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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, September 8, 2003

Lucas called Kate to find out how Sami's first day at Basic Black had gone. When he heard that Kate had put Sami's office in the basement he couldn't believe his ears. Just then he found a letter addressed to Sami among his mail. He left to take the letter to Sami personally since it was from Brandon. Meanwhile, Sami finished her bubble bath and complained aloud to herself about how awful her new job was starting out. The phone rang soon after and she heard Will on the other end. Will asked her if she and Lucas were still getting along. She lied and said yes and agreed to take Will for a family picnic when he returned home from camp. She then quickly hung up because the doorbell rang. It was Lucas and he taunted her a little before giving her the letter from Brandon. Sami began to get excited because she thought Brandon was coming back for her, but once she read the letter which asked her to hurry and sign the annulment papers, she became hysterical. Lucas read the letter for himself and found out that Sami had barged into Lexie and Abe's home in an attempt to get to Brandon. He yelled at her for troubling the Carver's when it was really her own fault that Brandon left, but Sami blamed Abe and Lexie for all her problems. Lucas defended Abe and Lexie, but to no avail, Sami stated that she hated Abe and wished he were dead. Lucas tried to calm her down, but ended up making her cry. He pleaded with her to stop crying, but she said she wouldn't be happy until her family was back together. She went on to say that she loathed Marlena and John for worshipping Belle, but that she loved her sister. Lucas soon convinced her to focus on Will, but before he could finish his sentence the doorbell rang. Tony surprised Sami with a new dress and dinner reservations for the evening. While Sami headed to the bedroom to try on the new dress, Lucas asked Tony why he was treating her so nicely. Tony reminded Lucas that it was really none of his business and noted that Lucas had been spending a lot of time at Sami's apartment. Lucas rebounded by telling Tony that his interest was Will only and that if it weren't for Will he'd never come to Sami's apartment. Sami came out dressed nicely and Tony took her arm gallantly. He recited a poem to Sami and then they left telling Lucas not to wait up.

Shawn entered Abe's home where he found Jack and Abe discussing their work. He delivered the wills to them just as Jennifer and Lexie appeared in the doorway. The two women were visibly upset that their husbands were planning their estates secretly. Jennifer pulled Jack outside and asked him why he was planning a will all of a sudden. Jack explained that he was just trying to be responsible for his family like she'd always wanted him to be. He reminded Jennifer that he was in perfect health and that the will was a standard document. Just then, Abigail arrived and was dropped off by a friend. Jennifer informed Jack that they were staying at the Carver's for a cookout and Jack was going to make some of his famous burgers. She then left to help Lexie with the cooking and Jack decided to let Abby in on the secret Devereux family burger recipe. Jennifer came back around the corner just in time to overhear Jack's offer and demanded to know why Jack wasn't waiting to share the recipe with Abby until she was twenty-one like he had previously planned. She was curious to know if he was planning on going somewhere. Back inside, Lexie was drilling Abe on why he felt it necessary to plan a will without telling her. Abe told Lexie that Mickey had thought it was a good idea since he now had a new baby and also because he found out that he had an adult son, Brandon, who was not previously in the will. Abe then headed to the kitchen and as he entered he got chills and said it felt like someone had walked over his grave. Outside, Lexie and Jennifer talked about how scared they were and decided that they should pray for Abe and Jack. They stepped inside and overheard Abe and Jack saying that they needed to remember whom they were dealing with. The women prodded their husbands to find out what Jack and Abe were discussing, but Abe and Jack were able to convince them that they were simply looking for wine. Abe then left to buy a bottle of wine and as he walked by the dumpster he heard a mechanical sounding voice tell him not to turn around. It also said that he was a friend and warned him that "He's back," but then the mystery person bolted away and Abe was unable to catch up to him. While Abe wondered who was back, he turned and saw graffiti on the wall behind him that read "Stefano."

At the DiMera mansion, the phone rang and Tony answered it to find his father, Stefano, on the other end. He assured Stefano that he knew what to do and that he would carry out his plan to the letter. He pulled out an envelope and asked whom they would be going after. Inside were pictures of all the prominent people in Salem. Tony worried that their plan would backfire, as this was a bigger plan than they had ever attempted. This angered Stefano, but Tony reassured him that he had it under control and that he thought the key element to their plan was Sami Brady.

Belle hopped out of the shower and ran shivering to grab a hairbrush in the living room of the loft. When she started to brush her hair she dropped her towel and hurried to pick it up. Just when she turned to grab it from the floor she gasped! Rex was standing right behind her! She angrily asked him why he was there and how he got into the apartment. He quickly explained that he used the spare key that Mimi had made for him. He apologized and told Belle that he had come to surprise Mimi, but Belle told him to knock the next time and not to use the key unless there was an emergency. In the meantime, Belle had donned a robe and walked over to answer the phone. It was Shawn and he explained that he would be home soon. Belle hung up and told Rex that he had to leave since Shawn was on his way, but Rex asked Belle to help him get back in Shawn's good graces. He went on to ask her if she would try to convince Shawn that he didn't try to kill Bo and Hope. Belle was reluctant, but Rex began massaging her shoulders to reassure her that he really did care about his sister. Just when he asked if Belle believed him, Shawn came through the door and demanded to know what Rex was doing. Belle explained that Rex was leaving, but Rex asked Shawn if they could bury the hatchet and become friends again. Shawn told Rex that he would still consider him the number one suspect until proven otherwise and Rex stomped angrily out of the apartment. Shawn then wanted to know why Belle was defending Rex and Belle said she wasn't, but that Rex was her brother and was now a part of her life.

