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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, April 7, 2003

Bo attempts to make an illegal entry into Vin's empty house as Roman tries to stop him. He sees that Bo is undeterred and decides to help; they break in and find hard evidence that it is a drug house. Vin returns and Bo and Roman narrowly escape without being caught. Abe calls them on the radio and Bo is forced to cover about where they've been. Bo's anxious to make the bust, but Abe orders them to wait for back up.

Jack and Jennifer covertly listen as Carson storms into the police station, demanding to know what Roman and Bo are up to. Abe reads Palmer the riot act and Palmer leaves, but not before telling a cop to call him with updates. Jennifer and Jack follow Palmer to his office, where Jack reveals he has planted a bug. They listen as the DA talks to Maria and hear him throw Maria out of his office. Jennifer decides to follow and leaves Jack to track Palmer. Maria realizes she's being tailed; she knocks Jennifer out, ties her up, and puts her in the trunk of the car. She goes to see Vin and tips him off that Bo and Roman are casing the place. Later, Palmer tells Vin that the guys are cops and Vin decides to surprise them. Meanwhile, Jack starts to worry when he can't reach Jennifer on her cell phone and wonders if she is in danger. Bo's patience is wearing thin as Roman cautions him to wait for reinforcement. Bo refuses and starts to storm in, unaware they're about to be ambushed...

Shawn tries to make up with Belle, but she keeps her guard up, claiming that they are just too different. She cites the lack of trust between them and thinks Shawn is too much of a party animal. Shawn finally snaps that if she doesn't want to be with him, there are plenty of girls on campus that do. Meanwhile, Rex and Mimi have an argument when Cassie pressures her brother to move back into the mansion with her. Mimi tries to get a look at a mysterious project Rex is working on and he barks at her to mind her own business, prompting his decision to move back into the DiMera Mansion. Later, Belle, Cassie, and Mimi all meet up, frustrated off their guy problems. When they hear about auditions for a new reality TV dating show, they all decide to try out...

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

by Joan

Helplessly in the middle of bickering between Belle and Cassie, Mimi was delighted to be chosen for a reality dating show. A representative from "Love is Blind" was intrigued by the two sisters' catfight arguing thinking it would make good entertainment.

Outside Chloe's room, Brady encouraged her recovery by phone and told her about Victor's offer to join Titan. The discussion prompted Brady to accept the offer. He found Victor meeting with Tony at The Echelon Club. Victor had suggested that Tony run the Club as Victor had done to assure loyalty from its workers. But, as the new owner, Tony had his own plans to run the Club his way and told Victor so. Brady insisted that Victor swear the business at Titan was legitimate - and the two shook hands on the deal.

Against Abe's orders, Bo decided to stop a drug runner himself without waiting for back-up. Roman was hit during the gunfire - but fortunately only winded thanks to his bulletproof vest. As police back-up arrived, the drug runner was apprehended along with Chaz, Cassie's friend.

Regaining consciousness inside a car trunk, Jennifer desperately broke free of her hand restraints. Finding her cell phone, she left a message for Jack and then reached Hope who said she was coming before calling for help. Meanwhile, Jack was outside D.A. Palmer's office looking for some evidence of Jen. When Jack caught sight of Palmer shredding documents he placed a phony call to distract the D.A. away from the shredder. But while Jack was in the office, Palmer was already catching on to the phony call.

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Due to coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was pre-empted by war coverage. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow -- barring additional pre-emptions -- where Tuesday's show concluded.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Rex and Cassie move back into the DiMera mansion. Tony is thrilled; Rex sites peace and quiet as a reason for moving back in. Cassie and Tony are curious about his project, but Rex gets defensive. Cassie tells Tony about the dating show, unfortunately Tony's response isn't what she wanted to hear. He forbids her to be on the show calling it a form lower than prostitution and sleazy. Cassie wants to be on it because she could become famous and if he doesn't let her she will hate him forever. Tony tells her that parenting isn't a popularity contest and she is a DiMera, all the fame she needs. Cassie swears Rex to secrecy after she plans to continue with the reality TV show. Rex's secret project forges on.

