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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 6, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, January 6, 2003

Abe brought a tray of refreshments into the living room of the Carver house, where Lexie was lounging on the sofa. Abe could tell that there was something bothering her and tried to get her to talk about it. Lexie said that she was happy that they had been given a second chance at their life together. She was excited about the baby, but she was worried that she didn't know how to make amends for the things that she had done. The phone rang ... it was the police station. When Abe got off the phone, he told Lexie that Colin Murphy was dead and he had to go to the DiMera mansion. Several hours after Abe left, there was a knock on the front door ... it was Brandon. Lexie empathised with Brandon, saying it must have been terrible to have Colin Murphy murdered at his sisters' wedding. Colin said that Colin was a horrible person. Lexie asked if they knew who shot him and Brandon told her that he left just after the body was found. She said he should have stayed to give the police any information that he had. He told her that Abe would have tried to pin it on him, so he left. A little later, the phone rang and it was Abe looking for Brandon. Lexie said that she hadn't heard from Brandon. After she hung she asked Brandon why he left the scene of the murder and why did he come to see her. Brandon figured that she was blaming him for the murder and walked out.

Bo came in the front door of the Brady house and yelled for Hope. She came out of the kitchen with a vague expression on her face and her left hand was bleeding badly. He wrapped the bleeding hand and asked her where she had been and why she left the wedding. She said that she left because she wasn't feeling well and needed to get home and get something into her stomach. She said she cut her hand when she was slicing an apple. Bo asked her what upset her so much at the wedding to make her come home. She spaced out and had a flash-back ... seeing herself come out of the mansion to the patio where she had encountered Colin Murphy who was on the phone. He was telling someone that he would kill Bo Brady that night. When Colin turned around to face her, he "morphed" into Larry who was pointing a gun at her! As she came out of her flash-back she heard Bo begging her to tell him what was wrong. He wanted to know what she was keeping something from him. She said that she had no reason to keep anything from him, but Bo reminded her that she kept things from him because she didn't want him to worry about her and what happened with Larry. Then she got very upset and told Bo that she never wanted him to talk about that man again. Bo backed off and told her he was going to call Shawn to let him know that his mother was ok. When he reached Shawn, he learned about the murder of Colin Murphy. Knowing that he was needed at the crime scene, Bo told Shawn to come home and stay with his mother because he didn't want Hope to be alone. Shawn got home a little later and rushed to hug his mother. The phone rang and Hope answered it. While she was on the phone (with Caroline) Bo told Shawn not to say anything to Hope about Colin. He felt that Hope needed her rest and they could wait until the next day to tell her. After Bo had left to go to the mansion, Hope could see that there was something bothering Shawn. He said that he had just been afraid when they couldn't find her earlier. Hope promised never to do that again, but Shawn told her that he didn't think she could make that promise. He asked her why the bad guys were always after the Brady's. Hope sat Shawn down on the sofa and told him that he didn't have to worry any more about all those people who had tried to hurt them. She insisted that they were all gone. She said she could understand that it was hard not to be afraid, but she wanted him to just "push those bad guys away." In her mind, she saw another apparition of Larry walking in the front door - she glared at the sight and then said again, slowly, "push those bad guys away" - as Larry's image faded from her mind. She got up and went to lock the front door and said, "and he won't be back." Shawn asked "who" won't be back. Hope, ignoring Shawn's question, told him that they shouldn't have negative thoughts any more and changed the subject to ask Shawn how he was. He said he was ok and went to call Belle. In Hope's mind she told herself that Colin didn't kill Bo, and he wouldn't now because he was dead.

From the dimly lit foyer of Roman Brady's house, we saw the front door slowly open. Sami came in, furtively looking around. She took a gun from her purse and whispered, "I did it for us, Brandon." She went to Roman's desk and was about to put the gun, which is Roman's, back in the drawer. Suddenly she heard her father's voice demanding to know what she was doing there. She dropped the gun into the leather chair in front of the desk before she turned to face Roman. When she turned around, she saw that Kate Roberts was there with her dad. She told Roman that she needed to talk to him. He wanted to know why she didn't ring the doorbell. She told him she didn't want to disturb him if he was sleeping ... and quickly added that she didn't think he'd be sleeping with Kate! Roman told Sami that SHE was the one that didn't belong there. Sami shrugged and turned to leave, but Roman wanted to know why she was there. She said she wouldn't discuss it in front of Kate. Roman told Sami that Kate was a very serious part of his life now and Sami had better accept it. Sami couldn't believe that her father cared so desperately for a woman who had tried to destroy his daughter's life! Roman wanted to know how Sami would feel if people hadn't forgiven and forgotten the things that she had done in her past. Sami huffed at him and turned to leave, just as the phone rang. Roman ordered her to stay put and answered the phone. He got the news about Colin Murphy and told the women that he had to leave. He told Sami to stay there until he returned. As soon as he left, Kate and Sami started with the insults back and forth. Kate went so far as to suggest that Sami had killed Colin. An irate Sami stormed out of the house and promptly drove her car into a tree!

