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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, October 20, 2003

At the police station, Bo left a phone message for Hope and wondered where she could be. He turned to leave, but stopped to talk to Roman first. They both noted how convenient it was that none of the suspects in Abe and Jack's murder cases had alibis during the murders, and how they had all slipped out of view of surveillance now that they were needed for testing regarding the brick that was new evidence. Bo told Roman that they were close to nabbing the killer, and the two agreed that the closer they got, the more desperate and dangerous he or she would become. Bo worried about Hope because she was "out to save the world." He didn't want her to change, but wanted her to stay safe because the killer would undoubtedly try to finish the job. Bo answered a phone call from Alice who said she had a bad feeling that Hope was in trouble. Bo was sure that her granddaughter was alright, but then told Roman that he had known something was wrong since Hope hadn't arrived and Jennifer's yet.

Alice looked at a photo of Hope and watched as the image seemed to disappear right in front of her eyes. She asked Tom what he was trying to tell her, and asked him to keep their granddaughter safe. Meanwhile, at Jennifer's house, Celeste looked at the locket that Jack had bought for Jennifer and became upset. Lexie asked her what was wrong, and wanted to know what feelings Celeste was having. Celeste said she wasn't sure, but that it was probably a vibe from the killer since Jack had been carrying the locket when he was attacked. Shawn overheard them talking and asked Celeste if something was wrong. She said, "Oh yes, something is very wrong." She then noticed that the feeling was gone, but told Shawn to keep a very close eye on the people he loved. With that, Shawn left to go find Belle, and Lexie told her mother that unless she could tell them who would be next on the killer's list, she was tired of hearing about the "vague warnings of doom" and didn't want to hear it anymore.

In the evidence room, Hope struggled with a masked person and was thrown to the floor and knocked unconscious. The person rolled her over and then grabbed the brick that Hope had been signing in as evidence. He or she checked Hope's pulse and suddenly Hope jumped and tried to attack him. She pulled her gun and aimed it at the person from her perch on the floor. While she stood, she ordered the intruder to take off the mask. As she moved to grab her handcuffs, the mystery person grabbed her wrist and they fought for control of the gun. Hope lost and she backed up and begged the person not to shoot. Just as the gun went off, Bo burst through the door and knocked the person out of the way. He pushed past and went to Hope who lay unconscious on the floor once again. As Hope came to, Bo helped her up and she explained that she must have hit her head on the floor. She told Bo that she had offered to take the brick to the evidence room and sign it in for another officer, but now the masked mystery person had stolen it. She couldn't make out who the person was, but said that now she was more convinced than ever that it was someone that they knew well. She said that since they didn't kill her this time she was sure that they would be back to finish the job. Bo and Hope left to talk to Roman and Roman agreed that now that the killer had had a close call, they would be back. Bo and Roman remembered that all the suspects had been at the station for questioning and now he would have to call them all back in again. Hope left to go to Jennifer's house so that she wouldn't worry about her, and Roman called Sami and ordered her to appear at the station the next morning. Roman then turned and spoke to Abe's picture that hung on the wall. He told him that they could use his help now before the killer tried to strike again.

At Jennifer's house, Belle was obviously uncomfortable and offered her assistance to Maggie so that she could stay busy. Shawn admitted to Maggie after Belle left for the kitchen that he was worried about Belle. He told Maggie that Belle had had a hard time when Abe died, and now that Jack was gone she had thrown herself into busy work so that she could avoid dealing with her grief. Shawn moved to speak with Celeste and Lexie, and then headed to the kitchen to find Belle so that they could talk to Jennifer. Belle had brought her a potted plant that had grown from a housewarming gift from Brady when she had moved into the loft. It had grown from the clipping of a Jade plant from that grew on the roof, and Jennifer was amazed to realize that it had been the same plant that Jack had put her engagement ring on when he proposed to her. Jennifer was thankful and hurried upstairs to show Abby the plant. Shawn told Belle that she was amazing and always knew what to say. Just then, Mimi tapped Belle on the shoulder. Her mom, Bonnie, had come to offer her help (and meet Jennifer who was the star of a talk show) and Mimi had come to help control her insensitive parent. Belle told her that she was glad she had come because she would really need her help in creating the buffet that she had in mind, and then Belle turned to go to the kitchen. Mimi turned and was appalled to find her mother stashing food in her purse. She became angry and told her that she didn't even have an appetite right now. Bonnie was thrilled and asked Mimi if that meant that she was pregnant with Rex's child. Mimi told her no and then Bonnie raced off excitedly to meet Jennifer. Behind her, Belle overheard and asked Mimi if she had heard her say she was pregnant. Mimi told her that she wasn't and that she didn't ever want to have Rex's child. Shawn appeared then and said that she felt that way because she was afraid that her boyfriend was a killer. Mimi told him that he should find the proof if he wanted to, but to lay off Rex until he had it.

