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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, November 18, 2002

Craig pronounces Lexie dead as Abe, Roman, Shane and Bo look on; Abe is devastated and lashes out at Bo for taking the law into his own hands. He insists on putting his wife on the gurney himself, but breaks down in tears over her corpse. Meanwhile, Shawn arrives at the trauma center with Belle at the same time as Jack and Jennifer; Celeste crosses in just as Roman announces to everybody that Lexie is dead and Bo is the one who killed her. The cops finally bring Bo down from the roof and Roman arranges for him to have a moment to speak with Shawn. He tells his son to take care of Zack and be both a father figure and brother to him. Celeste attacks Bo for murdering her daughter and Roman and Shawn have to pull her away from him. Celeste cries over Lexie's body as it comes through on the way to the morgue; she and Abe go to the chapel to say a prayer for Lexie. Bo is read his rights and taken to be booked, then put behind bars...

Marlena and John arrive at the DiMera compound on one of the islands from the photos; as they make their way through the gate and into the compound, they deal with a number of booby traps, indicating that intruders are not welcome. As they search the Great Room, John finds the DiMera crest hidden behind a mirror, as well as books on genetic engineering, making the connection to the twins. Marlena is drawn to a painting of waves over the fireplace; as she stares at it, she picks up a conch shell, hears the shell's oceans sounds, and is amazed as she sees the waves in the painting come to life, causing Marlena to go into a trance. John doesn't notice when Marlena, in a daze, pushes a button on the mantle and disappears inside the fireplace...

Brandon and Sami arrive at the resort hotel and Brandon's intrigued by Sami's choice of the "Star-Crossed Lovers" suite; he points out that they weren't together for so long because of Austin, but assures that no one will come between them again. She asks about Lexie, sensing that something more happened than just attraction, but he doesn't confess anything. Instead, he gets Sami to focus on the two of them and they finally make love for the first time. Later, Sami catches Brandon glancing at the phone and knows he wants to call Lexie; trying to prove her security, she urges him to call Lexie, but he doesn't - he stays focused on Sami as they make love again...

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

by Joan

DotCom was the setting for several meetings: Kate & Lucas took a break from visiting comatose / possibly brain damaged Billie; Nancy and Craig were having coffee; and Jennifer and Colin. Colin told Jen his only connection to the DiMeras was as a doctor. He said he was unable to see Tony because he was too grief-stricken after Lexie's murder. Nancy offered her support to Kate mother to mother. Meantime, Craig - noticing Sykes walk in and recognizing him from a picture - was eager to follow him. But he was stopped by Colin to discuss a change in hospital assignment which would affect Colin's responsibility to his "personal" patients.

Brady and Chloe's trip to Hollywood was diverted to Denver due to weather conditions, and they chose to treat the change in plans as an adventure and a blessing. As they continued to bond, their first night in Denver was spent in a stalled 4 x 4.

On Stefano's Island a frantic John found Marlena in a hidden room behind a fireplace panel. She could not recall a memory she'd had just moments before seeing herself in a bed in that room - but on a different island - and hearing a strange voice calling her. Two sets of fingerprints taken by John showed that she had been there years before as well as now. Once out of the room, Marlena watched a seascape painting eerily change to her portrait. Not seeing it himself, John attributed this to Stefano's "mind games."

Leaving DotCom, Colin offered his support to Jennifer - distraught over her Cousin Hope. Jennifer left him saying she just wanted justice served. Once alone, Colin's hope was that they lock up his Cousin Bo and throw away the key "That would certainly make my life a lot easier."

Realizing he was being followed, Sykes did his best to escape. But Craig cornered him in a barn, where Sykes accidentally stepped into an animal trap crushing his foot. As he begged for help, Craig seemed pleased to see Sykes' leg had blood on it - and left him there. And while John investigated a sound on the Island, he returned to find Marlena missing again and what appeared to be the image of Tony DiMera in a mirror.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Jack, Jennifer, Belle and Shawn spend some time at Dot Com before Bo's hearing. Shawn struggles because he knows Bo doesn't want him there, while Jennifer admits to Jack that she spent time with Colin last night; he wants details, but Jennifer is too focused on Bo's current dilemma. Later, Shawn asks Jack and Jennifer for a ride to the hearing... Bo tells Roman and Caroline that he has nothing to live for without Hope and plans to plead guilty for killing Lexie; Mickey begs Bo to reconsider and Caroline reminds Bo that he has two sons that need their father. Meanwhile, Cameron is rueful that she didn't prevent Lexie's murder and tells Abe and Celeste she wants to sue the police force, but Abe doesn't want that, in spite of his own personal loss. When they arrive at the arraignment, Bo allows Mickey to plead not guilty for him. The DA is ruthless and Mickey asks that the charge be lessened to second-degree murder with a reasonable bail. Shawn shows up with Jack and Jennifer in time to hear the judge rule that the first-degree charge stands and Bo will be sent to jail without bail...

Hope's devastated when Larry comes in with news that Bo has been arrested for Lexie's murder and Billie is practically brain dead. Larry taunts her further by telling her that everyone thinks she's dead, too; worried that Billie could wake up and disclose his location, Larry struggles to force Hope out of the warehouse and discovers her inscription on the wall, indicating that she's being taken away by boat. Larry is furious and scratches out the message, leaving Hope fearful that her possible rescue has been foiled...

In the mountains, a cowboy driving a carriage rescues Brady and Chloe. They enjoy a hayride and then he takes them to a cabin, where they wait to get a phone line to call a tow truck...

