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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Mimi visited Rex at the jail and hid a pen-voice recorder behind her back while they talked. She asked him why he had said that someone else would have to die in order to prove his innocence, but instead of answering he kissed her through the bars. Mimi accidentally dropped the pen, and Rex asked her what it was. She recalled Shawn asking her to record Rex to gain evidence if he was the killer, but then lied to Rex stating that it was only a pen. He called her bluff and said it was Shawn's pen, and that it was a recording device. Mimi tried to avoid the situation by stating that Shawn must have left it at the loft and she picked it up by mistake, but Rex played back the conversation she had with Shawn about taping Rex. He was angry that Mimi didn't believe he was innocent, but Mimi told him that while she prayed he was innocent, all the evidence against him made him seem guilty. She told him that she didn't want him to die if he was convicted, and would do anything if he told her the truth. Rex relayed that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and the truth was that they had made a mistake by locking him up since he could be out helping them stop more murders from occurring. A guard walked by, and Rex said he knew there would be another murder. Mimi yelled for the guard to let Rex out so he could stop the killer from striking again, but Rex told her to save her breath because it was too late and the next victim was already dead.

At the church, Shawn asked Hope about the coffin and wreath that had arrived with Caroline's name on it. He vowed to kill whoever was responsible, and that he would prove the DiMeras were behind the murders and make them pay. Out the window, Shawn spotted Cassie and Tony standing and angrily headed out to talk to them against his mother's warnings. Hope followed as Shawn stormed out of the church, and asked why they were there. Cassie taunted that they were stalking the Brady's to give them a taste of their own medicine. With that, Shawn attacked Tony, who readily used fancy footwork to knock Shawn to the ground and then cartwheel away to safety. Hope apologized to Tony and then Bo called Shawn inside to speak with Caroline who had requested his presence. As Shawn walked away, he told Tony, "This isn't over, not by a long shot," to which Tony replied, "I'm counting on that." Across the sidewalk, Cassie saw a raven and Tony explained to her that the raven is a messenger of death. When she asked if he thought this raven was smelling death now, he said that he thought it probably was there for that reason. As Tony and Cassie headed off, Tony muttered "my work is done here."

Inside, Roman told everyone that the director's story checked out, and the coffin had been bought anonymously with cash and that they weren't certain whether it had been a man or woman. Roman and Bo asked Caroline if she was sure she didn't know any information regarding the murders, and she recalled that Maggie had told her about a television show and the murderer had evil looking eyes. Roman pulled out the drawing of the killer's eyes that she had composed while under hypnosis. Caroline recognized the drawing as the same as what Maggie had described to her and the group decided that the killer must have somehow known Caroline had this information and now she was the next victim. As the group separated, Roman and Bo heard a noise and ran to tackle an intruder! To Bo's amazement, it was his father, Victor! Hope entered the room just as Roman tried to arrest Victor, and told them that she had let Victor in to see Caroline. Meanwhile, in the Bride's room, Caroline took showed Shawn her Hope Chest. She told him that she had seen Belle dressed in her wedding dress, and wanted Shawn to keep the Brady's legacy alive. Shawn assured her that they would keep her safe, and she told him that there was something special to her about Shawn Douglas. Just then, there was a knock at the door - it was Bo and Victor. Caroline and Victor took time to speak and Victor expressed his love for her. They reminisced about when Caroline admitted to Victor that Bo was his son. They agreed that in spite of the hurt and anger it caused, they had come a long way since then in their friendship, and Victor vowed to do anything in his power to keep her safe. They rejoined Caroline's family and she asked for a moment to pray before they left. As she recited the Lord's Prayer inside the chapel, outside Bo watched the clock count down and everyone was relieved when it reached zero without any incident. Bo headed inside to take his mother home, but was devastated to find his mother already dead.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

by Joan

Bo cradled an unconscious Caroline in his arms at St. Luke's. The PDA's clock flashed the zero hour of the countdown followed by the words, "I told you she would die." Attempts to revive Caroline stopped when Marlena declared her dead to Roman who was shocked into silence. As Shawn, Sr., broke down, a disbelieving Bo looked up angrily from his dead mother to Victor - also silent. Now suspicious of Victor, Bo believed he had given his father an alibi by allowing him to stay at St. Luke's. Victor's gratitude for those last minutes with Caroline was repaid by Bo's denial of Victor as family. Told he was unwelcome, Victor left in stunned silence.

Marlena's suggestion of medically documented "voodoo death" was considered as Hope mentioned the unpublicized lunar eclipse that night. As the priest prayed over Caroline's body, Shawn, Jr. found Cassie outside St. Luke's and accused her of killing his grandmother for Rex. Mimi stopped him from strangling a tearful Cassie. Inside, Marlena and Roman cried over recollections of Caroline.

At Brady's Pub, Kate and Lucas waited in public during the one-hour countdown to eliminate them from suspicion if Caroline died. However, Lucas still harbored resentment towards Kate about her past. Arguing with Kate, Sami threatened she would fix John and break up Kate and Roman. John arrived to hear her say even her grandmother couldn't stop her. Delivering the tragic news, John was there to question Sami who said she came to the pub to apologize to Caroline. Thinking her tears were an act, John threat to question her in cuffs at the police station sent her rushing to Marlena. Watching her, Lucas passed Kate saying, "You're no better." Marlena later told John to understand Sami's grief. But John spoke of his own grief after years spent raising Sami and with Roman's identity believing he was Caroline's son.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady fantasized about Nicole coming on to him. Reality walked in when Nicole did, and she teased him with the nude photos of her. Although Brady still resisted her, Nicole was determined to get him. Upon Victor's return, Nicole taunted her husband about the news describing him as Caroline's 'former lover'. Asking if he killed her, Nicole mused that between being married to Victor or being dead, Caroline got the better deal. With that, Victor's calm demeanor changed as he broke a glass in his hand. Turning, he ran to Nicole, strangling her like a rag doll until Brady stopped him. While Nicole called him a monster, Brady was confused.

