away, shoving the ring back at Colin. Later, Victor calls Nicole and asks her to meet him at the mall. Jack has seen the kiss and the photographer and is curious about what is going on. When Colin calls Jennifer to set up a dinner date for that evening, Jack is determined to lure him in and find out what he's up to...

Lexie and Brandon have an intimate moment on the terrace at the nurses' station. Sami is working and dying to eavesdrop on them and break them apart for good. Visions of Victor plague her and she is constantly reminded of his threats to distance herself from Brandon. Sami knows she has Tony on her side, but she fears it may not be enough...

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

At the station, Abe and Bo stare on as Lexie is forced to watch the hospital surveillance tape. Lexie is distraught and runs out while Bo tries to comfort Abe. Despite his love for Lexie, he feels his marriage is truly over and plans to file for divorce. Upon returning to the mansion, Lexie demands that Bart tell her Stefano's role in the baby switch. Bart doesn't give her any direct answers, but enough that she realizes her father was responsible. Lexie leaves and ends up on Abe's doorstep...

Tony and Bart are looking through some photos of an island and trying to connect them to the blue key. Sami bursts in, eager to know if Tony's done anything to help her yet. He insists she show a little patience, but Sami can't wait and goes to see Caroline. She implores Caroline to talk to Victor on her behalf, but Caroline refuses, telling her to grow up and learn to love selflessly...

Billie comes into the hospital to help Brandon with an abused teen that won't talk. Billie gets the girl to open up and admit that her father beats her. The moment also brings Billie and Brandon closer, since they both have a history of abuse. Later, Brandon shows up at the DiMera Mansion, looking for Lexie. Tony refuses to tell Brandon where she is. Later, Tony confesses to Bart that while he doesn't like either of Lexie's suitors, he'd rather see his sister with Abe...

Kate confronts Nicole about the rumors she's been spreading concerning Basic Black. Nicole unashamedly admits it and Kate physically attacks her; Roman passes by and breaks it up. Nicole saunters off and Roman brings up the attraction between the two of them. Kate denies, but Roman is confident she'd accept if he asked her out. Meanwhile, Nicole meets Victor, who has a ring box for her. She opens the box, but it's empty. Victor tells her that when she's ready, they'll put a ring in it together. Nicole accidentally mentions being offered another ring, but covers when Victor asks about any other men in her life. Back at the DiMera Mansion, Tony receives the damning photos of Colin and Nicole kissing...

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Lexie crumbles in Abe's arms and begs him to give their marriage one more chance, but Abe informs her that he plans to file for divorce. She swears she is deeply sorry and refuses to have anything to do with Brandon again. Abe feels her pain and draws her into a passionate kiss. He explains to her that he wants to fix their marriage, but they need to take it slowly. They arrange to face their demons later and wipe the slate clean... When Sami turns to John for advice on how to get Brandon, he warns her that Brandon may have been involved in the baby switch. He also tries to convince her to cut her ties with Tony before it ends up hurting Marlena. Sami reaffirms her belief that Tony is a good man and defends him by telling John about the good deeds he's doing with the satellite photos of the island. John doesn't say anything, but his curiosity is piqued as he remembers Stefano holding Marlena hostage on an island. Later, Sami goes to the DiMera Mansion, where Tony explodes at her for telling John about the photos. He tries to cover and quickly changes the subject to Abe and Lexie's reunion; Sami is thrilled to hear this and heads off...

Shawn and Belle take Rex and Cassie to Smith Island, where they agree to try to teach the twins to communicate for one more day. They sit on the beach, reminiscing about Puerto Rico and kissing when they notice the twins watching them. Cassie and Rex seem to understand better and Belle and Shawn realize they can communicate with them...

With her leukemia in remission, Chloe is released from the hospital. As she gets ready to leave, Brady shows up to apologize for their misunderstanding, but Chloe doesn't want to ruin her happy day. Back at the Wesley house, Philip is having their tree planted in the yard. She gives Philip a kiss, thanks him for bringing her out of her lifelong isolation. Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy learn about the truth behind the baby switch and decide to celebrate the good news by taking another shot at making a baby...

Thursday, August 8, 2002

John compares the stars on Marlena's pillow from Stefano, to the stars in a constellations book and finds out it matches the constellation Gemini. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to figure out what Stefano's plans are for him and the blue key. John shows up at the mansion to pump Tony and talk about Gemini twins. Tony tells John he has no idea what he is talking about and doesn't understand what Stefano's plans are. Tony tells John about plans to help out world causes and John says they should work together on it and call it the Gemini project. When John leaves Tony wonders what John knows that he has not yet figured out and John realizes that Tony has no idea about Gemini and doesn't know any more about Stefano's plan than he does.

