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January 5 to 9, 2004
Roman and Kate's wedding reception turned violent when the Salem stalker claimed Roman as the 6th victim. The Brady family and guests felt justice served when Tony DiMera was once again arrested for the murders when found at the crime scene shortly after his release on bail. Sami was devastated after Roman's death, and vowed to get revenge on John, Kate and everyone else she felt responsible for his death. Celeste had another disturbing spiritual visit from Roman and Maggie informing her that Tony was not the killer and that only she could reveal the identity of the serial killer and make Salem safe again. As a result, Mickey shocked many family and friends when he decided to represent Tony. Marlena's behavior after Roman's death concerned John, Belle, Kate and others when she continued to refer to Roman as her husband, blamed John and Kate for Roman's death, and then asked John to moved out of the penthouse. Sami and Lucas spent the night together. Shawn was aware that he was being followed, but had no idea that it was Jan watching his every move. Victor warned Nicole to stay away from his family. Chloe had a major decision to make that concerned her future with Brady. Jennifer received some unsettling news regarding her pregnancy.
January 12 to 16, 2004
All of Salem was shocked when Celeste convinced Marlena to testify on Tony's behalf because Roman and Abe's ghost's told her that Tony was not the serial killer. Tony and Victor teamed up to find the killer who they were convinced was a woman, possibly Nicole. Marlena and Celeste both had visions of the eyes of a tiger. Brady said goodbye to Chloe once again for the good of her career. Bonnie set her sites on the unsuspecting Mickey. Lexie gave Jennifer very disturbing news about her baby and warned her that if she did not terminate the pregnancy, she may be putting her life in danger. Doug and Julie surprised everyone and returned for Roman's funeral with an unusual gift in toe; a Bengal tiger. Hope was worried about Bo's obsession to convict Tony for the serial killings. Salem feared that the serial killer would claim yet another victim.
January 19 to 23, 2004
Jennifer decided to go forward with her pregnancy in spite of the risks. Bo left for Europe to locate Billie who disappeared from her ISA assignment after leaving Bo a message that she knew the identity of the Salem stalker. Tony and Celeste joined forces while Tony prepared to prove his innocence and reveal the identify of the stalker at the Horton circus benefit. Tom appeared to Alice to warn her that another life was in danger. Sami tried to harm Kate by using her act at the circus benefit, but Kate decided not to press charges for Roman's sake. Marlena made Sami realize that she needed professional help and that her anger and revenge were self-destructive. Marlena continued to push John away and was convinced that she was his next victim. The stalker attempted another murder at the Horton Circus Benefit.
January 26 to 30, 2004
The Salem stalker claimed the life of Tony DiMera, just before he was to announce her identity. The audience learned that the stalker is none other than the one person no one would have suspected, Dr. Marlena Evans. Celeste's visions continued as Tony's ghost advised her that she would help apprehend the killer. John started to question Marlena's indifference and strange behavior. Lexie ordered an autopsy for Tony that revealed unusual toxins in his bloodstream leading the police to believe that the killer was on staff at the hospital. Jan's fantasies that Shawn would soon be her lover seemed to consume her, and Julie was concerned over Mickey's infatuation with Bonnie Lockhart.
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February 2 to 6, 2004
Things heated up between Lucas and Sami, but neither one wanted to admit to the other that each had true feelings for each other. Kate was appalled that Sami and Lucas were getting too close for comfort. Julie's criticism of Bonnie upset Mickey, while Bonnie's plan seemed to be working perfectly to snag the elder Horton. In a few weak moments, Marlena almost confessed several times to John that she was the Salem stalker, but then her "killer" personality seemed to drag her back to her evil agenda. Celeste was on the verge of naming the serial killer, and Lexie and John urged Celeste to have Marlena (of all people) help her uncover the identity of the serial killer. Nicole and Jan hatched a sinister plan to insure that each got their man, Shawn for Jan, Brady for Nicole and Victor off her back. Belle couldn't seem to shake the feeling that something awful was going to happen to her family.
February 9 to 13, 2004
Marlena managed to divert Celeste's premonitions as well as all the clues that seemed to point out that she was the Salem stalker. Belle almost pushed Marlena to revealing her secret and confessing to her horrid crimes, but Belle was literally saved by the bell, her cell phone, as Shawn had a feeling that she was in danger. Jennifer and Lexie spent their first Valentine's Day alone, without the loves of the lives. Sami was knocked unconscious during her camping trip with Will and Lucas, and when she awoke she thought that she and Lucas were a loving couple. Victor decided to change his will, as Nicole and Jan continued to plot together to achieve their goals; Nicole to get rid of Victor and win Brady, and Jan to get rid of Belle, and win back Shawn.
