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Monday, January 27, 2003

At Belle's dorm room, Belle was anxiously waiting for Shawn to arrive. He was late for their planned night of romance. Rex had dropped by and, realizing that Belle was expecting Shawn, said he would leave. Bell asked him to stay. She told Rex that she was afraid that Shaw was late because of Cassie. Rex explained to her that he and Cassie had visited Marlena earlier and that Cassie had become upset and abruptly left. Belle told Rex that she thought that Cassie was after Shawn. They talked for a while and then Rex, assuring Belle that Shawn would show up shortly, said that it was time for him to leave. She thanked him and said that she hoped he would find someone special for himself some day. After he left, she continued to pace back and forth waiting for Shawn.

Meanwhile, at the courtyard of Tuscany, Cassie had cornered Shawn and told him that she had seen what had happened to Colin. Shawn broke down and admitted to her that he had killed Colin. Cassie assured him that it would be OK, but Shawn couldn't see how anything could be alright again. He told Cassie that he had been hunting for his mother that night and had come upon Colin holding a gun and looking through a window, muttering to himself that he was going to kill Bo. Shawn had jumped Colin and they fought for the gun. Shawn got the gun and tried to force Colin to go inside and give himself up to Bo. There was noise and when Colin had spun around to look in that direction, Shawn pulled the trigger and shot Colin in the back. After hearing all of this, Cassie tried to justify it all to Shawn, but he insisted that he was a murderer. She tried to tell him that he was a good person and that he had done it to protect his family. Shawn then realized that Cassie had seen the whole thing and it had been her who made the noise in the bushes. She promised to keep his secret. Shawn said that he had wanted to confess earlier, but knowing how stressed and upset his mom was, and then his grandfather had a heart attack, he didn't confess. He said he wanted to go to the police now and confess, but one thing was bothering him. He couldn't understand what had happened to the gun. He said he had dropped the gun on the patio, but the police never found it. He said he wanted to go and tell his family and Belle about what had happened. Cassie said that he shouldn't tell Belle and fed him a line about if he told Belle that she would try to protect him and put herself in danger. She tried to convince Shawn that she, Cassie, knew the whole story and that he could talk to her about it when he needed to. Then Rex showed up and told Shawn that Belle was waiting for him and was worried about him. Shawn said he had to go and left ... much to the chagrin of Cassie. After Shawn had left, Rex got upset with Cassie for trying to break up Shawn and Belle. Cassie insisted that she was destined to be with Shawn and walked off in a huff.

Back at the dorm, Belle was putting on her coat to go and look for Shawn and when she opened the door to leave - Shawn was there. She hugged him and told him how worried she had been. He took hold of her hand and she asked him what was wrong. He said that the problem was with him - that HE was what was wrong. She tried to get him to explain, but he wouldn't. He finally told her that he was letting her go ... that he was going to give her time while he sorted everything out. Belle asked if he was breaking up with her and he said yes.

There was a replay of the accident where Tony had pushed Brady out of the way of an on-coming car. Chloe rushed to Brady's side, where John (after he had called 911) was working to revive him. John totally ignored Tony. Chloe was crying and asking John why Brady wouldn't wake up. Finally, John turned to Tony and asked if he was hurt. Tony said that he couldn't feel his legs. In the distance we heard the approaching sirens. Later, at the hospital, Craig told an anxious Chloe and John that Brady only had a concussion and that he would be fine. Chloe and John then went in to see Brady. Craig went in to Tony's room to discuss Tony's X-rays with the technician. Tony demanded that they tell him what they were talking about, considering it was about him! Craig told Tony that he had a spinal cord injury and needed surgery. Tony told him the sooner he did the surgery, the sooner he could walk again. Craig gave Tony the news that it was a risky situation and there were no guarantees that the surgery would work. He may be paralyzed for life. Craig and the technician left Tony alone to think about his options. (Back in Brady's room, Brady was trying to explain to John why he had gone to meet Tony. He told him about downloading the files from Tony's server. Neither John nor Brady could understand why Tony had risked his life to save Brady.) Bart showed up in Tony's room and Tony grabbed him by the tie and pulled him down close so he could ream him out. You see, Bart was supposed to have set up the whole "accident" thing and nobody was supposed to get hurt. It was supposed to look like Tony selflessly saved Brady - after which John would be so grateful that he would get off Tony's back - giving Tony the opportunity to go after Marlena. At the end of his tirade at Bart, Tony made Bart a promise. If Tony was paralyzed for life, Bart would suffer for it, as well as John and Brady! After Bart's hasty exit, Tony asked for the consent form to sign for the surgery.