Victor and Nicole discuss their future over dinner. Victor asks her if there are any other men in her life and if she is still seeing Colin. Nicole tells Victor that there is no one else. Then Nicole asks Victor if he put Colin up to that stunt. Victor asks what stunt? Nicole tells him that Colin called and met her earlier and tried to get back with her and she told him to buzz off. Then Victor tells Nicole that she has passed the first test in making him sure that he is the only one in her life and continues to explain what life will be like for her if they get married. Victor states that his only demand of her, as his wife, is that she be faithful. If she would ever cheat on him she would face dire consequences.

Jack warns Jennifer she needs to be safe while playing Colin, so he gives her a broach to wear with a hidden microphone in it so he can listen in on their conversations. Jennifer notices Colin watching them and puts on a show telling Jack to get lost. Later, Colin and Jennifer go on their date. Colin has set up the Africa bonfire for them again. Jennifer asks Colin if he is still seeing Nicole since she saw them together at Salem Place. Colin blows it off as a chance meeting and moves in to kiss Jennifer but is stopped buy a storm. They run to a boat house nearby to wait out the storm.

Belle and Shawn keep trying to figure out where the aliens are from. The aliens are starting to understand the language a little bit. Belle shows alien Rex how to draw on paper and tells him to draw where they are from. Alien Rex takes the pen and draws stars on the paper. Shawn recognizes the shape of the stars and says it is the Gemini constellation. Then Mimi and Kevin show up at the island cabin. They are looking for shelter from the storm that is moving in, and find Belle, Shawn and the aliens there. When Belle tells them that there new friends are the aliens they have been talking about, Mimi faints. The twins are scared by the storm that is moving in. Kevin tells Belle and Shawn that the twins could not have lived on a star because stars are to hot. When Mimi gets out her keys, the aliens freak out again. Belle asks them why they are so scared of keys. Alien Cassy draws a picture of the blue key in with the Gemini constellation. Belle and Shawn don't know its the key that John stole from Tony.

Friday, August 9, 2002


At the Penthouse Grill, Roman flirted with Kate while they both waited for their respective dinner guests. Kate snubbed him and pretended not to care. The banter continued until Roman got around to asking Kate about her past involvement with Stefano. When Kate got word she'd been stood up, Roman invited her to join him. She refused and left immediately with Roman chasing after her. While sharing the elevator, the storm took the power out and the two were trapped together.

Bo called Hope to let her know that the hospital tape showed the ID bracelets definitely were switched, probably by Stefano. Hope shared this tidbit of information with Barb, who daydreamed about the hush money she had received from Lexie.

Meanwhile, Billie hung around the police station, waiting for an opportune moment to impose herself on Bo's bust. She finally convinced a newlywed detective not to risk going undercover and volunteered herself for the gig. When Billie showed up for the warehouse bust, Bo was furious, but let her go in. When Billie got herself in a compromising situation, Bo and his troops charged the scene. The perp grabbed Billie at gunpoint, but she flipped him then pinned him. Bo was less than impressed and threatened to take her badge for subverting his authority and jeopardizing the operation.

Abe gave Lexie a chance to come clean with any other secrets she had been keeping from him. While Abe got called away on a confidential phone call, Brandon showed up to lure Lexie to come with him instead of staying with Abe. When Lexie refuses, Brandon warned her not to call him when Abe turns his back on her again. Brandon stormed out just as Abe returned from his phone call. When Abe pressed Lexie further about her honesty, Lexie got defensive and started to leave. As she opened the door, lightning hit nearby and she turned back into Abe's arms and began to cry. Back inside, Lexie agreed to tell Abe what she had been keeping from him, but all she admitted was that she had suspected her father of the baby switch. She told Abe that she had believed her father when he denied any involvement. Abe said he believed her and they went upstairs to their bedroom.

Sami set out on a plan to be Brandon's secret admirer. Caroline discouraged Sami from trying to trick Brandon into giving her his attention. Sami got mad and went to the roof for fresh air. She imagined Brandon meeting her there for a romantic rendezvous when she reveals that she is his secret admirer. Instead, Brandon really came to the roof, but he was furious with Lexie. Sami told Brandon to get over Lexie because she is with Abe now. Sami got mad and tried to leave, but the door was stuck. The storm was getting worse and Sami and Brandon continued to argue fiercely while stuck on the roof in the rain until suddenly they were embraced in a passionate kiss.

Feeling guilty for keeping her knowledge about the baby switch from Hope, Barb 'fessed up. She told Hope that she had known for a long time before anyone else knew. She told Hope about going to bribe Lexie, then she dropped the big bomb: Lexie had already known about the switch too! Hope was so shocked that she called Bo immediately, but had to settle for his voicemail.

Meanwhile at the warehouse, Bo's phone beeped with Hope's message, but Billie and Bo were still arguing about Billie's insubordination. Just then, a huge bolt of lightning struck as Bo and Billie turned to see something huge about to crash into the warehouse on the dynamic duo....

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