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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 16, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, December 16, 2002

John refuses to believe he's Tony's brother, even with a hard copy of the DNA results in his hands. It reports with 80% certainty that Tony and John are brothers, but John clings to the 20% chance that he's not a DiMera. Marlena is more realistic and says it looks like John and Tony are only half-siblings, meaning they share only one parent, and it may not be Stefano. Trying to get him out of this state, Marlena takes him upstairs and they make love. Afterward, John looks at his Phoenix tattoo in the mirror as Marlena watches him in his emotional agony...

Jack drags Billie to the pub so he can see Abby, while Billie waits outside. Unfortunately, Bo, Hope, and Zack arrive and chew her out for even coming near the pub; Roman comes up and takes Zack inside, allowing Hope to cut further into Billie. They leave her feeling at her lowest and she takes off. When Jack sees them enter, he realizes what must've happened and runs outside to find Billie gone. Inside, Lucas talks about how strong Billie has been after everything she's been through and how she hasn't turned to alcohol or drugs. Caroline has Abby and Will help trim a little tree in the pub. Billie calls Jack and tells him she went home, but she's really outside the Cheatin' Heart. When Lucas learns that Billie left, he tracks her down to the bar, but before he can stop her from taking a drink, she stops herself. Lucas is proud of Billie and they head off to an AA meeting together. Back at the pub, Vern picks up Abby and sides with Jennifer in the disagreement with Jack; Hope confides in Jennifer that she's still having nightmares of Larry, but Jennifer assures her that Larry's dead. Jack fears that he's losing ground with Jennifer to Colin and Bo warns him not to let that happen. Bo tells Roman that Colin is up to something and he's going to find out what it is. Jack and Jennifer call a truce for the holidays, but jab each other about their respective relations with Billie and Colin...

While Chloe sits at home in her state of despair, Isabella tells Brady she doesn't know the future, but encourages Brady to go see Chloe. He does, but she refuses to let him into the house. Brady promises he's not going anywhere and prepares to camp out on the porch as long as necessary...

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

by Joan

On her way out, Chloe found Brady had slept on her front porch - just to be near her. He assured her that despite her feelings of bringing bad things to those around her, she brings nothing but good into their lives. At home, later, Isabella warned Brady that Chloe might not be able to accept his love.

At Raymond Grant's office, a disguised Larry Welch was unconvincing as a DiMera messenger. When Grant caught on, Welch said he had been DiMera's courier in Europe ensuring delivery of Stefano's bequeathed items. But Grant was stunned to learn that the instructions to kill Bo Brady did not come from Stefano - but Welch himself - as well as the attempted hit on Victor as payback for Welch's jail sentence. At gunpoint, Grant pleaded for his life offering to reinstate Welch in the DiMera organization or get him a new identity, but Welch shot him twice. Leaving with papers and a file from Grant's desk, Welch mused that the Salem PD should get out the 'body bags'. A surprised Colin Murphy found Grant's body and confirmed he hadn't been dead more than an hour. A shocked secretary missed seeing Colin hiding in the office while she called for help, and Colin slipped out with a file from Grant's attaché case.

Fishing for the significance of the kippers and the financial bequest, Tony was cagey but intrigued with Kate at The Brady Pub as she refused to give any clues. Roman and Bo had stopped by when they were notified of Grant's murder. Suspicious of either Tony or Kate's implication, Roman reminded them that impounding Grant's files could implicate them - leaving the nervous couple to abruptly end their breakfast - but Kate handed Tony her card, asking that he call. As the Salem PD investigated the crime scene, Roman & Bo speculated what evidence they might find connecting others to DiMera, including Colin.

At University Hospital, Craig found Nancy with Mickey Horton, making plans for a living will to save her baby. While debating it with Craig, she suffered an attack and ordered the papers be drawn up. Distressed at overhearing Nancy read the Living Will aloud, Chloe ran out. Also at the hospital for an ultrasound, the Carvers learned that Lexie was having a boy. When Abe stepped out, Sami overheard Lexie submit his hairbrush to Dr. Bader requesting a paternity test. As Brandon told Sami that Lexie was expecting, he cut himself short after saying Abe couldn't be the father. Sami argued that this was what Lexie wanted - and advising Brandon to stay away from Abe. Meanwhile, Abe asked to speak with Brandon, who swore to make Abe pay if he hurt Lexie - followed by Abe's warning to stay away from his wife.

Arriving back at the hospital, Colin got a call from Welch - still unknown to him. Colin was angry at the change of instructions - that the silver bullet remains unfired for now.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002


John learns that the DNA tests prove he has a familial tie to Lawrence Alamain, but they are not brothers. Marlena knows that Tony and John share one parent, and they both are hopeful that it isn't Stefano. Marlena offers words of comfort and strength, while John tells Shane to continue testing until they know for sure if Stefano is his biological father...

Jennifer goes to Colin's room at the Salem Inn to decorate it, hoping the gesture will get her closer to the truth of what he's really up to. While she's there, Colin returns with Tony and she's forced to hide in the closet, where she overhears Colin admit he's an employee of Stefano's. Jennifer reels in shock at the confirmation of her worst fears. After they leave, Jennifer adds her Christmas cheer to the room then calls Jack because she has to tell him what she's learned. Before she goes, she leaves a loving note for Colin, praying it helps her learn all of his secrets. Meanwhile, Colin meets up with a disguised Larry, who blackmails him because he has Colin's dossier from Grant's office. Larry says he knows Colin was working with Grant behind Tony's back and now Larry insists that Colin will work for him...