At the Brady residence, Hope insisted that she call Abe and tell him that she had killed Colin. Bo wouldn't let her call or confess to anyone. He said that she could never make him believe that she had killed anybody. Hope told him that sooner or later he would have to face it. He said he would go to his grave proving that she was innocent. Hope said that she was sure that she must have killed Colin and was blocking it all out. She worried that if she did shoot Colin, what if she did something to someone else. Bo told her there was no proof and for her to forget about it. The doorbell rang and it was Abe, wanting to talk to Bo about the case. Bo made an excuse for Hope to go upstairs and check on Zack, so she wouldn't say anything incriminating in front of Abe. Before she left, Abe told Bo that the DA was pressuring him to find a suspect. Hope got a guilty look on her face and went upstairs. Abe then told Bo that the DA was going on record that he believed a Brady was responsible for Colin's murder and that it was being covered up. Bo naturally insisted that NO Brady was involved and that he would prove it. Abe got a call on his cell phone and had to leave. Hope came back downstairs and told Bo that the letter Colin had written would lead the DA back to her. Bo vowed to find the real killer of Colin and put him away for life.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

by Joan

While on assignment at University Hospital, Jack informed Sami that Tony and Brady were hospitalized because of the hit & run. He was surprised by Sami's interest in Tony's condition, as were Marlena and Lexie. Marlena criticized her daughter's obsession over Tony and embarrassing lack of courtesy towards Lexie. Leaving the hospital to look in on Jennifer, who was unexpectedly ill, Jack found she didn't have the flu but something unidentified.

Before being released, Brady visited Tony to thank him for saving his life. Tony insisted his intentions were to make an investment in Basic Black - not a hostile takeover. John later warned his son not to believe this - but rather to be suspicious of Tony regarding Colin's murder. Despite Brady's understanding and encouragement about the spinal injury, Tony was not only fatalistic but quietly promised that Brady would pay for it "with interest."

Reading the bad news on Lexie's face as she reviewed his chart, Tony reminded her that his paralysis meant she was the only one to carry on the DiMera legacy. Although he was delighted to see Cassie & Rex, Tony was dismayed to learn of Marlena's refusal to act as their mother. He swore on his father's ashes that all the Twins' needs would be met.

Shawn listened nervously as Tony advised medical personnel that his hematologist, Colin Murphy, had been murdered. Further investigation revealed that only Cassie had Tony's extremely rare O.h. Bombay Phenotype blood. Thus, the speculation began that Tony might be the Twins' father. Sami's good wishes for Tony brought anger from Lexie who'd heard Sami admit accusing him of Colin's murder to the police. But Lexie left Sami quietly thinking to herself: I'll protect you, Brandon - no one will ever know that you killed Colin."

Overhearing John discuss the possibilities of Lexie having the same blood as Tony - Sami panicked realizing Lexie would discover the paternity results switch if she checked. Marlena was asked to tell Cassie about her blood type. Although she was needle-phobic, Cassie requested that Marlena draw the rare blood to donate to Tony.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Hope still thinks she killed Colin and is determined to confess to the police, but Bo is just as convinced that she didn't do it and wants to find out who did. Meanwhile, Shawn and Cassie discuss the fact that she saw him shoot Colin, but she reassures him that the secret is safe, using the leverage to get closer to Shawn. Rex is clueless to what's going on, but accuses Cassie of trying to come between Belle and Shawn. Cassie taunts Rex that Belle could be his half-sister if Tony is there father, therefore making it impossible for any chance of a romance with her. Rex retorts that he doesn't plan on pursuing anything with Belle because she and Shawn will end up together no matter what. Lexie thanks Cassie for donating blood to Tony and talks about how wonderful it is to be a DiMera, making Cassie hope even more that she and Rex are true DiMeras. Later, Tony comes out of surgery and everyone is curious if it was successful. Shawn goes to Bo to confess that he killed Colin, but just can't bring himself to do it...

Marlena has printouts of her blood type and tells John it's possible that she could be the mother of Cassie and Rex. She doesn't want to be, but many clues are starting to add up that it is a distinct possibility. She fears what it could mean for her and John if it turns out that she shares children with Tony, or worse off, if Stefano is the father of the twins. John decides they need to go back to the DiMera island compound to search for the rest of the answers they so desperately seek...

Sami and Lexie continue to argue and Sami panics when Lexie searches her own medical file for answers about her blood type. Worried that Lexie will notice a discrepancy about the baby, she picks a fight with Lexie, which Brandon has to break up. He tells Sami to put the past behind them, but it's obvious that Brandon feels a connection to Lexie's baby...

