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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, September 30, 2002

Everyone is shocked to see the headline in The Intruder about aliens in Salem. Tony tells Colin he needs to get them under his control now that everyone knows. He baits Jack with the paper and later anonymously gives Jack and Jennifer all the information on the twins to run in The Spectator. Meanwhile, John is befuddled when Spector shows him the security tapes and he sees that Sami was near the area, fearing she may be the leak. He confronts her, but she covers about getting lost while delivering a report to the morgue. Lucas also takes a couple shots at Sami and they blame each other for Will's behavior. Jennifer questions Colin about the twins and he continues the pretense of being honest. While Jack's attempt to get into the basement is foiled, Tony surprises John down there and points out all the coincidences regarding the Gemini twins; Tony thinks that they may be connected to his father and offers a subtle suggestion that he and John work together to find the "key" that will unlock this mystery...

Chloe and Brady arrive home and Craig meets them at the loft; he's thrilled to learn that Sykes is alive, but angry that Chloe and Brady tried to find him on their own. He asks them not to tell Nancy about their search because it might upset her. Craig returns to the hospital, where Nancy is frazzled that he didn't even tell her about the "aliens." He confides that he's suspicious of Sami, but can't prove it. Later, he announces that the twins are not a threat and that they're definitely human. Back at the loft, Brady and Chloe are forced to deal with their feelings as Isabella watches them; they agree there's chemistry, but the priority has to be to find Chloe a bone marrow match. Brady promises to be there for Chloe every step of the way...

Cynthia stirs up trouble by telling Shawn to go to Belle's room, knowing that Philip spent the night there. Philip answers the door in his underwear and Shawn is livid. Belle and Mimi return from their class; Mimi gets Philip out, leaving Belle and Shawn to fight about his lack of trust. Cynthia makes some catty comments about moving in on Belle, but Philip promises they are just friends. Later, Mimi sees The Intruder headline and shows Shawn and Belle...

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Nicole is ready to be discharged and can't refuse when Victor wants to move her into the mansion. This doesn't sit well with Kate or Philip, especially since Philip just got kicked out. Colin delivers news that Nicole must remain in the hospital for additional testing because the accident may have caused permanent fertility problems. Although she never wanted kids anyway, she works up emotion for Victor's sake. He stands by her and promises that he still wants to marry her. Meanwhile, Kate sneaks a peek at Nicole's file and goes to taunt her about her condition, but Nicole wins the war of words. Kate finds herself being comforted by Jack, who mentions that Colin may still be an obstacle to Victor and Nicole's wedded bliss. Kate pulls it together and tells Sami that she intends to win...

As Jack eavesdrops, Bo confronts Colin about the breach of hospital security. Colin suggests Bo check with his niece, Sami. Belle and Shawn go to check on the twins, but are sent to see Bo, who is now the police liaison for the hospital basement. Later, Belle overhears Sami talking to Jack and deduces that she leaked the story to the tabloids; Jack helps Sami cover, while Belle hides her interest in the twins. Bo encourages Jack to forget about the aliens and continue digging dirt at the DiMera Mansion. Determined to do both, he calls Jennifer as they prepare to roll with their story. Bo offers Philip a place to stay, but Philip declines because he doesn't want to cause a rift between Bo and Victor. Instead, Philip goes to mend fences between Belle and Shawn, promising to find another place to crash. As he watches Belle and Shawn go upstairs, he's enticed by Cynthia to take a beer and start drinking...

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Nancy and Craig come home from the hospital. Nancy wants to set up for Chloe's 18th birthday party, but Craig wants her to relax. They discuss whether or not they should tell Chloe about her sister or brother to be, and eventually decide to put it off. Philip overhears Belle and Shawn talking about the party, and realizes Chloe is back in Salem. Phil is saddened because he can't go to the party. Meanwhile, Cynthia starts to implement a plan with Dozer to get Phil drunk. When Chloe returns home with Brady, she is surprised to find Belle, Shawn and Mimi bestowing her with gifts. They chat and catch up. Chloe is pleased that they're all at Salem U. Philip crashes the party and begs Chloe to take him back. Before a fight breaks out, Belle and Shawn drag Philip out of house. Brady comforts Chloe. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn drop Philip off in Shawn's room so that he can sleep. Belle allows Shawn to sleep in her room. As they go to sleep, Shawn gives Belle a kiss and slips into her bed, but soon pulls away from her. They tell each other "I love you" before going to sleep in separate beds. After the party, Craig and Nancy witness a longing look between Chloe and Brady, but both deny that something could be starting between Brady and Chloe.

