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Monday, October 13, 2003

Jack walked through Salem Place after leaving Jennifer to run some errands. He cut through the alley, but stopped to adjust his broken watch. He heard a noise and then was suddenly struck from behind by a mysterious gloved hand. Jack fell to the ground unconscious.

Maggie strolled through Salem Place and jumped when Roman tapped her on the shoulder. He apologized for putting her in more danger by announcing in the Spectator that she was undergoing hypnosis in order to remember Abe's killer. Maggie rationalized that if the killer were someone close to them, it wouldn't matter if it were in the paper anyway. She glanced over the pictures of the suspects on the front page and mused that she couldn't believe her friends were suspects in the murder. She left Roman and called Mickey on her cell phone while she took a shortcut through an alley. When she glanced at the ground, she stopped short because she saw a trail of blood that led to Jack Deveraux! She screamed for help and Roman leapt into the alley to come to her rescue, only to find Jack sprawled on the ground. He yelled for Maggie to call the paramedics and then proceeded to try to revive Jack, whose breathing was shallow and ragged. John and Bo responded to Roman's page and Maggie tried to tell John what she had found when she walked into the alley. Close by, Jack's cell phone began ringing.

Across the mall, Jennifer sat and talked to Hope about how worried she was about Jack. They had taken the day off and had planned to meet back up for lunch since Jack had an errand to run to pick up a gift for Jennifer. All of a sudden, a sharp pain seared through Jennifer's head and Hope hurried to find some medicine for her to take for an apparent headache. Jennifer admitted that it wasn't a headache and that she thought something was terribly wrong with Jack! She tried to call his cell phone, but got no answer. She began to panic and tried to call again, but Bo answered the phone! She quickly handed the phone to Hope, afraid to ask why Bo was answering Jack's phone. Hope asked Bo if anything was wrong and then whisked Jennifer off to the hospital to be with Jack.

Bo left the scene of the crime to question Nicole and Victor. As he entered the mansion, Victor invited him to stay for lunch, but Bo advised him that he was not there on a social call. He told him about Jack's accident and then promptly asked Victor for his alibi. Victor claimed that he had been in the wine cellar and that his cleaning crew could attest to that fact. He didn't know where Nicole was or had been, but on mention of her name, she miraculously appeared in the doorway and asked what crime her husband was trying to pin on her. She told Bo that she had heard about Jack when she was working out on her treadmill in front of the television, but Bo wasn't satisfied with their explanations. He headed for the stairs to search the house himself. When he returned, he told Nicole that according to the electronic log on her treadmill, it hadn't been used that day. He also revealed that Victor hadn't been in the wine cellar and that the back door that "hadn't been used in years" had apparently been used earlier in the day as the deadbolt had been freshly oiled and opened without a squeak! Bo ushered the two out the door for a round of questioning and blood typing at the hospital.

At the DiMera mansion, Rex returned home and looked puzzled at the mud on his shoes. Tony came downstairs and offered to "find him a hobby" since he appeared to be so interested in his footwear. Just then, John rang the doorbell and informed the duo of Jack's demise. Tony thanked him for the information, but asked why he would come all the way over to tell them that since they weren't particularly close to Jack. John asked them for their alibis, to which Tony regretfully replied that he didn't have one. Rex said that he had been at the library, but hadn't checked out any books because he memorized them instead. John tactfully asked about the mud on Rex's shoes and then asked him to hand them over as evidence. Rex was about to comply, but Tony stopped him and said that they didn't owe this "non-cop" anything. With that remark, John hauled them to the hospital for questioning and blood tests.

