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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, September 1, 2003

Mimi and Belle entered the room and admired their freshly painted loft while they wondered where Philip and Cassie had gone. They watched Shawn and Rex work silently nearby and wished that they weren't so tense when they were around each other. The girls decided that their lives would be much easier if their boyfriends didn't hate each other. Just then, Rex ran into Shawn with a ladder and a fight ensued. Mimi and Belle managed to break the boys up, but Shawn yelled at Belle when she tried to calm him down. She asked him not to ruin her evening for her and he relented saying that he would behave, but only for her. Across the room, Mimi asked Rex what had happened to his idea of becoming Shawn's best friend. Rex told Mimi that he and Shawn would be closer soon. As if on cue, Belle explained to the group how excited she was that Shawn would be moving in across the hall. Shawn told them that he thought having a roommate would be hard, but that they would somehow manage. The four complained that their summer had flown by and that school started the following day. Rex reminded Mimi that he wouldn't have to go to school and that Mimi could finish college early like he did if she took advanced classes. Mimi told him she was sad he wouldn't be on campus with her anymore and he assured her that he'd find a way to get over there to see her. While they kissed, Shawn dragged Belle out the door and told her that he had a surprise for her. Upstairs, Belle covered her eyes and let Shawn lead her out onto the rooftop for an impromptu picnic under the stars. Belle was awestruck and told Shawn how happy she was. They stretched out on the blanket and decided that this would be their special place. Shawn explained that his aunt and uncle used to have picnics on the roof of their first apartment and that they called it "Tar Beach." This gave Belle an idea and she proceeded to take off her clothes to reveal a bikini. She made Shawn take off most of his clothes and they lay back on the blanket to catch some "moon rays." A while later Belle and Shawn found his parent's initials carved into a door on the roof, along with the initials of Brady and Chloe and John and Isabella. Belle thought it was romantic, but sadly noted that none of those couples were together any longer. Shawn reminded her that his parents were and that he and Belle would strive to be like them. Shawn headed to the doorway to carve his and Belle's initials into the wood and then they stood back to admire their work. Belle wished aloud that she could be this close to Shawn all the time. He whispered that it could be sooner than she thought and they kissed. Their passion took over and suddenly Belle pulled away. Shawn didn't seem to understand why and then realized that she thought he meant they would have sex sooner than she thought. Shawn explained to her that he meant they could spend more time together once he moved in across the hall and he and Belle kissed again. Back in the loft, Rex pressed Mimi to tell him why she didn't want to discuss her mom. Mimi changed the subject and then remembered that she needed to get some items from her house. Rex offered to go with her, but she quickly refused and told him she only needed a few girl things. He asked why he couldn't go with her and demanded to know what was really going on, but then finally gave in and let her go. After Mimi disappeared in the elevator, Rex decided that it was better that he stayed back at the loft anyway because he had a lot to do. He gloated that the next day Shawn would get "the shock of his life." At her mom's house, Mimi entered a smoke filled apartment with loud music blaring. A voice from the bedroom yelled, "Where the hell have you been?"

At Basic Black, Sami stepped off the elevator and found an employee working nearby. She asked if she could complete her tax forms early so that she would be sure to get her first paycheck in a timely manner. The employee was glad to help and called Sami's immediate boss, who happened to be Kate, to come meet with her. The employee called and announced Sami's arrival, but Kate's response was, "tell her to wait," before she slammed the phone down. The employee told Sami it would be a moment, and Sami sat down to fantasize about what her new boss would be like. In her daydream, her new boss Brad was tall, dark and handsome and swooned over her. He offered her a promotion on her first day and told her that she'd be a huge success at Basic Black. Brad then asked her out, but Sami explained that she was still married to Brandon and that they were happy and in love. She smiled and said she was glad she didn't have to work for Kate and hoped she could get her fired and take over her job, but then was startled to reality when Kate called her name and told her that she was Sami's new boss. Sami stammered that she didn't know Kate would be her boss and Kate in turn told Sami that she had asked for her directly. Sami tried to impress Kate by telling her some of her strong attributes from working at Titan. Kate listened, but then abruptly asked Sami if she'd like to see her new office. Sami at first was startled, but then figured that having her stepfather as the head of the company would maybe pay-off after-all and would offer her some perks and special attention. Kate told Sami that she and John had picked the office out themselves with Sami in mind, and then led her to the elevator that took them down to the basement. Kate took her to an old dirty file room and Sami was incredulous. Kate asked if the office would work and Sami begrudgingly said it needed some work but that it was a perfect match. Kate assumed Sami would want to get started that very night and then explained that sometimes she had to work late also. She explained that they didn't play favorites at Basic Black and that Sami would have to work hard. Kate said that they might not be friends, but that she was willing to try if Sami was, for the sake of her parents. Just then, the phone rang and Roman called to confirm his and Kate's dinner plans for the evening. Sami was upset that Kate was off to have fun while she was stuck working in the dusty dungeon-like office. Kate reminded her promptly that she was the boss and got to make the rules. After Kate left, Sami tried to open some filing cabinets and found an axe. Her eyes glazed over and she was off into another fantasy where Marlena and Roman were back together and John and Kate were bound and gagged. In her dream she used the axe to chop off John and Kate's heads and then she and Marlena and Roman all laughed at the duo's misfortune. Sami then announced that while they were on their honeymoon, she would run Basic Black and would rename it "Stunningly Sami." She snapped back to reality and pulled the spliced photo of Marlena and Roman out of her purse. Under her breath she decided that she'd have what she wanted and that if anyone got in her way they should watch out.

