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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 3, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, November 3, 2003

The Halloween party was in full swing when Philip made his entrance dressed as a boxer. "Cleopatra" stopped him to get acquainted, but got the brush off when Philip told her that he had been invited by someone else and wasn't interested in her offer. Stylishly late, Cassie, clad in next-to-nothing and brandishing a whip said, "Trick-or-treat." Philip was preoccupied and asked when she thought Rex and Mimi would arrive. Cassie angrily told Philip that he only wanted to harass her brother. Acknowledging her loyalty to her twin brother, Philip asked Cassie what she would do if Rex really were the killer roaming Salem. He advised her that if he was they had to stop him before he killed anyone else, and if he wasn't, he would need an alibi for that night in case anything happened. Cassie relented and the two headed out to find Rex.

Shawn and Mimi argued about Rex's innocence in the Salem murder cases. A little nervous, Mimi decided to call Rex's cell phone, but was alarmed when it rang in the apartment. She realized that it was unusual for Rex to not have his phone with him. Shawn kept trying to convince Mimi that they had to find Rex before he killed again, but Mimi told Shawn that he was jumping to conclusions and reminded him that Rex had successfully passed a lie detector test. Shawn told her that if Rex was innocent, she should prove it to him and they left to search for him. Down on the docks, they ran into Will and asked why he was there alone on such a night. Will admitted that his friends left him to find his own ride home because of the scene Sami and Lucas had made at the class Halloween party. Shawn and Mimi offered to take Will home to his parents, but when they got to Sami's apartment there was nobody home. Likewise, Lucas was absent, and Shawn lamented that Rex wasn't the only one who would need an alibi for Halloween night if anything happened. They took Will on to the Brady Pub where Will bragged to Grandpa Shawn about the food fight his mom had started earlier that evening. Shawn asked if they had seen Rex around the Pub that night, but the elder Shawn told them no. Just then, the patrons of the restaurant noticed a strong gale of wind outside. Philip arrived shortly and tried to reach Victor and Nicole by phone, but to no avail. Cassie was also unable to reach Tony, so Philip, Mimi, Shawn and Cassie split up to look for the missing suspects. Back at the loft, Shawn and Mimi stopped by to see if Rex had returned. He called Hope to tell her that they had done some "leg-work" for the police and had found that all the suspects were unaccounted for. Mimi wondered to herself if Rex could in fact be the Salem Stalker. At the docks, Cassie doesn't want to believe that her brother could be so morbid.

A dressed-up Bonnie Lockhart paused when the wind picked up and she became scared. She lit a cigarette and turned to look right into the eerie mask of a trick-or-treater. He aimed a gun at her, and she pled with the person to leave her alone. When he didn't move, she began singing a church hymn, but then the person apologized for scaring her, stating it was only a joke. She sat down, still jumpy, and began to panic when a black cat crossed her path. Bonnie quickly grabbed a Halloween superstition book and tried everything she could to break the spell the cat had placed on her. When they didn't work, she hurried off to Celeste's house to speak to her.

At home, Celeste sat to look at her tarot cards and find out for herself what Maggie's fate would be. She sensed evil and began to pray for Maggie and Mickey. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Bonnie Lockhart burst in and began rambling about her "awful experience." She promptly asked for a scotch to calm her nerves, and then suddenly Celeste said "it's starting", and all the lights went out. Bonnie screamed, but Celeste asked her why she was there. Bonnie told her about the cat and asked her to read her tarot cards, but wanted to go somewhere else to do it since Celeste's apartment scared her. Bonnie dragged her off to the Pub, where Celeste quickly excused herself to call Lexie. While the wind picked up outside, Bonnie grew tired of waiting and decided to turn the cards over herself. She picked up a card from the middle and to her horror saw that it was the death card.

