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Monday, December 9, 2002

Marlena awakens and recalls her dream from being on the DiMera island and fearing that a person would "break and fall." She's frustrated when she can't remember whom she was so concerned about or why she was being drugged. John urges her to go easy on herself, but she can't and goes for a walk. Meanwhile, Tony's read his father's journal and is distressed by all he's learned. He says the family was attacked in the past and its blood was infected. Agitated, Tony ends up in the park and runs into Marlena. Although she's suspicious of him at first, Marlena feels Tony's pain as he explains how the evil role was forced on him and his family. Marlena asks Tony who he thinks forced the role on the family and he quips she wouldn't believe him even if he did tell her. Back at the penthouse, Bo and Hope drop in out of concern from Marlena's distracted state on Thanksgiving. They work to assure John that his love is all Marlena needs to help her through this. After they go, John tracks Marlena down to the park and is alarmed when she tells him she was with Tony. However, he's happy to hear that she plans to let go of the past, despite the fact it's a result of her conversation with Tony. When he arrives home, Tony takes out the journal and reveals that years ago, the Bradys committed a crime against the DiMeras and it's Tony duty to see that they pay...

Lexie is about to leave with Abe so she can tell him she's pregnant, and Sami becomes stressed when Brandon stops them, insisting he knows why she's reconciled with Abe. Both Lexie and Sami are wrecked, thinking Brandon knows that Lexie is pregnant and he's going to claim paternity. Lexie convinces Abe to let her talk privately with Brandon and she's relieved to learn he doesn't know she's pregnant - he just doesn't want her reconciling because Abe gave up on her while Brandon stood by her. Sami takes Brandon home and tries to sleep with him without protection, but he refuses and leaves. Meanwhile, Lexie tells Abe she's having their baby...

Shawn gives Belle a belated birthday party at his house. They dance and as they kiss, it gets passionate and they're about to make love. Bo and Hope come home and almost catch them; Belle and Shawn are embarrassed and cover, but they later decide they're ready to make love. Shawn promises to plan the perfect time and place for them to be together...

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

by Joan

Reminiscing the morning after their romantic tryst, Roman and Kate were surprised by Sami walking in on them. Although Kate tried to smooth things over, a furious Sami threatened Kate with a fate worse than Victor's threats if she continued seeing her father. While Kate told Roman they couldn't lock their children out of their lives, she was also sure her own children would disapprove of the relationship. But Roman was insistent on their children not running their lives.

Now fully recovered from her gunshot wound, Nicole convinced Victor that she was not emotionally ready to see a fertility doctor. She had a hard time putting off his eager proposal to marry on New Year's. Victor was quick to tell Philip that a New Year's wedding was being planned.

At DotCom Philip still tried to win Chloe's affections when she told him about Nancy's difficult pregnancy - as well as Chloe's belief that she was born to fail. After being advised by Marlena on how to handle Chloe's negative feelings, Brady arrived at DotCom urging her to be with her mother at the hospital.

At University Hospital, Chloe assured her mother that she'd be there for her just as Nancy had been when Chloe was hospitalized. Nancy happily replied that Chloe was the best medicine she could have. Craig, however, discussed his fears with Marlena, who thought he should tell Chloe that he's her father. But at that point, Sami tearfully stormed in to tell her mother about Roman and Kate, as well as possibly losing Brandon. Marlena insisted that Sami had no business interfering with Roman. She also suggested that Sami and Brandon might not belong together but told Sami to give Brandon some space. But the various conversations could not keep Marlena's attention away from thinking about the possibility of John being Tony's brother.

Brandon told Nicole he felt there couldn't be a relationship with Sami without trust - that he suspected her of hiding things. He also told his sister that her delay in setting a wedding date proved she wasn't really in love with Victor. When Sami tried to talk things over with him, Brandon challenged her - asking what she was up to since she seemed so eager to become pregnant with his child. And while Kate and Roman decided their one-night stand was over, their attempt at saying "good-bye" ended with a passionate kiss - and Kate not leaving at all.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002


Belle tried to talk Philip out of going to see Chloe. Belle told Philip that she would be there for him as he tries to get over Chloe. Belle admitted to Philip that Shawn was studying with Cassie, but told Philip it didn't bother her.

