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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 25, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, November 25, 2002

Larry, armed with a gun, brings Hope to the pier and they're both shocked when Bo appears, also with a gun, demanding Larry let Hope go. Larry threatens to shoot Hope, forcing Bo to drop his weapon. Since the boat is late, Larry has Bo start up the Fancy Face then backhands him, causing Bo to fall into the water. Larry takes Hope out on the river, but Bo bursts out of the water and lunges for Larry. They wrestle and Bo manages to get Larry's gun, shoot him in the chest, and see him fall overboard. Bo and Hope share an emotional reunion, while Abe, Celeste, Cameron, and Shane are at Lexie's wake. Brandon barges in with Sami and blames Abe for Lexie's death. Abe lets Brandon vent his anger and then Shane gets the call that Bo has escaped, forcing Shane and Abe to rush out.

Meanwhile, Jennifer finds Jack at the hospital and he's upset because Roman blew off his interview with Bo and he can't get in to see Billie. Jennifer has trouble making eye contact and alerts Jack when she says this all isn't real. She rushes off and he follows her to the dock, where Roman demands to know what they're doing there. Jennifer admits Abe told her about the stakeout and she got the location from another source; Jack is baffled by all of this. Jack and Jennifer follow Roman to see Bo and Hope as they arrive and Jack's rocked to learn that Larry Welch kidnapped Hope. Jack deduces that Jennifer's known for a while and didn't tell him. Bo and Hope share a tender moment as Bo puts her wedding ring back on her finger, promising he'll never lose her again...

Brandon has time alone to say good-bye to Lexie; he's unaware that Sami is listening as he mentions their affair. Sami doesn't let him know she overheard and privately chews out Lexie for seducing Brandon and admits she's glad Lexie is dead and no longer a threat to her and Brandon. Abe calls Celeste and tells her Bo rescued Hope and it's over. Celeste is relieved and wants to tell "her." Abe's already taken care of it, as he looks at Lexie, alive and well. Meanwhile, Shane goes to visit a patient at the hospital and it's Billie, sitting up in her bed, alert with just a bandage on her head, also very alive...

John reads the fragment of letter penned by Daphne DiMera, but he refuses to accept that Tony could be his brother. Marlena protests when John wants to head back to the island, telling him she thinks there are answers locked inside of her. John hypnotizes her and she remembers being locked in the tower room, and someone drugging her and urging her to sleep. She also recalls resisting sleep and fearing that something would break and fall. John brings her out of hypnosis and tells her everything she revealed, but she can't identify the man or explain what she feared would break and fall...

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

by Joan

Salem PD
Abe told a very alive Lexie that she was exonerated of all charges. But Tony arrived to announce it wasn't over. Angered by false accusations against his sister with no apology, he threatened to sue the Salem PD. Lexie convinced Tony not to proceed - that she wanted to live in "peace and quiet." Furious with Abe for not believing in her innocence, she wanted him out of her life.

At University Hospital, The Bradys, Hortons and Williamses are all party to a secret plot to SAVE Hope - were arriving to SEE Hope. As he put the pieces together and found Billie alive, Jack was furious that Jen kept him in the dark. Billie's story was that the "brain dead" ruse was to protect her and Hope from Welch. Shane told Billie her ISA contact was Welch - Identifying him from a mug shot and evidence at a warehouse where Billie had seen Welch, led police to the docks. Billie also admitted she was instrumental in Hope's disappearance. Also visiting Billie was Roman, who accused her of lying and teaming up with Welch to get Hope out of the way, and that criminal charges would be filed against her. However, despite evidence against Billie, Bo told Hope he was hesitant to jump to conclusions about her after rushing to judgment about Lexie.

Reunited with her husband & sons, Hope was shocked to hear Lexie was alive - who stopped in to see her. As they exchanged apologies, Hope felt uncomfortable by Lexie's remark that Zack needed his mother - until Lexie added "he needed you with him." Bo filled her in on the whole plan: Lexie was tailed for the suspected kidnapping until she came forward with Hope's planted itinerary and wallet. Despite evidence pointing to Hope's death, Bo struggled to find a hidden message in her farewell letter, until he found her repetition of the words, "How we", as a reference to the 'Howie' Hoffstedder scam of Larry Welch years ago, and Bo connected Welch to the kidnapping. Further, Bo found a date Hope scribbled on a wall where she was held - a date important to Bo and her. Learning that Welch had been released on parole without public notification, Bo traced calls to Cedar Rapids where Hope disappeared. Shane didn't believe Billie's story about Welch, but once she was shot - Bo decided to put the phony plot to kill Lexie into action in order to trick Welch.

Gathering the family at the Brady Pub, Bo had warned that Hope's life depended on their silence. Jen had found evidence meant to convince them of Hope's death and to frame Lexie for it, but that Bo declared Lexie was innocent and Welch was holding Hope.

The plan: Make outside world believe that Hope is gone - publicly mourn - privately, together, bring her home.