February 16 to 20, 2004
Celeste had a "good" premonition for Lexie, Hope and Jennifer. Sami and Lucas realized that they have feelings for one another, but still can't seem to admit it to each other. Nicole and Jan's plan turned deadly and ended in Victor's "shocking" death. Bo returned home to surprise Hope for Valentine's Day but was forced to handle the investigation into his father's death. Belle ended her relationship with Shawn after he told her and John that Marlena was the Salem serial killer. Marlena, knowing that Shawn was on to her, tried to act calmly and unsuspicious, but seemed more preoccupied and outraged that authorities believed that Victor might have been another victim of the stalker, when she knew that she was the stalker and that she didn't kill him. Bo arrested Nicole for Victor's murder after John confided to Bo one of Victor's last warnings about Nicole. Jennifer felt responsible for a stranger's accident, and offered her home as a safe haven against the warnings of family and friends.
February 23 to 27, 2004
Nicole was the prime suspect in both Victor's murder and the Salem serial killings. After the serial killer targeted Shawn and mistakenly wounded Jan, Bo and Hope were unaware that Shawn suspected Marlena of the hideous crimes. Brady questioned Nicole's innocence, while Nicole and Jan helped each other out of a jam. After Doug remembered a key clue that could prove that Marlena was the serial killer, he received disturbing news from Celeste about his future. Meanwhile, Julie, haunted by Maggie's spirit, confided in the one person that could seal Doug's fate forever. Sami and Lucas admitted their feelings for each other, while Kate remained silent for Will's sake.
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MARCH 2004
March 1 to 5, 2004
Bonnie asked Mimi to mend the rift between her and Patrick when he would learn that Bonnie squandered his bankroll. Hope warned Jennifer about Patrick's true intentions, even though he seemed to be Bonnie's upstanding son returning home to visit the family. Doug, certain that Marlena was the serial killer, asked Celeste for her supernatural help in how to inform the authorities of her identity. Doug accidentally bumped into Marlena at the cemetery, where she confided her guilt to him realizing that he too would succumb to her treachery before he could inform the police of her sinister crimes. Hope and Julie were devastated to learn that Doug was Marlena's latest casualty. Marlena tricked John and Tek during the chase and escaped again, but not before John recognized her as his beloved Doc, a fact he held back from Bo when asked if he recognized the killer during the search. Maggie haunted Bonnie and warned her not to dupe Mickey, or else. Belle was concerned that Shawn still believed that Marlena was the serial killer. Kate tried to entice Sami to leave town by offering her a job transfer to London, but Lucas and Sami got wise to her motivation and realized that it might be time to admit their true feelings for each other for more than Will's sake.
March 8 to 12, 2004
Hope, Julie and the Horton's mourned the loss of their beloved Doug who was Marlena's latest victim. John almost caught Marlena fleeing from the crime scene after she murdered Doug, and bewildered by the facts; John later confronted her with his suspicions that she could be the Salem stalker. Julie and Hope learned that Marlena knew that Doug could identify the stalker. Julie was furious that Mickey signed over the management of Tuscany to Bonnie as a gift; meanwhile Patrick learned that Bonnie squandered his money and mother and son started to formulate get rich plans via the help of a Horton. Nicole continued scheming with Jan to cover up her crimes, while Victor's ghost tried to keep her on the straight and narrow. Celeste's visions implied that another Horton would soon fall victim to Marlena and it appeared that Alice was the prime candidate!
March 15 to 19, 2004
Tek hypnotized John to reveal to him that Marlena was indeed the serial killer, however, the manipulative "Doc" convinced John that his days of a brainwashed mercenary for Stefano clouded his judgment forcing a guilt ridden John to retract his accusations and beg Marlena for forgiveness. Celeste told Alice that another Horton was destined to die. Julie reminisced about her life with Doug as the family paid their last respects to yet another of Marlena's victims. Belle struggled to tell Shawn that she was not Marlena's alibi the night that Doug was murdered. Mimi was furious with Bonnie for failing to give Rex permission to marry her, but later worked things out with Rex that proved to strengthen their relationship. Patrick blasted Bonnie for spending his savings. Nicole continued to be troubled by Victor's "presence."
March 22 to 26, 2004
Celeste's premonitions continued and she warned both Alice and Hope that the Salem stalker's next target was a beloved member of the Horton family. Alice, Hope, John, Tek, and Fr. Jansen had proof that Marlena was the serial killer and tried to stop her before she murdered again. John and Celeste believed that Marlena might be once again be possessed by evil, the driving force to her killing spree. Alice's life was spared with some spiritual help from Tom, Doug, Maggie, Caroline, and Roman who were able to rattle and scare Marlena away before she committed her dirty deed. Patrick unknowingly helped save Jen's unborn child and Jen found herself beholding yet again to the handsome new rouge in town. Kate had a surprise visit from Roman. Belle confided to Sami that Shawn believed Marlena may be the serial killer and that she lied to Shawn about Marlena's alibi.
