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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, March 31, 2003

Jack is at Echelon, an upscale gentlemen's club, looking for Maria; he's surprised to see Tony DiMera there, as well as Lucas. Tony is checking out the club and Lucas learns that he is the new owner. Later, Tony is privately impressed as he witnesses Lucas saving a hostess from a rowdy patron; the hostess takes Lucas to a back room to thank him properly. Jack sees Maria is one of the exotic hostesses and tries to subtly pump her for information, but she recognizes him from the Blue Note and has his thrown out. Later, the bouncer discovers Jack still loitering and knocks him out cold...

Belle and Shawn watch as Cassie angrily packs her things, anxious for her to get out so they can be alone. When Shawn goes with Cassie to get her luggage, Belle calls her dad and he realizes that Belle and Shawn are going to have sex. John isn't thrilled, but realizes there isn't much he can do to stop it. Belle assures him they will be safe and that they're ready for this next step in their relationship. Belle and Shawn are shocked when Cassie says she's going to a party tonight with Chaz; they let her go and things start to heat up as Belle and Shawn begin to make love...

Brady is with Chloe when she has a terrifying dream that her sister is missing. Unable to calm her, he brings Nancy and Joy to the window so Chloe can relax. Brady lets Nancy visit with Chloe while he goes to see John. Meanwhile, Bo asks John to run a background check on Carson Palmer and reveals that he knows John is ISA. Brady comes in and they all decide to watch a ball game to avoid discussing their various issues. Jack calls Bo, who leaves the penthouse to tail Maria. When he gets to the club, he calls John and informs him that Tony is at Echelon. Brady returns to Chloe, finding her in much better spirits, while John heads out to see what Tony is up to. As Bo waits in his truck to follow Maria, she raps on his window, gets in, and opens her coat, revealing her naked body. John goes to the club and has a minor confrontation with Tony; they're about to come to blows when John gets a call from Cassie, saying she's just been arrested...

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

by Joan

Shawn & Belle's romantic evening was short-lived - first when Belle became sensitive to Shawn's teasing. But when she learned he hadn't told her about an all-night party in his hotel room when away, she threw him out.

Tony accused John of having his own dirty little secrets when John refused to discuss a phone call. Afraid to tell Marlena and Tony, Cassie had called John when she was brought in to the Salem P.D. for vandalism and intoxication. A police officer placed a call tipping someone off that John had arrived. Although Abe was about to release Cassie in John's custody, D.A. Carson Palmer arrived to claim favoritism was being shown. But John threatened that Palmer would regret it if he interfered.

At the Club Echelon, Bo made two unsuccessful attempts to get info on Maria's drug background and connection to the D.A. Later, he compared notes with Jack & Jen outside the Club, telling them he was doing a background check on Palmer. Back at the Salem P.D., Abe had just found that Bo had been in his file drawer.

Having followed John to the P.D., Tony scolded Cassie, disappointed that she called John instead of him. But he brought her to tears when he refused to tolerate behavior that would drag his family name through the mud. When he offered to bring her back to the dorm, Cassie was forced to tell him she had been suspended. Tony's temper - and John's understanding, caused Cassie to refuse to go home with Tony, saying she wanted to be with her mother. Tony accused John of driving a wedge between Cassie and him. But Abe's decision to let Cassie leave with John left Tony frustrated and angry.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Jack and Jennifer learn about Bill's gift to Jack-a television show sponsored by Oliver Wentworth. The new director, Oliver and Vern are excited about the new show, Jack and Jen are apprehensive. It is revealed to them it may be a reality show, still uneasy, they give in to the pressure.

Abe rakes Bo across the coals when he discovers that Bo broke into his filing cabinet and stole all the files concerning the recent victim of gang violence. Abe threatens to throw Bo off the case and if warranted off the force. Big bro Roman comes into the PD with Kate, and hears Abe yelling, he asks Hope, who came to the PD with Bo, what was going on. She isn't sure, Roman steps into Abe's office and eventually convinces Abe that Bo shouldn't be off the case. He tells Abe that he will partner with Bo on the gang case. Abe reluctantly agrees, but tells Bo that one mistake and he is gone.

Nicole stops Bo at the Brady Pub and questions Victor's conversation she heard, but before she can explain Victor interrupts and tells Bo his lovely wife misunderstood his motives and was working with his former cohorts for Bo's benefit. Hope drags Victor away to talk about Zack; Bo tells Nicole that he and Victor don't come from the same moral mold, they don't question each other's actions and to not try to side them against each other. Hope and Bo leave for the PD. Alone, Victor re-informs Nicole that she has no power; she is there only for his amusement.

The Wesleys and Brady spend an emotional remaining minutes with Chloe before her transplant begins. Chloe is very nervous and expresses her anxiety to her family. They reassure her that everything will be fine. She asks Craig for a favor, if she doesn't make it, don't tell her baby sister that she was the only hope Chloe had, Chloe doesn't want her sister to feel any guilt. Brady is with her as the doctor comes in at 'zero hour', he tells her he loves her and joins Craig, Nancy, and Joy in the hallway. Brady holds Joy as he gazes at Chloe through the door; she looks back as the I.V. is hooked up.

