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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, July 14, 2003

Philip interrogates Maya, but she turns the tables on him and tries to seduce him in the hopes of gaining her release. John takes over the interrogation after he walks in on Philip and Maya in a passionate clinch. John questions Maya about the mysterious goop and picks up on her nervousness when she learns the ISA is having it analyzed. Meanwhile, a subdued Cassie crosses with Philip at the police station and doesn't flirt with him because she now knows they are half-siblings. Philip gives her a hard time, prompting a vulnerable Cassie to burst into tears. Philip apologizes and tries to draw Cassie out, but all Cassie will say is that she'll never come on to him again. Later, at the pub, John comes down hard on Philip for mistakes during the mission. He isn't sure Philip has what it takes to be in the ISA. Feeling like he's playing second fiddle to Shawn both professionally and personally, Philip calls Cassie about a lost compact to try to forget about Belle and Shawn.

At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope, proud of Shawn's role in bringing Maya down, pester him about his recent adventures. Hearing of Hope's recent adventures, Belle is reminded how she and Hope were almost killed by Larry Welch. John arrives and has an emotional reunion with his daughter. Later, Bo and Hope are intrigued about the mysterious substance that Maya and Tony were after. Bo and Hope decide privately they're going to solve the mystery of the goop.

Tony is glad to be alive after his brush with death, but is now determined to seek revenge against Maya. Tony is furious when he learns Cassie has taken a job at Echelon. Tony insists Cassie quit, but stubborn Cassie argues that if Tony can conduct his business there, she should be able to work there. Tony tries a gentler approach with Cassie, since he's her father, but Cassie angrily pushes him away (because he's not her real father) and remains determined to work at Echelon.

Rex experiences a terrible headache and lashes out at Mimi. Hurt, Mimi leaves, then, deciding to find aspirin for him, interrupts Cassie and Tony. Rex later apologizes, insisting that he needs her. Mimi decides to stay, and Tony tells Rex that his laser did not fare as well as he on the yacht. Everything seems normal when Rex and Mimi share a sexy shower, but Mimi later walks in on Rex as he violently trashes the blueprints of his lost laser.

Jack and Jennifer host an episode of "In the House" with Emily Klein, a sex therapist with shady credentials, who uses dolls that look like Jack and Jennifer. Jack goads the therapist into giving Jack and Jen couples counseling, only to turn the tables on Emily to point out that she has no real qualifications. After they kick the guest off the show, Jack worries about their reputations as reporters. He decides to take over booking the show, and he and Jennifer enjoy satisfying lovemaking.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

by Joan

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole nearly choked when Victor said he was investigating who was behind the shooting. Meeting Larry outside Nicole arranged for the hit that evening at the Blue Note. Victor grew highly suspicious at finding Nicole outside and catching her lying about her whereabouts.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena was overjoyed to see John but in disbelief that he made peace with Tony. She thought it was a ploy to gain Tony's confidence and trap him, but John saw no reason to hold onto the anger. Cassie stopped by to speak with Marlena. She began by confiding but - feeling unwanted - ended in creating a scene and leaving before a concerned Marlena could connect with her. Meanwhile, John and Philip discussed ISA work. - John, angry at Belle's involvement; and Philip, questioning why John dropped investigation of Tony.

Outside Philip had scolded an agitated Cassie for thinking the Echelon job would give her self-esteem. When he asked if she had confided in Marlena about the Echelon, Cassie blurted that Marlena was not her mother but retracted the statement.

Sami woke to find Lucas asleep beside her. Despite continued dreams of wanting him, she was quick to push him out of her bed. Startled by the doorbell, Sami answered to find Tony, who told them of his truce with John. Sami thought Tony's daily flower delivery was from Lucas. She was touched that Tony had arranged it, and that he claimed to think of her as he was drowning. Saying he wanted her on his side, Tony invited her to dinner to discuss her future. When a suspicious Lucas questioned Tony's motives outside, Tony accused him of being jealous. Tony advised that Lucas "listen and watch the master, and learn as I did." Lucas cautioned Sami that she was making a mistake, and admitted he was worried about her being hurt by Tony again.

Calling from the Blue Note, Nicole convinced Victor to come that night by dropping a hint about his hand in sending Chloe away. At the DiMera Mansion, Cassie found Tony was selling the Echelon Club with the agreement that she not be employed there. Her threat to work at another club only brought him anger and frustration as he stressed how much he loved her. And Sami was home dressing for her date with Tony, while he was planning an intimate dinner and a night she would never forget.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

This is the day of Salem's bicentennial with celebrations throughout the city and a fireworks display tonight in the park. Brady makes preparations for the big event at the Blue Note, while Nicole makes preparations of her own. She meets with Larry at the park to finalize their plans for Larry to shoot Victor when he arrives at the Blue Note. Larry insists on another kiss from Nicole, who privately states that she would rather die than be in Larry's clutches again. Back at the Blue Note, Brady notes how unhappy she seems being married to his grandfather, as she waits anxiously for Victor to show up. Larry calls to tell Nicole he's in position; Victor calls Brady, tells him he's on his way.

Kate runs into Philip at the park and Kate begins to sense that Philip has feelings for Belle. Meanwhile, Belle visits Brady at the Blue Note and reveals that she's having doubts about her ability to compete with brazen, sexy women like Maya for Shawn's affections. Brady counsels her, saying that she doesn't have to compete with Maya. He knows that Shawn really loves her. Shawn is throwing balls onto the garbage scow when Roman appears and they discuss how Shawn hasn't been spending as much time with Belle as he'd like. He has special plans for them tonight and makes an appointment. Later, Belle meets with Philip and they also discuss Belle's insecurities. Philip wonders if she's considering sleeping with Shawn just to hold onto him, and Belle indicates that she might consider it. Philip also counsels her to stay true to her beliefs and to trust in Shawn's love. Shawn arrives as Belle gives Philip a thank-you peck on the cheek and takes Belle off to a mystery location.