March 29 to April 2, 2004
Tragedy struck the Horton family once again as Celeste predicted and Marlena claimed the beloved Alice as her next victim. However, Alice managed to call John and named Marlena as the stalker just before her death. Marlena confessed to John, and then in an attempt to silence him, a struggled ensued and she fell off the terrace. Sami tried to convince the police, family and friends that John, not Marlena, was the serial killer. Nicole inadvertently prevented Jan from taking her own life to keep them both out of prison. Brady was determined to learn the truth about Victor's death from a very suspicious Nicole. Hope was overcome with emotion as she informed the rest of the family of Alice's murder; news that resulted in a pregnancy crisis for Jennifer. Bo, John, Hope, Lexie and Marlena's family waited for her to regain consciousness so that she could be questioned about the Salem murders. In an evening of horror, Shawn proposed to Belle unaware the she was hiding the terrible truth that could have indirectly contributed to Alice's death!
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APRIL 2004
April 5 to 9, 2004
Marlena confessed to John that she was the serial killer; a fight ensued and Marlena fell off the balcony with serious injury. Sami who was convinced John was the serial killer and that Marlena was his next victim was injured during Marlena's fall. Shawn proposed to Belle, but was devastated when he learned that she lied about Marlena's alibi. All of Salem was rocked after learning that Marlena was the serial killer, but later somewhat relieved when both Fr. Jansen and Celeste confirmed that Marlena was innocent. Patrick saved Jennifer's baby with the power of a mysterious ancient coin that Celeste thought may have a connection to Stefano. John called Bo and Hope and told him that he finally knew the identity of the stalker and was bringing her in for questioning. Julie had a scare while at Jennifer's and then later learned the sentimental reasons why Mickey allowed Bonnie to convert Tuscany into Alice's.
April 12 to 16, 2004
Marlena couldn't remember any of her alleged crimes and proclaimed her innocence. Bo and Hope argued over Marlena's guilt or innocence after it was clear that Hattie was not the Salem Stalker. Marlena's presence at Doug and Alice's memorial angered many of Salem's finest, especially Julie who vowed to kill Marlena before another loved one would die at her hands! Philip hoped for a chance with a heartbroken Belle after Shawn rejected her and then told her that he was leaving Salem. Jan forced Nicole to help her build a "love prison" for Shawn. Nicole tried to warn Jan that the police were on to them after another investigation at the mansion uncovered more fingerprints of the possible assailant of Victor's murder. Brady was still conflicted over whether Nicole killed Victor.
April 19 to 23, 2004
Marlena was formally booked as the serial killer, but while in the holding cell, she was accused of yet another murder. Nicole was disappointed that Marlena was not the victim in the prison mishap. Marlena submitted to a series of medical tests to try to determine the cause of her irrational murder streak. John was determined to find a way to clear Marlena, while Bo was determined to make certain Marlena was convinced and sent to death row for her reign of terror of their many loved ones of Salem. Belle and Shawn's relationship suffered from the fallout of Marlena's arrest, while Philip tried to take advantage of Belle's vulnerability. Sami and Lucas finally gave in to their feelings and made love and decided to support each other and Will regardless of the reaction of their family and friends. Marlena told Bo and Hope that she would submit to questioning under sodium pentothal to get to the truth and as a last resort to prove her innocence.
April 26 to 30, 2004
Kate caught Lucas and Sami in a romantically compromising situation. John, Sami, and Belle tried to convince Marlena not to submit to the sodium pentothal nor waive her rights to an attorney and trial by jury, but Marlena insisted it was the only way to stop everyone's suffering and get to the truth about the Salem stalker. One by one, Marlena calmly recounted how she committed each murder much to the horror and devastation of her family and friends. Shawn and Belle's relationship suffered over the strain of Marlena's testimony, while Sami and Lucas seemed to gain strength from each other. Lexie and Tek shared a confidence that Stefano might be involved with Marlena's murder spree. Jennifer had another pregnancy scare that seemed to subside once again with Patrick's lucky coin. Bonnie was determined to outsmart Julie and win over Mickey's affection and bankroll. Amidst the turmoil and sadness of serial killings, Rex still found a way to surprise Mimi with a romantic evening. Kate tried to convince Philip to go after Belle and find happiness. Brady was confused over Nicole's strange behavior, who was frantic along with Jan to prevent Marlena from implicating them in Victor's death.
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MAY 2004
May 3 to 7, 2004
John, emotionally shaken and discouraged, advised Marlena that she confessed to all the serial killings while under the influence of sodium pentothal. Marlena signed a confession and was returned to lockup where another fight erupted fueled by Nicole's friend to "shut up" Marlena before she could incriminate her and Jan in Victor's death. Bo was determined to insure Marlena's execution for her heinous crimes against Salem's loved ones. Kate pushed Philip and Belle together while Shawn dealt with his feelings and considered leaving Salem. Lucas stood by Sami in her time of need despite Kate's objection. The Horton family gathered to pay final tribute to all their loved ones following Marlena's confession and arrest. Jennifer's bearer bonds, and inheritance from Alice, were missing, and Patrick, who left town without a goodbye, appeared to be the likely suspect until Julie found Bonnie's purse bulging with cash.
