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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, July 21, 2003

Brady and Nicole are at a hillside where Larry has crashed his car through a guardrail. Nicole is frantic that Larry will be caught (and reveal her involvement in the plot to murder Victor). Brady calls the police. Nicole tries to convince herself (hoping against hope) that the "shooter" must be dead. Brady puts it together and realizes, in the light of this attempt, that Victor, not Brady, was the probable target of the hit the other night at the Kiriakis pool. Nicole's heart nearly stops when one of the cops tells her there's no body in the car (she's secretly hopeful Larry got away). But the police search the surrounding hillside and, sure enough, they find Larry's body. Brady thinks he looks familiar. Nicole claims never to have seen him before. Suddenly, Brady, shocked, recognizes Larry from his picture in the paper. The police retort that Larry was reported to have died during a prison transfer. To Nicole's private relief, it looks as though Larry's dead, but Larry stirs, moans. He's still alive!

Sami and Tony continue their romantic picnic at the park. Tony is enrapt in Sami's almost childlike wonder at the fireworks. They dance together. Tony gives Sami diamond earrings to match the diamond pendant he gave her before. They go back to the mansion. Sami reacts as she looks at the French doors and remembers crashing through them. Tony tells Sami he's sorry, asks if there's any way he can make it up to her. Sami jokingly indicates her diamonds, pointing out her barren wrist. Tony asks if Sami wants a diamond ring to go with them. Sami's stung. Tony tells Sami he knows the two of them are very much alike. He thinks they could be valuable assets to each other's lives. Meanwhile, Lucas is in the Cheatin' Heart, trying to avoid thinking of Sami but fighting the urge to drink. A pretty girl flirts with him, but he's clearly not interested. He calls Maggie, his AA sponsor, and confides in her about his fantasies of Sami. They don't make any sense... he hates Sami! Maggie thinks that might not be true, thinks he needs to talk to Sami, tell her about these confusing feelings. Lucas decides to go see Sami, who must be at the mansion. Tony asks Sami to go out with him again just as Lucas arrives outside the DiMera mansion.

Bo and Hope continue their romantic night watching the fireworks from the hospital roof. Bo gets a one-way call, tells Hope he's got a lead on that mysterious ³goop² that's connected to Maya/Tony. Bo's going to follow up. Hope protests... wants to go with him. Bo assures her it's just boring legwork, but if he comes up with anything solid, he'll call her and she can join him. They end up in a romantic dance on the rooftop... with the promise of going home and making love.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

by Joan

At the DiMera Mansion, Tony enticed Sami with plans for a more formal date - perhaps in Paris. Sami found herself embracing Tony at news that he'd been researching doctors who would restore her vocal chords. With a ruse about Will, Lucas interrupted them while Tony received a phone call about Larry Welch.

At University Hospital, Nicole was hysterical as Welch was wheeled in - still alive. Victor refused to believe it, and was angry with Nicole for leaving his side when he was shot. Fully aware of their meeting at the Court months earlier, Abe Carver asked Victor what connection he and Tony had to Welch's confession. As Tony arrived to deny a conspiracy, Abe's suspicions grew closer to the truth. But a nurse's announcement that Welch was conscious caused Nicole to faint.

Lucas desperately tried to convince Sami of the dangers connected with a DiMera, urging her to return Tony's gifts and walk away. Comparing previous men in her life to Tony - Lucas referred to involvement with the Count as a "death wish." Reminding her of their son, Lucas finally told Sami how beautiful she was. But Sami was surprised when Lucas said there could be someone - closer than she thinks - who cared about her.

Belle invited her friends to the loft after the fireworks but Rex was angry that Cassie was teaming up with Philip. Determined to retain the power he has a DiMera, Rex refused Mimi's encouragement to acknowledge his true parents. As the teens tried a video dance machine, moods cooled when Shawn watched Belle hug Philip; and Philip caught Rex's cold glare.