Rex helped Mimi study for finals, while Cassie helped Shawn as Cynthia eavesdropped. As Cassie massaged Shawn's neck, it was clear to Cynthia what Cassie had in mind. Downstairs, while Mimi was trying to get Rex's attention, Cynthia propositioned Rex. Rex invited Belle out, but got turned down as Belle hurried upstairs just in time to see Cassie kissing Shawn. Cassie tried to make up an excuse, but Shawn made Cassie leave. Shawn stammered all over himself to appease Belle, but Belle said she understood. Cynthia offered Cassie a secret plan to stop Shawn and Belle's "special night." Mimi warned Cynthia to butt out and vowed not to let anyone break up Belle and Shawn.

Jennifer told Billie that she was sorry for what Billie had been through. Billie thanked Jennifer for all that she did to help get Larry. Jack made a snide remark referring to Jennifer's failure to include him in the information loop. Billie sensed that they needed to be alone and left them to come to terms with the situation. While Jack and Jennifer continued their bickering, Billie sought brotherly advice from Philip who encouraged her to believe in herself. Billie sympathized with Philip over losing Chloe to Brady. Philip reminisced over his past conversations with Chloe, then sent her an email promising to leave her alone, but offering to be there for her if she needs anything. Billie returned to Jack who asked her out while Jennifer was on the phone asking Colin to meet her.

Sami tried to convince Brandon that she wasn't desperate to get pregnant. She tried to turn the conversation to her disgust in finding Roman and Kate together. Somehow Brandon ended up apologizing to Sami as he told her that all he wants is for her to be honest with him and not hide anything from him.

Abe and Lexie visited her OB and made arrangements for some prenatal testing. Brandon was in shock when he overheard the nurse tell Lexie about her appointment for the ultrasound and CVS test. After Abe left, Brandon confronted Lexie, who denied the baby was Brandon's. (Sami was around the corner listening.) Lexie insisted that she was with Abe the morning and the evening before she was with Brandon and that she and Brandon had used protection and she and Abe had not. Brandon wasn't convinced, but Lexie stormed off. Brandon saw Sami and demanded to know how long she'd been standing there and what she had overheard. Sami admitted nothing as she tried to get Brandon to admit that it is he who is hiding things from her.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Tony and Celeste meet Lexie at DotCom where she tells them she is having a baby. Tony wonders if it really is Abe's baby, Celeste has the same sentiments. Lexie makes it clear that she and Abe are having a baby, not Brandon. They spot Kate and Roman in a romantic embrace, assuming that Roman has a not so good motive for dating Kate, i.e. the kippers gift from Stefano to Kate.

Kate and Billie have a little mother/daughter moment at DotCom. Kate offers Billie a job in Rome working the cosmetics department for Basic Black. Billie thinks it's a ploy to get her away from Salem so Kate can be with Roman. She turns the offer down, claiming she loves being a cop and can't think of anything else she'd rather do even though she may lose her badge over helping Larry kidnap Hope. Roman interrupts Kate and Billie. While Kate gets coffee Roman and Billie talk. Billie wants to tell her story, but Roman doesn't want to hear it. Billie realizes that Roman and her mom slept together, she thinks it concerns either her or the gift from Stefano. Billie thinks Roman is jealous that she didn't come back to Salem for him, but for Bo.

Cassie and Rex are at DotCom hanging out. They spot Kate and remember her mean words. The twins hatch a plan to poison Kate's coffee. They purchase a small bottle of poison and add a few drops to the decaf latte; unfortunately, the coffee goes to Tony instead. Cassie and Rex realize what is about to happen and run over to say "Hi" to Count DiMera. Cassie casually "drops" her backpack on the table knocking the coffee cup to the floor. The twins meet with Rolf at his university office where they rehash what they have attempted with Kate. Rolf gets upset and tells them they must never harm Tony, Lexie, or Kate and before they do anything; talk him first.