At their condo, John talked on the phone, but then quickly hung up when Marlena came in the door. She prodded to find out whom he was talking to and he put her off saying only that it was a surprise. He asked her how her talk with Sami had gone and she said it had been difficult but that she thought she had gotten through to her. Marlena hoped that the new job at Basic Black would help to turn Sami's life around. John admitted that he thought Sami would fail trying to work with he and Kate since they were the two people she hated most, but Marlena disagreed and said that she thought Sami would put all the past behind her. John was skeptical and told Marlena that she had blinders on when it came to her daughter. Marlena acknowledged Sami's shortcomings, but said she still wanted to give Sami the benefit of the doubt because she loved her. John said he loved Marlena because she was such a good mother and then the phone rang. He convinced Marlena to answer it and she became excited as she spoke to her son, Eric, on the other end. John had arranged a surprise trip for Marlena to see Eric and parents in Colorado, and that he had more surprises in store for the evening. She went upstairs to change her clothes and they headed to Tuscany for a goodbye dinner. At the restaurant they saw Kate and Roman at the bar who also happened to be dining there that evening. Kate told John that she showed Sami her new office and John reminded her that Sami was to receive no special favors and that she was simply an entry level intern. He went on to say it was good that Marlena would be out of town, as Sami would have no one to whine to about not getting any favors. Marlena and Roman overheard the comment and Roman thanked John for giving Sami a chance at the job. He wanted them to motivate Sami to do better and Kate assured him that she was going to work Sami harder than she had ever worked before. John told the group that they would straighten Sami out and they all shared a laugh while Kate muttered "or die trying."