Mimi slammed open the front door to her mom's house and found her sitting at the table smoking and looking over her losing lottery tickets. Mimi cried and asked her mom how she could take all the money out of her account, but her mom said she had planned to pay it all back. All of a sudden her mother had an "idea"! She thought Mimi should call her boyfriend, Rex, to lend them money, but Mimi told her that she didn't ever want to ask Rex for money of any kind. She left after realizing the money was really gone and headed back to the loft. At the loft, she stepped out of the elevator and knocked on Rex's door. Hearing no answer she opened the door with her spare key and found a broken lamp all over the apartment floor. She recalled seeing Rex fly off the handle during other situations and seemed disturbed. She jumped when she looked up to see Rex come in through the window nearby. Upon realizing that Rex's feet were wet and muddy Mimi asked him why he didn't just use the door, but he evaded her question by kissing her and telling her how happy he was to see her.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

by Joan

Jennifer awoke still concerned about Jack's activities - asking him to promise he'd stay away from danger. At the Carver's, Abe was remembering the stranger's words - and the writing on the wall - and told Lexie that her Stefano might be alive. Later, in a meeting at Salem Place, Abe told Jack about the experience - prompting Jack to think Stefano might be responsible for Colin Murphy's murder. But Abe was quick to advise him that every clue in the Murphy Case led back to the Kiriakis Mansion.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor was feeling confident that Nico's 24/7 guard of Nicole was working to keep her in tow. Meanwhile, Nicole was reliving her wedding night as she dreamt of a struggle with Colin for the gun, causing it to fire. Her scream brought Brady into the room. Blurting out that she didn't mean to do it (referring to the shooting), Nicole quickly changed her story. But as she nestled her head on his shoulder, crying about the mistakes made in her life, Victor walked in on them. While Victor accused Nicole of throwing herself at his grandson, Brady was fantasizing about Nicole seducing him.

Victor sent Nicole shopping - reminding her it wasn't her with money. Then Victor challenged Brady about his interaction with Nicole - reminding his grandson whose wife Nicole is. As Victor told him to find a woman he enjoyed being with, Brady thought back to time he'd spent with Nicole - and finally agreed with his grandfather.

In Salem Place, Lexie joined Jennifer for a special "In The House" regarding depression - particularly in seniors. Stopping by for the show, Alice overheard Jen discussing her grandmother's recent claims of seeing Tom. During an interview of a recovered patient, Lexie and Jennifer were shocked when a widow shared a photo of her deceased husband. Lexie saw Abe's face; and later Jennifer confided that she had seen Jack's face. The frightened wives compared notes about their husbands' wills and Abe's additional annuity provision in the event of his death.

As they watched the broadcast, Alice and Maggie felt a chill come from nowhere - prompting Alice to fear someone they loved was in danger. As Maggie and Mickey left, Alice still seemed a bit unsettled. Maggie pressed Mickey to tell what he knew - Mickey revealed that Abe had heard Tom call out his voice.

Determined to get the impending story - with or without Abe - Jack eavesdropped on a phone conversation as Abe promised a reward to someone with information about Colin's murder. Meantime, Nicole was at a table in Salem Place. Startled by a noise, she was momentarily brought back to Colin's murder. Although she'd only spilled ketchup - Nicole saw Colin's blood on her hand. As she let out a blood-curdling scream, Abe approached.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Jack ran into Caroline at Salem Place and let it slip that he was looking for the true murderer of Colin Murphy. She told Jack to let the police handle the matter rather himself. Later on Jack meets with a waitress from Nicole's and Victor's wedding that gives him the information he may need in order to put the killer behind bars. She also mentions how Nicole was not in a very good mood the day of her wedding and that Victor gave Eileen money to get lost, so she ended up in Paris, but is now back in Salem. Jack mentions that he can smell the truth.

Caroline and Victor run into reach other later at Salem Place and Victor tells her that she is the love of his life and that he would have been a much happier man if they would have stayed together. He also mentioned to her that he is afraid that something is developing between Nicole and Brady.

Mimi's rent check bounced because there is no money in her bank account because her mother withdrew it all for her own personal use. Mimi tells Belle that being a Lockhart means having a destiny with struggle and without money. Belle and Mimi reminisce about their friendship and how money is not important in a friendship, but that generosity, honesty, and having fun is the most important things of a friendship. Belle told Mimi that there is no correlation between how rich a person is and how happy they are. Later, Belle and Mimi get Shawn, Philip, and Rex together and tell them that by the end of the night all of them will be friends.

