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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, October 6, 2003

Belle sat down to study, but decided there was really no point to studying, or to anything else for that matter and then glanced at her purity ring before dropping it into her pocket. She tried to ignore a knock at the door, but when it persisted, she finally answered to find Shawn. She was glad to see him and thought he was back to be with her, but he only admitted that he was committed to her. He reminded her that right now she couldn't see past her grief over Abe's death and that he didn't want her to have any regrets about their first time making love. He pulled a photo album out of his backpack to show her, but Belle refused to look at it and told him that she was angry that Abe's life had been cut short. She felt that she had been naïve and that now she wanted to make the most of every moment. Shawn said he used to feel that way too, but said that his hope in the future was renewed and wanted to show her why in the photo album. She tried to refuse again, but eventually she was persuaded to look when he told her that their parents hadn't given up on the future even when they were separated from each other. Belle told him that not knowing the future was too scary for her, but Shawn opened his book to show her his family's past memories, such as Jack and Jennifer's, and John and Marlena's weddings. The last picture Shawn showed her was of their dance together at the "Last Blast" in high school. He told Belle that he knew that night that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Then he showed her that his purity ring was still on his finger and would stay there until they put wedding bands on instead and that then his dream would come true. Belle pulled her purity ring out of her pocket and Shawn helped her put it back on her finger also.

Across the hall, Mimi called from outside the apartment door for Rex, but got no answer. Afraid that she'd lose her resolve, she decided to go inside and wait for him to come home. She entered the dark apartment and called Rex's name again, only to hear a voice say, "Don't call me Rex." She was scared, but Rex flipped on some music and lights and restated, "Don't call me Rex, call me Tom Cruise." He proceeded to dance and lip sync a song to her clad only in a shirt and his boxers. Mimi watched amusedly and then asked him what was going on. He told her that Belle had given him some advice and he had come up with this idea. Mimi told him that it was nice, but that she needed to know that Rex truly loved her, or she would leave then and never come back. Rex insisted that he loved her, but Mimi said they lacked intimacy. He asked her what she wanted him to say and Mimi replied that there really wasn't anything to say and went to pack some of her items from his closet. When she returned, Rex became desperate and tried serenading her to get her to stay. Mimi liked the impromptu song, but said the simple everyday things are what they were lacking. Rex convinced her to stay for the dinner he had planned, but was disappointed when his soufflé had fallen and dinner was ruined. When Mimi got up to leave, Rex pleaded with her not to leave and told her that she was his whole life and he didn't know what he would do without her. He said that she made him want to live and that he wasn't as good at loving as Mimi was. Mimi turned and told him that she had been waiting to hear what was in his heart and they embraced.

Marlena and John talked about his idea of being a decoy to draw out Abe's killer, but Marlena didn't like the idea and thought it was too dangerous. Marlena veered the conversation toward Tony and asked if he was still a main suspect. John affirmed that he was, as were Kate, Sami and Rex. Marlena became angry at the idea of her friends and family being suspects in the murder case. She defended Sami and said that she had only been upset over losing Brandon, but John told her that she couldn't keep making excuses for Sami. John reminded her that Sami had put a curse on Abe, but Marlena stood her ground and said there was no way her children would have killed Abe. Marlena then asked why Maggie was listed as a suspect and John said that he agreed that Maggie couldn't have killed Abe, but told Marlena that Abe had pointed to her and said her name specifically. Marlena wondered if Maggie knew Abe's killer, and John said possibly, but that it was also possible that Maggie was the killer's next target as the computer profile indicated that the killer was a serial killer. He then began questioning Marlena regarding Sami and Rex. He brought up the time Sami accidentally shot Collin Murphy and said that she had a history of being pushed. He also asked about Rex's headaches and mood swings and remembered when he had the same symptoms while being under Stefano's control. Marlena deterred him and left to go talk to Sami.

