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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Victor assures Nicole that once her divorce is settled, they will be married and he will take great pleasure in ruining Kate and Sami's lives. Bo catches Billie as she handles Hope's itinerary and accuses her of being involved in Hope's disappearance. Roman orders her to back off and then suggests that Bo use Billie so he can keep an eye on her. At the mansion Lexie decides not to tell Abe that someone is setting her up and instead, asks him to drop the divorce proceedings. Abe offers her more time to consider helping them find Hope and Zack. After he leaves, Lexie threatens Bart and demands that he tell her all he knows about the kidnapping but he insists he knows nothing. She then wonders if this could be Rolf's scheme. Abe returns to the station house and tells Bo and Roman that he will take care of investigating his wife, especially after Bo threatens to strangle confession out of her. Concerned about her continuing with her work with the twins, John offers Marlena some special high-tech inventions to help her spy on Tony and then turns some playfulness into a romantic lovemaking session. Kate announces to Lucas that she has joined forces with Sami to stop Victor from marrying Nicole but intends to hurt Sami too. Billie stops by and, discussing Roman, reminds Kate about past mistakes she's made with men. Roman tries to make up with Billie for what Bo said earlier. She later calls Larry about the close call at the station.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

by Joan

Sami returned to find Kate at the Java Cafe contacting Eric hoping to use his past with Nicole to stop to the marriage to Victor. Lucas surprised them with the announcement not just that his divorce from Nicole was nearly final, but that he's taking Victor's side - since he owes him for his help in taking Will from Sami.

At Salem U - Brady handed Chloe a mysterious envelope she dropped inviting her to go to the Java Café for more clues...Chloe had her suspicions who was behind it, but had no idea that Philip was watching her every move. Chloe and Mimi convinced Philip to help them "crush the crushes" Rex and Cassie have on Belle and Shawn. The plan is for Philip and Chloe to invite Cassie and Rex to a Halloween party.

Scheming to humiliate Rex and Cassie, Cynthia didn't see an intruder disguised as The Grim Reaper hiding as she rummaged through Belle's closet. Minutes later, The Reaper emerged with a tracking device to find the infamous blue key lying on the floor in the Belle's room. As he removed his mask, the voice of Dr. Rolf declared, "Mission accomplished... The Phoenix has risen."

At University Hospital - Jen insisted that Colin isn't involved with the DiMeras. Still suspicious, Jack taped a telephone conversation of Colin discussing putting a plan into motion. The conversation and his medical connection to Tony was explained away by Colin, who then put Jennifer on the defensive demanding her trust.

Seeing Sami and Brandon reunited at the Java, Nicole still tried to persuade her brother to give Sami up - While Kate and Sami decided that without the incriminating photos - their only weapon was to convince Victor of Nicole's infidelity. And, as Cassie and Rex started their Bioethics/Genetics Class, the students' instructor introduced himself as Prof. Charles Putnam - but was in reality, Dr. Rolf in disguise.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Colin delivers to Tony a bottle of truth serum to use on Marlena. Meanwhile, outside in a van, John waits to listen to Marlena and Tony using the listening device in her earring. When Marlena arrives, Colin secretly exits. She fails to drink the serum-laced water. Alone for a moment, Marlena snoops and finds the photos of the island and remembers the sound of waves which triggers her into her own "fugue state." Knocking her earring into the glass of water, Marlena mumbles to Tony that Stefano has put her to sleep to save the future of the DiMeras. When she wakes, Tony decides not to tell her what she said. John rushes to rescue her and she later mentions being disoriented but can't remember why. Disguised as Professor Putnam, Rolf lectures the class about making fun of Cassie and Rex. Belle and Shawn are suspicious when the professor asks to speak to the twins after class. Belle has a nagging feeling that she's met the professor before. In his office, he puts the recovering wristbands on them and as they sit in a trance, orders them to use their strength against any of their enemies. They come out of their trance and have no memory of what happened while Rolf awaits the arrival of Halloween. Chloe continues her scavenger hunt search and picks up a Mardi Gras mask, a dress and finally a candelabra because of the clues left for her. Brady argues with Philip about following Chloe. Chloe ends up collecting a lace dress, a mask and a candelabra and ends up at the pier where Brady, not Philip surprises her.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Lexie frets about Hope and Zack's kidnapping and decides to go tell Abe about the wallet and itinerary, as she leaves the DiMera Mansion, Brandon is coming for a visit. He tries to talk her out of telling Abe anything, fearing she will just become deeper entrenched as a suspect. She is determined to tell Abe. Fortunately, Abe had plans himself to go see Lexie and is heard walking into the foyer. Lexie tells him that the wallet was found in the backseat of her car and the itinerary in her purse. She swears to Abe that she has no idea where they came from or where Hope/Zack are. She is confused as to why someone would try to frame her. Abe replies that she is, of course a DiMera. But believes she is telling the truth. He takes the evidence back to the PD and Bo.

