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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 14, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, October 14, 2002

It's clear that Victor and Nicole's wedding will have to be postponed as Gene Briscoe confirms that Lucas and Nicole's divorce papers were signed but never processed. Victor is certain Kate did this deliberately and both he and Brandon think Sami is involved in some way, too. Fay, Philip, and Brady leave once they realize the wedding is off and Kate amd Sami are left to deal with Victor, Nicole and Brandon. Sami feels the walls closing in and abruptly decides to take Will to Colorado to visit Eric and her grandparents, leaving Kate to take the fall and deal with Victor. Kate comes up with an idea that will stop the wedding and she's delighted because Sami will absolutely hate it...

Jennifer and Colin arrive for their dinner date at Tuscany; they hear about the foiled wedding and Colin mistakenly assumes that Sami stopped the wedding with pictures of him kissing Nicole. He slips and is forced to confess everything to Jennifer, but he lays the blame of the photos on Sami, convincing Jennifer that he was breaking things off with Nicole when he kissed her. Jennifer confronts Sami about the pictures and blames her for stopping the wedding. Sami reveals the real reason the wedding was cancelled and Colin is upset that he told Jennifer everything. She asks if things are really over between Colin and Nicole and he swears they are through...

Chloe's circumspect when Mimi asks about her relationship with Brady; Philip arrives and Chloe's concerned about Philip crashing with Belle. Brady comes to talk to Belle and Chloe gets him to leave with her, wanting to avoid a confrontation. Mimi convinces Philip to learn from his mistakes and start over, while Brady gives Chloe a present: a trophy cup inscribed with "World's Greatest Big Sister" on it. Brady encourages her not to wait for a bone marrow match and start doing what she wants...

Bo is unsettled when he discovers that Hope and Zack missed their flight. He calls Glen and learns that he was with them all the way to the security gate; none of the family has heard from her either and she doesn't answer her cell phone. He doesn't start to panic until the next flight from Cedar Rapids arrives and Hope isn't on it. Meanwhile, the mystery man has kidnapped Hope and Zack...

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

by Joan

While Agent Spector assured John that the Gemini Twins would be under constant surveillance at the DiMera Mansion, John was concerned for Belle's safety. Spector convinced him that the bond between the Teens & Twins might work to their advantage, and reminded him of ISA's control and John's possession the key. Both John and Belle, had similar fears for the twins: John - that they might be Stefano's programmed pawns; and Belle - that Tony had turned the Twins into "a couple of DiMeras." After debating the pros and cons of Rex & Cassie, Shawn surprised Belle by asking for Caprice's help in getting them into Hartley House.

At the DiMera Mansion, Tony introduced the Twins to Lexie and Celeste. Celeste had an overwhelming feeling during the meeting recalling the paper dolls bequeathed in Stefano's Will, as well as a message received twice from him that "We must reclaim our youth." The three speculated what possible relationship they might have to the twins, and later Celeste quietly sensed that the unraveling of this mystery would bring much heartache to many people. Meanwhile, as Cassie was becoming accustomed to the DiMera's lifestyle, Rex felt it was a mistake. But when the two announced their decision to leave and "be normal", Tony convinced them to stay for the time being.

At Salem's PD, a frustrated Bo filled in what few details he had about Hope's disappearance, for Abe and Roman, while Billie - who denied knowing about Hope - had a secret phone conversation. Roman confronted her about her unexplained whereabouts for 24 hours. Bo suddenly remembered Stefano's bequeath to Hope, now feeling sure that Tony & Lexie were behind a kidnapping and was determined to "beat the truth out of them if I have to."

While reviewing a book on Sun, Moon & Stars, Celeste bumped into Caprice who immediately had a paper doll recollection of her own. When Celeste asked if they knew one another, Caprice assured her that Celeste didn't know HER...."But I know you, Frankie."

Lexie recalled her break-up with Abe - angry at Stefano for not delivering on his promises, but with the feeling that her father was still "driving" events in their lives. And SOMEWHERE - Hope and Zack were being driven through the night by a "knucklecracking" kidnapper who said to little Zack, "Your mother's more beautiful now than when I first knew her..."

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Shawn wakes up surprised to see Bo in his room; he's anguished when he learns that his mom and brother are missing. Bo admits he suspects kidnapping, and Shawn immediately assumes it was Lexie. Bo tells Shawn he's going to Iowa to investigate, wants Shawn to stay at the house in case any ransom calls come in. Meanwhile, Lexie confronts Abe about being tailed, but she becomes distressed when she learns that Zack is missing and that Abe suspects her. Bo warns Lexie that if he doesn't find Hope in Cedar Rapids, he's coming after her...

Nancy and Craig take Chloe to the hospital for her latest test results. While waiting, she admits to Nancy that she can't tell Brady she loves him because she doesn't want to hurt him if she dies like his mother did. Nancy feels for Chloe, but has to excuse herself when she gets a bout of morning sickness. Chloe talks to another cancer survivor who's preparing for her future. Chloe, Nancy, and Craig finally get the news that Chloe is still in remission; she goes to share the good news with Brady, while Craig is left to deal with Nancy's horrible cravings...

Philip asks Belle to meet him at Dot Com, where he tells her he's taken a job to get his life back on track. Brady comes in and warns Philip to stay away, revealing how he unjustly had Brady locked up in Dry Creek. Belle's shocked and walks out on Philip, who's furious with Brady. When Chloe arrives, Brady tells her about his confrontation with Philip and she wishes they could all get past the tension. She tells Brady that she's decided to move on with her life and plans to take a class at Salem U.; Philip overhears and calls the registrar's office to enroll in the same course. Later, Belle goes to see Shawn and rants about Philip. Upset about his mother and brother, Shawn explodes and Belle thinks he's jealous; he contemplates telling her about Hope and Zack, but can only pull her into a kiss then he dashes out...