Upstairs, Jennifer showed Abby the plant from Belle, and asked what she was writing. Abby showed her the obituary she had written, and insisted that it's what her dad would have wanted her to do. Jennifer told her that it was perfect and then left Abby to keep writing. As she came downstairs, Bonnie Lockhart met her at the bottom of the staircase, and in her star struck babbling, offered her help in any way needed. She proceeded to ask if Jack had a favorite charity. When Jennifer told her yes, Bonnie

insisted that she do her part and headed upstairs to clean the house from top to bottom. Jennifer heard the doorbell and found Maggie and Jack's parents, Jo and Vern, in the entryway. Jennifer apologized for taking Jack off life support, but his parents told her that she had done Jack's wishes and she shouldn't apologize for it.

Upstairs, Bonnie began taking all of Jack's clothes out of the closet to "donate to charity." Abby returned to her room and hysterically ran downstairs to confront her mother on giving all of her dad's items away. As she berated her mom, she realized her grandparents were there and begged them to take her away so that she didn't have to see her mom ever again. Bonnie came down the stairs and tried to tell Abby that it was all her fault that she had misunderstood, but Jennifer tactfully told Bonnie to butt out. Mimi berated her mother for trying to steal Jack's clothes to sell for profit, but Bonnie showed no remorse because she considered herself less fortunate than Jack's family.

Bo and Hope arrived and Hope stopped to comfort Jennifer. Since she was tired, Hope offered to return the next day. As she and Bo turned to leave, Hope stopped and picked up a tarot card that Celeste had apparently dropped. Bo jokingly asked what their fortune was, but Hope looked alarmed as she told him it was the death card.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

by Joan

At the Black's penthouse, John broke the news to Marlena about Jack's death and Hope's attack. Marlena was concerned that John's involvement in the case and his pledge to get Jack's killer could make him the next victim.

Outside the loft, Shawn and Rex came to blows over Hope's attack. Mimi recalled overhearing a conversation when Rex told Cassie he didn't recall if he did anything. Despite Cassie's protests, Rex agreed to a lie detector test. At the Salem PD, the teens watched as Tek administered the test. In disbelief that Rex passed, Shawn wondered if Rex could fool the lie detector. But unknown to Rex, his answer that Marlena and Tony were his parents did come up as a lie. Rex told Cassie he'd easily fooled them using controlled heartbeat and respiration. Realizing he had lied, Cassie now wondered if Rex was guilty. But Rex felt confident he was free of suspicion now.

At the Deveraux home, Bonnie lied to family members. While Caroline thought extra food was headed to a shelter, Bonnie was making plans to sell some of Jack's clothes. Alice worried that the second attack on Hope could mean she would be the next victim. Jennifer told Mickey that she feared Abby would never forgive her for discontinuing Jack's life support. Downstairs, Abby grew excited hearing someone at the door say her father was there. But the mortician was delivering Jack's casket, fulfilling Jack's final wish to be viewed at home.

At Sami's apartment, Will challenged Lucas and Sami about their whereabouts, suggesting their alibis made them suspect in recent attacks. Sami was surprised at Lucas's promise to Will that they would stop fighting. But when Will was out of earshot, the two continued accusing one another. Will later expressed concern about an upcoming dance. Stiffly, Lucas and Sami demonstrated slow dancing to their son. Moving closer, and becoming absorbed in one another, Lucas and Sami were unaware that Will had left the room. While they pretended not to care once the music stopped, Sami found herself humming the tune they'd just danced to: "You were home to me."

Tearful family and friends paid their respects as Jen read the note Jack had given to Jo. Jack asked to rest briefly in the home that was a symbol of their renewed commitment, saying death could never separate or destroy their love. Later, Abby watched her mother alone, weeping over Jack's coffin, saying he'd be alive in her heart forever.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Marlena finds Tony to express her concern for "their" children, who seem to be avoiding her. She then goes to talk with Rex, as Tony bumps into Cassie. Tony asks Cassie if she's avoiding her parents and she covers. Meanwhile, Marlena asks Rex what's going on with him - how are his headaches? He tells her they have subsided, and everything is fine. Marlena is overjoyed from finding out that Rex passed the lie detector test - although she doesn't know Rex told Cassie those things are easy to pass - you just have to control your heart rate and respiration. He wasn't prepared for the question about his parents, though.

