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Monday, August 25, 2003

While Roman and Kate danced at Tuscany, they discussed their relationship and it's problems and pitfalls. Roman told her that he won't let Sami and Lucas get in the way of their love and Kate wished it was so easy, but reminded him under her breath that there is still so much that he didn't know. Roman turned quickly and dipped Kate and they shared a laugh. But just as quickly she remembered being scolded by Stefano. This caused her to pull away from Roman and she turned on her heel and left the restaurant. Kate tried to give the valet her ticket, but Roman stopped her and demanded that they needed to talk. While Kate insisted that she'd never make him happy, Roman convinced her that her history with Sami is simply that...history... and that they should concentrate on the present and future of loving each other. Meanwhile at the table they were sharing with Roman and Kate, Marlena and John argued about John giving Sami a job at Basic Black. Marlena begged him to give Sami a second chance and said that if she made a mistake, then he could fire her. John said no and Marlena called him a hypocrite since he had given Brady a job when he hit a rough patch. John said that it was different and calmly stated, "No. What part of that don't you understand?" Across the room, Roman and Kate reappeared after a quick kiss-and-makeup session outside and headed to the counter to ask Maggie how much they owed her for their dinner. Maggie asked them to help settle John and Marlena's argument before they left. While Kate asked John to dance, Roman sat down to chat with Marlena. He asked her what was wrong and she told him that she asked John to give Sami a job, but that he refused. Roman was quick to tell Marlena that he didn't blame John for not wanting to give Sami a job. He went on to say that he loved Sami, but that she wreaked havoc anywhere she went. Roman asked Marlena that if Sami messed up would she want that between her and John. He also added that he thought it was a bad idea to force Sami on John and Kate. Marlena began to understand where John and Roman were coming from and decided to let Sami work out the problem for herself. On the dance floor, Kate convinced John to explain his and Marlena's problem and offered to help. John explained his dilemma, but conveniently left out that it was Sami that Marlena wanted him to hire. In her ignorance, Kate tried to talk John into letting her handle this difficult potential employee in order to help John and Marlena quit their fighting. John warned her that she would regret her offer, but Kate insisted that he should never let work come between him and those he loved. Just then, Marlena and Roman came to claim their dates and the two couples danced near each other. John relays to Marlena that he's changed his mind and will let Sami have a job. Nearby, an incredulous Kate overheard John's new decision and who he had decided to hire and turned on him in a state of shock!

Sami sauntered into the DiMera mansion and admired her reflection in the hallway mirror. Tony's reflection soon appeared behind her and she turned to welcome him home from the hospital. He asked if there was something he could help her with and Sami admitted that there was in fact something that she needed to speak with him about. She explained to him her interest in securing a job at Basic Black, but said that her relationship with John was less than perfect and that since she hated him, he would never agree to hire her. Tony offered Sami money and said no one else would have to know about it, but Sami proudly refused saying that she had to set a good example for Will and prove to the courts that she could provide for her son. Tony pried into Sami's story and figured out that she also wanted Roman and Marlena, her parents, to remarry. Tony reminded her that if she did get a job at Basic Black she'd most likely have to report to Kate. Sami mulled that over and said that Kate would be a problem, but that she would just deal with that issue. She declared that she would be an exemplary member of the Black family if she could just get that job. In a symbolic gesture, Tony played chess while he told Sami that he would do everything he could to get her the job at Basic Black because he loved to make her happy. As they stood, he hugged Sami long enough that she had to push him away, and then she left while Tony chuckled to himself. As if on cue, Bart popped his head in the door and said he had overheard Sami and Tony talking. He curiously asked Tony how he planned to get Sami the job she so craved and Tony stated matter-of-factly, "I'm not." He explained to Bart that if Sami got the job she'd thank Tony and that if she didn't get the job she'd come running to Tony for comfort, so either way he had her right where he wanted her. Meanwhile, back at her apartment Sami smiled smugly to herself as she got out Will's scrapbook and a pair of scissors. She glanced over the pages and quickly found her way to the pictures of Marlena and John and of Kate and Roman and took them out of the book. She cut John and Kate out of the pictures, tossed them in a nearby bowl with a lighted match and watched the rejected photos burn.

