Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on DAYS

Tony revived the Brady and Dimmer feud after he was accused of attacking Bo and Hope. Sami was distraught after she lost her job at the hospital and Brandon filed for an annulment. Victor kept Nicole under control by threatening to reveal her as Colin's killer. Kate couldn't commit to Roman because of her past life working as a prostitute for Stefano.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, August 18, 2003

While Brady and Nicole drove home from their day of hang gliding and watching planes take off, Nicole smiled and hoped they could do it all again. She explained that even if they never got the chance again, she would have the memories of that day. Brady asked what she would do differently if she could go back and change things. After remembering her dad drugging her up and forcing her to do porn, she quickly moved to the memory of shooting Colin on her wedding day. Returning to the moment at hand, she decided not to reveal her secrets to Brady and said he wouldn't be interested.

Brady argued that he wanted to know everything about her because he cared. Instead, Nicole convinced Brady to keep driving past the mansion so she could take him somewhere. Before long, they arrived at a playground. At the swings, they met a young girl and played with her for a while. Brady realized quickly that Nicole was just "a great big kid who will make a great mom someday." Nicole's mood darkened, and she told Brady that she would never be a mom because Victor didn't want more children.

On the way home, Nicole seemed happy but began to feel depressed as they neared the mansion. Brady finally caught on that Nicole was constantly stating she felt trapped. He wanted to know why she and Victor stayed in an unhappy marriage, but Nicole refused to tell him anything.

Across town, Sami and Lucas burst into Sami's apartment to answer the ringing phone. Sami was anxious to talk to Will, but it turned out to be a telemarketer instead. Lucas said he had a letter from Will they could read, but Sami became jealous and said Will wrote to Lucas more than he did to her. Lucas explained that Will couldn't talk to his mother about guy things.

As Sami and Lucas sat down to read the letter together, they were close enough to kiss, but the doorbell rang and interrupted them. While Sami got up to sign for her delivery, Lucas read the letter in which Will told his dad that he loved his mom. Sami's delivery happened to be fancy cookies to mail to Will at camp, but Lucas pulled Sami over to the kitchen to make some of Alice's homemade cookies for Will instead. Sami fretted over not even owning baking pans and said she had failed as a mother. Lucas convinced Sami that if she didn't make the cookies for Will, she would feel even more inadequate as a mother.

Sami then told Lucas about a dream she'd had in the hospital when everyone had wanted to stone her for being a bad parent. Lucas stopped her and told her that she was a good mother and that Will loved her even though she was a terrible baker. For that remark, she threw flour at Lucas, and a food fight and lots of laughter followed. After another near-kiss, Sami quickly turned away to clean up and put the cookies in the oven.

Lucas apologized for giving Sami a hard time in the past and said he was proud of the way Will had turned out. In a strange twist, the two started recounting each other's pasts when Will had endured hardships caused by their shortcomings, such as Lucas' drinking problem and when Sami had lied to Austin and he had left her at the altar. Lucas struck a low blow when he said he would've been a better father if he'd known Will was his from the beginning. They baited each other into arguments for a while before Sami reassured Lucas that Will was lucky to have a good father in his life, unlike what she'd had.

Sami angrily told Lucas that John Black had not been a father figure to her and that he had ruined her life. While they ate cookies, Sami explained that she had pretended to like John but had actually detested him and that John had caused her mother to be disappointed in her. She decided that Marlena was actually under John's spell, and Sami became mad all over again that John had broken up Roman and Marlena's marriage.

Lucas and Sami suddenly remembered the cookies in the oven and jumped up to pull out a perfect batch...something Sami was sure Marlena couldn't have accomplished. While they talked about fond childhood memories, the conversation turned to Tony. They asked each other why they had hooked up with Tony in the first place, but the phone rang, and they were "saved by the bell."

When Mimi and Rex entered the DiMera mansion, they discussed how terrible it was to see Tony hooked up to all the machines at the hospital. Rex dreaded having to tell Tony about the botched deal for the natural explosive. Mimi said that maybe it was for the best that Bo and Hope had blown the substance up.