Wednesday, April 3, 2003

Shawn runs into John at the Brady Pub and they talk. John reveals to Shawn that he knows about their special night. Shawn is amazed that Belle told her father what they were going to do John lets him know that he is very close to his daughter and maybe she wasn't ready and Shawn should push her. Shawn tells him that they had a fight and reminds John and he and Belle love each other, plus he is not some random guy wanting to get his daughter into bed. Before leaving he tells John that whether he likes it or not, he is NOT giving up on Belle, ever. Shawn heads to the dorms looking for Belle, he doesn't find her but finds Mimi and Rex kissing in her room. He asks Mimi if Belle picked a fight with him because she didn't want to have sex. Mimi tells him that she isn't an expert in that area, but it doesn't sound like Belle at all. Realizing he isn't getting any help with the duo, Shawn heads to class and runs into Belle. They gaze at each other and Shawn says they need to talk; Belle looks as if she is going to say something, but she walks passed him and goes into her dorm room.

Sami finds a young doctor, George, to take the place for Brandon as Lamaze coach to an unwed, single mother. Lexie overhears and agrees, for once with Sami. Brandon drags Sami out to the terrace and tells her that she is being selfish and he is going to be the coach. When they come back inside, the girl and George have discovered they like the same things and bonded. They break the news to Brandon that George will be the new coach. Brandon seems upset, Lexie tells him that now they won't see him in Lamaze class. Brandon and Sami head to the Brady Pub where they get into a fight, Brandon asks if she can just focus on herself, not get into everyone else's problems. She gets mad and runs off. Lexie sees Sami running and goes inside to ask Brandon what happened. He tells her it isn't Sami, its him. Lexie tells Brandon to not keep secrets, they can ruin relationships. He heads home to find all his belongings in the hall and the door is safety locked, Sami is inside crying refusing to let him in.

Belle tells Mimi that nothing happened between her and Shawn, it was the worst night of her life. Mimi thinks it was Shawn's performance, but Belle explains what happened. She asks Mimi for advice, and she also discovers that she needs to talk to someone else and heads home to Marlena. Cassie was brought home the night before after John bailed her out of jail. Tony arrived to take her home; Cassie doesn't want to go and runs up to Belle's room. Marlena tries to give Tony advice on dealing with young adults as Belle comes in the door. She seems upset to see Tony with her mom, she gets really mad when she discovers Cassie on her bed going through her CDs. Belle demands to know what Cassie is doing with her things. Cassie explains the situation and asks how the dorm room is now she is gone. Cassie wonders out loud that now Belle and Shawn will have a lot of time alone, Belle tells her they had a fight. Cassie grabs a picture of Belle and Shawn and says she would find more things to do than fight if he was her boyfriend. She asks Belle if Shawn was now back on the market, Belle gets mad and tries to grab the picture. Cassie pulls away, the girls fall on the bed and begin to fight. Tony and Marlena hear them from downstairs and run in to find them on the floor. Tony grabs Cassie and pulls her off Belle. He leads Cassie downstairs as Belle slams the door screaming she hates her. Marlena is confused, Belle doesn't act like this, slamming doors and fighting. Mother and daughter go downstairs as Tony and Cassie prepare to leave. Marlena tells Cassie she is welcome anytime and hugs her. Cassie gives a smirk to Belle and tells Marlena she wants to talk everyday. When they leave, Marlena gives Belle her full attention, but Belle is mad and doesn't want to talk to her mother. She heads out the door and runs into John, who she yells at. John drags her back inside and wants to know what is going on. Belle tells them she is sick of Cassie and her attitude. Marlena wonders why Belle didn't try to stop Cassie from drinking, Belle blows up claiming she isn't her watchdog/babysitter.

Friday, April 4, 2003

by Joan

Finding himself locked out of the apartment, Brandon tricked a tearful Sami to let him in and discuss her feelings. Although Brandon convinced Sami of his love, she admitted she couldn't stop feeling insecure about Lexie. Brandon told her he knew he was connected to Lexie's baby. Thinking he knew the truth, she panicked - only to learn that his connection was an "emotional" one. More desperate than ever, Sami called Eugenia at University Hospital to make sure Lexie would never be told the truth.

Brady was summoned to the Kiriakis Mansion by his grandfather while Chloe was undergoing her marrow transplant. Complimenting Brady on his achievements at Basic Black, Victor extended an offer to join Titan, grooming him to take over the company. Brady agreed to consider the offer providing it was legitimate business. A jealous Nicole was eavesdropping outside and saw Brady off requesting he turn down the offer. As the two traded insults, Nicole claimed she had built Titan into the company it is, while Brady reminded her that Titan belonged to Victor.

Preparing for a stakeout at the Salem P.D., Roman was seen off by a concerned Kate. Kate confided later to Hope that she was surprised by her own feelings for Roman but had a hard time admitting it to him. Deciding on the name "Bracelets" for Kate's "handle", the two contacted Bo & Roman on Hope's Police Band radio. Kate suddenly blurted to Roman that she loved him - not realizing it was an open line and being listened to at the Salem P.D. But when a surprised Roman realized it, he responded brusquely and signed off. Thinking she had done the wrong thing, Kate said it was over. Meanwhile, Roman jumped out of the car to cover Bo at the stakeout.

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