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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Belle stops by to house sit with an anxious Shawn. Bo calls his son about the lead on Hope from the flight attendant. The two hear a loud noise outside and find Cassie and Rex have crashed Tony's car into a tree. The police want to bring the twins in for questioning but Shawn convinces them to call Roman. Roman smooths things out but then becomes upset to learn that John is over at the DiMera mansion now. Finding Tony in his "fugue state," John brings Marlena over to question him. Tony reveals that on an island, a man dressed in white told him Marlena could unlock his dreams. When Tony comes to and worries that he said too much, John lies and accuses him of faking his strange actions. Roman arrives and dresses down John for disobeying his orders. John announces that he will use all of his resources to help find Hope and Zack as well as the mystery island Tony mentioned. Brady angrily confronts Kate in her office about the accounts lost to Titan but Billie is there and she reprimands him for being so rude. Roman ends up canceling his date with Kate because of the missing Hope and Zack which is shocking news for Kate. After Billie confronts her mother about her relationship with Roman, she calls the mystery man who is holding Hope and agrees to stay back from Bo for the time being. She's unaware that Brady caught part of her conversation. Chloe seeks out Philip at Dot Com to renew their friendship. He thanks her but urges her to be with Brady.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

by Joan

At DotCom Philip was reshaping his life by working two shifts and accepting a place to live with Lucas. Chloe stopped by trying to mend fences but keeping him at a friends only distance. But she later questioned her decision when seeing Philip give Belle a hug. At the Brady House, Shawn D was visited by Belle who came to comfort him while his Mom & brother were missing. They were interrupted by Rex and Cassie who, without a driver's license, had slammed Tony's car into a tree. Cassie returned to Shawn D's later - without Rex - dressed more in imitation of Belle - and also trying to comfort Shawn D.

Lexie and Brandon argued the possibility of Stefano or Tony's involvement in Hope & Zack's disappearance as they looked for clues. Lexie defended her father & brother, while Brandon saw the possibilities of their working without Lexie being aware. While at the DiMera Mansion, Lexie suffered a fainting spell, and Brandon insisted that she seek immediate medical attention.

Somewhere, in a locked room - Hope revived after unsuccessfully trying to overcome her kidnapper - now revealed as Larry Welch. In discussing their past relationship and marriage, Hope reminded him that kidnapping her would only add to the 20 years he'd already spent in prison for killing Megan. But he assured her that incriminating evidence had already been planted on someone else. Meanwhile, in Salem, Lexie was finding Hope's wallet beneath her car seat, while Abe and Bo arrived on the scene. Abe, suspicious of Lexie, questioned her, as she passed the concealed wallet to Brandon - who himself escaped being questioned until later. Lexie was concerned that someone was setting her up.

Curious about her fate and Welch's motives, Hope asked why Larry would kidnap Zack. He suggested that this child might have been theirs. Telling Hope she now repulsed him, as a "liar" and "destroyer of dreams", he announced, "It's payback time."

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

When Chloe worries to Brady about her classes, he congratulates her on moving on with her life in spite of her illness. Brady suddenly confesses that he loves her but when she pulls back in surprise, he downplays what he said, calming her. Bo and Abe are frustrated when they are unable to find any clues regarding Hope and Zack's disappearance in the secret computer room at the mansion. When they question Tony relentlessly about Rolf, he asks them to leave causing Bo to explode in anger. Abe sends him home where he finds Alice waiting to urge him to have faith that Hope will return safely with their son. At his apartment Brandon and Lexie page through Hope's wallet in an attempt to find a clue as to where Hope may be. He questions her about the disappearance but she proclaims her innocence. Abe arrives and admits that he wants to apologize. After Colin and Jennifer discuss Hope's disappearance and her guess that the DiMeras are involved, Jennifer admits that she doesn't trust Colin's friendship with Tony. At that moment, Colin gets a call from Tony and rushes off to the mansion. A tired Jack enters Jennifer's office and admits that he went to Iowa to search for Hope. Impressed, she's touched by his concern and eventually succumbs to a hesitant but passionate kiss. Tony complains to Colin about everyone blaming him for anything that goes wrong in Salem. He demands that Colin help him win control of the town and promises him Jennifer in return for his help.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Happy Birthday Belle! Oops, it's a secret party planned by Philip until Cassie spills the beans to Shawn in the dorm lobby. Belle didn't want a party because Shawn forgot about her birthday, due to the circumstances, and she didn't want him to feel bad. Shawn apologizes to Belle, he tells her he doesn't have a present, but he does have something for her. He professes is love to her and promises to never do anything that will hurt her or make her distrust him again. Chloe, Mimi, Brady, and Philip take turns "at the mic" to say a few words about their friendship with Belle and give presents. Chloe gave her a faux fur hat; Mimi's gift was a friendship pinkie ring that matched her own; Brady has a digital camera at his loft; and Philip gave Belle a gold charm bracelet with a bell on it. Cassie and Rex have their own surprise. . . they are moving into Hartley House today and will room with Shawn and Belle.