At Basic Black, Kate cornered Sami and told her that she thought she'd get away with "it," but that criminals always slip up. Sami looked nervous, but then became bored when Kate pulled out a piece of paper. She accused Sami of throwing away complaint letters and fabricating a business report of her own instead of actually doing her work. Sami denied it and said that if she was done presenting evidence against her, she had to get to work. Kate then implied that Sami had killed Abe, but Sami said there was no evidence that supported that because Kate had been Abe's killer. She went on to say that soon her father would realize that Kate was over anxious and that she was guilty, but Kate insisted that Roman knew she was innocent, as she barely knew Abe. Sami tried to be sweet when talking about her "Uncle Abe", and asked Kate why Abe had been taking notes about her in his PDA if they barely knew each other. She said that Abe must have had some dirt on Kate and she had become desperate and killed him. When Kate walked away, Sami vowed to find a way to "get" her. While Sami answered her phone repeatedly, she finally got fed up and hung up on a customer, only to find Marlena standing behind her. Sami asked if she knew about Abe's death and hugged Marlena. She confided that she wanted to tell her everything, but that she was afraid Marlena wouldn't love her anymore if she knew what she had done. From a nearby doorway, Kate listened while Sami relayed to Marlena all the nasty things she'd said about Abe. She angrily realized that John had already gotten to her, but Marlena assured her that if she didn't hurt Abe she had nothing to worry about. Sami said she didn't do it, but that Kate did. Sami headed back to her phone to work and Kate stepped out and asked to speak with Marlena. She made small talk for a while about the recent death and some of the other suspects before she came right out and asked Marlena to remain silent regarding her past with Stefano. Marlena reminded Kate that she had been her patient then and she was sworn to confidentiality. Kate worried that Roman would not understand about her past with Stefano, but Marlena encouraged her to tell him the truth so that she didn't go into their new marriage with lies between them. Outside the office, Sami lurked by the door trying to figure out Kate's secret. Suddenly the phone rang and Sami jumped to answer it just in time. It was John calling to speak with Marlena, and Sami transferred the call, and then proceeded to listen in. John told Marlena that Roman was trying so hard to protect Kate that he was acting unprofessionally. Marlena offered to talk to the witness that John and Roman were working with in an effort to make the interrogation unbiased and said she'd be right over. Marlena left and Kate hurried out to find her, but was too late. Instead, Sami told her that she had a message from Roman to come down to the station. She told Kate that she had won and that she was going to get the proposal she wanted after all. Kate hurried away and told Sami that she hoped they could be friends for her dad's sake. Under her breath Sami whispered that as soon as the witness at the police station saw Kate and identified her, Roman would have to arrest Kate for Abe's murder.

At the police station, Roman and John were getting nowhere with the witness they were questioning. He was looking through pictures of suspects and had worked with a sketch artist, but Roman was avoiding the fact that the sketch matched Kate's description. The suspect mentioned that if he heard the woman's voice yelling the way he had heard her yelling at Abe that day, he would know her in a second. In the doorway, Kate appeared and checked out her image in a mirror in order to be ready for her marriage proposal. Sami watched from another doorway behind and gloated that Kate would soon be going down for murder.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

by Joan

"In the House" was taken to Salem Place as Jack and Jen did a tribute to Abe Carver. As Celeste was being interviewed she had an overwhelming feeling that the murderer was a "tormented soul" that might kill again. Jack's enthusiasm about getting the killer caused a sudden strange look from Celeste towards him. Celeste made a plea to the people of Salem out of concern for another family that could be left grief-stricken. While Jack had reluctantly given up his investigative reporting, he couldn't resist adding to her comments. At Jen's astonishment, Jack warned the murderer that he had the evidence to put the killer away.

At the Java Café, a nervous Nicole seemed relieved when Brady told her about Abe's files being destroyed. Reminding her that the Tuscany matchbook could incriminate her as well, Brady refused to act as Nicole's alibi since he was at the restaurant with her. But reminding her of stepping outside briefly with Victor, Brady refused to lie to John if questioned.

At the Salem PD, Roman continued his questioning of witnesses. The Carvers' gardener had heard a woman arguing with Abe about a secret, and was sure he'd recognize the voice if he heard it. The Security Guard from Salem Place also came in after noticing the gun (which Sami had replaced) was missing at least one bullet. Kate arrived at the PD on a false message from Sami, thinking Roman had called. Speaking confidently with Lucas at having no fear of being considered a suspect, Kate was more confident that she would soon be Roman's wife.

At University Hospital, Maggie wanted to discuss the voices she'd heard with Marlena who was not there. Running into Lexie, she confided the information to her. Lexie assured Maggie she didn't suspect her but that Abe's pointing meant she had some clue. Agreeing to be hypnotized by Lexie to learn more, Maggie's memories returned to seeing Abe speaking with the informant. But when the recollection of someone with 'evil eyes' wasn't enough, Lexie pressed for more. Asking if Maggie knew the killer - Maggie hysterically screamed, "YES! I know the killer!"

And at the Salem PD, Lucas caught Sami eavesdropping as Kate and Roman realized her scheme. Sami was quick to admit she was there to see Kate and Lucas go down. As Kate argued with Sami, the gardener identified Kate's voice as the one arguing with Abe. But Sami's vindictive delight was short-lived. The Salem Place Security Guard emerged, immediately identifying Sami as the suspicious "Sandy Smith" he'd found near the broken Security Case. And Lucas caught a frightened Sami - who tried to run.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

John witnesses Jack's "warning" to the killer and fears Jack has put his life in danger. Upset, Jennifer goes to the Brady Pub to see Alice and Caroline. John tries to talk Jack out his investigation. At the pub Alice and Caroline offer Jennifer some sage advice.

Apparently, Maggie witnessed something the day of Abe's murder and it is trapped inside of her subconscious. Lexie's pushes her while under hypnosis but Marlena arrives and quickly shuts Lexie down. To Lexie's disappointment, Maggie can't remember who killed Abe. The only thing she remembers is the killer had the face of "pure evil." Later, Maggie fills Marlena in on the children's voices she and Alice heard. Marlena takes the medical high road dismissing Maggie and Alice's claim as nothing more than kids pulling a prank Maggie hears the voices again and Marlena call John and tells him she needs him.