At the DiMera Mansion, the Harpist gave Nicole and Victor her business card, with the hopes that her services would be used at future social events. After she left, Nicole turned to walk away, but Victor grabbed her arm and demanded an answer to his earlier question: why was she late for the wedding service? She had a scared look on her face and Victor sneered at her, saying he knew why she was late. She smirked back at him and said, "if you know why, there's no need for me to say anything"! Just then Shawn Douglas, looking very upset, interrupted them to ask if they had seen Belle or his mother. Both Victor and Nicole told him they hadn't seen either Belle or Hope. In another part of the mansion, Jack asked Jen if she wanted to "be" with Colin. She denied that and said she hated Colin and that she had wished he were dead, and now her wish had been answered. Outside, Fayewas frantically calling for Brandon. Around the other side of the house, Belle was calling for Hope when she stumbled on the body of Colin Murphy. She jumped back and screamed. Suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder. She whirled around to find Brandon Walker standing behind her. He told her to back away as he knelt down to take Colin's pulse. Belle's screams had alerted the occupants of the house - who then started to file out of the house to see what the fuss was about. Shawn arrived and protectively took Belle in his arms. Victor asked if anyone had called an ambulance. Jack responded by taking out his cell phone to make the call. Brandon looked up at them and told them that it wouldn't do any good ... Colin was dead! Jack dialled 911 as the camera panned the faces of all who were gathered around the body. Every one of them looked as if they knew more about the death of Dr. Colin Murphy than they were willing to admit. A little later, Shawn got a phone call from his dad and told Belle that he had to go home. Belle said she couldn't go with him because she had to answer questions from the police. To the sound of screaming sirens, the ambulance, as well as Abe and Roman arrived on the scene. Abe wanted to know if anyone actually witnessed the shooting. A little later, the police interrogations got under way. Abe started with Belle. Roman was questioning Nicole and Victor and found out that nobody had even heard the shot. Not far away, Jen told Jack to get somebody from the paper out to the mansion to cover the story ... neither of them could do it because they were too closely connected to it. Victor was sent to get a guest list for Roman, while Nicole and Fayewere worried about the fact that nobody had seen Brandon since the body was discovered. Abe asked Belle to tell him exactly what she saw and she told him about Brandon being there. Abe then told Roman that he wanted Brandon found and brought to the mansion that night! Fayeoverheard this and assured Abe that Brandon did not kill Colin. Just then an officer came in carrying Nicole's veil. He questioned Nicole about how it got outside under a bush. Nicole told him that when she was outside before the ceremony that the veil flew away in the wind. Abe told the officer to bag the veil as evidence, while Victor wondered how the veil had gotten ripped in half! Suddenly Kate and Sami came rushing into the room ... Sami calling for her dad. She insisted to her dad that she didn't kill Colin! A surprised Roman told her that nobody had suggested that she did. Sami told him about Kate accusing her of it and that she wanted to tell him her side of the story. Just then Bo arrived on the scene and got brought up to speed on the situation by Abe. Bo told Abe that Shawn was at home with Hope and that he would give his statement in the morning. Abe said to Bo that they would have to get a statement from Hope as well, but Bo told him to leave Hope alone. Seeing the puzzled look on Abe's face Bo explained that he hadn't told Hope about Colin because she was still getting over the horrors of Larry. Abe then offered his condolences to Bo ... Colin being his cousin and all. Bo told Abe not to worry ... Colin was scum! Across the room, Sami was insisting to Roman that there was no way that Brandon killed Colin. Roman questioned where Sami had been when Colin was killed and Sami sputtered a bit, searching for words. She then declared that nobody knew when Colin was killed, so how could she know where she had been at the time. Elsewhere, Bo wanted to know why Jack and Jennifer were even at the wedding. Jack said it was a long story. Bo asked if Jack knew why Colin was there and Jack wondered aloud if Bo was interrogating him. Bo told Jack that he was only glad it wasn't Jack lying on the terrace with a bullet in his back. Jack didn't understand and Bo explained that Jennifer had told him earlier that Colin was threatening to kill Jack. Then Jack told Bo that Jen was very upset and that he wanted to take her home. He asked Bo if Jen could give her statement in the morning. Over Bo's shoulder, Jack could see Jen coming back into the room and he quickly whisked Bo out into the hallway. But Jen saw them and started to follow. Just as Jen entered the hallway, and much to her horror, Jack blurted out to Bo that HE had killed Colin Murphy!