At the Horton's home, Mickey hung up the phone and suggested that Maggie go on to bed. He assured her that she was safe. Outside, a dark figure with a hockey mask appeared in the fog. As he approached the house, he relived the memory of shooting Abe Carver, and then hitting Jack Deveraux with a brick. Suddenly he saw the image of Maggie in the hospital room trying to get away. He took out a photo of Maggie and ripped it to shreds. Back inside, Mickey and Maggie remembered Halloweens past when their daughter dressed up for trick-or-treating. Maggie became upset and worried that she would die soon and would create no more fond memories. Mickey tried to tell her that she would be fine, but suddenly Maggie stood up, looked out the window and said, "No!" Mickey explained that she was only seeing the officer outside making his rounds and checking on their house. He tried to get Maggie to go on to bed as they had a big day the next day with Jack's funeral and then a session with Marlena for Maggie to try to remember the killer. They headed upstairs while outside the killer tried to pick the lock on the door. Upstairs, the lights flickered, and Mickey remembered that he had not deadbolted the door downstairs. He went back down and through the window he saw the hockey masked face. He told the person that they were done for the night and were not handing out anymore treats. The masked person was eerily silent. Mickey quickly locked the door and reset the alarm, but the masked man was still on his doorstep. He turned out the lights and headed back for bed. Outside, the killer heard a noise and ran to hide. The officer rounded the corner, but found nothing but a black cat running through the bushes. Back in the house, Mickey warned Maggie that if she roamed the house at night, she should not open the doors for anyone. Maggie turned over in bed and told Mickey that she thought they had been too hard on the suspects thus far and that she was going to try to not be so suspicious of them from then on. She tried to convince herself and Mickey that she thought the killer was someone they didn't know. Unable to sleep, Maggie went downstairs to read the paper in the kitchen. She put the paper down and noticed a masked figure outside the door. She hurried to say hello and they took off their mask. She was happy that someone had stopped by to see how she was, and turned away to turn off the alarm. As she opened the door, she let the person inside and shut the door behind them. She was friendly and made small talk while she turned her back to reset the alarm.

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

by Joan

At Brady's Pub, Celeste left Bonnie's Tarot reading to step outside feeling death was claiming another victim. Deciding not to wait, Bonnie was frightened when she picked up the Death card. Uneasy at finding that in her reading, Bonnie hid the card. Outside, Bonnie found Celeste hearing voices and saying, "It's happening again. The killer has taken over my mind." But later, when she resumed Bonnie's reading, Celeste gasped as she looked at the card she drew.

At the Loft, Mimi argued in defense of Rex saying he just had a temper. Shawn reminded her that Rex, a DiMera, was missing. Shaken by Shawn's defense and her own fears, Mimi agreed to search for him. Cassie and Philip also argued over Rex's involvement, as they searched around Salem for him.

At the Horton's, Maggie hospitably welcomed a visitor she recognized. Feeling safe letting them in, Maggie was sure the killer wasn't someone she knows. Apologizing for Mickey being in bed, she hoped the visitor didn't mind they had her. As Maggie chatted, asking them to remove their gloves, she didn't see a scalpel in their hand. Clearly remembering various events of her past, Maggie remarked about one's life coming before them before they die, but said she was not afraid to die.

At the Salem PD, Hope was confident about Maggie's safety after the Police Detail had confirmed it. But Bo was furious that, once again, all seven suspects were missing. Hope found a message appear on the computer saying, "Want to see my next Victim?" Hope called Mickey who confirmed all was well at home. But at the PD computer the message "Death comes unexpectedly" introduced a live video. In time they would realize, it was the inside of Maggie's house.

Maggie disarmed the house alarm when Officer Kent checked in on her. Surprised that her visitor had suddenly left the room, Maggie forgot to re-arm the system. Thinking nothing of the visitor's video-cam, she left the cheese she was cutting on a counter with a knife. Maggie remarked that should there be a murder in Salem they could be one another's alibi. Grasping the gloved hand of the visitor Maggie fearfully recalled the evil in the killer's eyes. Noticing the guest had a bottle, Maggie reminded them of her two-decade membership in AA. She grew curious at a mask in their pocket since the visitor apparently had said they were not going to any parties. And then, looking at their eyes, Maggie gasped in shock, "It's you!" The killer hit her over the head with the bottle.

Mickey headed downstairs thinking the alarm was off because of a power outage while Maggie was lying bloodied on the floor. Telling the attacker she was sure it couldn't be anyone she knew, Maggie added: "I was right in a way though, I don't know you like this. You're sick, you know that? But I can help you. If you let me live." Sobbing, Maggie pleaded, "Please, for Mickey. Please, please, you don't want to do this. It's not who you really are." Her last words were followed by a chilling scream. On the Salem PD computer, the scene focused in on Maggie, unconscious, as Mickey found her. Turning to the knife-wielding attacker, Mickey said, "Oh my God, it's you."

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Bo, Hope, Shawn and Mimi are at the police station, watching in horror as they realize the killer is in Maggie's house. The video comes back on, and they see Maggie slumped against the cupboards, her face covered in blood. Hope screams, clearly upset anyone would do this to Maggie. Shawn realizes the video isn't real time, and Hope and Bo decide to go over there. They instruct Shawn and Mimi to stay at the police station, to see if there are any more clues from the killer.