During the party, Brady notices Chloe watching the interaction between Philip and Belle; he calls her on it stating he understands if there is jealousy considering the relationship Philip and Chloe once shared. She denies it and asks him if he is jealous, Brady in turn, denies his jealousy as well. Mimi notices the amorous tendencies of Cassie and Rex to Shawn and Belle; she vows to "crush the crushes"

Nicole runs into Colin at a jewelry store in Salem Place, he is looking at engagement rings. She asks if one is for Jennifer and tells him that he doesn't need to be with anyone so good when he is so bad. Nicole explains to him that they are just alike, both trying to get money and be rich, her with the Kiriakis fortune; him with the DiMeras. Colin tells her that Jennifer makes him better and happy, something she will never understand. He puts a small deposit to hold the ring and leaves, telling her he the mistake he made was getting involved with her.

Jennifer and Jack share a passionate kiss, when she breaks away apologizing for it. Jack tries to convince her that they are having the same feelings for each other and to go with those feelings. She tells him that he doesn't know what she is feeling because she doesn't even know, however she does have feelings for Colin, she can't shake them and doesn't know if she wants to or not. (A cracked door gives Colin access to hear these statements). She runs out, Jack is stunned.

Billie interrupts Bo as he is praying for God to watch over his wife and son. He yells at her for barging in. She explains that though she isn't on the search committee she wants to help. Bo goes crazy for a few minutes and pushes over tables and lamps, Billie eventually calms him down. Caroline and Doug show up bringing chicken noodle soup, but Bo isn't hungry. Doug is visibly upset when he finds a shattered picture of Hope and Zack. Bo suggests to Caroline to take him for fresh air. She volunteers they pass out flyers in Salem Place. Bo tells them he will be at the station. As they leave, Billie tells them goodbye and that she has to make a phone call. We see it is to Larry Welch. He tells her he is too busy to talk. Billie tells him she can't do this to Bo anymore. She wants out.

Friday, October 25, 2002


Marlena broke the news to John that Cassie and Rex are becoming roommates with Belle and Shawn. John was furious and worried for Belle's safety. Marlena volunteered to go to Tony's to check it out. John agreed, but warned Marlena to be careful.

Nancy phoned Chloe and invited her to the hospital to see the first ultrasound of Nancy's baby. Brady insisted on taking Chloe to the hospital to be with Craig and Nancy. Craig and Nancy were very emotional seeing their baby. Afterward, Craig asked Nancy if there was any other information she was holding back that could help find a bone marrow match for Chloe. Nancy assured Craig that, other than Dr. Sykes, she had never been with any other man but Craig.

Lexie was agitated that Zack was missing. Lexie told Celeste she was sure that Abe still loves her. Celeste suggested that if Lexie had any hope of getting her husband back, she should sever all connections with Brandon. Lexie discovered Hope's travel itinerary in her purse and realized that someone was trying to frame her for Hope's kidnapping.

Billie suggested to Bo that he is barking up the wrong tree suspecting the DiMeras. Finally they agreed to search old arrest records for possible ex-cons who might be seeking revenge on Bo or Hope. Shawn arrived and was suspicious that Billie was helping solve the kidnapping. Bo told Shawn they should accept assistance from anyone willing to help. Later, Bo discovered Billie with Hope's itinerary and questioned her about it.

Billie received a phone call from Larry, summoning her to the pier to meet with him. Larry explained to Billie that if she backed out of her involvement now, she'd never see Bo again.

Hope feared that Larry may have left her and Zack to die. Larry looked through the door and whispered to himself that Hope should cherish the time she has with Zack, because it won't last long.

Marlena arrived at the DiMeras and Tony confirmed that the twins were moving to campus. Tony told Marlena that the judge had approved the arrangement and she should express any concerns to the person that suggested the plan, Belle. The twins stopped by the mansion to get money to go shopping with Belle. They confirmed to Marlena that it was Belle's idea to move into the dorm. When Rex said that "soon they'd be way more than friends," Marlena was visibly concerned. Both Tony and Marlena agreed that the twins should continue their sessions with Marlena. The twins said they were willing to meet with her any time at the mansion, then quickly left for their shopping spree with Belle.

John tracked down Belle, who was shopping at Salem Place with the twins. He was not happy with Belle's new living arrangements. Later, Belle and the twins ran into Shawn. Cassie showed an embarrassed Shawn the sexy lingerie she had just bought. Belle tried to make it clear to the twins that she and Shawn were a couple and that flirting was not appropriate.

When Marlena arrived back at the penthouse, she tried to convince John to accept the twins living at the dorm or risk pushing Belle away. John relented and vowed to help Marlena to become closer than ever to the twins, thereby learning all Tony's secrets. Meanwhile at the mansion, Tony decided that to become more powerful than his father was, he must destroy John Black, by attacking John's "Achilles heel" (Marlena).

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