May 10 to 14, 2004
After Nicole arranged for Crystal to fake Marlena's prison break, Bo's orders were misinterpreted resulting in the tragedy of Marlena's horrifying death witnessed live on TV and the internet by family and friends. John was devastated that he could not save Marlena and enraged at Bo's lack of sensitivity over the incident and his loss. Belle was overcome by the grief of losing her mom and missing Shawn. Kate encouraged Philip to make his move on Belle; meanwhile Jan drugged and captured Shawn at her love nest. Patrick was warned about keeping his promises, while a naïve and trusting Jennifer continued to offer him her home as a haven. Marlena's ghost warned Celeste that everyone in Salem will die and that the terror is far from over. Lucas, Sami and Will tried to hold steady as a grieving gamily, but Sami, blind with anger and hate over Marlena's death, blamed John and Kate for everything that went wrong.
May 17 to 21, 2004
Marlena's spirit warned Celeste that everyone in Salem would die and soon learn the truth about her apparent death and role in the murders. Celeste and Sami were convinced that Marlena was still alive and caused more stress and havoc at Marlena's funeral. A grief-stricken Sami continued to blame Bo, John and Kate for Marlena's death and vowed vengeance on all. Belle was distressed and shocked that Shawn did not return home for Marlena's funeral unaware that he was being held captive by the irrational Jan. Nicole forced Jan to bail Crystal out of jail to keep her quiet about Marlena's demise. Hope and Philip tried to console John and Belle respectively in their worst hour of grief, while Bo opted to stay away from the funeral.
May 24 to 28, 2004
Sami couldn't accept Marlena's death and set out on a path of vengeance against family and friends. Bo and Hope put out an APB on Shawn while Jan covered her tracks and made sure her captive was secure and incommunicado. Kate and John comforted each other, while Philip hoped that the longer Shawn stayed away from Belle, the stronger his chances would be to win over her trust and affection. Nicole was disenchanted that Crystal was a houseguest at the mansion. Kate was horrified when Lucas told her the intended to marry Sami and be a family with her and Will. Marlena was shocked and bewildered to learn that she was "alive" and now living on an island that was a duplicate Salem, that the stalker terror was all a hoax, and that she was brainwashed into believing that she had killed so many of her beloved family and friends. Marlena was reunited with Abe, Roman, Alice, and Doug as they all were determined to find their way home to their family.
May 31 to June 4, 2004
John and Kate found comfort in each other's losses, while Philip tried to get closer to Belle who continued to wait for Shawn to return home. Sami appeared to offer Kate a way to put aside their differences for the sake of family. Nicole pit the Kiriakis men against each other to try to win over Brady's affections. John used Crystal to spy on Nicole's activities. Lexie was drawn to Tek and felt guilty about saying goodbye to Abe, while Celeste's warning that Abe could still be alive and to stay away from Tek troubled Lexie. Patrick used his "supernatural" coin to help Jennifer through another bad time, but his bosses continued to pressure him to finish the job on Jennifer. Jennifer tried to convince the unbelieving Julie that Jack was trying to contact her via the telephone and email. Jan continued to keep Shawn a prisoner in chains, while Bo and Hope were starting to worry that Shawn might really be in some kind of danger. Marlena joined some of her beloved presumed-dead victims on the mystery island, a duplicate of Salem; she tried to help Roman and Abe figure out a way to let their families know that they were alive and find a way back home.
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JUNE 2004
June 7 to 11, 2004
Tek told John that Nicole's alleged accomplice may have something to do with Shawn's disappearance. Bo and Hope frantically try to locate Shawn while Jan threatened to kill Belle if Shawn didn't promise to "love and obey." Marlena learned that Victor was alive, and Jennifer had a hard time convincing Patrick, Julie and Mickey that Jack was alive and was sending her messages on her computer. Jennifer's life was in peril as the residents of the "other Salem" assumed that Jennifer would be the next guest on their island. Patrick's superiors warned him to get rid of Jennifer or else. Bonnie and Patrick had a mother/son chat, and Mickey felt closer to Bonnie for the first time since Maggie passed on.
June 14 to 18, 2004
Jennifer prepared to meet Jack (who she was convinced was alive) despite concern from Patrick, Mickey and Julie that she was confused or being gas lighted. Shawn almost escaped Jan's sick plan to keep him captive, while she tormented Shawn with thoughts of Belle's unfaithfulness. Philip moved in with Belle but continued to let her think that he was in love with someone else. Crystal talked her way out of a jam, but John was still convinced she was involved with Marlene's death. Lucas washed his hands of Sámi despite Will's pleas to have his parents reconcile. John and Kate grew closer as they empathized with each other's losses. Marlene continued to meet more members of "New Salem", this week Victor and Maggie. Alice's opened for business with yet another wild rivalry between Bonnie and Julie over Mickey's well-being.