At the DiMera mansion, Tony answered the door to find Lexie. She confided to Tony that she was worried about Abe. Tony consoled her and then suggested that she pack her bags and leave Salem with Abe and Theo. Lexie didn't think Abe would go for that idea and Tony then offered to have some of his men look after Abe and Lexie and their son. Lexie said Abe wouldn't hear of that idea either. All of a sudden, they heard the front door slam open and Abe barged in carrying a burial wreath. He angrily accused Tony of sending the wreath to him as a death threat and told Tony that he was through. Abe then told Lexie of the informant's death and that Tony could not provide and alibi during that timeframe. Lexie continued to defend Tony, but Abe insisted that he had proof that Tony had sent the wreath, because he had talked to the florist. Lexie prodded Tony to tell Abe that he was innocent, but Tony surprised her by saying, "Of course I sent it." Tony then explained that he had sent it in memory of the informant because he had been close to the DiMera family, but Abe wouldn't accept the explanation. Tony then asked if Abe had read the card, and upon further investigation they realized that Tony had forgotten to attach the card to the wreath. He found the card on a nearby desk and handed it to Lexie to read. She offered it to Abe in order to clear Tony of the alleged crime. Abe willed Lexie not to fall for Tony's lies, but Tony continued to tell them that he had sent it in an attempt to bond with his brother-in-law. Lexie decided she was fed up with the argument and left with Abe in tow. She told Abe that she would not convict her brother without proof and Abe vowed that he would find the proof. They left and Tony inspected the wreath and decided that they would need it after all for a funeral that was to occur very soon. In the meantime, Abe and Lexie went to dinner at Tuscany and Lexie tried to cheer her husband up. She brought up the subject of Theo's upcoming christening and they talked about who Theo's godparents should be. Lexie tossed out the idea of Hope being the godmother and Abe agreed and then asked Lexie if she thought they should choose Roman or John to be the godfather. She said she wouldn't pick either of them; rather she would opt to have her brother, Tony as Theo's godparent. Abe told her that it was out-of-the-question and then stood to speak to John, Marlena, Roman and Kate at the bar. A sulking Lexie followed and as they approached they overheard the group discussing the informant's death. Abe vowed that if Tony was to blame that he'd make him pay, and Roman wondered that if Tony killed the informant, who would be next? The women stepped aside and Kate told them that she was worried about the fact that there had been a murder in Salem Place. A few steps away, John asked Abe if he was sure the wreath was from Tony. Abe told them that Tony admitted that he had sent the wreath, but that he had meant it for the dead informant. Abe said that he knew Tony was dangerous and for that reason he had to get his "affairs in order" and that he had a favor to ask of John and Roman. He proceeded to ask them to be Theo's godparents if anything should happen to him. They both agreed to be godfathers, but assured Abe that nothing would happen to him. Lexie overheard some of the comments Abe made about Tony and angrily told him that everyone needed forgiveness at one time or another. Just then, Tony appeared behind the group and Lexie spun around and asked him to be Theo's godfather as well. She ignored Abe's warnings and Tony realized aloud that being a godfather meant that he would be responsible for the baby if Abe happened to die. After mulling it over for a few moments, Tony accepted and he and Lexie hugged.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

by Joan

Dining at Tuscany, Marlena was looking forward to visiting to Eric. She was confident at Sami's dedication to her new job but John remained unsure. John assured Marlena of his hope for Sami's success - but didn't want his wife to be disappointed if Sami failed again.

At Basic Black, Sami worked after hours at her intern job when John & Marlena paid a visit to her basement 'office'. Despite her dissatisfaction, she pretended eagerness to please - even when told by John to arrive at 6:00 am the next day. But when they left - Sami's anger and resolve to destroy John - caused her to begin tossing Basic Black's files down a garbage shoot.

Abe and Lexie arrived home bringing Celeste news about their choice of Hope for Baby Theo's Godmother, and Bo, Roman and Tony as his Godfathers. Celeste's fear of evil around them made her want the Christening immediately - and additionally having the Carver house and family blessed as well. Celeste's confidence about her premonitions troubled Lexie enough to make Abe decide on early retirement from the Police Force.

Jennifer was displeased at Jack's late arrival home - worried at his not calling - after the Police informant's murder. Meanwhile, Alice - frightened at her house lights blinking in and out, asked Jack & Jen to come immediately. Her account of children's voices singing the Lizzie Borden tune, and Tom's picture moving, sent Jack & Jen from the room in disbelief. Not fooled by them, Alice waited for their return but was visited by a vision of Tom - and asked him if his warning was of something terrible to come.

Celeste's delight at Abe's decision was short-lived. Still uneasy, she was unaware of the shadowy, hooded figure - which had plagued the Brady house - now lurking outside the Carvers' door. But as she read the tarot cards, and convinced herself the premonition was a bad dream, she brought up the Ten of Swords. Then, cautiously turning the last card - she made the Sign of the Cross - in shock - at seeing The Grim Reaper - the Death Card.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Hope and Bo ran into a cash flow problem and both reveled that they were hiding away. Bo wanted to use the money he was saving to buy Hope a designer winter coat. And Hope wanted to use the money she had saved to buy Bo boots for his birthday, but neither one will be able to purchase the respective gifts because both secretly give Shawn the money since he was moving into the loft that night, something that surprised Bo and Hope because they thought he was going to be living in the dorm for the school year. However, both were supported of his decision. Yet, they did not want him going after Rex since he said he was going to. Shawn told Belle that he was going after Rex even though his parents told him not to do so.

Maggie and Mickey came to visit Alice after Jack called them because he and Jennifer were worried about Alice since she told them that Tom's picture keeps moving and she keeps hearing voices. Also, both Jack and Jennifer heard Alice talking to Tom, who Alice believed she saw an image of. Later Abe and Lexie came by to visit Alice since everyone was worried about her. Abe goes out into the foyer to make a phone call and he sees the image of Tom appearing before him.