At the police station, Roman realizes Sami is the "Ms. Smith" the Salem Place security guard was talking about - she tries to deny but it's useless. Roman hustles Sami, Kate and Lucas into his office where the three of them point accusatory fingers at one another. Roman tells the three of them they're official suspects in the murder of Abe Carver and warn them not to leave town.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Jack and Jennifer arrive at Tuscany. Jack is worried that Jennifer has decided to leave him because he broke his promise to her and deliberately put his life in danger. Jennifer has realized that she cannot stand in Jack's way and is proud of him for wanting to see justice done. Jennifer has a surprise for Jack... it's time for them to try to make another baby. Jack is deeply moved; he can't wait to have another child with Jennifer. Jack composes an improvised "contract" on a napkin.

Kate asks Roman if he plans to return the engagement ring he bought for her and he painfully answers that he's concentrating on arresting Abe's killer, period. Roman finds Marlena at Tuscany to tell her that her daughter is now one of the prime suspects in the case. Marlena is devastated. While Lucas and Sami spar, Kate gets a moment alone with Marlena. Fueled by her upset over Sami, Marlena lashes out at her friend and accuses her of lying about the day Abe died. Kate realizes that Marlena and Roman both believe Kate's capable of murder. Later, Marlena overhears Sami threatening John and she Marlena is furious. Sami is angry that everyone assumes she's guilty.

Also at Tuscany, Maggie is a nervous wreck. Mickey tries to surprise Maggie with a romantic evening, but he's distressed when Maggie starts to think about putting her affairs in order.

Belle and Shawn are going out on a romantic evening cruise on Grandpa Shawn's boat. Mimi overhears and asks to join them to complete a science project and Rex also says he's coming along. When they get to the island, Rex surprises Mimi with a romantic picnic. The kids get stranded on the island for the night. Shawn/Belle can only find two sleeping bags... one for each couple. The two couples react to the rising of a blood red full moon.

At Tuscany, Maggie sees the red moon thinks it's a bad omen. Marlena worries John's life could be in danger. Jennifer worries about Jack. Sami looks up at the odd moon, too and Lucas is more convinced than ever that Sami could kill if threatened.

Friday, October 10, 2003

by Joan

After a romantic night, Jack and Jen planned spending more time together during a week off from "In The House." Looking forward to having another child, Jen enjoyed watching Jack interact playfully with Abby before school. Uncomfortable discussing boys with his growing daughter, Jack felt a need to tell Abby of his pride and love for her. With a wave goodbye, he watched his daughter from the window as she boarded the school bus. With Jack taking a day off from his own work, the Deveraux's set out for some surprise shopping for one another. Before leaving the house, Jack reminisced with Jen about her uneasiness during their early days there. Now, looking ahead towards a lifetime in that house, they left for Salem Place. Parting at Salem Place the two agreed to meet at the Java Café. Hugging Jen for the 15 minutes they'd be apart, Jack exchanged an "I Love You" with his wife, and watched her walk away.

Alice paid a visit to Maggie and overhearing Maggie whisper that it wasn't over. Alice was incredulous at Maggie's request to help decide who to bequeath her most precious items to. Maggie tearfully admitted her fear of becoming victim of the killer.

Still stranded on the island, Shawn and Belle woke to Mimi's piercing scream. What she thought was Rex about to strike her with a club was really an attempt to kill a deadly snake. Rescued by the Coast Guard, the four were back at Salem Place when Rex, suffering from headaches, tried unsuccessfully to reach Tony.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole used exercise as an excuse to distract Brady. Walking in on them, Victor sent Brady to a Titan meeting and warned Nicole to keep her hands off his grandson. To Victor's surprise, Nicole defiantly refused. Watching a tape of Jack and Jen's Tribute to Abe, Nicole saw Jack's knowledge as a danger to her future. Victor said Jack wasn't alone, and that they had trouble. Later, as Victor made plans to meet Nico for a 'pressing errand', Nicole slipped out of the mansion alone.

At Basic Black, Kate and Sami sparred over one another's guilt, with Kate reminding Sami that Maggie's hypnosis sessions could reveal the truth. John took Brady by surprise, with gun in hand, thinking he was an intruder. Telling Brady he knew that he'd covered for Victor and Nicole, John warned Brady he could be an unwitting accomplice. John said Brady might be blind to Victor's faults - but not his "hot little wife." As he said that he was unafraid to look the killer in the eye, John opened the door finding himself face-to-face with Kate. Telling Kate that she and Sami would both be given the same benefit of the doubt OR prosecution, John left. As he passed Sami waiting outside the door, John secretly signaled to her behind his back, and she quickly followed.

At the Java Café, Roman called Kate but hung up when a secretary answered. Joining Roman while she waited for Jack, Jennifer showed a leather album she'd bought for her husband's articles. Leaving a jewelry store with Jen's gift, Jack stopped to adjust his watch. Standing nearby, John was on the phone with Marlena explaining his need to get the killer. Maggie changed her mind about shopping and stopped to call Mickey. And waiting, was a black-gloved figure - poised to attack - this time with a brick.

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