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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, May 12, 2003

The second episode of "Love is Blind" concludes and it's revealed that the mystery hunk chose Belle for his final dinner date. Sami is proud of her sister and urges her not to count the hunk out and to keep her options open. Guys immediately swarm to Belle and Mimi, while Cassie flirts with a guy named Christopher. Both Shawn and Rex are constantly pushed aside and are not very happy as eligible bachelors drool over Belle and Mimi. Belle and Shawn return to his room, where they kiss and snuggle with each other. Mimi, a little paranoid about being followed by any of her new fans, retreats to Belle's room and is happily surprised to find shirtless Rex cozy in bed, waiting for her. They make out and also end up snuggling. Back at the pub, Cassie gets Christopher worked up over her and then leaves him all hot and bothered...

Hope continues to reel from the shock that Bo quit his job as Bo locks himself in the garage, moving boxes in search of something. As he combs through some of the boxes, Roman drops in and tries to change Bo's mind about quitting the force. Meanwhile, Jennifer stops by and asks Hope to be her matron of honor in the wedding. Hope gladly accepts, happy she can be a part of Jack and Jennifer's wedding this time. She clues Jennifer in on Bo's decision to leave the police force. Later, Hope walks in as Bo finally finds what he's been looking for in the garage - his rusty, dusty motorcycle...

Tony meets Carl, the former manager of Echelon, at the Blue Note. Bart and Bruno stand guard to protect Tony as Lucas sits at the bar, cognizant of the activity around him. He realizes that Carl intends to kill Tony and plans to take some action. Carl claims he wants to be Tony's inside man to Victor's organization. Sami enters and sits at the bar; she throws some barbs at Lucas; as she goes on, Lucas sees Carl about to attempt the hit on Tony and foils the plan. However, Sami, intending to meet Brandon, is caught in the mix and Carl takes Sami hostage. Lucas tries to save Sami by making it sound like she's expendable, but Tony finally persuades Carl to give Sami up. Relieved for Tony's help and furious at Lucas' behavior, Sami gratefully accepts a ride home from Tony...

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

by Joan

Shawn and Rex started their day happily after spending an innocent night with their girls. But both were upset at the media attention - as well as competition - generated by "Love is Blind" towards Belle and Mimi. While the girls enjoyed the attention, Belle wrestled with her conscience - having a boyfriend but bound by a contract to date the Mystery Hunk. Mimi was delighted with newfound attention from local guys but was also trying not to upset Rex.

Obsessed with the capture of Vin Ramsel, Bo was tracking news on a police radio. He was grateful to have Hope's support in his decision to leave the Force. But Hope couldn't help trying to convince Bo that he should leave Ramsel to the Police. When he told Shawn about quitting his job, Bo felt he had the support of his son as well. But Shawn discussed his concerns about that and about Belle with his mom. Hope told him to trust his dad's decision, and that she was confident of Belle's love for Shawn.

Chloe was surprised by Brady with a picnic breakfast but she felt insecure that her illness was holding Brady back in the relationship.

At the Brady Pub Shawn watched as reporters kept pressing a nervous Belle with questions because of the ring she was wearing. But she later assured Shawn it one just one dinner. And as Mimi returned to Rex at the DiMera Mansion, he had just unlocked his DNA code.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The final date for Love is Blind is minutes from airing. Mimi, Rex, Cassie, Belle, and Shawn are at Tuscany preparing for the big show. Belle is fussing with her hair and reassuring Shawn that it will be over quick. They kiss alot before the show starts. Rex asks Mimi to help him again with this DNA experiment. He needs a sample of blood from another family member, Mimi suggests Belle. Rex thinks it is a good idea, but doesn't want Belle to know what is going on. He asks Mimi to get the blood sample from Belle without telling her, since the girls are best friends, he doesn't think it should be hard. Mimi feels uneasy about lying to Belle, however, can't resist Rex's charms. Cassie eyes a cute grip and flirts with him until show time. The director announces one minute to show and Gaby arranges Mimi and Cassie offstage for their remarks and sends Shawn to sit on the other side of the stage with Rex. Belle takes her seat at the table as the "hunk" is lead in, still blindfolded. Shawn is very upset and wants to talk to the guy to tell him that this date is fake. Gaby won't let him. The show begins and Belle must feed the hunk, she gives him a strawberry and a piece of cake. The icing gets all over her fingers and the hunk licks it off, Belle is very uneasy and keeps looking offstage to see Shawn's reaction. He is getting restless. Gaby announces to the audience that Belle and the hunk will get physical with their first kiss. Belle gives him a nice quick kiss on the lips, but the hunk grabs her for a longer one, Shawn can't control himself and jumps up yelling for the hunk to get off Belle, he pushes the guy to the floor. Everyone comes running and yelling demanding to know who Shawn is, the cameras continue to roll. The hunk tells Shawn to chill out and stands up. Shawn and Belle freeze and exchange looks, he wants to know how the hunk knew his name. Belle says "It can't be." The hunk takes off his blindfold and mask, Belle gets a shocked look and says "Philip?"