After finding Jennifer sleeping next to Jack's coffin, Mickey and Maggie call Bonnie to come over and pack up Jack's clothing. Jennifer mentions how she hopes Maggie can remember the killer. As Maggie starts to think back to Abe's death, she suddenly collapses. Maggie wakes up, and says she saw the face of the killer, the face of pure evil. Jennifer thinks Maggie might be having a breakthrough, and relays to this to Hope and John. Hope says Maggie needs extra protection, and agrees to escort Maggie to Marlena's office. John calls Marlena and fills her in on Maggie's situation, and Marlena leaves Tony, Rex and Cassie to go to her office. All three overhear Marlena say Maggie might be identifying the killer, and Tony makes an excuse about phone calls to be made at the mansion, and takes off. Mimi then confronts Rex about all his lies, and if he was lying to her by saying he loves her. Rex tells Mimi to trust him. Meanwhile, Bonnie is finished packing Jack's things, and she goes downstairs to tell Jennifer that she will take them straight to charity. She then accepts money from Jennifer for helping out. Instead of taking the clothes straight to charity, Bonnie takes them to a consignment shop and has a fantasy about what her life would be like as "Countess DiMera."

Hope and John discuss Maggie's risk at being the next victim, and Hope points out that John is a suspect as well. John says that the stalker must be an amateur, and with John's training, he's ready to take on any one of them. John learns from Tek that Rex took and passed a lie detector test, all but one interesting question. Tek tells him the question will affect people John loves. John wants to know the question asked and the answer, and Tek responds that Rex apparently lied about his parents being Tony and Marlena.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Jack's ghost appears to Jennifer. Mickey looks on as Marlena puts Maggie under hypnosis. During the session Maggie sees Tom Horton's ghost. Marlena asks Maggie to remember seeing the attack on Abe Carver.

Tony is on the phone with his father and advises him that Rex passed the lie detector test. Tony is baffled as Stefano laughs uncontrollably.

Tek shows John the results of Rex's lie detector test - Rex clearly lied on one question. John realizes that the twins may not be Tony and Marlena's. The test results go missing.

Rex is with Cassie and Mimi and frets about the one question he messed up on the lie detector test. Rex doesn't know that Tony has decided he wants to get the test results himself. Tony is at home reading the test results and he curses his father.

Friday, October 24, 2003

by Joan

Around Salem Place the teens spoke about the recent Salem killings. Shawn was still convinced that Rex was guilty while Belle said there were no facts to prove it. Dwelling on the possibility that Shawn could become a victim, Belle ran away to the roof of the loft. When Shawn found her, Belle noted the roof door with initials of couples that had gone before - most who were dead. Fearful of only a short time of happiness, she was afraid to lose Shawn.

At the Java Café, Rex began to get headaches again. Unknown to him, Cassie, Philip and Mimi decided to see that he arrived home safely. But instead they found him visiting the scenes of Abe and Jack's murders. When they suddenly lost him, Philip noted that Rex's headaches seemed to occur before the attacks and was now fearful Rex might be committing a third murder.

At the DiMera Mansion, Tony had just cursed Stefano after reading Rex's lie detector results when John arrived. John suggested the possibility that through some plot of Stefano's Rex might not be Tony's son. But the Count definitively defended Rex - as his son - to be innocent. After John left, Tony was curious about the questions Rex had been asked. But he exploded at Bart's question of throwing the Twins out, asking Bart if he had designs on their inheritance. Frustrated, Tony's anger turned to defiance as he proclaimed Cassie and Rex as DiMeras. Putting a lighter to the lie detector printout, Tony destroyed the evidence.

At the Deveraux's, Jack's spirit was pulled away unable to tell Jennifer who the killer was. Fearful he was gone for good Jen was consoled by Alice and Caroline, who thought she was dreaming. But when she begged him to return, Jack's spirit appeared briefly. Angry and unable to understand Jack's peace after being murdered, Jen learned that Jack had brought a gift. Promising it would get easier with time, Jack said the gift would come soon and would change her life. Comparing himself to the Jade plant that was still thriving, Jack said he would never leave. As his time grew short, Jack warned Jen that another murder was about to happen.

In Marlena's office, Maggie's traumatic hypnosis session was interrupted when Hope stepped in. While Marlena wanted to end the session, Hope suggested an interrogation technique - drawing her memory. Maggie's drawing, a pair of eyes with highlighted brows, frightened Hope as she remembered the same eyes in the Evidence Room. Leaving Maggie to rest, Marlena rushed away to answer a page. As Maggie came to, she picked up her drawing. Looking up, she saw a black-hooded figure that had come through a window. Recognizing the eyes through the mask she cried out: "It's you...I saw you. You killed Abe. And you killed Jack!"

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