June 21 to 25, 2004
More of Salem's alleged victims of the Salem stalker appeared on the island of "New Salem", i.e. Tony and Jack. Maggie and Alice were concerned about the welfare of Jennifer's baby and why "they" wanted her on the island. The grand opening at Alice's was a major hit with Julie and Bonnie coming to some sort of truce. Lucas dumped Sami and found a new love in Manda, while a seething Sami wasn't interested in anyone's advice or suggestions on how to win back Lucas. Hope and Patrick tried desperately tried to stop Jennifer from running away to meet Jack. Jennifer's so to speak happy rendezvous to meet Jack turned into a disaster for Patrick who was determined to save Jennifer from his secret partners in crime. John tried to connect the dots between Marlena's shooting, Crystal, and the guard on duty.
June 28 to July 2, 2004
Jennifer's plane crashed on "New Salem" island and while trying to flee to safety, she had a life threatening accident. Meanwhile Jack continued to search the island for Jennifer. Bo, Hope and Patrick searched for clues to find Jennifer. Bonnie and Julie had another run in, but Bonnie came out smelling like a rose. John desperately tried to connect Earl and Crystal in Marlena's death. Nicole wanted Crystal out of Salem. Belle went on national television at the NASCAR races to attempt to lure Shawn home. Shawn was almost able to escape Jan's sick prison, but did manage to catch a glimpse of Belle on television and knew that she was trying to find him.
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JULY 2004
July 5 to 9, 2004
Jan continued to torment Shawn by making him believe that Belle was with Philip, but Shawn was able to see part of Belle's plea at the NASCAR races. Belle blasted Philip for not believing in Shawn, but later apologized when she realized he was trying to be a good friend and maybe more. Lucas tried to move on with his life, but couldn't stop thinking about Sami. Sami and Belle empathized over their loves of their life gone astray. While Bo and Tek tried to rescue Hope, she held Patrick under gunpoint on a plane headed to New Salem Island and agreed to his dangerous plan to find Jennifer. Jennifer couldn't believe her eyes when Jack appeared out of no where to rescue her off the side of the cliff near the crash site. John tried desperately to pull the truth out of Crystal about Marlena's death, but Jan stopped the interrogation but knocking John unconscious. Meanwhile, Nicole and Jan set up Crystal so that Brady would buy into Nicole's damsel in distress story.
July 12 to 16, 2004
Patrick and Hope's plane is shot down, but fortunately they survived and landed on New Salem. As Bo, Tek and John tried desperately to locate Hope and Patrick, Hope couldn't believe her eyes as one by one she was reintroduced to family and friends that she thought had been murdered or died over the past months. Bonnie, Mimi, and Julie were devastated over the news of Hope and Patrick. Jack and Jennifer were reunited unbeknownst to family and friends who believed they had perished individually through other circumstances. John and Kate consoled each other over lost loves. Jan convinced Belle and Philip that she was remorseful about the past and that she was engaged to someone special while she continued to torture Shawn and manipulated him into believing that Belle had moved on with Philip. Sami interrupted Lucas and Manda by telling him that she really loved him, Manda left and Lucas admitted to Sami that he always loved her, and the dynamic duo finally sealed their commitment with an evening of wild passionate love making. Roman, Bo, Tek, Hope, etc. were all convinced that Patrick knew more than he was telling.
July 19 to 23, 2004
Hope, Roman, Abe and the other residents of New Salem tried to force Patrick to reveal information that could help them rescue Jack and Jennifer, and their way back home. Victor and Caroline shared some special memories of the past. Jan forced Belle closer to Philip by making her believe that Shawn really left her by leaving an edited message from Shawn on Bo's cell phone. John and Bo searched for answers to Hope, Patrick, and Jennifer's disappearance. Roman and Marlena and John, Sami and Lucas realized that the presence of Will's teddy bear that was supposed to b e buried with Marlena may be a clue to the entire Salem stalker mystery. Exhausted and injured Jack and Jennifer struggled to find their way back to the residents of New Salem. Jennifer and Hope were both elated and baffled at the fact that all their family and friends were still alive. Hope and Doug enjoyed a bittersweet reunion. Kate was horrified that Sami and Lucas had reconciled. In light of the mounting evidence, John decided to exhume Marlena's body.