Rex interrupts Shawn and Philip's game of basketball. Philip challenged Rex to a game of b-ball only to have Rex lose fourteen to zero.

Nicole kept having back-flashes of Colin's murder. Abe caught her flipping out because she got a little ketchup on her hand. Brady covered for Nicole when he told Abe that the reason she was behaving that way was that she was remembering how she was there when her father died. Later Brady takes Nicole home and Victor overhears Nicole tell Brady that she needs him.

Nicole will need someone soon if Jack gets closer to the truth along with Abe, who had Tek go over surveillance tapes from the night of the wedding. Tek concluded that the times were edited so that there is no proof. However, he and Abe sees the hand of Colin Murphy because it was the same watch and ring that Colin had on the day he was killed.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Victor overheard Nicole telling Brady that she needs him and that he can provide things that Victor cannot because he is old and cruel. Later on Abe comes by the mansion to question Nicole and Victor again about the Colin Murphy murder. Abe told Nicole and Victor that there is pressure on his part to find the killer of Murphy by the Mayor, feds, and others before his retirement. Abe showed Victor and Nicole a picture of her and Colin talking the night of the wedding, something Nicole forgot to mention earlier. Abe asked why she was withholding information and Nicole says that it was simply an oversight on her part because she didn't think it was too important. After Abe left Nicole tries to convince Victor to kill Abe, so that she won't have spent the rest of her life in jail.

Nicole threatened to expose him for the secrets and other things that Victor has kept from his family. Perhaps he will help her out this time??

Cassie heard Tony talking to Stefano but he later covers himself by saying it was a business partner. Cassie told Tony how worried she is about Rex moving out and about his migraines. Tony said not worry much that Rex would be able to take care of himself. Tony told Bart that Stefano is alive rather than dead like everyone believes. And that Tony will manipulate to achieve the goals of Stefano by turning his enemies into victims.

Jack is still investigating Colin's murder and uncovers something that he refused to share with Abe unless Abe shared information about the investigation too. Abe would not give in. However, Jack now knows that it was Nicole's bank account where the $5 million dollars came from regarding Colin's murder. Someone at the Kiriakis mansion is going down for murder according to Abe.

Rex had another migraine attack while at Salem Place and while there he meets Bonnie, who is Mimi's mother. Cassie stumbles upon Rex, Mimi, Shawn, and Belle at Salem Place and overheard them talking about the party they were all having that night. She got upset because no one invited her, but Belle tells her that the party is just for couples. Cassie pulled Rex aside and tells him about how they need to tell Tony the truth about their parentage because it will be worse off if they don't.

Lucas and Sami were at Salem Place talking about how Tony is just using Sami to get what he wants and that he really doesn't care about who he hurts. Lucas calls Sami Tony's whore.

Friday, September 12, 2003

by Joan

Cassie was feeling left out as Belle and Mimi prepared for their dinner party. Troubled by headaches, Rex took a nap and dreamt of Bo and Hope rising from the floor at the Fashion Show, asking why he'd try to kill them. He awoke disturbed recalling himself in the dream - questioning the bloodied pipe in his hand. Meanwhile, Cassie ran into Philip on his way to Belle's. Upon learning that his date cancelled, she invited herself to accompany him. Later at the loft, Rex reacted in a rage - driving a butcher's knife into a cutting board at Shawn's mention of the attack. Belle's impatience with them, gave her the idea for a mock trial.

Jen was the first of several family members who stopped in to check on Alice. Jen suggested changing Alice's living arrangements when Maggie and Mickey arrived. But Maggie reminded her of Alice's independent nature. Withholding what she knew about Abe's vision of Tom, Maggie said Jen's concern should not be over Alice - but that evil overtaking Salem.

Bo and Hope returned to the Studio where they'd been attacked, looking for clues. Arriving for the same reason, Abe mentioned that Roman would soon become Police Commander. Abe said he needed them to work together on this case - to watch his back. As the three talked, a black-gloved hand pushed the stage curtain aside to watch them. But Abe's invitation to re-join the Salem P.D. came as more of surprise because of his ominous choice of words - not when he leaves but when he goes.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor and Nicole argued about eliminating Abe. Nicole threatened how much would be revealed to his family if he didn't protect her. Eager for a break on his big story, Jack used a downed cable coverage for a lead. Disguised as telephone repairman, he gained entry to the Mansion and planted a bug in a phone receiver. Outside, Jack tried to pick up reception as Victor & Nicole discussed Colin's murder. But when Nicole discovered the dead phone, the couple realized the deception. After destroying the bug, Victor visited Jack's van - recognizing Jack behind the disguise - ordering him to walk away and not look back.

As Jack followed Victor's orders, heading into a dark, bushy area, a photo of him - left on a table at Alice's - became enveloped in smoke - and then, flames.

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