Just then, Cassie arrived and asked to talk to Rex alone, and Mimi headed upstairs. Cassie announced to Rex that he was in "major trouble" and explained that Commander Carver had cornered her to ask questions about the Bo and Hope case. Cassie demanded to know the truth from Rex about whether or not he was responsible for the attack on the Brady duo.

Cassie told Rex that she hadn't told Abe Carver anything and only wanted to protect Rex. He wanted to know why she suspected him, and Cassie described her memories of the bloody pipe, the unexplainable stain on Rex's shirt, and that she had seen him try to scrub the stain off. Rex became angry, and Cassie said she didn't think he had done it, but that he had to admit that it looked suspicious. Rex then asked her what she was talking about, and Cassie realized that Rex had no memory of anything she had recounted. She worried that something was truly wrong with him, but he said it was more important to save the DiMera name after their huge loss of money.

In the meantime, Philip looked intently at the computer while Belle dealt with the reality that Rex could have actually been so violent toward Bo and Hope. Shawn added that maybe Cassie had been in on it, but Philip defended her and said there was no way she would have done it.

Suddenly, they heard a noise out in the hall; it was Bart teasing Mimi about being a trespasser while she "begged" for mercy. Belle, Shawn, and Philip watched the door in horror as they listened to Bart and Mimi catch up on the jazz music genre. Bart told her that he had been listening to music when he'd gotten the tingly feeling that someone was in the house and that he was checking it out. Belle and Shawn panicked and went to the window to leave, but Philip told them to go ahead, and he'd catch up.

Belle tried to get him to go with them then the door handle began to turn. Mimi slightly opened the door while still speaking with Bart then closed it again. While the three trespassers let out a sigh of relief, Bart accompanied Mimi back downstairs to find what was taking Rex so long. A nervous Belle and Shawn waited while Philip printed off Rex's five-year plan that proved he had a motive for harming Shawn's parents.

Instead of leaving, Philip decided that there was more to print and told Shawn and Belle to get out and that he could handle Rex. Shawn then became defiant and said it was his fight and that he wasn't taking orders from Philip. Belle deterred them from their macho argument and reminded them that they were supposed to be a team. Just then, they heard Bart in the hallway, saying that someone had turned off the security alarm. He asked Rex and Cassie if they had turned it off, but both said no, and Cassie headed out to the pool.

Mimi left to get snacks, and Rex vowed to turn the house upside down until he found who was snooping. Hiding on the stairway, Belle overheard Rex's statement and rushed upstairs to tell Philip and Shawn. Shawn convinced Belle and Philip to leave. He found Cassie going to hang out by the pool. While Belle got caught in the trellis, Rex entered his bedroom and demanded to know why Shawn was at his computer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

by Joan

Will called as Sami and Lucas questioned one another's involvement with Tony. Sami was touched by Lucas' softer attitude, even including her in the decision-making for their son. Moments later, a summons was delivered -- ordering Sami to appear at University Hospital regarding her switching the paternity test. Once again, Lucas surprised her by offering to put in a good word with the board -- while Lucas was taken by Sami's offer to take responsibility for her actions.

At University Hospital, Marlena's concern over Sami's attachment to Tony led her to the count's room. Cursing Tony's comatose body, she spoke of her belief that his intentions -- like Stefano's -- had been to destroy her family. But recalling the twins, she felt she'd never be rid of him. Declaring a halt on his exploitation of Sami, Marlena took hold of the plug controlling Tony's life support. Finally letting her tight grip of the plug free, Marlena left Tony with a cold warning: hurt any of her family, and there would not be a life support invented that could save him.

At the DiMera Mansion, Philip covered for Belle -- caught on a trellis -- until he could release her. But with security in the area, the two couldn't leave the grounds without being seen. By the pool, Cassie was frustrated, fantasizing about Philip, who she couldn't have because he was her brother.

