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Monday, May 5, 2003

The party continues at the DiMera Mansion as Cassie experiences the embarrassing fallout of being the first one voted off "Love is Blind." Shawn is not happy that Belle has advanced with Mimi to the second date and presses her to find out if she goes on the final dinner date with the hunk. As they talk, Vin gives Chaz a white powder to slip into Shawn's drink. Chaz pours it into Shawn's drink and Vin eagerly watches in the background. Just as Shawn is about to take a sip from the contaminated soda, he spots Vin and goes to confront him. He notices Vin's fascination with his cup; Belle is about to take a sip from Shawn's cup when he realizes that something is wrong with the drink and knocks the cup out of her hand. Vin takes off and Shawn grabs Chaz by the collar, demanding to know what was in the drink. Chaz claims ignorance, so Shawn calls Bo to get the police out there to investigate...

Cassie uses Chaz to boost her self-esteem and takes him upstairs to her room. They gear up to have sex, but she backs down once she feels better about herself. Meanwhile, Rex is smitten with Mimi after seeing her on TV. Things heat up when they are alone, but Mimi stops because she thinks Rex is more into her only because she was on TV. Rex insists that he really likes her and they begin to make out some more...

Bo and Hope visit Lexie at the hospital and they see Bo's outburst against the Salem PD on TV. Abe is not happy and Bo/Hope head back home to find reporters there. Bo goes ballistic and bashes the justice system again; Hope gets Bo inside before he says too much. Alone, Bo is fuming and thinks Vin will carry through with his threat of revenge against Bo. Hope supports Bo and promises to back him up in any way she can...

Sami returns to the hospital, dismayed to see Eugenia about to confide in Brandon. Later, Sami gets Eugenia alone and warns her to keep mum. Brandon visits Abe and Lexie and they play a "truth" game to keep Lexie calm. Sami enters, aghast to hear Brandon accusing Lexie of lying to Abe, but Lexie assures they're just playing a game. Eugenia moves in and Sami worries again that she might spill the beans...

Lucas enjoys getting to know Denise better, but they're interrupted by a call from Sami. Denise listens intently and she leaves Lucas after he hangs up because she realizes there is too much unfinished business between Lucas and Sami. Lucas denies it, saying he hates Sami, but Denise points out that the line is thin between love and hate. Lucas, frustrated, goes to the upscale condo for some female companionship...

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

by Joan

At Salem Airport, Kate watched Roman's name on her cell phone ID but wouldn't answer his messages. At Kate's request, John refused to tell Roman that she was on her way to Rome. A quick call from Kate to Lucas left her son curious about her hasty and unexplained departure. Recalling memories of Roman, she was tempted to call him before boarding.

Marlena was expressing concern to John about the example Tony was setting for the Twins when Belle called about the disturbance at the party. Leaving neighboring rooms at The Echelon, Tony and Lucas ran into each other but Tony left immediately when Marlena called to advise him about the party.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chaz denied any connection to Vin Ramsel's plan to spike Shawn's drink. When Bo & Hope arrived, Bo quickly put together Ramsel's scheme, threatening Chaz with additional charges if he ran. Upon his arrival, Tony was disturbed to learn that Belle had almost drunk what was later identified as cocaine and arsenic. He scolded Cassie about an unknown boyfriend and for serving liquor, until she tearfully admitted not wanting anything to happen to her sister. At that, Belle sent Marlena to help Cassie.

But at the Salem PD, where everyone gathered to give statements, Cassie and Belle were not on good terms. As Marlena reached out to Cassie - understanding her need to fit in - Belle watched with resentment. Belle told Hope everyone felt too guilty to give Cassie the tough love she really needs. As John and Tony traded accusations of blame, Tony's resentment grew when John also reached out to Cassie. Playing a cunning game, Cassie used tears to win Tony's sympathy, and then moved back to John's side.