Sami and Brandon wake up in the afterglow of being together for the first time. Feeling guilty about his affair with Lexie, he almost tells Sami, but refrains because it might hurt her too much. Instead, they make love again; the mood is destroyed when they order room service and Brandon sees the headline about Lexie's murder, telling Sami he has to get back to Salem now...

Thursday, November 21, 2002

John and Marlena continue exploring the DiMera house. A noise is heard and John goes to check it out, Marlena begins to look at books on a shelf, one interests her and as she grabs for it the bookshelf turns dispensing her into a small concrete block room, she fears she is trapped. John returns to find her missing as he searches around his flashlight focuses on a mirror and Tony is in the reflection, John spins around to see Tony standing right behind him, John demands to know what he did with Marlena. Tony insists he has no idea where Marlena is seeing as how he just arrived on the island himself. He wants to know however, what John and Marlena are doing, because they were not invited. Tony claims he is exploring his inheritance from Stefano. John gets mad and pushes Tony who trips over a small table and falls into one of the floor traps, he hangs helplessly asking for John's help, John refuses and walks away. Marlena tries to find a way out of the small room and by pushing on a wall ends up in another concrete room. The room is filled with various objects: a vanity with mirror, tables filled with laboratory vials, and experimental equipment. She begins to search and comes across a large object draped in a sheet. It is unveiled to be a painting of her, she wonders who painted it. She moves on to the vanity and pricks her finger, a voice is heard telling her to sleep she fights it and opens a drawer to find a nightgown and a piece of paper (I made out the word Tony). Marlena carefully uses tweezers to pull out the aging paper and is stunned when she reads its contents.

Brady and Chloe finally have phone service, they call the car rental dealer and find out the Jeep has been picked up. The dealer offers them a ride to a lodge or to the airport; they decide to spend the two days at the cabin alone. Brady takes Chloe out to play in a field; they play with a video camera, ride bikes, and sit by a lake. Chloe squirts Brady with a water bottle and he chases her. They end the day in front of the fire with hot chocolate, Brady reminisces about John's hot cocoa and Chloe gets serious wondering if her father will be there for her if she goes in remission before the baby is born.

Craig and Dr Sykes are in a small shed, Sykes is trying to get his leg loose of an animal trap. Craig decides to help him, with an agenda to question him about Nancy and Chloe. Sykes offers him money for his help not realizing til later that Craig is a doctor. Craig asks him if he remembers raping Nancy. Sykes had to think hard, but did, citing depression and alcohol contributed to the mistake. Craig told him about Chloe and Sykes said there was absolutely no way he could be her father, but if he could help he would.

Shawn is at the pub reading the headlines. Belle comes down to comfort him. He tells her he is glad she is there; he wouldn't have been able to get through it alone. Shawn tells her that his life will never be the same; he may never get over these events. A knock at the door shows Cassie and Rex, Belle tries to get them to leave but Shawn said to let them in. Cassie heads straight to Shawn and so does Belle fixing a grip on Shawn's arm and a death stare to Cassie. The twins tell Shawn that they want to help him anyway they can and they are sorry about what is going on with him. He thanks them and said he appreciates their concern. Belle quickly ushers them out saying she will see them later. Shawn suggests they go get Zack from PopShawn, as they leave Shawn sees pictures of Hope, Bo, Zack and himself on the bar mirror, he gazes solemnly, Belle notices and puts her arm around him walking to the stairs.

Friday, November 22, 2002

As Marlena tries to get out of the secret passage, John searches for her, leaving Tony clutching for his life. Marlena bursts in and helps John save him. Tony takes great joy in the fact that John was wrong - he had nothing to do with Marlena's disappearance. Marlena doesn't want to talk about where she was and asks John to take her away from the island. After they're gone, Tony opens the secret compartment again and finds a locked box; he opens the box using the three-pronged key to find a smaller wooden box with no visible means to open it. Meanwhile, on the jet back to Salem, John pushes Marlena about what happened on the island. She tells John he couldn't let Tony die; as she pulls out the piece of the letter she found, she drops a bombshell that it says Tony is John's brother!

Larry disguises himself to find out about Billie's condition. Kate, Lucas and Philip are devastated as Roman announces to the press that Billie is brain dead and the family is taking her off life support. Satisfied that Billie's not a loose end, Larry leaves, and Kate painfully signs the papers to pull the plug on Billie...

Hope is alone in an abandoned meat locker, reeling from everything she's read in the newspaper about Bo killing Lexie. Larry returns from the hospital and takes great pride in confirming that Bo has been charged and denied bail, Lexie is dead, Billie will be dead soon, and everyone thinks Hope is dead, so they won't come looking for her - there's no trail of evidence leading back to Larry. As he tries to shuttle her out, Hope whispers a desperate prayer for Bo to save her. Meanwhile, Shane visits Bo as family and tries to offer comfort. Bo feels his connection with Hope and in a huge moment, Roman helps Bo escape...

Sykes reveals to Craig that Chloe can't be his daughter because he had a vasectomy thirty years ago. Craig calls the bluff because he knows Sykes has a son, but Sykes corrects that it's a stepson from his wife's first marriage. Craig gives Sykes an antibiotic and leaves him with water and medication. He takes Sykes' keys, gathers up the bloody towels and leaves to test Sykes' DNA with Chloe's. Meanwhile, Brady surprises Chloe with a nice dinner in the mountain cabin. They listen to music and dance in the candlelight. As they prepare to go to bed, Chloe tells Brady that if the couch is as uncomfortable as it looks, they may need to reconsider the sleeping arrangements...

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