Bonnie and Mimi have it out because Mimi is leaving and Bonnie does not want to go. Bonnie told Mimi that she would change for her and Mimi did not believe her. Mimi does leave and goes to the DiMera mansion to visit Rex. While she is there Rex received a mysterious call about Shawn and Rex agreed to go with plan a.

Thursday, September 4, 2003

It's Sami's first day at work, and she hates being stuffed down in her dark, dank office. Roman and Caroline show up and surprise her and are surprised themselves to see her working conditions. But John and Kate convince Roman and Caroline that they're not treating Sami any differently than they would any other new employee. Belle has a beautiful office and Sami is resentful of that and the way John dotes on his daughter. Belle tells Sami that she worked her way up and is looking forward to working with Sami and pooling their resources. Tony convinces Sami that he's the only person she can trust and that her own family is out to get her. He plans to buy into Basic Black, but John turns him down. Despite Tony's failure to buy into John's company, he promises Sami that he'll find a way to help her. Sami plots revenge and destruction on John and Kate.

Belle and Shawn enjoy their first breakfast as neighbors. Belle goes off to work and Shawn continues to move stuff over to his new loft. Meanwhile, Rex tells Tony that he's moving out, getting a place of his own. It turns out he's sublet half of Shawn's apartment and there's nothing Shawn can do about it. Of course, when Shawn finds out what Rex has done, he's furious. As they come to blows, Belle comes home to witness the fight...

Lexie and Abe are still troubled by their encounter at Alice's house. Abe agrees that the best thing he can do is leave the force. Lexie is anxious to make it official and Abe has already completed the necessary paperwork. Behind Lexie's back, troubled Abe makes arrangements with Mickey to update his will. When Mickey shows up, he asks why Abe is leaving the force while still so young. Abe reveals that Tom appeared to him as well and spoke his name. He has to prepare to die.

Jennifer urges Jack to give up his dangerous investigating. But Jack refuses, is determined to win a Pulitzer prize. They run into Mickey, and Jack arranges on the sly to update his will. He plays down this fear with Jennifer, promising her over and over that he will be more careful and that everything is going to be all right.

Friday, September 5, 2003

by Joan

Both Abe and Jack kept their meetings with Mickey from their wives as they prepared their wills. Worried for Jack's safety as he learned the Informant Murder was an execution-style hit, Jen was fearful that Alice's vision of Tom might be a sign. Lexie was suspicious of Abe's legal meeting but delighted with his retirement plans. However, Lexie was angry that Abe seemed determined to target her brother, Tony, as his last assignment. While Abe and Jack discussed the dangers of going after DiMera, Lexie and Jen looked forward to having more children. But later - at the Carvers - delivery of the wills for signature, confirmed the two wives' concern for their husbands.

At the loft, Belle stopped Shawn and Rex from fighting but had to fight off Shawn's suggestion of his moving in with her instead. As Rex was moving in across the hall - he found a picture of Shawn and Belle - realizing nothing would hurt Shawn more than losing Belle. Mimi challenged Shawn's accusations - recalling his breaking into Rex's computer.

Disgusted with her mother's irresponsibility, Mimi argued against Bonnie's suggestion to use Rex's money to help them. Later learning that her rent check had bounced, Mimi checked to find her bank account empty - while her mother returned home - clutching a number of lottery tickets. Meanwhile, Rex used a spare key to the loft Mimi had given him. Walking in on Belle coming out of the shower, he defiantly stepped on the towel that fell from her.

Disturbed by bad vibrations - even as she entered the DiMera Mansion - Celeste was told by Tony there'd been a death in the family. But in a quick recovery the Count explained that he meant Rex moving out. Celeste demanded assurance that Tony would not harm Abe. The two argued, when Celeste accused Tony of carrying out Stefano's wishes. The Count's reply that Stefano was dead and that he, Tony, was in charge of the family resulted in a sound from the other room.

The DiMera Housekeeper was tidying the room, but was nowhere near the urn containing Stefano's ashes when it jiggled independently and fell off the mantel. Startled by the occurrence, Celeste approached the ashes - sprawled on the floor - sensing Stefano was not there. Denying Celeste's remarks that Stefano might still be alive, Tony asked to be left with his father. But once Celeste had gone, Tony laughed over the strewn ashes. Restoring the urn to the mantel, Tony took an expected phone call - replying to the caller: "Don't worry, Father - I know exactly what to do."

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