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

by Joan

As the Prosecutor waited, Jack repeatedly confessed to Abe and Bo that he murdered Colin - refusing a trial and wanting to spare Jennifer. Left helpless without a defense for his client, Mickey had to refuse Jennifer access to speak with him, as she pleaded his innocence.

Nicole's plan to retrieve the video from Colin's room was interrupted when Victor commanded they watch the video - which he already had - together. Calling it a compelling motive for murder, Victor advised Nicole that there would be no promised destruction of Kate or Sami - but that their marriage would continue by HIS set of rules. When a frightened and desperate Nicole argued the video was also motive for murder by Victor, he locked it in a safe - the combination known only to Victor and his attorney - with the additional security of a thermal hand scan.

Brandon sensed Sami was hiding something even after she told him Colin wanted Jack lured onto a cliff. Before he could learn more, the police were at the door. Finding that his gun had been recently fired, Roman deduced that Sami was most likely to have taken it. Brandon was brought in for questioning while Roman interrogated Sami at the apartment. At Salem PD, after Abe accused Brandon of compromising and leaving a crime scene, Brandon threatened to publicize discrimination based on personal hatred, and was released.

Sami lied to Roman about taking the gun. Fearing his warning about gunpowder residue, Sami discarded the black evening gloves she'd worn in a dumpster after he left. But she was unaware that her father was watching, and he retrieved the gloves as evidence.

Still being visited by apparitions of Larry, Hope came to Salem PD to support her cousin and recalled her bloodstained, cut hand when considering "reasonable doubt" in Jack's case. As Jack was taken away for arraignment, Bo told Mickey he felt Jack was covering for someone - and Hope told Jen that she knew Jack didn't murder Colin.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Jennifer is distraught as Jack continues to sit in his cell. Hope, still stressed about the visions of Larry she keeps seeing, tries to comfort her cousin. Mickey goes to talk to Jack, but Jack refuses to retract his confession. Later, Jennifer is taken off for questioning about Colin's murder. Abe gives Billie her job back, but she immediately quits. Roman offers her a job with the ISA in London, but Billie is indignant. Kate takes her to the airport and says good-bye and Billie changes her flight to London, making it clear she's going to work for the ISA...

Shawn is upset over the events at Victor's wedding and tells Belle he doesn't want to talk about Colin. Belle doesn't think the Bradys could stand any more stress; if one more bad thing happened to them, they'd all fall apart. Shawn is short with Belle and edgy about the future...

Marlena receives the portrait back from the ISA lab and it's clean of any bugs. John and Marlena still don't understand why Tony gave it to her, making John wary and worried. Marlena points out the fact that it's possible John could be related to the twins. Meanwhile, Tony returns from Montreal on a commercial flight so that his presence outside the country could be established. Rex is upset because Cassie disappeared last night and she won't tell him why. Rolf, dressed as Putnam, is relieved to find them after they both vanished last night. Tony's furious when Rolf tells him that he's been re-programming the twins to protect the DiMeras and he orders Rolf to deprogram them immediately! Rolf completes the deprogramming; later, Cassie says to herself that no one can ever find out what she did last night. Some documents are delivered to Tony and he dashes out. Back at the penthouse, John refuses to believe he could be related to Cassie and Rex and he storms out just before Tony barges in and adamantly states that he'll never let John dig up his mother's grave...