Roman brings Chaz into the police department and questions him about the drugs and Vin. Chaz pleads innocence claiming he doesn't know Vin and was at the house only for a party. The cops don't buy it and send him to booking. Bo returns from a car chase with Vin and sees Chaz. He roughs him up a bit wanting to know about his boss. Chaz again pleads not guilty; he doesn't know what is going on. Abe pulls Bo away telling him to watch it because Palmer and the commissioner are watching his every move. Abe gets called out to Echelon and takes two plain clothes officers with him; just before they arrive Vin goes to the club for hiding. Cole Waters, the manager, helps him hide as the bouncer, Arnie, calls Tony with the news. Tony instructs him to find out what is going on and if Vin leaves to trail him. Abe requests to search the place, but Waters wants a warrant. After a little prodding Waters agrees and escorts the officers throughout the search, finding nothing, of course, the officers leave.

Hope races to Jen's aid and finds the car empty with a bloody piece of clothing, she panics until Jen comes out of hiding. The ladies hear Maria and a companion coming, so they hide behind tires. Maria is mad that Jen got away and orders her male friend to find them. Luck was on their side because Hope and Jen make a noise and are discovered. The guy grabs Hope and holds a gun to her head; Maria forces Jen to the ground and prepares to hit her with a tire iron. Hope gets gutsy and elbows the man; Jen takes that opportunity to attack Maria. A fight ensues, Jack arrives and jumps on the man, his gun slides away and Hope grabs it. The cops arrive soon after and Jennifer maneuvers Maria into the trunk of her own car. Roman commends the ladies and Jack on a job well done. Bo arrives to make sure Hope is okay. Roman escorts Maria and her friend away, Jack and Jennifer head out to Vin's house, and Bo, promising to be careful, goes to look for Vin.

Jack sneaks into Palmer's office and discovers him shredding documents. He manages to snag a few important pieces before Palmer leaves. Jack corners the DA to find out what happened to Jennifer; Palmer denies knowing anything and threatens Jack with harassment if he doesn't go away. Jack gets a message from Jen and goes to find her.

Kate is still upset over Roman's non-reaction to her declaration of love, she heads to the police department to talk to him. Call it bad timing, she hears the other cops messing with Roman about the radio love fest and Roman defending himself calling it a joke. When Roman calls her later to talk, Kate hangs up the phone.

Friday, April 11, 2003

by Joan

Behind locked doors at the DiMera Mansion, Rex was looking over a box of items for his experiment when Shawn came unexpectedly. Shawn left for Dot.Com once he learned about Belle's appearance on the dating show. Instructing Eliana not to send anyone in unannounced, Rex continued to work with a computer chipboard and a timer set in a metal box.

Strained feelings between Cassie and Belle increased when Shawn arrived during the taping of "Love is Blind" at Dot.Com. Intrigued by their reactions, the producers let him stay. While Shawn said he loved her, Belle offered to forfeit the show if he was the mystery date, thinking he was afraid of competition.

At University Hospital Lucas humiliated Sami as she served coffee during a Board Meeting. Trying hard not to jeopardize funds for Brandon's department, Sami was furious at being played by Lucas's threats, when she learned the funds had already been allocated before the meeting.

Recognizing gear left outside Marlena's office, John interrupted a session with Ops (posing as "Mr. Smith"). Privately, Ops told John he was checking on Marlena's knowledge of John's activity in the ISA. Marlena later said she knew about John's ISA affiliation, assuring him she wouldn't interfere or compromise his security. But when John said he planned to use ISA connections to go after Tony, Marlena said she would deal with it when the time comes.

By the end of taping at Dot.Com, Shawn was entertained by the girls still fighting - oblivious they were being filmed. But when another co-ed approached Shawn, Belle told Mimi she wanted Shawn, wondering why she kept pushing him away.

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