Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 16, 2002 on DAYS

Brady and Chloe grew closer. Sami blackmailed Nicole to her advantage, but Lucas suspected that Sami was up to no good. Kate confided in Roman about her past. Jennifer and Bill reconciled thanks to Colin. Jack moved into the DiMera mansion to spy on Tony and Colin and used his job as a cover.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 16, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, September 16, 2002

When Chloe asked Brady about the note, he looked at it and said he hadn't written it; he pointed the finger at Philip, who did not deny writing it. Philip claimed he had done it so Chloe wouldn't worry so much. Chloe and Philip argued over the way he treated her like a child. Chloe was pissed because it had all resulted in Dr. Sykes leaving town, and they might never find him.

Philip told Chloe and Brady that Nico was looking for Dr. Sykes, and they both freaked out. They explained that Dr. Sykes was in the Witness Protection Program, and Nico's search might drive Sykes underground. The sheriff's appearance interrupted the yelling. He gave Brady his keys and turned to Philip, saying that they needed to talk. Philip sent Brady and Chloe out ahead of him; they listened from the hall.

The sheriff laid into Philip over the entire debacle, not knowing that Brady and Chloe could hear. The two burst back into the room, demanding to know what was going on. Feeling his work was done, the sheriff left Philip to explain everything to Brady and Chloe -- and suffer the consequences.

Nancy fretted over not being able to get in touch with Chloe. Colin interrupted and informed Craig that Nicole was awake. Craig left to check on her. When Craig got to her, Nicole was talking to Brandon about Sami. She wanted to finish what she had to say, but Brandon and Craig both insisted that she be checked over first.

Nancy tried to keep busy, but she was too distracted. She ended up pouring her heart out to Maggie, who managed to lift Nancy's spirits a little. Once alone with Craig again, Nancy confessed her guilt over all her negative feelings about Chloe's illness. Nancy felt she was being punished for "abandoning" Chloe. Craig reminded Nancy it was Chloe who was suffering and that he, too, felt helpless, as he was a doctor and couldn't do anything to help his own daughter. They pledged to help Chloe any way they could.

Tony refused to give Sami the pictures of Nicole and Colin unless she agreed to do him another "favor." He got her to agree to find out as much as she could about the goings-on at the hospital. That included spying on Marlena, which she wasn't crazy about. As Tony handed over the pictures, he warned Sami there would be dire consequences should she not pull through for him.

Once Sami was gone, Colin entered through another door. Tony showed Colin the drawing of the key. Colin told Tony what he knew about the recent events in the hospital basement and said that he had doubts Sami would be able to get any information. Tony managed to match the drawing Sami had given him to the pattern on the pillow Marlena had returned to him -- the Gemini constellation.

At the hospital, Sami showed up while Nicole was talking to Brandon. She let Nicole see the pictures. Nicole feigned sleep so Brandon would leave. After Brandon left, Sami gloated over her possession of the pictures. Sami said she'd show them to Victor unless she was allowed to date Brandon. Nicole countered by saying that she'd let everyone know Sami had tried to kill her twice. She also added that Victor wouldn't care about a simple kiss after almost losing her forever. The meeting ended in a stalemate. Sami left wondering if the pictures were enough, and Nicole wondered if the possible loss of Victor was worth crushing Sami.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Chloe ordered Brady to leave her so that she could handle Philip after what he'd done to them both. The two then argued about Philip's effect on Chloe as she claimed that his love was suffocating her. Though she did concede that he was her first love, Chloe insisted that she had moved on. When Philip started to blame Brady, Brady insisted that Philip listen to Chloe. Chloe asked him to leave, and after he was gone, Brady assured Chloe they'd find her father or a donor who could help her.

Roman gave Kate more flowers and urged her to open up to him about what was troubling her. He blamed it on Stefano, but she claimed that she was simply trying to protect herself. Kate started to tell him what she had done, but Lucas interrupted, and both men left her to herself.

Lucas pressed Sami to sign the custody papers, but she slipped away. Victor argued with Brandon about Sami, calling her a liar. Lucas joined in, badmouthing Sami and guessing that Nicole had plenty to tell him about Sami. Nicole found herself strangling her nurse, though she imagined that she was trying to wring Sami's neck. After she apologized, Colin attributed her actions to her coma.

Sami secretly taped Nicole talking with Colin about their incredible lovemaking. Victor found them together and ordered Colin to remove himself from Nicole's case. Sami showed off the tape she'd made, causing Nicole to punch her. Victor and Brandon stopped them from fighting.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Sami visited Nicole and demanded she get Victor to back off about Brandon and hand over both incriminating tapes. Nicole refused. Victor and Brandon entered, and Sami dodged into the bathroom. Victor urged Nicole to reveal what Sami had done to incite her the night before, but Sami dangled the tape, and Nicole buckled to one of the demands. She told Brandon and Victor that Sami wanted her to back off about Brandon, but she didn't try to get the tape. Brandon was angry that Victor had tried to pressure Sami, but Nicole took the blame.

