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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, August 12, 2002

Jack is at the hospital covering the story on the storm and sees Tony arrive. Tony is very anxious as he asks after Colin who is not working that evening. Jack is a bit anxious himself as he waits on word from Jennifer.

Jennifer and Colin share a glass of champagne as they wait out the storm in the lifeguard shack. After a bit of awkward chitchat, Colin offers to make a run for the car. He returns soaked to the skin and announces that the car will not start. To make matters worse neither one is able to get a signal on their cell phone. The door flies open scaring Jennifer and she spills the contents of her purse onto the floor. Colin spots the bugged pin from Jack, and finding it attractive, pins it on Jennifer. Colin tries yet again to use his smooth moves on Jennifer. This time she decides to go for it in order to get info from him. They are interrupted by a knock on the door that turns out to be the state police. The officer offers them a ride back to town. Back at the hospital, Jennifer and Colin decide to reschedule their date for another night and they go their separate ways. Jennifer meets up with Jack and tells him that from now on she will go it alone with Colin. She fears that Colin might get suspicious otherwise.

Colin angrily confronts Tony and says that he is not at His beck and call 24/7. Tony informs Colin that John is now working on a joint venture with him in an attempt to goad Tony into revealing all he knows about the key...

Shawn and Belle are with the twins trying to get them to reveal why they are so freaked out by the key. Mimi and Kevin come back and tell everyone that the phones on the island are now working again. After everyone has called their parents they make themselves dinner with the supplies they find in the kitchen. After dinner the Scooby Doo gang laughs as the twins experience jell-o for the first time. The kids split up into boys/girls and settle in for the night. Mimi sneaks over to kiss Kevin and Shawn heads over to Belle. Later Cassie has nightmares about they key and wakens everyone with her screams. Once Cassie finally settles to sleep again Shawn and Belle think that if they can get their hands on the key they can solve they mystery of the twins origin-and why they fear it...

John shows up at Brady's loft in regards to Chloe's father. John's investigators have not turned up much more than the ones hired by Nancy and Craig. Dr. Sykes seems to have vanished into thin air, but John says he hasn't given up yet. Brady tells John that he's frustrated with Chloe living in denial about her disease and the fact that Philip is encouraging it. He asks how John dealt with Isabella being so ill. Brady then confesses that he's been seeing and hearing his dead mother. John tries to explain it away, but Brady insists that it's all very real. John tells Brady to be open to whatever guidance his mother is trying to offer him from beyond, but it is obvious that John is concerned about his son's mental state. After John leaves Brady turns to see Isabella standing there. She tells Brady that John cannot see or hear her because she is not there for him. When Brady asks how he can help Chloe she says not to give up hope as the answers are there...

Philip watches over Chloe as she sleeps. When she wakes they discuss their future together. Philip wants to make all Chloe's dreams come true. They remember the time they were caught in the storm and ended up in the barn. Chloe apologizes for accusing him of rape. He accepts the apology and says their future will be so much better than their past. Philip claims that their love is strong enough to beat anything including the leukemia. After another brief rest Chloe wakes to find the room lit with many candles. Philip leans in for a kiss that grows more passionate. Chloe pulls away saying that she can't ...So Philip settles for simply holding her.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Trapped in the elevator, Roman and Kate try to cope with the situation. Kate ends up biting him when he offers to take her mind off their predicament by covering her mouth with his hand. She later offers him a power bar when he complains about how hungry he is. When they argue about her contempt for him, she offers him proof and kisses him hard. Pulling back, she claims she felt nothing during the moment of passion. As they argue, the electricity returns and they make their way out of the elevator. As the storm continues, Marlena surprises Tony at the mansion, looking for Sami. He shows her around to prove she's not there and then mentions his partnership with John in the Gemini Project.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

All of Lexie's secrets come to light, leaving her alone and in complete darkness. The sparks start to fly when Hope tells Bo that Lexie had prior knowledge of the baby switch before everyone else and that she even blackmailed Barb to keep quiet about it. Bo tells Abe. He immediately he erupts and calls his and Lexie's marriage quits. Ironically, this happens the morning after the couple shared a night of passion in which they supposedly renewed their love.

At University hospital, things get heated between Brandon and Sami. Sami wants to go further, but Brandon suggests they wait until he gets off work, saying he wants their first intimate moment to be special and not rushed.

Victor continues to doubt Nicole's sincerity regarding his marriage proposal. He offers her additional time to make a decision, saying he wants to be totally sure of Nicole's faithfulness and stresses that the consequences of infidelity with him are extremely severe. Later, Nicole goes to the hospital to talk to Brandon about Victor's offer, but becomes sidetracked when she overhears him making date plans with Sami. After questioning Brandon as to why he's giving Sami yet another chance, Nicole decides to pay Ms. Brady a personal visit herself to offer her a reminder. Steer clear of Brandon or feel Victor's wrath.