Meanwhile, Celeste continues Bonnie's tarot reading, and Celeste remarks this is impossible, she is drawing the death card over and over again. Bonnie exclaims that is impossible because she has the death card as she pull it out of her shirt. Celeste turns each card over, and all of them are the Death card. Celeste and Bonnie decide to go see what they can do to try to stop evil.

Mickey comes to Maggie's rescue, only to be struck by the killer. Then comes officer Kent, who also gets whacked by the serial killer. Hope and Bo arrive on scene, wondering what's taking the paramedics so long, as Maggie tries to say something.

Shawn decides he's not waiting around and goes to find the killer, with Mimi close behind. Celeste and Bonnie are back at the pier, and they are looking in a store window at a Halloween display. They see a masked costume in the background, thinking its a mask with lights. They realize its a person, or so they think, trying to convince themselves it's just a trick mirror. Celeste and Bonnie slowly turn around to see none other than the killer standing behind them, holding a bloody scalpel. Bonnie screams, and nearby Shawn and Mimi hear them. Shawn races after the killer, catching up near a fenced area. Bo tells Hope he just received a phone call that their son is going after the killer. Hope is distraught with worry for her family.

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Sami is at home have a vividly detailed dream of the attack on Maggie and Mickey Horton! Lucas rushes in when he hears Sami screaming; he wakes her up and presses her to tell him what's wrong. Lucas believes Sami really could be the killer. Lucas and Sami go to Mickey and Maggie's house and get the chilling confirmation that Sami's dream really happened.

Maggie is holding on by a thread. Alice, Caroline, and Jennifer wait as Lexie desperately tries to save Maggie's life. Mickey is fine. Maggie is in critical condition and although very weak and near death, it looks as if she will name the killer.

Shawn corners "Rex" in an alley. Mimi, Philip, and Cassie watch as Shawn rips off the guy's hockey mask - - it is not Rex, but a random guy from the University out partying. They finally find Rex in a deep coma-like sleep in his bedroom at the DiMera mansion. Philip finds a black hooded sweatshirt and mask. Cassie calls Marlena for help and Rex wakes up: he knows they are there because Maggie Horton was attacked. All turn to Rex, looking guiltier than ever.

Roman goes out searching for the suspect and finds Kate dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt on the pier. Kate says she was out looking for Lucas. Kate realizes Roman thinks she is guilty. Roman and Kate go to Sami's apartment and Kate finds a black hooded sweatshirt on the floor of Sami's bedroom. Roman points out that Sami and Lucas are nowhere to be found.

Friday, November 7, 2003

by Joan

Brady found Nicole in a dark hooded poncho near a bonfire in a Salem alley. Nicole claimed to have tossed a Halloween mask into the fire. Nicole said she wore the mask so people wouldn't see her as one of the suspects. As Brady encouraged Nicole, he suggested she accept Victor's divorce offer. Victor, dressed in black, walked in on them. Also asking about the divorce, he sarcastically referred to his grandson's eagerness for Nicole to be available. But Brady's denial of romantic involvement only triggered more suspicion from Victor.

At University Hospital, Maggie slipped in and out of consciousness, whimpering at the question of who tried to kill her. But lack of oxygen to the brain made her thought pattern wander to opening Tuscany instead. As Mickey kept vigil outside Maggie's room, Hope asked about his recognition of the killer. But the killer had put on their mask. Mickey's reaction of, "You", to the attacker, was not recognition of their identity. Mickey said Maggie's trusting nature would have caused her to let anyone she knew into the house. Hope believed that Maggie's earlier comment, "He must be a madman" was a subconscious reference that the killer was a man. But Jennifer suggested the remark was generic and perhaps not an absolute identification.

At the DiMera Mansion, Marlena came to Rex's room at Cassie's request. Shawn's accusation that Rex knew Maggie was dead surprised Marlena. Meanwhile, Philip and Cassie found Tony meditating in a hidden basement room. Philip was stunned by Tony's reflexive karate attack when disturbed from his meditation. Tony warned that reaction could have killed before regaining a conscious state. As Marlena drew Rex out of his deep sleep Tony walked in. Shawn refused the Count's demand to leave the house. Declaring Rex had an airtight alibi, Tony claimed he heard Rex come in during the time of Maggie's attack, but no one could vouch for it. Shawn's mistrust of the DiMeras was that "one of them lies, and the other one swears to it."

Rex denied knowledge of Maggie's attack, saying a "killer headache" kept him from going to the costume party. As Shawn retrieved the mask and black clothes from Rex's closet, Rex was quick to point out that the guilty party's clothes would be bloodstained. Shawn's response was pointing out the black garb - obviously stained - stunning everyone into silence.

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