Victor and Brandon left, and Sami walked out, furious that Nicole hadn't asked for the tape. She convinced Sami that having Brandon was more important and that asking for the tape would only raise Victor's suspicions. Later, Sami feigned surprise when Brandon told her everything Nicole had confessed. He thought Nicole and Sami were withholding information, and he insisted Sami tell him the whole truth.

Jennifer went to the Salem Inn to talk to Colin and was surprised to see Jack there. He tried to convince her to give up the charade and pulled her aside when they saw Tony arrive. Tony reprimanded Colin for brushing him off and told him not to get too involved with Nicole or Jennifer. He revealed Colin had been meant to get close to Jennifer in Africa to have good references for a job at University Hospital, but since he had that job, he was not supposed to be involved with her anymore.

Jennifer, charged from her conversation with Jack, barged in on Tony and Colin and pumped Tony for information. Tony left, and Jennifer hit on Colin; he didn't believe she really wanted to be intimate, so she pulled him into a kiss. Meanwhile, Jack decided to get to Colin via Tony and boldly followed him into the limo. Jack pitched the idea of doing a series of articles on the new house of DiMera. Tony, with his own agenda, agreed to let Jack move into the mansion.

Lexie went to the hospital to see Brandon after learning that Nicole was reviving from the coma. Abe was there to question Nicole; when he saw Lexie, they fought about their divorce proceedings. She hated it that Fay was distracting Abe. Lexie got Fay alone and subtly let her know that Abe was not available. He overheard and admonished Lexie, who was enraged when Abe took Fay off for coffee.

Lucas tracked Sami down and tried to get her to sign joint custody papers, threatening to use Will's recorder to play the tape with all her lies. Sami grabbed the recorder and took off while Lucas wasn't looking.

Meanwhile, Victor and Brandon argued about what was going on between Nicole and Sami. Victor left as Lucas walked up and ribbed Brandon about Sami. Nicole had a nightmare about Sami and took it out on a nurse, who paged Colin. Sami spotted Colin as he was about to enter Nicole's room and sneaked in before him. She hid and recorded Colin and Nicole's conversation, including his confession that they'd slept together. Nicole threatened to slap Colin, but Victor walked in and was unsettled. He took Colin outside and told him he was off Nicole's case.

Back in the room, Sami emerged from hiding and revealed that she'd taped everything. Nicole snatched the recorder from Sami, throwing it out the window. Unfortunately, Sami had pulled the tape beforehand. Nicole slugged Sami just as Victor reentered with Brandon. They tried to find out what was going on, but Nicole could only rage some more, forcing Brandon and Victor to have her sedated and restrained.

Chloe stopped Brady from beating Philip long enough to have him explain. Philip claimed he had been trying to save Chloe, but she told him he had only been trying to possess her. She realized she needed Philip to forget about her illness but finally told him that it was over between them. As difficult as it was, Chloe asked Philip to leave. Brady urged Philip to accept what Chloe was saying, and Philip left. While Brady watched over Chloe as she fell asleep, Philip vented his anger by throwing his fist through a wall.

Roman took Kate flowers to replace the ones she'd refused earlier. He pressed her to confide in him about her history with Stefano, but she only told him that Stefano hadn't done anything to her -- she had done it herself. Lucas interrupted, shocked to see Roman in an intimate moment with his mother. Kate shut down on both of them, asking them to leave. Roman told Lucas to give Kate some space, while Kate cursed Stefano, promising she'd never forget.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Lexie announced to Abe and Mickey that she planned to contest the divorce, telling Abe that he would have to dip into his pension before the court proceedings were over. Cameron Reese would be her lawyer once she returned from a sunny beach vacation. Abe asked her if she was crazy. She replied that she was crazy about her husband and left. Mickey told Abe that he could hold the divorce papers until Abe was ready. Abe said to file them; he still wanted a divorce.

Lexie headed home and visited with Celeste. She was excited about Cameron representing her and told her mother that Cameron would use stall tactics until Lexie could win Abe back. Because of Celeste's paranormal abilities, Lexie requested her help in returning Abe to Lexie. Celeste refused, saying Abe had suffered enough, but she would be there for emotional support.

John called Shawn and Belle to the house where he told them that Marlena hadn't gone home, due to her new job with the twins, then surprised Shawn and Belle by taking them to see Cassie and Rex at the hospital. The twins' room had been redecorated with posters, colorful bed sheets, desks, and laptop computers, almost dorm room style.

Cassie and Rex jumped up and rushed to hug Shawn and Belle. John and Agent Specter gave them time alone but watched through the two-way mirror. Belle and Shawn were surprised again by the twins' improved speaking. Apparently Marlena had hypnotized them, and they'd remembered how to speak, read, and spell to some extent. Unfortunately, the only other memory they had was of being locked in a room -- the white room revealed in flashbacks -- and of the mysterious man telling them, "Goodnight, sleep tight. Don't let them bed bugs bite." They asked Shawn and Belle what would happen to them. They had no family and no home.