Back at University Hospital, Brady remained an outsider to the hidden secrets amongst Victor, Nicole and Tony. Nicole nervously rushed in to Larry after Victor's remark about keeping Welch alive long enough to name his accomplice. Tony was quick to question Victor about her curious interest. And as Abe sought answers, Larry's whisper of "revenge" - and an accusing finger - identified a petrified Nicole as his accomplice.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Larry begins to point towards Nicole when Abe asks him who his accomplice is, Brady gives Nicole a strange look and says he is pointing at you, but when Abe turns around to look, he sees Hope standing behind him. Her face shows many emotions, scared, disbelief, and anger. Larry whispers that he wants to talk to Hope alone. Brady and Nicole leave, Abe tells Hope that there are two police officers right outside if she needs them. The private conversation doesn't last very long, Hope basically tells Larry that he will never hurt her family again and he is going to die like he lived, violently. She wishes him to hell. Larry tries to get the upper hand and still scare her by grabbing her arm, unfortunately, for him, his strength doesn't last long and Mr. Welch takes his final breath. Hope stands in shock as the doctors rush in for the Code Blue. Out in the waiting room, Abe interrupts Tony and Victor's conversation to ask Tony questions. Abe still believes that Tony and Victor had something going on, but Tony assures him there is nothing. Victor tells Abe to get busy and find out who did it; Abe informs Victor that he knows how to do his job. Nicole and Brady here the Code Blue, she sees Hope walking out of the ER and wants to know if Larry said anything, she is scared he told about her involvement, but Hope tells her he is dead. Nicole is elated, but still looks nervous. The group does get a scare when the learn that the doctors are trying to revive Larry, but Nicole finds the doctor and asks him point blank if Larry is alive, he tells her that he has expired, he is dead. Hope decides to leave and get Zack; she came for what she wanted. Nicole is still pacing around the room. Victor confronts her on her fast knowledge of the shooter. She concocts an absurd story of being excited to see him, Victor nor Brady look like they believe it. Victor decides it is time to go and leads Nicole out, she turns and gives Brady a very sad, almost crying face, and his expression is of confusion.

Hope stops by Alice's to tell her about Larry really dying this time. They chat for a bit and Hope leaves for home.

Cassie and Philip return to the DiMera house after leaving Belle's loft. While Cassie is getting a CD for Philip, Rex and Mimi show up. Rex immediately gets hostile wanting to know why Phil is there. They guys get into a big arguing match and almost get physical. Philip informs Rex and he is friends with Cassie and there is nothing he can do about it. Philip leaves and calls Tek, he wants to know what Rex is up too. Mimi is very unhappy over Rex's behavior and tells him that up in his room. Rex throws a fit telling her to shut up and that no one will ever know who is real parents are, he feels that without the DiMera name he is nothing. She decides to leave as they continue to yell at each other, he thinks it is best. Mimi runs outside crying and falls, Philip comes from his hiding place to help him dropping one of his ISA trinkets. Mimi immediately wants to know what he is doing and asks if he is spying on the DiMera's. Phil covers and said he was going to give Rex a piece of his mind but decided against it, she wonders what the object the dropped is, he tells her it is his PDA.

Lucas and Sami are having restless nights in their apartments. Sami is having a nightmare of her accident. Lucas is trying to keep from drinking and get his mind off Sami. He opens a bottle of liquor but throws it away, he takes the trash out and walks by Sami's door and hears her crying. Lucas gets his key and goes inside, scaring Sami as he wakes her. She is surprised to see him, especially since he is only wearing boxers. He explains that he heard her crying, she doesn't believe him and tries to get him to leave. He wants to try to talk and suggests pretending she is on the phone with Will, she tries but no sound comes out. Sami gets upset, but Lucas talks to her, asking where is her confidence and always get what I want attitude. She writes, "Why do you care?" He uses Will, saying that their son needs both of them and her son needs her to speak. Sami gets Lucas to leave, but he tells her that she has a key to his apartment and can come over anytime. He heads back and lays down, she paces around her apartment, both are just as restless and seem unsure about many things. Lucas rolls over and finds Sami standing at the end of his bed. She walks over to the side; he throws back the covers and says her name. Sami climbs in and they stare at each other. Lucas gives her a hug and then lies down, pulling her to his chest as they fall asleep in each other's arms.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Lucas and Sami wake up in bed together, again. They both think they are dreaming until Lucas leans in for the kiss. Sami hops up causing Lucas to fall on the floor. She runs out of the apartment leaving Lucas alone and confused. He dresses and goes to get her to take her to the hospital. She is leery towards him when she opens the door, but he explains that he was having a dream, rather, nightmare and she was in it. Sami wants to go to the hospital alone, but Lucas insists on going, because he is the only one that heard her crying and can tell the doctor exactly what happened. She concedes, upon arriving in the ER, a nurse gets rude with them telling the duo that Dr Galloway is busy and they need to go to another floor and make an appointment. Lucas doesn't stand idly by and introduces himself as head of the Horton Foundation, which doesn't impress the nurse much, he then tells the nurse that Sami is "Dr Evans' daughter", this gets the nurse's attention and she immediately sends the doctor over. Lucas leaves Sami while the doctor runs tests to check her vocal cords, he tells her that he'll be back to take her home. The doctor tells Sami that her vocal cords are healing very well and she should make a full recovery, just to take it easy and not strain to talk, it will come on its own time. She gets dressed and walks out of the curtained area. She notices Lucas in the waiting room and tries to holler his name but he doesn't hear her.