July 26 to 30, 2004
The residents of New Salem and Salem started to realize that Stefano may have been the person responsible for all the tragedy of that past year since most of the deaths were members of the Brady and Horton families. Roman, Abe, and Marlena desperately tried to transmit a signal to Salem. Sami was hysterical after learning that Marlena may have been buried alive, and accepted solace from no one, not even Lucas who told her he loved her no matter what. Belle and Philip surprised Jan at her country home that prompted Philip to follow up and investigate Jan's story about Shawn, while Jan continued to manipulate Belle and Philip into believing her story, and then drugged Shawn to keep him quiet. Nicole set up Brady by making him believe Chloe was cheating on him. Hope and Patrick continued to search for Jack and Jennifer who were both struggling to stay alive.
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August 2 to 6, 2004
Bo continued to be baffled by a strange yet familiar sound emanating from his computer. Roman prayed and hoped Bo would remember the key to helping the hostages escape from the island. Sami finally accepted Lucas' proposal in front of family and friends at the Penthouse Grille. Marlena, Roman, Maggie, and others were upset after their host cruelly allowed everyone to watch a live video from the Penthouse Grille of their loved ones who appeared to moving on without them. Patrick and Hope were on the brink on saving Jack and Jennifer, whose lives were hanging in the balance. Jan, with the help of sophisticated electronics, had Shawn believing that Belle had dumped him for Philip. Rex tried to get Kate to acknowledge him as her son. John tried to stop Brady from getting more involved with Nicole, who had manipulated Brady from day one.
August 9 to 13, 2004
Hope, Marlena, Roman and Abe set out on the island to rescue Jennifer who was delirious and in labor thinking that Patrick was Jack. Mimi sought comfort from Bonnie when she believed that she may have uterine cancer. Nicole continued to seduce Brady; meanwhile Brady may have spoken his last words to Chloe who was on her way to surprise him when her limo crashed during a terrible rainstorm. Belle depressed about Shawn's departure and abandonment, asked Philip to make love to her, but the doorbell saved Belle from what would be a terrible mistake. Jan continued to torment Shawn with her own version of the video pictures of Philip and Belle. Bo was haunted by the messages on his computer. Kate and John succumbed to their feelings of despair and took comfort in each other.
August 16 to 20, 2004
Due to coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air this week. However, has provided special flashback recaps from Passions history for your reading enjoyment.
August 23 to 27, 2004
Due to coverage of the Olympics, Days of our Lives did not air this week. However, has provided special flashback recaps from Passions history for your reading enjoyment.
August 30 to September 3, 2004
Mimi feared for the worst when she confided in Belle that she might have uterine cancer and asked Belle to go with her for a doctor's appointment. John and Kate, and Roman and Marlena were drawn closer and turned to each other for comfort as a way to move on with their "new" lives. Bo finally deciphered the strange computer signal and was determined that Roman, Marlena, and others might still be alive. A skeptical John and Tek listened to Bo, but they were further intrigued at the far-fetched possibility that their family and friends were still alive after Celeste told them of her new premonitions. Tony tampered with the rescue signal on the island, while Hope and Abe seemed no closer to finding Patrick and Jennifer, who was now in hard labor and at death's door. Lucas was furious that Sami was so enamored after receiving a phone call from Brandon. Philip asked Belle to go on a trip with him so that they could give their relationship a try, while Rex was furious that Philip was taking advantage of Belle. Jan continued to torment Shawn with a video of Philip declaring his love for Belle. Shawn finally broke out of his cage, silenced Jan temporarily, and headed back to Salem to claim his true love. Brady was overcome with grief when Nancy arrived in Salem to inform Brady that Chloe had died from her injuries in the accident.
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September 6 to 10, 2004
Sami admitted to a concerned Lucas that Brandon was not a threat to their relationship and that she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Mimi received a clean bill of health but then learned that she was pregnant with Rex's child. Brady mourned Chloe's death, but Nicole tried to make sure that Brady wouldn't be lonely for too long. Meanwhile, Chloe, disfigured from the accident, convinced Nancy that telling Brady she was dead would be best for everyone. Shawn escaped briefly and came desperately close to within Belle's grasp, but only to find himself captive again at the hands of crazy Jan before he could explain to everyone that he had been held prisoner fro months. Bo and John crash landed on New Salem stunned and relieved to find all their loved ones alive. John and Marlena were speechless when they saw each for the first time in months, but separated by the force field. Jennifer gave birth to a son, but her condition was worsening and she prayed that Hope and Patrick would find Jack alive and give her the strength to go on.
September 13 to 17, 2004
John and Bo united with family and loved ones, but Bo, Hope and Patrick continue to search for Jack and later find an unidentified body on a ledge. Jennifer prayed for Jack's safety. Bo and Hope were shocked to learn that Billie was on "the island." Marlena confessed to John that she and Roman almost made love in a desperate moment, but John lied to Marlena when she asked him if he and Kate had become closer. Tex told Kate that Bo and John's plane crashed and there was no word from them. Will came home to the good news that his parents were engaged to be married. Kate eavesdropped on Sami being Sami. Jan tormented Shawn and made him watch what he thought was Philip and Belle making love. Belle couldn't make love to Philip because she still felt like she was betraying Shawn. Bonnie convinced Mimi not to tell Rex that she was pregnant and consider alternatives.