Sami follows Dr. Bader around the hospital, anxiously awaiting any word on Lexie's paternity test. She finally hears Lexie call in and learns that the test won't be ready for a while, so Sami calls the lab and convinces Eugenia to allow her to pick up the test results and deliver them to Bader. Brandon takes Sami to lunch and they run into Victor and Nicole. Brandon tries to talk Nicole out of marrying Victor, while Nicole waits for an email response from Colin, whom she secretly sent a message to earlier. Sami gets a call that the test results are in and she dashes back to the hospital to get them. Meanwhile, Lexie is miserable as she waits for the test results on her baby. Tony asks her if Brandon could be the father, but she won't admit to anything...

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Lexie and Brandon have a talk about the baby at Brady's Pub. Lexie still claims Abe is the father however, Brandon thinks differently. Lexie tells him that he needs to concentrate on his relationship with Sami, who will only bring him grief, and to leave her and Abe alone. Brandon leaves, Lexie says a few words to Victor about her helping to find Hope, and Celeste arrives as Victor leaves. Celeste is worried that Lexie's continued friendship with Brandon could ruin her new relationship with Abe. She gets an odd feeling telling Lexie that her happiness with Abe could be fleeting.

Nicole tells Victor that she wants their marriage night to be magical so she is not sleeping with him until that night. Victor gets upset at first, but calms down when he realizes that Nicole is serious. He tells her that he will give her the world, for a price-she must behave and obey all the rules. He suggests they spend the rest of the afternoon together, but Nicole gets a call from Colin, and leaves telling Victor she has to try on a new line of clothing. When Nicole arrives at Colin's hotel room, he is already in his sleeping gown. They make love, but Colin makes a mistake and says "I love you Jennifer", Nicole throws a fit and tells him she never wants to see him again and storms out. Colin walks over to a cabinet and pulls a tape from a VCR, saying that he doesn't need to see her anymore, he has what he wants.

The teens are decorating for the winter solstice at Hartley House. Philip comes in and twirls Mimi around happy that he passed his history final. Mimi asks if he is going to Columbia and he hinted that he was but first needs to mend his relationship with his father. Belle and Shawn spend the time kissing as Cassie and Rex look on. Cassie still vows to break them up, Cynthia says she will help but Cassie tells her no thanks. Mimi catches Rex under the mistletoe and introduces him to a new tradition (neither one object at all!) Shawn asks Rex to bunk with Cassie in Belle's room tonight. Shawn leaves to do an errand and finds Cassie in the hallway; he thanks her for helping him pass his finals and gives her a hug. She is elated after he walks away claiming that the hug was 1.8 seconds longer than the last one and believes things are looking up. Belle tells Mimi about the special night. Later, Belle and Shawn are dancing romantically and he asks her if she is ready, she nods.

Sami heads to the lab to pick up Lexie's lab results. The lab tech didn't want to give the results to Sami, she is not deterred and tells the girl that she will reveal to Craig Wesley the little mishap she did that Sami corrected. With file in hand Sami heads out to the hallway, where it is revealed-BRANDON IS THE FATHER. Sami vows Brandon will never know the truth and begins to devise "Operation Switch DNA." She makes the lab tech believe her car is being towed and sneaks into the lab alone, punches up Lexie's results and changes the DNA. But as she starts to shred the true results, Colin walks in and grabs the sheet. He tells Sami he knows exactly what she is doing..trying to protect her man. He shreds the sheet himself telling Sami she owes him.

Larry tells Colin that he works for him now and he will kill Bo for free, not for the $2 million Colin recently thought he was getting. If Colin doesn't the safety deposit box will not be paid and the unsavory files will go to Tony, Shane, and Bo. Colin reluctantly agrees and Larry tells him he will contact him later.

Friday, December 20, 2002

Jennifer tells Jack and Bo what she overheard in Colin's room, but Bo's afraid it's not enough to take action yet. She decides she can use her relationship with Colin to bring him down, and Bo offers support and promises to wire her and have backup ready. Later, Jennifer asks Jack if there's a possibility for them to start over again; he's not sure, but accepts her invitation to spend Christmas morning with her and Abby. Meanwhile, Colin visits Craig and confides he may resign from the hospital for an opportunity overseas. After a heart-to-heart with Nancy, Colin finds Larry and agrees to kill Bo in exchange for the dossier. Bo passes through and nearly misses Larry in his disguise, but he does see Colin, who tells his cousin his plans to leave Salem. Bo realizes Colin is about to make his move; Colin vows to get $5 million from Nicole, leave town with Jennifer, and dispose of anyone who gets in his way...

Brady finds Chloe, freezing in the park, and desperately tries to break through her tough exterior. Philip takes Cassie for a walk and tries to dissuade her from pursuing Shawn. Instead, she convinces him that he and Chloe are soul mates, just as she believes she and Shawn are soul mates. Cassie goes back to the dorm, while Philip spots Chloe and Brady and he's devastated when he overhears that they slept together. Philip realizes it's really over with Chloe and goes to their tree near the river and chops it down. Meanwhile, Craig tries to persuade Nancy to let them take the baby, but she is unwavering. She has a grand mal seizure and falls unconscious; Craig orders an emergency C-section, but Dr. Bader stops him because of the papers Nancy signed. Craig realizes he must respect Nancy's wishes and it's out of his hands now. Chloe responds when Brady kisses her, but she takes off alone when Craig calls to tell her that Nancy's condition has worsened...

Shawn and Belle leave the party for their night of romance; Cassie returns and freaks out when Rex tells her what Shawn has planned, worried because of Cynthia's comment that things will never be the same once Belle and Shawn have sex. Rex grows increasingly attracted to Mimi as he experiences his first real kiss. Cassie rigs the dorm sprinklers to deploy, but it appears she's too late as Belle and Shawn are at the point of consummating their relationship...

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