Roman went to Basic Black and asked the receptionist where Kate was. She told him that Kate had been on a conference call all morning and had demanded not to be disturbed. Roman was sure that Kate would want to hear that the killer had struck again and since she had been at work she couldn't be a suspect. He pushed past the receptionist and into Kate's office, only to find that the phone was off the hook and Kate was missing! He ordered the receptionist to locate Kate and then call him, and then headed down to the file room to look for Sami. Sami met him at the elevator and expounded on her story that she had been slaving away in the file room. Just then, a co-worker stormed up and was angry that Sami had not been there all day to help him. Roman balked that Sami had lied to him again, and suddenly, Kate and Lucas arrived. Roman pulled Kate into her office and she claimed that she and Lucas had been together in the park eating homemade sandwiches and feeding the ducks. Roman went back to the hallway and asked Lucas for his side of the story. He flubbed it and ended up having to hand over his parking ticket, which proved he had only been at Basic Black for ten minutes! Not nearly long enough to walk to the park, eat and feed the ducks and then walk back. Roman towed all of them to the hospital for blood typing and more questions.

As Jennifer and Hope got to the hospital, they ran into Lexie, and Jennifer tearfully pleaded with her to save Jack's life. Jennifer blamed herself and told Hope that if Jack had gone on to the Spectator to work that day like usual he would still be there catching up on the day's news with Harold. A nurse came out and gave her Jack's personal belongings and among them, Jennifer found the gift that Jack had picked up for her. It was a locket with a picture of Jack, Jennifer and Abby, and Jennifer took it with her when she went to visit Jack before he was taken into surgery. She told him to fight for his life and that she knew he didn't give up easily. Just as she kissed him, he flat lined and the doctors ushered her out as they tried to revive him. Abby arrived shortly after and learned what happened. As the suspects stood in the lobby and waited for their blood typing, Jennifer spied them and angrily berated them for being there when Jack was probably going to die. Abby became upset, but Jennifer kept yelling until Lexie came out and asked to speak to her in private. Jennifer begged her not to say the words.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

by Joan

At University Hospital, Lexie delivered the tragic news that Jack had suffered a massive stroke. With surgery no longer an option, Jack was on a respirator. Advising Jen that Jack had a Living Will, Lexie tried to convince Jennifer of the critical time element for organ donation. Unable to come to terms with Jack's wishes, Jen had to console Abby who also fought disconnecting life support, begging not to kill her father. Abby's bone marrow transplant proved a poor comparison when she reminded Jen that Jack's organ donation would mean he was dead.

Bo obtained Jack's PDA, finding files indicating that Jack had evidence. Fearful even for his own life, Jack's notes showed plans to confront the seven suspects, before the killer struck again. Each of the seven Suspects now at the hospital were interrogated by Roman, Bo and John about the last time they'd seen Jack. Jack had tried to "smoke out" the killer by presenting his accurate suspicions to each suspect and claiming to have witnesses or proof of evidence. The suspects stuck to their original alibis, and denied seeing or arguing with Jack. But quietly recalling their last conversations with him, each suspect also remembered the threats they had made if Jack revealed his evidence.

TONY, who had just remarked to Rex that Jack's death would be one less headache, had warned Jack that whoever crosses a DiMera does so at their own peril. REX nearly strangled Jack warning he could wake up dead. KATE said Jack wouldn't live to see the evening edition of his paper. After telling Nicole to pray Jack didn't survive, VICTOR recalled warning that Jack would learn who was capable of "premeditated" murder. SAMI said she would kill Jack if he told Roman. LUCAS threatened that Abby would be missing her Daddy. NICOLE had told Jack that his evidence would result in his obituary.

Jen returned to Jack's room and asked for his help. Looking away from his body, she was unaware that his spirit stood before her. He encouraged her saying, "It's alright, Jennifer, you can do this. I'm trusting you to do this. I'm here for you, Jennifer." As Jen turned to the bed, Jack's spirit passed through her as he re-entered his lifeless body. At that moment Jen felt Jack's love and strength, and called his name. Now believing the locket was a sign of Jack's words, Jennifer spoke to her husband. "We have a love that will never die. Like Alice's and Tom's. And I will carry that love with me forever - into Eternity where I will see you again. So, until then, goodbye, Jack Deveraux, Sleep Well."

Jennifer tearfully signed her permission to disconnect life support. Before all the suspects left for forensic testing, they gathered outside Jack's room. Tony wondered aloud if anyone of them would shed a tear.