Jack's resentment grew knowing even Belle was in on the plot he was excluded from. He felt used and hurt believing shared grief with over Hope was giving him a chance to connect with Jen - while Jen was not confiding in him. While Bo was assuring Hope that Larry was gone and never coming back - Welch was scratching his way up onto a sandy beach.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002


Tony brought Rolf up to date on the events on the island. When Rolf asked about the painting of Marlena, Tony said he brought it back with him because he "just had to have it." Tony claimed that, one day, he and Marlena would be together. "She just doesn't know it yet." Tony became frustrated with all the unanswered questions left by Stefano.

Cassie and Rex came to visit the Blacks at the penthouse. After learning about the meaning of the holiday, they came to give Marlena their thanks.

Craig received the DNA report showing that Sykes is not Chloe's biological father, but that he does have a medical problem. Craig swabbed his own cheek then turned it over for another DNA test ASAP.

Chloe and Brady celebrated Thanksgiving in the cabin. Since they didn't have a television to watch football on Thanksgiving, they taped themselves playing football. They came back in to fix a holiday meal of canned peas and spaghetti. They were pleased to receive a phone call from Craig and Nancy. Brady talked to Belle. After the call, Chloe admitted that she's most thankful for Brady.

Lexie called Brandon, but he wouldn't return her calls. Celeste reassured Lexie that in time, Brandon would forgive her for letting him think she was dead. Celeste apologized for not believing in her innocence. Celeste suggested that if Lexie could forgive her, maybe she could forgive Abe too. Cassie and Rex arrived back at the mansion for the DiMera holiday dinner. Lexie made a quick getaway as dinner started. Abe walked up as she was leaving, but Lexie refused to talk to him.

The Bradys and Hortons celebrated a private Thanksgiving dinner at Tuscany courtesy of Maggie. When Colin showed up, several people were uncomfortable. Hope broke the silence by welcoming Colin to the dinner. Philip stopped by to tell Hope how glad he was that she was okay. Sami arrived with Will, who was not happy to be stuck at a family gathering. Bo assured Hope that Larry was dead, even though his body has not been found. Shane told John he would check DNA to see if Tony really is John's brother. They told Roman that it was likely that some of the fingerprints found on the island belonged to Roman and Marlena from the time they were held by DiMera on an island. John and Shane kept Roman in the dark about the note Marlena found. Sami was distraught that no one trusted her enough to let her in on the "Hope's alive" secret. John advised her to stop hanging out with Tony if she wants the family to trust her. Sami encouraged Abe to try to make up with Lexie. Colin made a suspicious exit just as the dinner was about to begin. After Colin was outside, he revealed a silver bullet with Bo's name on it as he said, "Sorry Cousin, this one's for you."

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air today. Programming will resume tomorrow where Wednesday's show concluded.

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Friday, November 29, 2002

by REE

Marlena has a nightmare of John painting waves and coming at her with a syringe. She wakes up and admits being unsettled since they returned from the island; John's printed the pictures from the secret passageway there and Marlena fixates on the picture of the portrait of herself. Later, John intercepts a delivery of flowers for Marlena from Tony - the same exotic flowers from the portrait. John dumps the flowers in the trash and is surprised when Marlena smells the scent of the flowers on him. He tells her about the delivery and promises to take care of Tony. He goes and she focuses on the portrait, going into a trance; she goes outside and pulls the flowers out of the trash and later poses the way she's posed in the portrait, lost in the past...

Colin pays Tony a visit, anxious to hear about Tony's trip to the island. Tony feels that Marlena is his future and destiny and hopes to learn the secrets of his past inside the Phoenix box he retrieved from the island. Colin offers to try to open the box and is zapped when he touches it. Tony assumes no one is meant to open this box except him. He opens a secret compartment on the box with a message: Fire will reveal the truth. Tony keeps the message a secret and sends Colin away, only to find another compartment with another message: The truth is frozen in time. Finally, Tony opens the main compartment, but before he can look inside, John barges in, confident he's figured out Tony's secret agenda - Tony wants Marlena!

Chloe and Brady share romance after their Thanksgiving dinner and make S'mores. They kiss passionately, but Chloe pulls away, feeling guilty that she can't share her feelings with him. He comforts her and she finally lets go of her fears and says she loves him, building to the big moment when she tells Brady she wants to make love to him...

Craig stops by the hospital and calls the lab to get the DNA results. As he stares at the photo of Sykes, Nancy walks in, but Craig quickly puts the photo away. Nancy feels a bit dizzy and goes to get some air. Craig gets the results of the test and reels when he learns he's Chloe's biological father. Nancy returns and faints before Craig can tell her the news...

Brandon nearly catches Sami erasing messages from Lexie just before Lexie shows up to apologize. He forgives Lexie when she blurts that she's not fighting her divorce with Abe anymore. Brandon rushes off to the hospital when he gets paged, and Sami confesses to Lexie that she did erase the messages. Lexie's furious as Sami confronts her about her relationship with Brandon and Lexie storms off...

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