Abe stops by the Brady house to talk to Bo, but not about coming back to the force. He tells Bo that he knows where Vin Ramsel may be going..the Mexican border. Abe gives him information that Vin could possibly be in Oklahoma, his cell phone rings and he goes in the kitchen. Hope asks Bo what he is going to do, he tells her that he won't be apart of a system that lets murderers go free and retreats back to the garage. She comes out a few minutes later with Bo's helmet, jacket, and motorcycle pack. He asks what she is doing, she knows that he wants to go after Vin in Oklahoma. She tells him to be careful and to call her. Hope brings out Zack to say goodbye, the family kisses and Bo drives away. Abe comes out of the house after ending his phone call, he asks Hope if Bo has gone to find Vin, she tells him, he has gone to find himself.

Sami is very distraught waiting on Brandon to come home. He finally arrives and wants to know what happened to her. She tells him that she almost died because of Lucas. Brandon is shocked and confused, he wants to know the story. Sami tells her side, blaming Lucas but honoring Tony for saving her. Brandon heads over to Lucas' apartment to hear his side, Sami follows. Lucas is passed out on his couch, a glass on the floor and a half bottle of scotch on the table. He wakes up and continues his drinking. Brandon pounds on the door telling Lucas to open up. Lucas hides the bottle and glass then lets them inside. Immediately Sami starts badgering him about the previous night. Brandon calmly asks Lucas his side of the story. Lucas tells him that he was creating a diversion when he told the guy to shoot Sami, he wanted to give Tony and his men enough time to take the guy down. Sami, of course, thinks he is totally lying, but Brandon believes him. He thanks Lucas and escorts Sami out the door. Sami is furious that Brandon doesn't believe her, she tells him that Lucas tries to get any idiot to believe him. Brandon gets offended of her name calling and tells her that he will not be controlled by her and she cannot tell him what to think. Sami is taken aback and apologizes to Brandon. She is tired of talking about Lucas and wants to focus on the two of them and their engagement.

Marlena wants to watch Love is Blind and is convincing John to watch with her when the doorbell rings. She answers to reveal Tony on the other side. He has come to tell her that he has thought about what she's said and has sold/plans to sell Echelon. John agrees that Marlena is a good influence and encourages Tony to spend more time with her, maybe more "good" will rub off. Marlena is surprised at John's reaction, he tells her that he loves and trusts her and goes upstairs. Tony repeats again that he is really going to sell Echelon because of Marlena. She wants to know if this was before or after he tried to kill her husband. Tony still holds true that John was fine and in good health when he left him at the gym. Tony leaves and John returns. Marlena goes to the den to watch the reality show. John calls OPS to tell him the bug on Tony's limo works..he is heading to Echelon.

Lucas is waiting for Tony at Echelon. He is surprised to see Lucas already there, Lucas tells him that he is punctual. Tony has a proposition for Lucas, he wants him to run Echelon, to make it look like Tony no longer owns the club. Lucas seems intrigued and tells Tony he will definitely think about the offer.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Belle, Mimi and Shawn are still in awe that Philip is back in Salem. They bombard him with questions, wanting to know why he never said anything. Philip apologizes and says because of the contract he couldn't say anything. Gaby reminds everyone that the show is still airing and has Belle and Philip continue their date. Philip tells Belle that he is still a Marine, just graduated from basic training. The Marines have him based nearby and thought the show would be good PR for the corps. Gaby announces the end of the date, she presents the three girls with $50,000 checks for their participation. Mimi hyperventilates over the large check, she's never seen that much money before. Gaby tells the audience that the couple has to have goodnight kiss, Shawn gets upset and Belle asks why, since they already had their kiss. Gaby said that was interrupted so they need another one. Philip pulls Belle into a hot kiss, while Shawn tries to contain himself. The show ends and Shawn rushes to Belle's side, ignoring Philip's attempts to explain that it is only the show. Belle falls into Shawn's arms, kissing and hugging him. They quickly leave to be alone together, on the way out of Tuscany reporters stop them wondering why she is with Shawn and not Philip. Shawn runs interference and tells the reporters to go inside for their story. They go back to Belle's dorm room, she lights candles and presents Shawn with a cupcake that says "I (heart) You" in red icing. She thanks him for being so supportive during the show and that he deserves much more than a cupcake. Shawn doesn't want anything else, he wants only her. They profess their love to each other and kiss.