Sami was home alone when an unknown sound frightened her. Finding Lucas in the hall, she asked him to discover the source. Although it was only wind chimes on the fire escape, Lucas infuriated Sami by pretending to be in trouble. The two exchanged words about the past - with Lucas reminding her that he had saved her from death row but had heard Sami wish him dead when he was in a coma. Asking if they really still wished one another were dead, in a serious moment, they each simply admitted that Will loved them. A silent glance exchanged was interrupted when Sami finally sent Lucas home without thanking him for his help.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Brandon proposes to Sami! It's official, candlelight, romance, ring and all. Brandon invites Sami to Tuscany for a private, intimate brunch where he pops the question to a very happy and crying Samantha Brady. Of course she says yes and the newly engaged couple hug.

Brandon asked Lexie to stop by the apartment to talk to him. She arrives to find Eugenia at his door. Lexie questions Eugenia about her agenda and she tells her that she needed to talk to Sami about something that she isn't going to like. Eugenia reveals to Lexie that it concerns her and the paternity test. Lexie bristles and tells Eugenia to forget it ever happened, she never should have had that test. Brandon arrives and wonders about their conversation. Lexie explains that Eugenia wanted to speak with Sami and nothing more. When Eugenia tries to tell Brandon, Lexie intervenes and tells her to talk to Sami at work.

Sami has an early breakfast with Belle at the Brady Pub. She asks Belle about the dating show, but Belle won't budge. Sami asks if she is sleeping with Shawn yet, Belle refuses to discuss her sex life. Sami briefly delves into hers telling Belle that it is wonderful and she is just glowing. Belle immediately stops her, way too much information. Sami offers to pay for the food while Belle calls Shawn; he is at the pier so she goes to meet him there.

Shawn and another baseball player are leaving practice and heading back to the dorms, via the pier. The guy is excited because he is getting married in a couple of weeks. His fiancée, Shannon, is friends with Belle and told her that she has a purity ring. Shawn assumes the guy is happy about getting married because they will be able to sleep together. The player tells Shawn that he loves Shannon very much and the waiting is hard, but is worth it. He wants Shannon's first time to be with no regrets; he knows that she is the one for him and that is what keeps him going. He walks back to the dorms leaving Shawn alone until Belle arrives. When Belle walks up, she heads to Shawn's open arms. Grateful for him, especially after the previous night, he promises her that Vin Ramsel will not hurt her again. Belle tells him she has something for him. She places two rings in her hand; they are purity rings one for her and one for Shawn. Belle thanks him for being so understanding and patient with her. She is glad that he respects her and she loves him for it. The rings symbolize their love for each other and the promise to wait until marriage to have sex. It is three rings in one: the love of God, the love for herself, and the love for her future husband. Belle starts to put her ring on but Shawn stops her, he takes her ring and gives her his ring. He places the ring on her left ring finger telling her that he hopes to replace it someday with a wedding ring. He loves and respects her and because of that, can wait until their wedding night. Belle places his ring on his finger and they kiss. She gets frustrated because she has to go to class, due to the show; she has missed a lot of study time. The end of the show can't come to soon for Shawn. He is just glad that now everyone will know that she isn't on the dating market. Belle reassures him that it is just one date, if she wins, she doesn't have to go out with him anymore. Shawn just feels protective, not jealous, with her and doesn't want anyone to ever hurt her.