As Roman arrived at Brady's Pub, Sami convinced Marlena he shouldn't be alone. Her tears subsided as she watched Marlena comfort her father. At St. Luke's, Bo stopped the Medical Examiner from taking his mother, not ready to say goodbye. Spending a few last moments speaking to her, he closed the body bag himself. With Hope at his side, he prayed for Caroline promising to avenge her death. As Hope promised to help catch and build a strong case against the killer, Bo added "if this maniac lives that long."

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The next morning, the Bradys continue to mourn Caroline. Marlena comforts Roman and together they are feeling nostalgic and are overwhelmed by memories of their past. Roman realizes Marlena has known about Kate's past life and he admits that he may never be able to forgive Kate.

Kate tries to convince John he needs to not let Sami come between him and Marlena. Kate and John see Roman and Marlena hugging in Salem Place and although John claims to be confident of his marriage, he is a little more solicitous of Marlena. Marlena assures Kate that she's on to Sami. Even though he's dead, they all fear Stefano may never leave them completely alone...

Bo and Hope mourn Caroline and learn that it's impossible to trace the origin of the file that was sent to Bo's PDA. Caroline's autopsy report arrives - she was poisoned. Bo and Hope realize it must have happened at the pre-funeral reception, which all seven suspects attended. Bo's PDA beeps and he receives another shocking message from the killer.

Will comes home to find Lucas in Sami's shower and incorrectly infers that they spent the night together. His hopes dashed, he gets upset over the death of his grandmother and feels he has no one to take care of him. Sami and Lucas chalk up his emotional state to the killings but also realize he is disappointed that his parents haven't reconciled. Lucas comforts Sami and he is affected when Sami admits she never wanted to tell Lucas the truth about Kate's past. Sami and Lucas decide to explain to Will that they will always be a family. Will says he's still holding out hope that they'll marry someday...

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Bo's PDA receives a distorted image of Caroline, blaming Bo for letting her die. Hope tries to tell Bo it's an evil attempt by the killer to hurt him. In agony, Bo pushes Hope away. The killer also sends Bo a loaf of his mother's Irish soda bread explaining that the day his mom baked the bread, Bo came into the pub and was standing right next to the killer. Later, Bo and Hope arrive at the pub and Bo talks with his sister, Kimberly. She advises he do what their mother would have wanted... to forgive the killer. Kim warns Hope that Bo's anger could end up hurting him and his family.

Kimberly tries to comfort a devastated Grandpa Shawn. Alice fears the killings are far from over.

Shawn and Brady have a heart to heart conversation and after a phone call with Belle, Shawn is inspired to send his grandmother off with a heartfelt gift: his childhood bear. Someone is watching Shawn and Brady - it is Jan Spears.

Victor is about to throw Nicole out when she offers to sign the divorce papers. Victor tears them up telling Nicole she won't get one red cent. Nicole bristles and tells Victor she holds the cards and that now she wants $5 million. Victor again threatens to turn her in for Colin's murder but Nicole scoffs saying she'll drag him down with her as the accomplice. Victor calls Nico and has him escort Nicole off the premises. Nicole says she'll seduce Brady and poison him against his grandfather. Victor points out that her charms will be useless on Brady - he has a bigger plan than hers.

Friday, November 21, 2003

by Joan

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor told Nicole he would bring Chloe back to save Brady from her. Taunting her husband, Nicole promised she would have Brady eventually and then get back at Victor. Threatening that reporting Nicole's murder of Colin Murphy would change Brady's mind, Victor again strangled Nicole. Later, continuing her fantasy of seducing Brady, Nicole still thought about asking him to kill his grandfather.

At Brady's Pub, Shawn and Brady talked about discussed Shawn's history with Jan Spears - unaware she was back in Salem. Brady criticized Shawn's bad decisions in trying to protect Jan's pregnancy. Upstairs, family and friends paid their respects to Caroline. As Celeste told Alice she had a feeling things would get worse, Caroline's Rosary-wrapped fingers moved in the coffin. Feeling her soul was in pain, Celeste offered a prayer at the coffin for Caroline. As attendees sang "Danny Boy," Celeste was shocked as Caroline joined in, saying it was her favorite.

Mickey had a change of heart and asked Bonnie to take Maggie's clothes for charity. Delighted at her own plans for the clothes, Bonnie whispered a word to Caroline fantasizing about catching Mickey some time in the future. Immediately afterwards, Bonnie made herself comfortable next to Mickey who said he'd welcome the company.

Busy in her office, Marlena was annoyed by the unannounced return of Jan. Claiming to have seen Belle in Milan, Jan said she returned to Salem after her parents had died skiing in the Alps. Looking to get her life back on track, Jan asked for Marlena's help. Reluctantly, Marlena finally agreed to see her as a patient. But Jan requested that Marlena not tell anyone of her return to Salem yet.

Shawn, Sr. was gracious to Victor who came to pay his respects but Celeste tried to warn Victor not to touch the body. With a touch of Caroline's hand, Victor bid goodbye to his love. As Brady apologized for Victor chasing Nicole out of the wake, his grandfather arrived to find them hugging. While Alice sensed Celeste's uneasiness about something happening, Celeste approached to pray. Caroline's eyes popped opened, saying "I'm glad you're back, we need to talk." Addressing her as Frankie, Caroline said it wasn't over, and no one was safe, and then closed her eyes. At that moment Roman's PDA flashed a message "right here, right now!" With that, Marlena clutched her throat and collapsed to the floor.

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