Hope wandered into her bathroom to brush her hair and suggested to Bo that they both take Zack to the Brady's the next day. The fact that there was a silence in response bothered her and Hope looked out the open window to look for Bo. Feeling spooked, she crept down the dark stairway to the living room below. Bo tapped her on the shoulder from behind and she became angry that he had scared her. In her fear, she realized that Bo was calm and quickly figured out that Bo was scared also. He reassured her that he would protect their family no matter what and they climbed the stairs to check on their son. Outside, a shadow passed over the door and as they entered their bedroom, they heard a loud noise coming from the open window. Bo rushed to pull a gun out from under the bed and he headed downstairs to check out the noise. After a few minutes, Hope heard a noise. She grabbed a heavy statue and hid behind the door, but then realized it was only Bo and they hugged. Bo explained that the only way to stop their stalker was to capture him. They agreed to put their Bounty Hunting business on hold, but both spoke logically about the fact that they may have money problems. Hope surprised Bo by telling him that her stock portfolio was beginning to earn them good money again, but he recanted that the money the portfolio derived was for their boys. They discussed a local security guard job and Bo said that keeping the family together was all that mattered. He slipped in his idea that he would leave Hope home taking care of Zack while he went out on the streets looking for their attacker.

On her way inside the Kiriakis mansion, Brady chased Nicole. She jerked around and a courier handed her a mail package. Since she had no money, she asked Brady to pay him a tip and ripped open the envelope to see what was inside. Noticing that she tried to hide something, Brady asked Nicole what she had in the package, but she dodged the question by guilting him into respecting her privacy. She thanked him for taking her out all day and went inside only to run into Victor. He demanded to know what she had, but she held him off until Brady saved the day by telling his grandfather that the envelope contained receipts for The Blue Note that he had asked Nicole to peruse for him. She took off for the stairs, eager to get to her room to finish the final phase of her plan. Brady watched her hurry away and quickly questioned his grandfather as to why he felt the need to lock Nicole in her room. Victor kindly told him to mind his own business and that Nicole needed those boundaries in order to feel secure. Brady respectfully argued that Nicole required room to fly and that he used to trust her at Titan...why not now? Victor said that she didn't need room to fly, "she needed her wings clipped." He went on to ask Brady the rhetorical question: "If she is so miserable, why doesn't she just leave?" Nicole quickly grabbed her suitcase from under her bed and began a quick packing job of only necessities. She checked outside her door, but saw someone in the hallway and shut the door. Plan B sprang into action and heaved her suitcase out to the ground below. She followed by sliding down a long bed sheet that she hung out her window. Brady then went upstairs to check on Nicole, but found no answer when he knocked on the door. In a nearby room, Nico whispered into Victor's ear and he and Victor rushed out the door leaving Brady to wonder what was going on. At the airport, Nicole searched for her seat on a plane and nervously waited for a delayed take off. Unsure as to why the plane hadn't taken off, she asked the patron next to her why they were delayed. Victor appeared at her side and asked, "Why don't you ask me?"

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

by Joan

At Sami's apartment, Brandon's attorney called to follow-up on the status of the annulment papers. Still refusing to sign them, Sami confided in Belle who stopped by with Shawn. Convinced that Sami just needed to speak with Brandon, Belle suggested contacting him through Abe for a possible reconciliation. Meanwhile, Shawn was asking for info on Rex from Lucas. Doubting Rex could have attacked Bo & Hope, Lucas refused to discuss the DiMeras further. When Shawn questioned him about Sami, but Lucas denied there was anything between them - except being parents to Will. Angry with Sami's behavior, Lucas added that the annulment was the smartest thing Brandon did.

Lexie and Abe were home when a registered letter notified them of a gift coming from Brandon for little Theo. Abe felt guilty for not being there for Brandon when he was abused as a child. Recalling his bond with the Brady's, Abe mused about their becoming related as a result of Brandon marrying Sami, but Lexie was glad to have her out of their lives. Deciding to invite Brandon for a visit, the Carvers learned Brandon was leaving the country to work with children victimized by war. Lexie agreed he was right to stay away from Salem - and Sami.