Rex asked, "Who are we?" Then the twins showed Shawn and Belle their tattoos, and because of John, they knew that DiMera had put them on them. Shawn and Belle told the twins not to worry; DiMera was dead, and they would be their families. Belle said, "You don't have to be blood related to be a family."

Meanwhile, John asked Specter when he could see Marlena. Specter told him it could be awhile and that Marlena had requested John to take several changes of clothes. John wasn't very happy and headed home, calling Bo to meet him there. John told him that the kids were visiting the twins, and like the others, Bo wasn't bothered by it, claiming Shawn was a good judge of character. John told him about the tattoos, which surprised Bo, but he reminded John that Stefano was dead.

Jennifer and Colin were getting romantic in his room. Colin told her that he loved her. Jennifer wanted to know the truth about Colin and Africa. She told him that he had to trust her. Love and trust were together. The "truth" that he gave her was that he had basically been a babysitter for her, hired by Bill.

Jennifer was furious. She told Colin she knew that her father had been having an affair. She was familiar with the signs, and Colin was disgusting for covering for her father. Colin said that wasn't all. Bill was being a doctor and an advocate for women and children that no one cared for or gave any hope too.

Jennifer began to see her father in a new light and called him, telling Bill she was proud of him and promising to give Abby a hug. She told Colin that maybe she had been wrong about him and that he had returned her father to her life. As they tried to get comfy, Colin's phone rang. It was an emergency, and he had to go. He told Jennifer again that he loved her. As Jennifer left, she wondered if she had been mistaken about Colin all along.

At the Spectator, Jack summoned Bo and wanted him to barge into Colin's room and save Jennifer. Bo refused, saying that Jennifer would not sleep with Colin for a story. Jack was afraid that Jennifer was running because she hated him. Bo clued Jack in and told him that Jennifer loved him, and that was why she ran. Jack dropped another bombshell by announcing that he was moving into the DiMera mansion "to get an exclusive story on the DiMera family." Bo was shocked.

Jack called Harold over to tell Jennifer that he was on assignment but didn't tell him what kind. Harold eavesdropped on Jack and Bo's conversation, learning exactly where Jack was going. When Jennifer returned to the office, he informed her of Jack's plan. Jennifer didn't believe it, but Harold confirmed the facts; Jack was moving in as they spoke.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie was dumbfounded when Jack showed up at the door, ready to unload his luggage. He told Lexie he was doing an exclusive article of how Tony wanted to change the reputation of the DiMera family, the truth, no holds barred. Tony had another comatose moment in the limo. Bart called Colin, who met them at the house.

Before he regained consciousness, there was a scene playing in Tony's mind. He was in a white room, lying on a hospital gurney, and a voice above was saying, "Congratulations, Tony. Your future has arrived, your future has arrived." Colin was shocked to see Jack. Tony told him about the story and that he would hold nothing back, laying out the family secrets. Jack smugly told Colin that he would be looking at Colin's secrets as well.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Chloe assured Brady that she didn't regret breaking up with Philip. They decided to stop talking about Philip and concentrate on how to find her father. Brady devised a plan to lure Chloe's father to emerge from hiding. They pretended to leave town then camped out in the woods outside of town to see if Chloe's dad would resurface.

Kate took cracks at Roman for reassigning Billie. Roman offered to walk with Kate in the two-and-a-half-mile walk for leukemia. Kate said no thanks, but Roman did not seem deterred.

Craig and Nancy opened the "Light the Night" marathon fundraiser for leukemia. Abby, a bone marrow recipient when she had been a baby, was the honored guest and helped Belle and Shawn carry the banner for the walk.

Jennifer tried to call off Jack's mission to take down Colin. She was starting to believe Colin was legitimate. Jennifer told Jack about her conversation with Colin. While they were arguing about it, Jennifer realized they were late meeting Abby for the walk.

During the post-walk festivities, Jack confronted Colin about his "boss," Tony. Jennifer told Jack to beat it, then Colin thanked Jennifer for trusting him. When Victor and Kate had words, Roman went to Kate's defense. Belle tried to reach Brady on his cell phone and became alarmed when his phone was turned off.

Kate thanked Roman for walking with her in the marathon. Nancy and Craig walked up and asked if Kate had heard from Philip. Wondering what could be going on, they overheard Victor on his cell phone, saying, "How could Philip have done something so stupid?" Victor found out that Philip had canceled his registration at Columbia University for the semester. Philip showed up and reported that Chloe had not returned to Salem with him. Nancy passed out into Craig's arms.

Chloe and Brady turned in for the evening, in a one-man tent. Just as they turned their backs on each other for a good night's sleep, a wolf howled, scaring Chloe into Brady's arms.

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