In The House goes wedding this episode. Jack and Jennifer give advice on cakes, dresses, and party favors. Audrey Simms, the wedding planner, joins them to explain invitations and reception locations. Maggie and Jennifer model two varieties of wedding gowns. Roman busts into the house requesting the use of their airwaves. The producer wants to know who he is, once Jennifer introduces him, they give Roman permission to use their cameras. He hopes that Kate is watching the program. In front of God, community and many more people, he wants to express his affection for her. "Kate Roberts, I love you. I am going to stay right here until you come to me so I can tell you to your face." Roman sits at the table with Jack, Jen, and Audrey patiently waiting for Kate to arrive. The show starts to end and no Kate. Jennifer tries to reassure Roman that maybe Kate didn't see the show. Just as they begin the final wrap up, in walks Kate who cries into Roman's arms as they kiss. Cast and crew applaud joyously.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Lucas and Will learn about Sami's engagement. Lucas is appalled and is confident that Sami has duped Brandon into marrying her; he thinks it will never happen. Will is happy; he hopes both his parents get married this summer. Brandon takes Will to a friend's apartment while Sami and Lucas continue to bicker. Brandon returns to find Sami very mad, he tries to calm her down, but slips about Lexie's baby shower, Sami demands to know how he found out and he tells her he heard it from Eugenia. His pager goes off so he leaves. Sami heads to Tuscany.

Lexie is surprised with a baby shower at Tuscany and is greeted by Hope, Jen, Maggie, Marlena and Eugenia. Sami interrupts, but Marlena thinks she should leave. She spots Eugenia and heads over to her but trips and falls first. Sami asks Eugenia why she is there and Eugenia says she is invite and she likes Lexie. Sami warns her, again, to be quiet. Marlena tells Sami to leave because she wasn't invited, however, Lexie tells her to stay. Sami announces that she just got engaged, as always, wanting to be the center of attention. Hope, Jen and Marlena notice her tactics and call her down to their end of the table. Marlena eventually takes Sami to another section and talks to her about Brandon. The other ladies discuss Sami and her crazy ways. Hope and Jen really want Sami to be happy and hope that it works with Brandon. They just hope that Jen and Jack get married before Sami and Brandon. Lexie promises them that Jen will definitely be married first, because Sami will never get Brandon down the aisle.

Shawn gets a call from Mickey that his new assignment is ready. He explains to Belle about the waitress at Tuscany and that Mickey is trying to no avail to get a deposition from her. Shawn thinks that he is going alone, but Belle tells him that she is going with him. Once they get to Tuscany, Maggie greets them and points Shawn to Annabeth. Belle wishes him luck and he goes to her. Annabeth immediately wants to know who Shawn is; but he doesn't tell her yet. Using the luck of the Irish, Shawn flirts with her until she agrees to do the deposition. Belle and Maggie congratulate him on a job well done. They go in and say goodbye to their moms and head over to the Brady Pub for the second episode of Love is Blind.

Roman and Kate are still floating on love as they enter the Pub. Everyone begins clapping for them when they walk in the door. Caroline and Shawn Sr. greet them and express their joy over Roman finding love. Shawn takes Roman away to look at a car, while Caroline and Kate talk. Caroline is happy to get to know Kate better, but Kate is worried that Caroline doesn't think she is good enough. But Caroline reassures her that she doesn't think that, Roman was hurt very deeply before and, like a mother, is concerned about him. Kate lets her know that she will never intentionally hurt Roman.

Friday, May 9, 2003

by Joan

At the Salem PD, Bo reached a breaking point over criminals set free because of corruption or rigid rules within the system. Despite Abe's efforts to change his mind, Bo handed in his resignation from the force.

At Hartley House, Shawn tried to warn Cassie about Chaz. In retaliation, she poked fun at his and Belle's choice of abstaining from sex while dating, and Belle caught Cassie coming on to Shawn. But at the Brady Pub, Shawn told Cassie - and later Chaz - that Chaz was not welcome in the Pub.

Rex was curious about his own personality and why he was so intellectually advanced. Before joining their friends to watch "Love is Blind", Mimi agreed to give Rex a sample of her blood for his DNA research experiment when he needed it.

At Tuscany, Kate met with Victor - upset that Philip's unit was being deployed without his saying goodbye. Victor assured her of his confidence in his son, and the two began criticizing one another's present choices in love. While Kate was insecure about Roman's reaction to her past as an escort, Victor advised her not to disclose it.

And after Alice left the Brady House, Bo confided to Hope that he had just quit his job - wondering how to plan for the future.

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