At Tuscany, Kate was furious with John that her new Basic Black trainee would be Sami. Roman had misgivings about Sami but Marlena was delighted - thinking Kate played a part in hiring her. Roman told Marlena of his love for Kate - but concerned over her not wanting to commit to a serious relationship. Marlena confided what little she knew - that Kate seemed "haunted" by something in her past.

After nearly losing Hope, Bo decided to look for their attacker alone. The two argued but as they finally made up the hooded, shadowy figure still loomed outside the house.

Hearing Lucas talk about her failed marriage, Sami was determined to get Brandon back. In tears, she drove to Abe's, momentarily turning her attention from the road. A second later she crashed into another car - finding the unconscious driver - Kate - slumped over the steering wheel.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

After the car accident, Sami thinks Kate is dead... and Sami will be blamed. Kate revives... and a real catfight ensues, as these sworn enemies go for each other's throat. Kate swallows her anger... just wants to get away from Sami. Sami says Kate's relationship with Sami's father is doomed. Meanwhile, Lexie and Abe continue talking to Brandon on the phone. Lexie thinks Brandon's made the right decision to go away, and never see Sami again. Later, Sami shows up at the Carver house, and hears Lexie bad-mouthing her to Brandon. Sami erupts, barges into the house and demands to speak to her husband! Lexie won't allow it, and Sami physically attacks Lexie, trying to get the phone. Abe intervenes and takes Sami to task. Sami wants Abe to intercede with Brandon on her behalf. Abe flatly refuses. He thinks Brandon is much better off without Sami. Sami is furious, and she curses Abe and Lexie. She hopes they go to hell! Sami gets in her car, sobbing and seething: she blames Abe and Lexie for ruining her life and taking Brandon away from her. Sami curses the Carvers, wishes they were dead!

Elsewhere, Celeste has a very disturbing and ominous dream in which she sees a closed casket. She hears mourners weeping. Celeste gets an overwhelming feeling of loss. Finally, Celeste races over to the Carver house immediately after Sami leaves and warns them about her premonition: one of them is going to die. In another eerily ominous progression, Alice Horton is having trouble sleeping. She keeps hearing distorted sound of children laughing and playing outside her bedroom window. When she looks out, no one is there. Alice also sees Bo and Hope's picture appear to move.

Kate visits Roman at work after her accident. Kate is convinced Sami will come between them. Roman hopes their love can overcome, but Kate seriously doubts there can be a happy ending.

Shawn helps Belle bring home the cedar chest from Sami's apt. They argue about Sami. Belle hopes her half-sister gets back together with Brandon. Shawn sees Sami as real trouble. They agree to disagree on the subject of Sami. Shawn jokes with her about her insanely high credit card bills. Belle is enjoying her life... living on her own at the loft, and working at Basic Black. Belle likes that she and Shawn have different interests, separate lives. Shawn takes this as a bad sign. He has a surprise for Belle, and he's not sure she's going to like it. Shawn reveals he rented the apartment across the hall... so they could be closer. Belle is thrilled. Shawn is very relieved... Belle can't wait for them to be neighbors. We end on their sexy romance and the promise of more to come.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Sami goes to Tony, frustrated she hasn't heard about being hired by John to work at Basic Black yet. Tony promises he'll arrange it. Lexie also arrives at the mansion and Tony sees the friction between Lexie and Sami. After Sami leaves, Lexie fills Tony in about Celeste's premonition and Sami's threats. She wants to know if he's heard of any threats against Abe in the underground. Tony hasn't. Lexie then leaves to go shopping. Meanwhile, at the Carver house, Celeste (who has spent the night) is still deeply rattled by her premonition and is very worried that the threat to "someone she loves" means Lexie. Abe, equally concerned, tells Celeste he's put a police guard on Lexie, but hasn't told her. Both are frustrated that Lexie wants to go shopping at a time like this. After Sami gets the news that she's been hired, she goes back to personally thank Tony. Even though he wasn't responsible, Tony takes credit for getting her the job and he tells Bart that he's going to use Sami to destroy all his enemies.