Nicole and Victor are at home watching television when Nicole notices Philip is on the dating show. Victor gets upset over his son's lack of respect in telling his parents where he was, he orders Nicole to get dressed and they head to Tuscany. Chloe and Brady are also watching television and the dating show. Chloe is surprised, Brady isn't happy to see Philip. She asks Brady to tell Philip that she wants to see him sometime so he knows she is okay. Brady leaves to let Chloe sleep and goes to Tuscany. Philip is shocked to see his father walk into the restaurant. Victor grills him about not telling anyone where he was, he tells his son that Kate was very upset and distraught over the possibility that he was going overseas. Philip apologizes to his father again, but tells him that he is an adult and will do, think, act however he wants, just like his father. Victor goes to get Nicole so she can talk to Philip, while he is away Cassie tries to make her move on Philip. She tells him that she isn't upset that she was rejected, but he can make it up to her by letting her take him home. Victor watches nearby and isn't happy over DiMera's spawn talking with his son. He interrupts them and tells Philip to come by for dinner when he gets a chance. Victor leaves to get his wife, who took off to Echelon. Philip leaves with Cassie.

Mimi is excited over her check and talks to Rex about what she should do with it. She wants to buy a car, give some to her parents, contribute to Habitat for Humanity and put the rest in the bank. They kiss.

Brady overhears Victor and Nico discussing where Nicole went, he rushes outside to Echelon before Victor gets there. He finds Nicole in the middle of a card game with three men, she is very drunk. She doesn't want to leave with him, thinking he wants something in return. Brady assures her that he wants nothing, she passes out and he prepares to carry her to the car. As he heads for the door, Victor walks in. Brady tells him that Nicole doesn't look happy and wonders if his grandfather is happy. Victor reminds Brady that his personal life is none of his business. Brady begs to differ, Victor has given him a job, parts include Nicole's old duties, he is part of the fold and soon all of Victor's business will be his business and he carries Nicole out the door.

Bo arrives at a hotel in Oklahoma and immediately calls Hope who is waiting on him to call. They talk about Vin, he is heading south as expected. Bo will be waiting for him and won't return until he has accomplished what he left to do. Hope assures him that she loves him and will be in Salem waiting on him when he returns. They get sleepy and Bo tells her to put the phone on his pillow so he can listen to her sleep. If he can hear her breathe, then he knows she is safe and alright.

Brady confronts Philip to get him Chloe's message. He wants to know why he is there and why he didn't tell anyone. Philip repeats what he has told everyone, he couldn't say anything because of the contract and can't say what his job is with the Marines. He assures Brady that he isn't going to take Chloe away from him and didn't come back to do any harm to Belle and Shawn. He assumed that if Belle was doing a show, she was single. Brady gives him Chloe's message, but tells him not to stop by tonight because she is sleeping.

Philip sneaks into Chloe's window why she sleeps, he looks towards the door then lightly kisses her on the forehead, she smiles and he climbs back out the window.

Friday, May 16, 2003


Love is Blind's contract included a media blitz of P.R. appearances beginning at Tuscany the day after Belle & Philip's date. Belle and Mimi were overwhelmed by even more attention than before the show once they arrived at Tuscany, while Shawn & Rex watched angrily from the sidelines. Rex was dismayed as Mimi accepted an invitation from someone else in front of him.

Philip's return to Salem caused a stir in several places as he surprised Kate and Roman at his mother's home. Kate's delight at having him home blinded her to the cautious suspicion that existed between her son and Roman. Roman later told Kate of his curiosity that Philip had been stationed near home. Meanwhile, Brady was against Chloe's seeing Philip at all - even though she wanted just a few minutes with him to set things straight so they could all be friends. After allowing them 15 minutes alone, an angry, overbearing Brady said they'd never see one another again - if he had his way.

At the DiMera Mansion, Lucas was interested in details of the job Tony had offered. Tony gave him what he described as his first assignment - delivery of an envelope to Simon Grisone at Echelon and wait for a response. Unaware of its contents, Lucas was stunned when Tony's instructions were read aloud: giving Lucas complete authority over Grisone. Testing the letter, Lucas told Grisone to put a gun to his own head. Amazed at the obedient response, Lucas realized not just the power he wielded, but that he and Grisone had just been tested themselves by The Count.

Cassie discussed her poor decision-making with Tony who was quick to encourage her but criticized her choices in men such as Chaz. When she mentioned her interest in Philip, Tony commanded that Philip was not an option - because he was a Kiriakis. But once Lucas returned to the Mansion, Cassie's mind seemed to have found a new romantic interest as DiMera introduced the two.

Shaking hands on Lucas' acceptance of the job, Tony called it the beginning of a "profitable" relationship. And at Tuscany, Philip's Marine quote of "Hoo-Rah" as he put his arm around Belle, left Shawn standing alone - and angry - and suspicious.

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