Nicole and Kate have a small run in. Nicole announces that she and Victor will be getting married on New Year's Eve. Kate asks Nicole why she is still going through with this considering she already has $5 million; she won't be getting more from Victor if they would break up. Nicole responds by calling Kate the loser for giving up Victor. Colin overhears the conversation and stops Nicole as she heads out the door. They agree to talk privately. At Colin's hotel room, Nicole admits that she is afraid of Victor and she needs to feel free. They make love and Nicole leaves claiming she needs to meet Victor and that this scene will never happen again.

Bo, Hope and Zack begin to prepare the Christmas tree for decorating. When Zack is asleep Bo and Hope have a few intimate moments on the couch. Hope goes to the basement to get an extension cord, and sees a vision of Larry standing in front of her. She screams and Bo comes running, Hope lies and says she saw an old mouse toy of Shawn's and thought it was real. Later, as they hug, Hope "sees" Larry outside the front door.

After reading Stefano's diary completely, Tony tells Rolf that he is more determined now to destroy John Black and the entire Brady family. He stresses to Rolf that only himself and Lexie shall ever know the contents of the diary.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Marlena returns from shopping and hears John barking orders about the DNA test results. She warns him not to become a victim of his past and goes to do more shopping. Belle stops by and the tension is palpable as John probes about Shawn and then things turn sour when the twins come up. Belle rages that she wouldn't love John any less if he were a DiMera himself, not knowing how close she's hit the nail on the head. Meanwhile, Tony tests Colin's loyalty by inquiring about Raymond Grant and Kate's secret bequest. He's more upset that Colin hasn't brought him the remains of Larry Welch, reminding Colin that undermining his authority can render serious consequences. After Tony leaves, Larry calls Colin and reminds him of the meeting in Grant's office tomorrow. Larry smiles ominously as he gloats this plan is even better than kidnapping Hope. In the meantime, Marlena's at Dot Com and encounters Tony, who is desperate for help with shopping for the twins. She helps him find some choice purchases, but becomes unsettled when he says something that implies he knows John is his brother. Marlena returns to John and says she thinks Tony knows more than he's letting on. They're interrupted when John gets the call on the DNA results and he learns that he is indeed Tony DiMera's brother...

Bo and Hope kiss under the mistletoe, still enjoying their reunion, while Shawn and Belle arrive; Belle's embarrassed about almost being caught last night and goes to shop for Shawn instead of going inside. Bo teases Shawn a bit, but tells him they trust him and to be careful. Hope breaks down about her kidnapping, but Bo and Shawn reassure her that Larry is dead. Colin shows up, making Bo suspicious. Bo gets on Colin about his DiMera association, but Colin circumvents and digs for information, confirming that Bo plans to be at Victor's wedding. Shawn leaves to meet Belle at Dot Com, where he reveals when he plans to make love to her. Cassie and Rex overhear this and Cassie vows to stop them before it's too late. Colin tries to duck out just after Shawn, but Bo stops him, warning him not to interfere with Victor and Nicole's wedding. Colin agrees and goes, leaving Bo skeptical about his cousin and unaware that he is Colin's ultimate target...

Rolf reviews with the twins their allegiance to the DiMeras, but he has a more difficult time with Cassie. He finally gets them to agree to only take orders from the Phoenix and lets them go to shop for presents for Belle and Shawn. The twins bring their bags to the secret room and discover the portrait of Marlena. Tony enters and is shocked to see them there, forced to cover about the picture, claiming it's a Christmas gift for Marlena. Tony calls Rolf and says the twins gave him the idea of giving the portrait to Marlena as a gift, but there's something they must do to it before he can surprise Marlena with it...

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