Content at living in luxury as a DiMera, Cassie wondered what being a working girl would mean. Her imagination ran wild with thoughts of waiting on her Brady sisters, Belle and Sami. When Mimi entered the picture, Cassie realized how many already knew the secret of her true parents. Finding Philip and Belle, Cassie turned the sprinklers on them just as Philip told a curious Belle the girl he wanted was "unavailable."

Upstairs, Rex caught Shawn at his computer. Fumbling for an explanation, Shawn admitted finding Rex's ambitious desire for power. Revealing Rex's journal notes -- to break down the "goop" components, Shawn accused Rex of having motive to attack Bo and Hope. Referee Mimi arrived hinting at the possibility of the two men being related -- but also defending Rex against Shawn's accusations.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole's enjoyable day with Brady ended with a sour greeting by Victor. Afraid to even take a drink offered by her husband, she insisted he taste it first. A sarcastically vindictive Victor outlined his terms for her future -- living in the mansion at his beck and call -- or rot behind bars. "Peacemaker" Brady was confused after Nicole told him Victor hated her, while Victor displayed delight at their future. After some thought, Nicole "Walker" phoned in a reservation -- for the first available flight out of the country.

In Tony's hospital room, Sami said she'd give anything for him to wake up and save her. With those words, Tony opened his eyes. Marlena and Lucas found an overjoyed Sami hugging Count DiMera at his return.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Tony woke up from his coma and did not remember anything that had happened. Sami reassured him that she did not hold a grudge against him for her accident. Lucas told Tony about what had been happening the past few days: how Bo and Hope had blown the deal with the goop and how a few people held Tony responsible for their attack, even though he had been in a coma. John told Tony that he believed Tony was responsible for the attack. Tony responded by telling John to talk to his doctor, who could vouch for Tony being in the hospital at the time of the attack.

Jack and Jennifer visited Hope and Bo in the hospital. The guys left Jennifer and Hope alone to talk while they had their own little conversation outside the hospital room. Jennifer told Hope about Jack trying to get back into investigative reporting and how he hoped that he could get a job working for the New York Times. Also, she reassured Hope that Jack was no longer the old Jack but rather a new one and that their sex life had gotten a lot better. Later, Jennifer told Jack that he would get in over his head if he pursued the investigation. He reassured her that he wouldn't and that nothing bad would happen.

Rex and Shawn got into it because of Shawn breaking into Rex's house and going through his computer files. Mimi tried to prevent them from fighting, but Rex told her that it was his fight and that he would do whatever he wanted to. Shawn and Mimi finally left. In the meantime, Philip and Belle were sitting in the car, waiting, because they had gotten wet from the sprinklers Cassie had turned on in order to keep Bart and the security guy from spying on her. Philip ended up kissing Belle as he got his sweatshirt from the backseat -- just as Shawn arrived at the window of the car.

Shawn asked what was going on, and they told him how they had gotten wet from the sprinkler. Later, Cassie and Rex talked about what had happened and how it might be possible that Rex was responsible, however, Rex did not remember anything, and he said that perhaps the reason he could not remember was because he was not responsible. Meanwhile, Mimi was outside Rex's bedroom door and heard the whole conversation.

Sami went before the hospital board and pleaded her case about switching Lexie's paternity test. Lucas also testified for Sami, but that was not enough because the board voted to have Sami's job terminated. Before the board decided Sami's fate, she overhead John telling Marlena that Sami should pay for what she had done; because of that, Marlena voted against Sami keeping her job. Marlena told Sami that while they were in Tony's room that she had voted against Sami, and Sami blamed John because she had overheard what he was telling her mother earlier.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Bo and Hope were released from the hospital. On their way home, they stopped by to visit Alice because Maggie had told them Alice had been having premonitions in her sleep about something bad happening. While they were there visiting, Alice noticed that Bo and Hope's wedding picture was missing, and, when it turned up later in a drawer, she swore that she had never moved it. The picture of Tom was upside down, and also the candle Alice had lit for Bo and Hope had gone out. Celeste stopped by to donate money to the Horton Foundation, and she and Alice got bad vibes about something terrible happening to Bo and Hope.