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Belle, still upset from Shawn's announcement of a breakup, visits Marlena to have a mother-daughter talk. Marlena tells her that she should give Shawn the space he needs and once his problems are solved he will come back to her. She told Belle that she needs to protect herself, not get involved in Shawn's problems because she wouldn't be any help to either of them if she does. Hope knocks on the door and Belle excuses herself. She walks out into the hallway to find Shawn. Belle tells him she can't do this. Shawn apologizes and Belle tells him she doesn't want an apology, she wants him. She wants him to open up and talk to her, he tells her he can't and she walks away. Shawn sees Rex and asks him to watch out for Belle, to make her forget him. Rex doesn't want to do it. He knows how much Belle and Shawn care for each other. Cassie sees Belle getting coffee and rambles about Tony being her father, not noticing that Belle isn't paying attention. Cassie asks her why she isn't happy for her and Rex, Belle turns with tears in her eyes and says she has other things to think about. Rex shows up and tells Belle he knows, she goes into his waiting arms as Shawn comes around the corner. Cassie goes to him, rubbing her hands on his arm and asked what was wrong. Shawn tells her that him and Belle broke up and he asked Rex to take care of her, Cassie tells him that Rex will take care of Belle and she will take care of him. Belle decides she needs to talk and asks Rex to go to the dorm with her. Shawn goes to find his mom and tells Cassie he is going somewhere he knows he can find answers. She follows him.

Tony is in his hospital room after surgery, the twins and Lexie are visiting. Cassie tells him that he is their father, she feels it. Lexie denies the parentage stating it could be a big coincidence that Tony and Cassie share the same blood type. Cassie is firm on her gut feelings about who her father is and so is Tony. Rex isn't feeling the same way. John interrupts the bonding and the twins leave. John accuses Tony of knowing what was going on and asked him if he knew who the twins' mother is. John thinks it's very eerie that Tony has his brother, his just the mother and his little family will be complete. Tony denies everything and says he doesn't want Marlena now. John tells Marlena that he wants to return to the DiMera Island to find out who the twins' mother is and tells Marlena about Tony being their father.

Nicole is having a hard time with her new role as Victor's wife and with Colin's death. She drinks herself drunk, and then decides she is going out and leaves, but flashbacks to her wedding night and losing her veil. Bo visits Victor wanting to talk to his staff again. Victor wants to know whom and why considering Abe and the police have already talked to them twice. Bo wants to speak with the limo driver; Victor does reveal that the driver initially kept information from the police. The driver said that Hope looked very distraught and pale when he took her home. He mentioned that she didn't look him in the eyes and when he came to her house she opened the door and ran inside, not shutting the door or thanking him for driving her. Bo seems concerned and wants to know more. Victor gets a phone call and goes inside. Bo tries to call Hope at home, with no answer tries Shawn's cell phone. When Shawn tells him she is with Marlena he panics and goes to find her, hoping she didn't tell Marlena that she might have killed Colin.

Hope asks Shawn to take her to the hospital; she is continuing to hear Larry. But won't tell Shawn what he is saying to her. Hope goes to talk with Marlena, begging for help. She tells Marlena she is scared of who she is, what she did and what she has become. Hope tells Marlena that she loses time when she has the memories; she has blackouts and is afraid she might have done horrible things, worse than Princess Gina, during this loss of time. She doesn't want to hurt her family, she wants to be with them and be happy. Hope tells Marlena that she saw Larry numerous times the night of the murder, even at Victor's. She explains she tried to forget about Larry and saw Jennifer upset. They went outside and Hope only remembers asking Victor's driver to take her home. She is afraid something happened in that time. Just as it seems that Hope is going to tell Marlena, Bo comes in and tells her not to say anything. Marlena leaves to find Belle and Bo/Hope talk privately in her office. Before she leaves, Marlena prescribes Hope meds to ease her anxiety. Bo jumps on Hope asking if she told Marlena about the shooting, Hope says she can trust Marlena; there is the doctor/patient confidentiality. Bo denies it saying it can be broken and don't trust anyone. Bo tells Hope that he will prove she didn't kill Colin. Shawn goes to get his mom and overhears their conversation, but only hears his father vowing to "get the bastard who killed Colin." Shawn panics.

Friday, January 31, 2003

by Joan

In an effort to frame Nicole, Sami was urging Jack to find incriminating evidence against her. When Brandon walked in on the conversation she lied to avoid his questions. But Brandon was unable to avoid Bo who arrived at the apartment with questions about Nicole's involvement with Colin.

A fellow drinker was labeling Nicole the 'Black Widow Bride' when Jack followed her there. Her warning that he might end up the same as Colin didn't keep Jack from asking about the photos of Colin kissing her in Salem Place.

Followed by Cassie, Shawn found solace and answers when visiting Tom Horton's grave. While Belle was looking to Rex for support, she received an offer to attend a Design Program in Paris and told Shawn that she would leave in two weeks to accept it.

Sami caught up with Nicole in Brandon's apartment, and was forced to admit to him that she was trying to pin the murder on his sister. But Brandon was stunned that Sami's motive was to cover for his committing the murder himself.

Jennifer's effort to tell Jack she didn't have the flu was interrupted by a call from Bo asking she stay with Hope. Arriving at the Brady's, Jen fainted at the sight of a bloodied rag planted outside the house by Larry Welch. Later, as Jack confided his hatred of Colin to Alice Horton, Jennifer was confiding her own fears of being pregnant with Colin's child to Hope. As Hope consoled her, she accidentally admitted killing Colin. Meanwhile, Bo was outside, finding the incriminating bloodied rag.

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