September 20 to 24, 2004
Bo and Hope saved Jack and he was reunited with Jennifer and his son, while Patrick was presumed drowned. Shawn was injured in a terrible accident on his way home to Belle. While unconscious, Shawn called out Jan's name instead of Belle, and Jan took full advantage and told Belle that she and Shawn were engaged. Nicole tried to reason with Jan and told her to leave town. Philip was crushed when he realized how much Belle still loved Shawn. Mimi struggled with her demons on the pro's and cons of abortion, and decided not to tell Rex that she was pregnant. Tony revealed to Bart how he and Stefano brainwashed and drugged Marlena to believe that she was the Salem stalker and how they planned all of the so-called murders. Billie appeared on Captive Island with Bo hot on her trail to save her while the ISA informed Kate that Billie was killed in an undercover assignment. Hope defined family and friends and went off on her own to try to save Bo.
September 27 to October 1, 2004
Hope confided in Patrick about Bo's relationship with Billie, as Bo and Roman and John set out to find Billie, Hope and Bo. Sami and Lucas decided that perhaps that should elope for Will's sake. Belle was heartbroken when Shawn rejected her thanks to Jan's ruthless manipulation of Shawn's medical condition and her desire to keep him from learning the truth about her sick plan. Shawn accused Belle of indirectly causing his parent's "death." Belle received more bad news when Brady broke the news that John and Bo were presumed dead. Mimi struggled with her decision to have an abortion. Kate was inconsolable at the news of Billie and John's presumed deaths.
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October 4 to 8, 2004
Hope was forced to work with Billie again, but Bo reminded her that Billie's knowledge may help them escape from the island. Shawn devastated by all the sadness in his life continued to believe that Jan was his future and happiness, and Belle was a lying, evil person. Mimi went through with her abortion and immediately regretted her actions and that she never confided in Rex. Surprised and troubled by Shawn's behavior and attitude toward Belle, Rex and Philip decided to work together as brothers. Sami sold Kate on a promotion that would benefit Basic Black to pay for her and Lucas's wedding. Tony captured John, Bo, Hope, Patrick, Billie and Roman and then revealed himself as the mastermind behind the Salem Stalker plot and the creation of New Salem. Brady, Tek and tag along Nicole found their way onto the island and in the midst of danger and intrigue. Tek was shocked to see Abe face to face.
October 11 to 15, 2004
Brady and Nicole attempted to rescue John, Bo, Hope and Billie from DiMera's island prison. Patrick appeared to be a hired hand of Tony DiMera after all. Nicole was horrified and relieved to find Colin Murphy alive, but drugged. Billie admitted to Hope that she still loved Bo. Lucas made Sami's day by granting her a special wish for their wedding day that included Will. Shawn frustrated that he couldn't piece together the past except for what Jan told him, had another confrontation with Philip at Alice's over Belle. Jan blackmailed Mimi to help her keep Shawn and Belle apart or she would tell Rex that Mimi had an abortion. Bonnie proposed to Mickey at Alice's and Julie was overwhelmed that Mickey joyfully accepted. Tony and Bart prepared to activate their doomsday plan on the residents of New Salem.
October 18 to 22, 2004
Bo saved Billie's life as well as the key to some of the information regarding Tony's master plan. Nicole proved that Colin was alive and well, much to the surprise of John and Roman. Patrick activated the doomsday computer program to destroy the island; meanwhile, his loyalties between good and bad were challenged. Sami couldn't get Brandon off her mind, while Kate and Eugenia had their own plan to use Brandon as the means to break up Lucas and Sami. Shawn's dark side and anger towards Belle intensified -- actions that eventually pushed her into finally committing to and making love with Philip. Jan used Belle's situation to convince Shawn to forget about Belle and make love to her for the first time but let Shawn believe it was one of many times in their loving relationship.
October 25 to 29, 2004
Kate and Eugenia, with a little help from the Halloween holiday, put their plan in motion to use Brandon to break up Lucas and Sami. Brandon returned to Salem. The island captives seriously questioned Tony's sanity and were repulsed at his evil plan to destroy everyone's lives. Tony revealed a horrific site, Stefano's decomposed remains. Victor confronted Nicole with a promise of revenge for trying to kill him, but later Nicole ended up saving Victor's life. Rex almost convinced Shawn to make amends with Belle, but Jan made sure Shawn was witness to Belle and Philip's lovemaking, and even though it was Belle's first time, Jan convinced Shawn otherwise. Jan's hold over Mimi continued as Jan was determined to keep Belle and Shawn apart. All the residents of New Salem prepared to evacuate the island as the volcano started to erupt with many residents in grave danger.