Meanwhile, Fayeconfides in Abe her fears that Victor may have a problem with Nicole's fertility problems. Brandon tries to get Nicole to talk about her situation, but she seems very indifferent about her diagnosis, and makes Brandon think that Sami was the cause of her condition. Brandon then tells Nikki that marrying Victor won't make her any happier. Brandon storms off to the nurses' station. Lexie grabs him and they discuss their night of intimacy. Brandon promises to keep the fact that the made love a secret as he stares hard and angrily at Abe. Abe expresses his disappointment to Lexie over her delaying the divorce proceedings. Lexie asks Abe to reconsider their marriage. However. he's unwilling to give things a second chance, and asks Fayeout to dinner. Nicole goes to the hospital nursery and runs into Celeste, who suggests she think long and hard before marrying Victor. Later, Nicole lashes out at Fayeand Brandon stops her. She tells Brandon that Abe is getting closer to their mother, but he vows it'll never happen.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Shawn wakes Belle up with a kiss; a hung over Philip barreling into the room interrupts them. Philip swears off drinking and Chloe- cold turkey. He thinks that if Shawn and Belle can overcome so much and together, so can they. He promises not to make the same mistakes again. The trio gets dressed and heads to the Homecoming 2002 "Heartbreaker" Awards. Cynthia is there with Dozer, she is sure she won. The winner is announced. Isabella Black. Belle is stunned. She goes to accept her 'award' and is given a paper heart that is to be torn in half. She refuses, remembering her 'I Love You' heart from Shawn. You have too, it's tradition, she's told. Cynthia thinks the contest is rigged. She tells the group that Belle has to live up to her title, to break someone's heart this year. Pointedly looking at Shawn, Cynthia wonders who the poor guy will be. The president of Hartley House tells Cynthia to grow up and act like a college student, not a high school student. Everyone laughs and Belle leads the way to the football game. Dozer asks Cynthia to the parties after the game. She tells him if he wants to date her he has to get Belle to break someone's heart.

Sami surprises Brandon with a brochure for a romantic getaway. He agrees to go when she tells him it's all paid for. As they hug, Victor and Nicole appear. Nicole asks to talk to Sami alone. Brandon refuses, but after Nicole gives a believable excuse for the talk (She wants to apologize to Sami for everything). The girls head to the terrace. But all is less than cozy. Nicole blames Sami for her infertility. Sami denies everything claiming she never pushed Nicole toward the bullet and that she was only defending herself in the morgue because Nicole was trying to kill her. They try to come to a compromise, both keep their mouths quiet and all will be well. Nicole isn't playing; she demands the photos of her and Colin plus the cassette tape Sami made in the hospital. She gives Sami one half hour or she talks. Brandon meets Sami back inside and is surprised to see her upset, Sami excuses it as worry for Nicole and leaves. Victor takes Nicole back to her room, Sami arrives and Nicole sends Victor on a teddy bear mission. Sami hands over the pictures and tape, which Nicole destroys and throws away. Sami confirms that Nicole will never say anything to Brandon. Nicole agrees, but has her fingers crossed behind her back. As Sami goes out the door she runs into Kate. Through an unusually civil conversation, Kate and Sami realize they both have a common enemy-Nicole Walker. As they eavesdrop on Nicole and Victor's conversation they learn their possible fate. Victor plans to destroy them as a wedding gift to Nicole.

Marlena telephones John at Basic Black telling him to come and get her; she is ready to go home. He excuses himself from a short meeting with Kate, (concerning Titan via Nicole taking all of Basic Black's accounts, Kate promised in a month she would have them all and more.) and heads to the hospital. A bittersweet reunion for the two, Marlena has other agendas. Due to the success of Cassie and Rex, Marlena feels the hospital will not help them gain any more memories lost due to amnesia. The twins tell John and Spector their wish is to leave their "room." Shock befalls the two men, but after a little talking by Marlena, Spector leaves to sign release forms. John wants to know where the twins will go, considering they have no family, no home, no connections or any memories if they did. Marlena throws another curveball by announcing that Cassie and Rex can move into the penthouse, stating they do have two empty rooms since Belle and Brady are gone. John strongly disagrees -"over my dead body."

Friday, October 4, 2002

Jack pesters Iliana for information about Tony. After talking with Colin about the twins, Tony catches Jack on Tony's computer. Tired of the game, Tony kicks Jack out. On the way out Colin overhears Bart leaking to Jack that he saw Colin with Jack's cell phone. Colin later threatens an unimpressed Bart. After Brady talks with Isabella about his frustration in trying to find Chloe's father, Bo arrives and talks with him about interfering with the private investigator's search for Chloe's father. He does, however, offer Brady his help in the matter. Meanwhile, Chloe is surprised and then thrilled to hear that her mother is pregnant. Nancy and Craig ask her to keep this quiet until they learn if the unborn baby might be a match for Chloe. Jack runs to Bo about being kicked out of the DiMera mansion. Jack's curious when Bo questions him about dating Billie. They're interrupted by a call for Bo from Hope who promises that she will be home soon. Chloe stops by to see Brady and boasts that she has hope for a future now but can't explain why. As Philip secretly listens, she thanks him and kisses Brady before leaving. John tells Marlena he will not allow the twins to live with them because it's too dangerous. Spector arrives with a court order allowing Tony to take the twins home with him.

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