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Roman sent for Kate and Sami when the ballistic reports came back verifying the bullet that killed Colin came from the same type of gun he owns. The ladies barge into the cop shop wondering why they are there and upon seeing the other tell Roman to question her. Roman lets Kate go once he told her she is not a suspect, but Sami must stay for questions. He told her that he followed her to the dumpster, took her gloves and had them analyzed, and they came back showing gunpowder residue. Sami admits to taking his gun, but tells him she wanted to just scare Colin because he threatened her, ended up getting scared herself and shot off the gun in the Salem Inn parking lot by mistake. Later, Bo and Roman both decide to question Sami, she sticks to her story but tells them they may want to talk with Tony. She tells them that when Colin threatened her she went to Tony to see if he will do something about Colin and she assumed he might have a hand in the murder. The ballistics report that the bullet did not come from Roman's gun, however Roman and Bo still don't completely believe Sami.

Bo and Abe question Jennifer about the activities during the wedding and Colin's murder. Jennifer tells them that she found Colin on the ground, but didn't know if he was dead when she found him, nonetheless she was shook up about it when she went to talk to Jack. Jennifer soon realizes that Jack thinks she killed Colin and was trying to cover up for her so she didn't end up in jail. In the meantime, Mickey made another attempt to get Jack to admit he didn't kill Colin. He tells Jack that Jennifer is being questioned, Jack jumps up and demands that Mickey leave. As the guard opens the door, Jack lunges out and tries to run, the officer stops him but Jack hits him and turns to run, two more officers show up and stop him. They lead Jack to investigation room where Jennifer is being questioned. Upon seeing Jennifer he basically admits the only reason why he said he killed Colin was to protect Jennifer.."I'd do anything to protect you." Bo released Jack and Jennifer telling them to go home.

Brandon stops by the Carvers much to Lexie's surprise. He wants to make sure she didn't tell Abe that he had stopped by the night of the murder. Lexie feels the baby kick and has Brandon take her to the PD. Sami sees them coming in and goes crazy telling Lexie to get her hands off "her boyfriend." Brandon drags Sami to the hallway where they talk. She tells him she is just upset after being questioned by her dad. Brandon saw Lexie come out of Abe's office and watches her, Sami blurts out that Lexie needs to leave him alone and calls her a whore. Brandon turns demanding to know what Sami called Lexie. He stresses that they decided to be completely honest in the relationship. Sami yells at him that they both broke that promise, as Roman calls her back into Abe's office.

Tony goes to the penthouse to see Marlena. He tells her he will not allow John to exhume their mother's body, under no circumstances. He also mentions that the twins are the only two people he can trust. He wants to protect them from an untrusting world. Tony tells Marlena that he knows she cares about them and wants to protect them. He asks her if she will be a mother to them, not biological of course, but to nurture them. He is like a father, but they need so much more. She says no, I can't.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Bo is concerned when Hope tells him that she still isn't sleeping well, she hasn't picked up Zack, and is constantly distracted. He calls Marlena and implores her to come and see Hope; after Bo's gone back to the station, Marlena reveals that Bo called her because he's worried. Hope insists she is coping, but she's distracted by Larry's voice in her head as Marlena brings up the possibility that Hope may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. As Marlena and Hope take down the Christmas tree, Hope breaks an ornament and is hit with a memory of a body on the ground at the Kiriakis Mansion, but the body isn't Colin it's Larry...

Shawn and Belle arrive at the police station so Shawn can be questioned about the night of Colin's murder. Belle can see Shawn is nervous and tries to reassure him. As Roman asks Shawn if he saw anything suspicious, Shawn remembers seeing Colin just before he was murdered on the terrace, but lies to Roman and says he didn't see anything. Tony arrives for questioning after being summoned by Roman as he was leaving Marlena's penthouse and he pumps Belle for information about the murder. Shawn and Belle exit and Shawn tells her there's something he has to do alone and he heads off to the Kiriakis Mansion, where he has a memory to seeing Colin dead on the terrace. Bo shows up in time for Tony's questioning and presses him to admit that Colin was more than a physician to the DiMeras. Tony denies and turns it on Bo, saying Colin confided that he didn't feel welcome by his family. Later, a letter is turned in from Colin's safe that he wrote, saying if anything should happen to him, the Brady family should be viewed as suspects, especially Bo...

Brandon takes Sami home and asks her why she thinks he hasn't been honest with her. Sami reveals that she knows he slept with Lexie and brings up the baby. Brandon assures her that Lexie already did a paternity test and the baby isn't his. Knowing that she switched the results, Sami presses on about what he would have done if the baby were his. Brandon admits he wouldn't abandon Lexie or the baby, but promises that it's over with Lexie. Sami is unconvinced and still unsettled...

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