As family gathered in Jack's room, Abby begged her father not to die. When Lexie turned off the third life support switch, Jack died. As his spirit rose off the bed, Jack watched a weeping Jennifer cling to his lifeless body, and lovingly touched her shoulder. He then put a kiss on his finger and placed it on Abby's cheek. Jack then turned to those of us keeping watch at the foot of his bed, and with a Deveraux wink, Jack left Salem.

(While this author ordinarily refrains from comment, she shed a tear over writing today's Recap.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Jennifer is trying to deal with her decision to cut Jack off of life support. While praying in the hospital chapel she coincidently meets the wife of a man who has just received Jack's heart. Abby says she blames Jack AND Jennifer for what happens. She's upset that her dad dared the killer to come after him on live TV and she's mad at Jennifer for not giving Jack the chance of a miracle.

Shawn and Belle help Shawn Brady with surprising his wife, Caroline, that he was home early from his trip to Ireland. While Shawn did hear about Abe, no one at the pub seems to know about Jack's death yet.

Mimi is now working at Java Café AND the Brady Pub (since her mother stole all of her winnings from Love Is Blind). Mimi's mother tries to convince Shawn and Caroline to turn the pub into a country western spot. Her mother is also still trying to convince Mimi to get pregnant with Rex's baby.

Maggie comes in to pick up food to take back to Jennifer's. She walks in and can tell that no one there knows about Jack's death. She tells them what happens and is visibly shaken. Caroline expresses her concern for Maggie's safety. Shawn D offers to drive Maggie home, but Maggie tells him that he needs to be with Belle right now.

Maggie leaves the pub and there are two little girls jumping rope just outside. She hears the same childlike voices again chanting that she was going to be the next victim. She screams and everyone comes running, including the officer that is assigned to her.

Bo and Hope investigate the scene of Jack's attack. Hope tackles Bo to 'save' him from gunfire, which is actually a car backfiring. Bo hits his head on the ground and is temporarily out of it. Hope of course thinks the worse. Bo comes to, and the scene ends with her hugging him telling him how she could never be without him and that they are probably still on the killer's list.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Brady, at the Kiriakis mansion, notices that Victor and Nicole aren't home. He turns on the news and discovers that Jack has been attacked. He sees a nonchalant Victor and a nervous Nicole walk out of the police station. When they later return home, Brady wants answers and informs them of the attack on Jack. Victor bluntly tells Brady that Jack was not only attacked, but killed. After a good amount of arguing, Brady finally agrees to stop pestering his grandfather and grandmother about the recent killings. Victor excuses himself to go upstairs. Nicole, meanwhile, is thanking Brady for everything he has done for her, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek. After Brady leaves, Victor comes back downstairs and orders Nicole to get ready, as they are going to Salem Place, and to stay away from Brady. He announces that he saw that kiss and threatens that she will be the next victim of killings if she doesn't shape up.

Philip is joined by Cassie at the Java Cafe. They discuss the serial killer, and Philip believes it is either Nicole or Rex. Cassie leaves in a rage when Philip accuses Rex. Later, Brady arrives and he too is angry that Philip suspects Nicole. Philip accuses Brady of wanting to take Nicole away from his grandfather just like he took Chloe away from him and punches him in the face. Brady tells Philip that he will be sorry for doing that.

Rex discovers Mimi in his apartment contemplating about how her mother might be right about holding onto him. She talks about Jack's murder which leads Rex to think that Mimi might suspect him. She says that she doesn't and they make love. Mimi goes in the other room to change as Cassie knocks on the door demanding to know if Rex killed Abe and Jack. Rex says that if he did, he can't remember -- which shocks Mimi completely.

As Kate, Lucas, and Sami are being questioned, Sami quickly "confesses" that Kate is the murderess. Lucas and Kate are extremely offended by this and eventually Roman has had enough and tells Lucas and Sami to leave the police station. Alone, he shows Kate the ring he wants to propose to her with and begs her to tell him about her past, and tells her that they can get through it together. Although Kate clearly wants to tell him, she just can't. She tells Roman that there is no future or hope for them now. An angry Roman slams the ring into his drawer.