Lucas heads over to the DiMera place to talk with Tony about Sami. He point blank asks Tony if he is in love or falling in love with Sami. Tony doesn't really think any of his feelings are Lucas' concern, but does tell him that he would like to pursue a serious relationship with Sami upon her recovery. Lucas tells him that Sami is at the hospital and he insists on going. Lucas follows him, determined to not let Tony near Sami. Tony is unaware that Sal, May a's henchman is there ready to kill him.

Tony makes a visit to Maya in prison. She is not happy to see him and tries to leave, but Tony has power and the guard sits her back down. Tony nicely informs her that even though she can't conduct business as usual, he can and in no uncertain terms lets her know that she will be paid back for trying to kill him. It is apparent in her expressions that she is scared and knows Tony's power. When Tony leaves, she calls for Sal. Maya tells him to kill Tony before Tony kills her. She knows that Tony has people in the prison and she doesn't feel safe anywhere.

Jack and Jennifer come in from a morning jog and prepare to go upstairs and shower when the doorbell rings, it is Hope and Shawn. They tell Jack and Jen about Larry finally being dead and trying to kill Victor. Shawn has to leave for the gym and class, he tells Jack and Jen that he is going to major in pre-law, they are proud of him and he leaves. Jennifer gets another call about a talk show guest canceling at the last minute. She gets an idea and asks Hope to come on the show and talk about the bounty hunting and her experiences with Larry. Maybe a female out there watching has the same worries and she can be of help to her. Hope reluctantly agrees. The show goes wonderfully. Bo calls after it ends and tells Hope he has leads and will let her know more. Jack and Jennifer are excited and want to do more real journalism on the show, they decide to talk with Barry.

Belle spots Philip working out at the gym. He spots her while she bench presses and tells her that he may not have a job as an ISA agent for much longer. She thinks it is because of her, but he tells her it isn't. It is because of how he handled the situation. She wants to talk to John about it, but Phil makes her promise not too, he also tells her that she can never follow him again. Shawn arrives and interrupts the conversation. He makes it clear that Belle and Philip are just friends, Phil leaves on that note and continues his workout. Shawn and Belle chitchat before he changes clothes for class, he doesn't have any time to workout. Before he leaves he stops to tell her bye and give her a kiss. John joins Philip on the equipment and lets him know that he can't decide whether Philip keeps his job or not, but he will do whatever he can to help him. Philip is realizing that he may not have a job at the ISA anymore and he isn't happy about it. They begin to talk of another case, Philip seems to get an idea and leaves abruptly. Earlier, John and Tek are in the sauna discussing Maya and Tony. They want to find out the real working relationship between the two.

Friday, July 25, 2003

by Joan

At University Hospital, Sami's audible warning caused Tony to turn around. But within seconds, Tony was stabbed with a scalpel by Maya's henchman, disguised as an orderly. In a ferocious struggle, Lucas rendered the attacker unconscious. Sami didn't hide her concern for Lucas, while he noted that her first words were to save Tony. It was then that Sami recalled the doctor's advice - that her first words would come when she had something important to say. Only Sami knew that her first words - had been moments earlier calling to Lucas.

At the Brady Pub, Cassie sniped catty remarks at Kate after tripping on Kate's attaché case. But outside, a surprise live rabbit from Philip changed her mood. Hearing Kate and Roman debate about Rex and Cassie, Mimi spoke in defense of Rex - nearly slipping about the Twins' relation to Roman. Philip exchanged words at the Pub with Mimi wondering if Rex's experiments were legal. Meanwhile, Rex was in his room still researching DNA and mood swings - fearful of finding a serious cause for his headaches. Rex asked Cassie to get a sample of Philip's hair to continue his DNA research.

Roman & Kate arrived at University Hospital - Roman delighted that Sami was regaining her voice; and Kate reminding Lucas of the obvious dangers working for Tony. As a bleeding Tony fought for his life, Lexie noted her brother's rare blood type. Sami was stunned by Lexie's remark that the warning may have done more harm than good - resulting in a chest wound instead of the back.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor told Nicole of his renewed mistrust following the shooting - despite his message of "Truce" which accompanied the lilies at the Blue Note. Brady's curiosity about the strained Kiriakis marriage caused him to ask about her past. He was surprised when she cried that she wasn't capable of loving anybody. Glossing over her childhood, Nicole stopped short of telling him what her father, Paul, had subjected her to. But Brady still pressed for answers until Nicole overheard Victor boldly reveal her involvement in the porn industry. The room became filled with Nicole's screams - crying out to Victor, "Why?"

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