Sami lost her job and found out that her mother had voted against her not once but twice because Marlena had had to vote for Victor. Sami was very upset with her mother and father, who were both trying to interfere with her life. Tony told Sami that she could do better than the hospital job and that he would always be friends with her and would help her out in any way that he could. Meanwhile, he said to himself that he would use Sami to get the upper hand in getting his enemies. Later, Sami was overjoyed because she thought Brandon wanted to get back together with her, but when she went home, she realized that he wanted an annulment. Sami collapsed, and Lucas was there to help her out of it.

It seemed everyone was bothering Tony at the hospital. First, John was still blaming Tony for Bo and Hope's attack. Then, Lucas told Tony that they were not doing so well with money; however, Tony told Lucas that it was no big deal and that it was just money. Later, Kate walked in and told Tony to fire Lucas, and he told her he would not. While there, Kate had a flashback of her being on the phone with Stefano. After she left, Tony was heard saying, "Like the phoenix that rose from the ashes, I will revive stronger and deadlier than ever." Tony was released from the hospital, and Bo warned Tony that he wouldn't get away with anything. Tony said that it was the beginning of a new Brady/DiMera feud.

Kate and Roman talked about their relationship. Roman tried to convince her that they needed to be together, and Kate told him that she needed him to hold her. Meanwhile, John and Marlena talked about Sami and how she needed to live her own life.

Friday, August 22, 2003

by Joan

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole arranged to have what little financial assets remained delivered together with her flight tickets -- outside the mansion. While Brady suspected she was leaving, Abe arrived. Still torturing Nicole with sarcastic remarks, Victor covered for the Colin Murphy murder. When Abe was gone, Victor promised to destroy the evidence eventually, if Nicole played things his way. Brady's surprise of a swing for Nicole was disturbed when the requested delivery arrived.

At Tuscany, Kate and Roman joined Marlena and John, and the discussion turned to Tony. When Lucas and Sami arrived for dinner, as well, meeting the other couples triggered bad feelings. Sami's resentment erupted -- blaming Marlena and John for losing her job and for the disappointments in her life. John objected to Marlena's suggestion to give Sami a job at Basic Black. Claiming she didn't want to be around John, Sami returned home -- in denial about the annulment -- and threw Lucas out when he tried to get her to sign the papers.

In the Tuscany ladies' lounge, Marlena asked Kate about the "kippers" bequeathed in Stefano's will. Avoiding a direct answer, Kate referred to a "business connection" she'd had with DiMera. Regretting her relationship with Stefano, Kate called it a dark period of her past that she wanted to put behind her. But Kate was quick to warn Marlena to keep Sami away from Tony -- that involvement with the DiMeras could ruin one's life.

At the DiMera Mansion, Mimi helped the twins prepare for Tony's homecoming. But the count ignored her welcoming words and dismissed Bart as not being family. Watching Rex, Mimi became worried about the possibility he might be a killer. Tony's declaration never to be separated from the twins strengthened Cassie's resolve to stay a DiMera. She reasoned that Stefano's scientific creation of the twins gave them a DiMera birthright.

Tony's joke about disinheriting the twins shocked them, but they were relieved just offering their trust funds during his temporary financial needs. Tony confided in Rex that the Bradys wouldn't get away with ruining his business deal. Delighted at Rex's offer to help, Tony said the Bradys didn't stand a chance with two DiMeras against them. But Rex caught Tony in a lie as he watched the count go out the door instead of going to sleep.

Bo and Hope debated about Tony's possible implication in their attack. Startled when the front door flew open on its own, Bo denied omens. Cree phoned, grateful that their assistance assured that DiMera would not misuse the mysterious substance. Deciding on taking down Tony, Bo recommended applying for a security guard job -- and leaving Zack with his parents. Once the lights were out for the night, the couple was unaware of a shadowy figure outside the front door.

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