Lucas and Sami are home and Lucas peeks into Sami's apartment, where they accuse each other being the killer. They talk about how they both wish that Will was never born, then they wouldn't have to deal with each other, as a sad Will looks on through the door.

Jennifer and Abby come back home from the hospital to find Alice at home waiting for them. Abby reminds Jennifer that she will never forgive Jennifer for taking Jack off of life support, and storms upstairs. Alice comforts Jennifer and tells her that Jack is still alive, through their daughter Abby. Mickey and Maggie later arrive, and Mickey gives Jennifer an envelope with a special poem that Jack enjoyed reading to her. Before Jennifer could finish the poem, Abby comes downstairs escorted by Maggie, and tells Jennifer that she is feeling guilty for killing her father, and that's why she couldn't finish. Mickey and Maggie later leave, as Maggie once again remembers the lullaby she heard about how she is the next to die. As Jennifer goes upstairs to be alone, Abby rejects her knocks at the door. Jennifer ends up crying in bed holding a picture of her and Jack wondering what to do with her life.

Friday, October 17, 2003

by Joan

At Salem Place, Sami and Lucas frantically searched for Will who disappeared after hearing them say they almost wished he hadn't been born. Getting a call, Sami rushed to Brady's Pub finding Will safe there. Will told them he was hearing teachers were accuse his parents of Jack and Abe's murders.

At the Java Café, Philip and Brady exchanged punches when Philip accused Brady of falling in love with Nicole as he had with Chloe. Passerby Caroline phoned Victor to intervene. Victor suggested they fight it out over a game of basketball. But Caroline told Victor that basketball wouldn't settle a fight over his wife. Comparing Brady to Victor, recalling a man she knew who was 'stubborn but sweet,' Caroline took Victor's hand. Watching from a distance, Shawn, Sr., approached. When Victor left, an angry Shawn admitted his jealousy.

Victor then met Nicole. Calling her a liability, Victor said it was time to for her to square accounts. If she refused, she'd end up in a "pine box" like Jack and Abe. Victor surprised Nicole by arranging to get her old job back - not at Titan - but at the Java Café.

At the Salem PD, Bo and Hope compared motivational profiles of serial killers to those on the Suspect List, realizing the profiles could fit any of them. The behavior patterns of:

  • Out of Control and in Self-Denial matched Sami's desire to keep Brandon;

  • Doesn't consider their Conduct Asocial matched Kate's desire to keep her secret hooker past a secret from Roman;

  • Needs to Dominate and Control might be Lucas protecting his mother;

  • Irrational Goals could be Nicole who'd killed Colin and would blackmail Victor to kill for her.

  • Mission Oriented crossed with Power Control matched Tony; and

  • Exercising Complete Control over their victims might be Victor protecting Nicole if just to protect the Kiriakis name.

    Family and friends gathered at the Deveraux home, to help prepare for Jack's funeral. Jen was dreaming of Jack next to her wedding picture when Alice came in and saw Tom's spirit near the bed. Hearing Alice speak to Tom, Jen was frightened she'd be next to die. Assured that Tom was there to comfort her, Jennifer prepared a suit for Jack. As Alice seemed pre-occupied by the thought, Jen gave her some alone. Downstairs, Maggie tearfully told Lexie about the voices she was still hearing, convinced that she's the next victim.

    Lexie suggested combining Abe and Jack's funerals. Making arrangements for Jack, Jen recalled their last hours before the attack. Abby fought Jen's decision to bury the locket with Jack. Pulling it from Jen's hand, the locket fell to the floor. As Celeste picked it up, she sensed more heartbreak ahead.

    Bo learned that Eugenia Williams, a new Lab Tech, had leaked information to the Press. With public knowledge the brick would be tested by the FBI, Bo was sure the killer would attack again. Tek reported to Bo that all plain-clothes units had lost the suspects they were assigned to follow. All the suspects were missing. At Jennifer's, Alice asked for a sign when she Tom appeared again. Looking down at a photo album, she saw Hope's picture fade away. Hope was delivering the brick to an abandoned Salem PD Evidence Room, when the lights suddenly went out. As she moved in the darkness, Hope was unaware of a figure about to attack - with the brick.

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