Bo convinces Roman to let Billie off the hook for sneaking herself into the drug bust operation, Meanwhile, Billie and Kate discuss life and love. Billie tries to convince Kate that she is over Bo, but Kate doesn't believe her. Billie tells Kate all about the drug sting that happened the night before and how she was able to work professionally with Bo. Billie in turn questions Kate about her feelings for Roman, and admits she is uncomfortable with the idea of Kate and Roman seeing each other because Roman is her boss. Kate assures Billie that "hell would freeze over" before she and Roman ever get together.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Brady tells Isabella to get lost because everything she told him to do with Chloe has backfired. When she starts to disappear, Brady says he doesnıt really want her to go and she returns again. After talking to Isabella about how he takes out his anger, Brady realizes that he took out the anger he felt over losing his mother, on Marlena. Brady tells Isabella that he needs to go do something important.

Marlena tells John about her visit with Tony during the storm. She tells him that she plans on being Tonyıs therapist. John is pleased with idea thinking he will have the inside scoop into Tonyıs mind. Marlena reminds John that whatever Tony tells her in therapy is confidential. John gets mad. Brady shows up. Brady tells Marlena that he is sorry for all the trouble he caused her over the years. Marlena tells Brady that they are way past that now. Brady explains that since he has been living in the loft, his mother has made him realize new things about himself. Then he tells Marlena that he loves her and that she has been his mother. Brady invites John and Marlena over for dinner and leaves. Then Marlena picks up on her conversation with John about treating Tony as a patient and says that she can handle him.

Nancy is worried that Philip is going to hurt Chloe again. Philip and Chloe go out to Salem Place for the day. Philip presses Chloe on the question of being his girlfriend again. Chloe admits that she feels closer to him than she has in a long time, but she canıt have a boyfriend because so doesnıt even know if she has a future. Shawn, Belle and Mimi show up with bandanas on their heads to make Chloe feel better about herself. Then Belle pulls Philip aside and reminds him that Chloe is not cured and he has to stop being in denial because it will lead Chloe and himself to a big fall when she gets sick again. Chloe gets a phone call from Brady and is very short and rude to him. Brady asks her over for dinner because he doesnıt like how things have been between them and wants to get back to the way things were. She reluctantly agrees to come. Then Philip comes back to their table with coffees and asks Chloe out to dinner too!

Mimi is making jokes about the aliens to Shawn and Belle. Belle tells her to stop saying ³aliens² in public. Belle wants to know why she isnıt back on the boat keeping the aliens in line. Mimi tells them that Kevin is teaching them how to use utensils with no luck and she is out to buy more food for their big alien stomachs. Kevin calls Belle and needs help controlling Rex who has discovered the C.B. radio on the boat and is sending out strange messages.

Friday, August 16, 2002


Marlena returned the items that she and John inherited from Stefano. She told Tony that they did not want them and that she could not be his therapist. After Marlena left, Tony was convinced that only Marlena can help him. Tony fell into a trance-like state and called Marlena's name.

Philip asked Chloe out to dinner, but Chloe had to decline because she had already agreed to have dinner with Brady. Even though Philip protested, Chloe reassured him that she and Brady are just friends.

While Brandon was waiting for Sami, Nicole was reminding Sami that Victor would ruin her life if she went through with her date with Brandon. When Brandon called Sami to see what was keeping her, Nicole called Victor from the other room. Just as Sami tried to throw Nicole out, she opened the door and there was Victor. Victor forced Sami to call off her tryst with Brandon. Victor made Sami tell him she didn't want to see him ever! After she hung up, Sami got her two cents worth in, slamming Victor and Nicole. After the couple left, Sami vowed that they had not won and that she will get Brandon back.

When Lexie stopped by the police station to see Abe, he told her he didn't have time to see her because he was meeting with Mickey Horton -- - about their divorce. Celeste offered to take Lexie home, but Lexie refused and ran out to Brandon's. Celeste begged Abe to give Lexie one more chance before he signs the divorce papers. He decided to call her cell phone...

Lexie arrived at Brandon's to cry on his shoulder just as Sami called him to cancel. Brandon flew into a rage, furious that Sami had played him yet again. Lexie calmed him down and told him that she was there for him. They looked into each other's eyes and began to kiss just as her cell phone rings it's Abe!

John told Brady that Chloe's biological father is most likely in the witness protection program after he testified against a major drug ring. Marlena suggested that Roman might be able to help since he had previously worked in that program.

At dinner, Isabella appeared to Brady and asked to hear Brady and Chloe sing together. The song they sung reminded John of Isabella and their time together. After finding out the song was Isabella's favorite, Chloe became upset and rushed out. Brady followed her and tried to convince her that he was not trying to bring her down by reminding her that his mother died of the same disease Chloe has, but Chloe was not convinced and hurried off back to Philip.

Philip was thrilled that Chloe had come back to him and suggested that the two of them get out of Salem for a while.

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