As Sami gets ready for her date with Tony, Lucas badgers her, telling her it's actually a "pity date." He storms out, and she throws her whiteboard after him. Later, Sami has an unsettling, steamy fantasy about Lucas returning, apologizing and expressing his love. Instead, Tony arrives at the door to take her on their date.

Tony meets with Victor re: Maya's double cross. They come to an agreement to live and let live when it comes to each other's business. Tony also tells Lucas that he's selling Echelon. Tony then sends Lucas to find out more about Maya's situation, and Lucas turns to Mickey. At the park that evening, Mickey turns the tables on Lucas, expressing disappointment that Lucas is using family to help Tony DiMera. He shares his and Maggie's concern about Lucas not attending his AA meetings. While at the park, Lucas sees Tony leading Sami to an elaborate, catered picnic. Lucas has a romantic fantasy of sharing the picnic with Sami. Sami and Tony settle in to enjoy themselves, Sami basking in Tony's attention as an unsettled, unhappy Lucas heads off to get a drink.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

The hit on Victor is scheduled for tonight in the parking lot of the Blue Note. Nicole is a nervous wreck. Brady notices that she's shaking, takes her hand. She checks in with Larry who suspects Nicole has designs on Brady, but she denies this. Victor is delayed getting to the club. He orders his driver to send her flowers, stating that he wants tonight to be a night she'll never forget. When Nicole gets the flowers she is convinced that he is messing with her head. Later, Brady wonders if Nicole is frightened because of the shooting at the mansion? He assures her she's perfectly safe here. Victor calls as the limo enters the parking lot. Nicole has second thoughts and rushes out of the club, followed by Brady. She screams "No!" as Brady, horrified, sees Larry aim at Victor and fire.

Rex finds Mimi in the park and apologizes for his fit of anger earlier. Mimi wants to forgive Rex, but his behavior scares her. Has he done anything to hurt himself? Rex assures her he has not experimented on himself. He thinks he freaks out because he feels he's running out of time to find out what he is supposed to do in life. He would never hurt her and insists he respects her. She keeps the diamond he gave her, and they decide to go rollerblading, sans dead body, and cross with Philip and Cassie. Rex reminds Cassie that Philip is her half-brother, but Cassie, annoyed, doesn't need reminding. As Mimi and Rex skate off, Rex once again becomes unreasonably angry. Mimi questions her decision to stay with Rex. Mimi wants him to see a doctor for the headaches and anger. Rex promises to take care of himself. Finally, the two find a romantic place in the park to watch the fireworks.

Philip apologizes to Cassie for his giving her a hard time about working at Echelon. Cassie tells him that job is gone. Philip has seen Cassie hide something in her backpack and he's curious. Cassie is reluctant to show him. Philip criticizes her for pushing people away. She feels her only chance for companionship comes from Roger. Cassie shows him what she put in her backpack: a plush bunny named Roger. Cassie reveals how growing up the only constant she had was Rex - and the rabbits that were also experimented on. At first she was jealous, because they go to go free, but then... we see how much she wanted something to love while she was growing up and how needy she still is. Philip realizes she's a lot more complicated than he ever suspected. Cassie assures Philip she's not interested in him, but wants his opinion... does she have any hope? Philip suggests she works so hard to cover her innocence that she comes across as sexy and, yes, bitchy. Cassie then asks if Philip really wishes he were at the park with Belle. Philip evades; Belle's with his best friend. Cassie talks about Philip's relationship with his siblings, almost implies that Philip is family. She asks him to think of her like a sister. He agrees, and a friendship is solidified.

Hope tries to learn more about Maya's goop from Shane at the ISA, learning that ISA's analysis has not revealed everything about the substance. She and Bo play a guessing game about the powers of the goop. Bo has a surprise for her and takes her up to the hospital rooftop for a romantic vantage point to watch the bicentennial fireworks.

Friday, July 18, 2003

by Joan

At the Blue Note, Nicole shrieked to warn Victor of Larry's oncoming bullet, while Brady threw himself over his grandfather. Both safe, Brady was curious that Nicole tried to stop him from chasing the gunman. The two followed Larry who had carjacked someone to escape.

As Salem celebrated its Bicentennial, Roman and Kate ran into Rex and Mimi. Making a quick retreat, Kate soothed Roman's negative feelings about the Twins, but she didn't speak favorably about Cassie. Concerned about his continued headaches, Mimi told Rex his true parents were as much victims of the DNA experiments as him. Kate was furious finding Philip & Cassie together calling Cassie a tramp - and insisting that Philip leave. Although Philip refused and stayed to console her, Cassie was moved to tears.

When Shawn & Belle joined Marlena and John for a picnic under the stars, Marlena lost her appetite learning about Belle's involvement in ISA work. Shawn grew curiously jealous learning of Belle's stripping down when swimming to shore with Philip. On the roof, Bo continued to speculate about the possibility of Maya's mystery "goop" being a fountain of youth drug.

As the couples of Salem watched the fireworks begin, Abe and Victor were at the Blue Note concluding the bullet was an intended hit on Victor. And as they continued the chase, Nicole and Brady watched Larry's car crash into a dead end road.

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