Marlena and John share a romantic breakfast at the penthouse. Marlena has been trying to reach Sami to give her the good news about the job, but Sami's phone is off. Abe calls John and asks to borrow some spy gadgets to help protect Lexie. He also fills John in on Celeste's premonition and Sami's threats. Finally, Marlena is able to give the good news to Sami that she's going to work at Basic Black. Marlena tells Sami to thank the person responsible. Sami assumes it's Tony. John tells Marlena about Sami's threats to Abe and Lexie. Marlena decides to talk to Sami before she does something even more stupid and self-destructive.

Jack and Jennifer are with now 11-year-old Abby, who has just returned from camp. Jennifer and Abby are going shopping for school clothes. Jack takes off to continue to investigate the DiMeras. Jennifer, worried about Jack, calls Abe and asks him to check on Jack, who she believes is snooping around the DiMera mansion. Lexie runs into Jennifer and they share their mutual worry over their husbands.

Abe, meanwhile, has met with an informant who has info on Tony. Maggie sees the mysterious meeting and wonders about it. Abe arranges to meet again later and takes off for the mansion. Meanwhile, Rex and Mimi make love and Rex learns the garbage is going out today. He glances out the window, sees something upsetting. He goes down to the street and finds Jack going through the garbage! He manhandles Jack. Mimi alerts Tony, who wants to know what Jack is up to? Abe arrives and gets Jack out of there, tells him about the informant waiting back at Salem Place. We wonder if Tony/Rex have overheard. They both disappear for a while and Mimi, Bart wonder where they've gone. Later, Rex pours acid on the remnants of the shirt, destroying it; Abe and Jack return to Salem Place and discover the murdered body of Abe's informant. Maggie joins Lexie and Jennifer. Maggie spoke to Abe's informant and she tells them the man seem scared and very anxious to talk to Abe.

Friday, August 29, 2003

by Joan

As Philip prepared to help paint the Loft, Cassie walked in uninvited to help break up Shawn and Belle. Meanwhile, Rex had followed Mimi, jealous that she hadn't mentioned going to the loft herself. The fight she was afraid would break out - did - once Rex and Shawn were together at the Loft. Later, at Salem Square Kate would confide in Victor her concern that Cassie was still friendly with Philip, while Victor encouraged her to fight for Roman despite Sami.

At the Brady Pub, Kate and Marlena discussed Abe's refusal to help Sami get Brandon back. While Marlena felt the new job was Sami's second chance, Kate reminded her that Sami's low self-esteem would see Kate as "Enemy No. 1" - making Basic Black the "worst possible" place to be.

At a boutique, Sami ran into Caroline while shopping for her new job. Caroline was astonished at her granddaughter's bad attitude towards John and Marlena - particularly when Sami called her mother a whore. Humoring her grandmother, Sami agreed to forgive and move on as Roman had. But once alone - Sami was quick to whisper her desire for "the sweet taste of revenge." Marlena stopped to confront Sami about upsetting Caroline. Reminding Sami that in pointing to Marlena as an adulteress, she'd forgotten about Caroline's past affair with Victor - and might have opened old memories. But Sami's short-lived remorse turned on Marlena as she loudly accused her of leaving the Brady's for someone with more money.

At the DiMera Mansion, Tony denied Abe's accusation of shooting the informant in Salem Square, sarcastically admitting he had no alibi. After Tony threw Abe out, Bart overheard Tony end a phone conversation commanding something be done right away. Tony predicted to Bart that Lexie would soon return to the "DiMera Fold" - not by divorce - suggesting the best way to save his sister would be to kill her husband. At the Salem PD, Abe was receiving a delivery - a wreath with the message "Rest in Peace."

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady walked in as Victor ordered Nicole to stay away from his grandson, threatening to reveal her past crimes. Both Victor and Nicole left Brady asking questions until Nicole told Brady he was the best thing that happened to her - asking that he get her out of the house. Cautioning her about his granddad's heart, Brady left Nicole drinking alone as she realized freedom meant killing Victor herself - and a toast - to andquot;Widowhood.andquot;

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