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Shawn is pulled over by Billie on his way to confront the DiMeras. She tries to talk him out of going to the mansion. Billie grabs his keys and handcuffs him until he cools down He promises to go home after a stop at the dorm. Belle is in his room, confused and waiting to see if he returns. Philip shows up to get his things. He thinks she is still mad at him, but she explains how Shawn raced out without telling her anything. They talk about Philip and his mistakes (again). Belle admits that she can't stay mad at him. He mentions that he enrolled in a class, but when he tells Belle that it's the same class as Chloe, she says that if he wants to get her back, making her feel like he is spying on her is not the way. Belle tells Philip to take a class that interests him, he decides on Belle's history class and leaves. Shawn shows up and apologizes for running out on Belle. He tells her about Hope and Zack, explaining he didn't tell her earlier for fear she would stop him or try to go with him. Belle tells him that the Salem PD and Bo will find his mom and brother and that she will be there for him in the meantime. They hug.

Nicole shows up at the hospital to talk to Colin, but runs into Lucas. They head to the balcony where she tries to strangle him! He calls her crazy; she calls him a momma's boy. Lucas tells her that she will be miserable with Victor; Nicole tells him that Vic makes her happy. Colin interrupts them and Lucas leaves telling Colin to put Nic on animal tranquilizers. Nicole tells Colin that she needs more meds, she is stressed, can't marry Victor for a month and her doctor won't give her anything. Colin says he has her cure and kisses her. He tells her she doesn't want to marry Victor. Nicole still wants her meds, Colin kisses her again. She calls him a bastard and leaves.

Jen and Jack take Abby to the hospital for a checkup on her stitches (from the swing incident with Will). As Jen and Abby head into the exam room, Jack stops Colin and tells him that he knows Colin took his cell phone the afternoon Abby was hurt, but not to worry he won't say anything to anybody.

Lexie bursts into the mansion asking Tony if Stefano is responsible for Hope/Zack kidnapping. Tony says no. She wants Tony to help her find them, he doesn't think it's a good idea, for fear the authorities will think they are trying to sabotage the investigation. Lexie becomes so upset she faints; Tony rushes her to the hospital where they run into Brandon. He demands to know what is going on. Tony says that they need to see a doctor, Lexie tells Tony that she doesn't need one and that Brandon can help her. She tells Brandon about the kidnapping and begs him to help her find Zack. They have a conversation where Brandon admits he thinks Tony is up to no good and that Lexie should stay away. Unbeknownst to them, Tony is around the corner listening. He comes around the corner saying he spoke with Dr Bader and Lexie can go see her. Once Lexie leaves, Tony confronts Brandon telling him to stay away from Lexie or he won't be happy to see the repercussions.

Billie is left to her beat when Shawn leaves, right before the credits roll, she is on the phone with the mysterious knuckle cracker, informing him that Bo is on his way to Iowa and that no one suspects her and they never will.

Friday, October 18, 2002

Rex hacked into the Salem University computer system. He and Cassie found the classes that Belle and Shawn are taking, and registered themselves in Bioethics with Shawn and Belle. Cassie and Rex decided that Tony has been good to them.

Roman came to John and Marlena's penthouse to ask for John's help in finding Hope and Zack. John was certain that the DiMeras are behind the disappearance. Roman asked John to use his sources to get information about Hope's whereabouts. John agreed, but first took Marlena to the DiMera house.

Bo was in Iowa trying to find clues in Hope's kidnapping case. Glen told Bo that he was with Hope all the way through security and to the gate at the airport, but left her there to await for boarding. Bo investigated further with the help of local police and airport officials. A flight attendant came forward with information about the day that Hope disappeared. The girl told Bo that she had bumped into Hope. Hope told her she had received a phone call telling her that JT had been taken to the hospital and someone would pick her up at the airport to take her to JT. Bo thanked the flight attendant for the information and requested surveillance tapes and Hope's cell phone records.

The masked kidnapper took Hope and Zack to dark room. When Hope regained consciousness, she managed to get her hands and feet untied and her blindfold off. She checked on Zack who was crying but not harmed. Hope remembered receiving the cell phone call and surmised that Tony and Lexi were behind her abduction. Hope looked around the room and found a cupboard stocked with all Zack's favorite foods, which she interpreted as more evidence of DiMera involvement as well as their plan to keep her and Zack for a long time. With no suitable weapon available, Hope planned an escape.

Tony and Colin tried to figure a way to keep suspicion in the kidnapping away from themselves. Colin warned Tony that if he slipped into a fugue state, he could inadvertently say something that would ruin everything. Colin warned that excess stress could set off an episode and to be on his guard all the time.

Roman questioned Colin about Tony and Lexi's involvement in the kidnapping. Bo reported his findings to Roman via cell phone. Roman then came down hard on Colin and advised him of the dangers of being on the wrong side of the Brady/DiMera feud.

When Tony arrived, the twins asked him if they could go to the university. Tony said he'd consider it and they could discuss it later. Marlena arrived to check on the twins. John entered and a surprised Tony agreed to speak with John in private. Marlena explained to Rex and Cassie that Shawn has had a family emergency and they may not see much of Shawn and Belle for a while.

John put pressure on Tony for information. The stress of the heated discussion sent Tony into his trance-like state, in which Tony muttered Marlena's name.

Bo examined Hope's cell phone records and found that the phone call luring Hope away had come from inside the airport, proving that the kidnapper had been watching Hope and Zack.

Hope faked still being tied up when the kidnapper came to check on them. She tried to overtake the kidnapper from behind. The two struggled and Hope managed to get the kidnapper's mask off. She is shocked at his identity and murmurs " can't be....It can't be."

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