Belle finds Philip sitting alone at Salem Place, she is dressed up as Sandy in Grease. Philip is pouting over Chloe, aware of the romantic scavenger hunt Brady sent her on. Belle encourages him to attend the Hartley House Halloween party, but he doesn't want to. He refuses to give up on Chloe. Belle finally convinces him to join the fun and get his mind off Chloe. At the dorm, Shawn, a.k.a James Dean is sitting alone thinking of his family. Caprice brings him Cassie and Rex's costumes. The twins show up not in costume, but carrying axes, growling and screaming. They ask if they won the scary contest, Caprice tells them it hasn't started yet and hands them their costume. They head upstairs to change. Caprice reminds everyone that the dorm is a DRY dorm. Cynthia, Marilyn Monroe approaches Shawn and he blows her off. Mimi tells her to leave everyone alone. Cassie, a vampire and Rex, a werewolf, grab Cynthia's shoulders, she tells them to stop touching her they will ruin her silk dress. In walk Belle and Philip, Mimi re-informs Philip that he is Cassie's date and she is Rex's. The twins have been studying dating rituals. Cassie plants a big kiss on Philip. Rolf is hiding in the bushes dressed as a rather scary clown. He decides its time for the twins to start doing what is intended of them. He breaks out a remote control; the twins freeze in their motions. Minutes later they come out of their trance, Philip and Mimi ask if they are okay, the twins say yes. Music starts, and the two couples dance. Cynthia is still making jokes toward the twins. In mid song the twins freeze again, this time walking out of the room in a total trance. Shawn and Belle call after them, with no response, Shawn and Philip try to find them. Rolf meets the twins outside asking if they are ready, they say yes. In the meantime, the students have declared it time for the scary contest. We see Cassie in the basement as she flips the breaker to turn off the lights. Belle has candles, Cynthia, who is afraid of the dark, grabs one and lights it by the window. Rex is outside the window and moves the candle so it ignites the curtain. Belle and Cynthia scream at the flames, Shawn grabs Belle. Cassie and Rex show up with a fire extinguisher, but Cynthia realizes her dress is on fire as well. She pulls it off, standing naked when the lights come back up. Cassie graciously gives up her cape to Cynthia.

At the pier, Chloe is surprised to discover Brady, not Philip who sent her on the adventure. She apologizes stating it is unlike him; he tells her she must not know him that well. He leaves and returns dressed in the Zorro costume of 2 years ago, Chloe has added a black veil. He instructs her to turn on a boom box, Carmen music plays. She tells him that he is her hero. He asks her to dance. "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias plays while a very sensuous dance ensues. It ends with a kiss worth waiting for. Brady tells her that there is much more than friendship between them and it is time to start saying things. He begins to say I love you and Chloe stops him. She tells him that she doesn't want him to love her, because if she dies he will be heartbroken and she doesn't want him to have that pain twice in his life. She runs off, crying leaving Brady stunned and confused.

We see Larry injecting a syringe into a juice box about mid way in the show, telling Hope its time for her treat. At the end, Hope awakes, groggy and apparently drugged to find Zack gone. Larry is pushing a costumed Zack around Salem Place. He laughs at how he can get away with murder.

Friday, November 1, 2002


Tony was suspicious of Lexie while she waited for Abe to call. Lexie decided against telling Tony about the wallet and itinerary, but Tony could tell she was hiding something.

Jennifer took Abby trick-or-treating. As Abby and Jennifer talked about Colin, Jack followed behind to eavesdrop. Jennifer soon spotted Jack, but to Jennifer's surprise, Jack apologized for his attempt to get her to break it off with Colin. While Jennifer was away for a moment, Abby shared with Jack that Jennifer is not going to marry Colin. Abby told her father that her mother doesn't love Colin the way that she loves Jack. Jack seemed encouraged by his daughter's insight into the situation.

Hope was beside herself when Zack was gone. Larry, in costume, had Zack out trick-or-treating and was nearly discovered by Jack and Doug and Julie.

Bo and Abe had words over Abe's belief in Lexie's innocence. Bo thought the wallet and itinerary were more than enough proof. When Shawn showed up, Bo told him about the new discoveries. Shawn was furious because Abe won't arrest Lexie for his mom and brother's kidnapping.

Tony quizzed Rolf about the key. Rolf insisted that he was only on a need-to-know basis with Stefano. Tony threatened Rolf if he didn't come clean with what he knows about the key.

Later at Salem Place, Lexie heard Zack's voice calling out to her. Lexie followed the voice into a storage room. Larry had been luring her with a tape recorder. Lexie found Zack, but Abe and Bo were outside pounding on the door. They broke the door down and found Lexie holding Zack and assumed she was the kidnapper. Bo demanded to know where Hope is.

Hope was hiding behind the door when Larry came back. She grabbed him from behind and demanded to know where Zack was. As Larry and Hope struggled, Larry pushed Hope against the wall causing her to fall to the floor...unconscious...

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