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November 1 to 5, 2004
The captives defeat Tony and begin their journey to freedom, but at as price, as Marlena, Roman, Jack, Victor, Caroline and Cassie were lost in the tidal wave at sea, and are all presumed dead. Kate and Eugenia hoped that their plan to push Sami and Brandon together would be the beginning of the end of her relationship with Lucas. Brandon and Sami both struggled with their past feelings for each other, while Lucas decided that he would not play second fiddle and called it quits with Sami. Lexie started to believe Celeste's premonition that many Salem residents were alive and well, but Bonnie refused to let Mickey hope for something that seemed impossible and convinced Mickey to move on with their plans to marry. Mimi almost told Rex the truth about her abortion, but couldn't bear the thought of losing him.
November 8 to 12, 2004
Belle and Shawn had a pleasant visit where Shawn seemed like his old self. Most of the captive residents of New Salem were rescued by the Coast Guard and reunited with their loved ones in the real Salem. Jack, Cassie, Roman, Marlena, Victor and Caroline, presumed dead by the authorities, were held captive on a Japanese liner captained by the still very alive Tony and unaware of each other's whereabouts. Brandon decided to stay in Salem after all, while Sami struggled to hold on to her shaky dream life with Lucas. Kate and John were thrown together again as tragedy overwhelmed them, and Abby's happiness would soon be short lived after learning that Jack was lost for a second time. Maggie returned to find Mickey and Bonnie on the brink of wedded bliss with a confused and dazed Mickey unable to choose between them. Bo and Hope were upset and confused that Shawn was engaged to Jan. Abe's happy reunion came to a halt when he learned that he may be blind.
November 15 to 19, 2004
Many of Salem's lost residents returned home to their loved ones -- or not: Maggie found Mickey married to Bonnie; Doug and Julie has a blissful reunion; Jennifer had to tell Abby that Jack was lost again; an injured John informed Belle, Kate, and Sami that Marlena, Roman, and Cassie were lost again; and Bo and family mourned the loss of Victor and Caroline for a second time. Meanwhile, Lexie was overjoyed that Abe and Tek returned, but happiness was short-lived when Abe lost his sight. Sami was torn between Lucas and the return of Brandon, while Kate and Eugenia continued to try to use Brandon as wedge to break up Lucas and Sami. Belle and Shawn seemed to reach an understanding until he eavesdropped on Philip's marriage proposal to Belle; meanwhile Bo and Hope were concerned about Shawn's behavior and his weird engagement to Jan. Kate was overjoyed to reunite with Billie who struggled over her strong emotional ties to Bo and whether or not to leave Salem. A stranger tampered with John's I.V. at the hospital.
November 22 to 26, 2004
Sami and Brandon can't seem to keep their past in the past and to Kate's delight. John's condition worsened as a stranger tampered with his medication causing him severe pain and hallucinations. Philip received orders to ship out, and Jan manipulated Belle into agreeing to marry him out of guilt just as Shawn was beginning to realize that he still had feelings for Belle. Tony's sick and sadistic punishment continued for Roman, Marlena, Jack and the others while family and friends mourned their loss over the holiday. Bo and Billie learned that Georgia, their child together, is still alive.
November 29 to December 3, 2004
Just when it seemed Shawn was going to dump Jan and tell Belle he still cared for her, Jan's high tech brainwashing kicked in and Mimi and Belle's efforts to get back the old Shawn failed again. Hope needed Bo's reassurance while he and Billie bonded in the efforts to locate Georgia. Tony taunted Victor and Caroline over the goings on in Salem with Nicole and Brady. Chloe told Nancy that she wanted to return to Salem after her reconstructive surgery to be with Brady. Brandon tried to stay away from Sami, but a twist of fate pushed them closer together. Belle told Philip that she was over Shawn and that she was free to marry him.
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December 6 to 10, 2004
Mimi uncovered Jan's secret and then asked Shawn and Belle to meet her at Jan's country home; meanwhile Mimi and Jan fought it out at gunpoint. Shawn and Belle got close after a car crash. Philip and Rex searched for Belle and Shawn. Sami, Lucas, and Brandon got caught in a snowstorm together. Sami learned that she and Brandon were technically still married and that she could not elope with Lucas. Brandon admitted that he still loved Sami as she realized that she was in love with Lucas and Brandon. Hope struggled to stay objective and optimistic as Bo and Billie left for Europe together in search of Georgia. John saw that Tek was the person tampering with his I.V. line "all in the line of duty." Jack tried to escape from Tony's prison, and Jennifer tried to cope with being a parent of a hostile teenager.
December 13 to 17, 2004
Brandon made Sami's life with Lucas a possibility when he decided to leave Salem after all. Bo and Billie were in harm's way as they came closer to finding George, and unbeknownst to them; Roman and Marlena as well. John took matters into his own hands by stealing pain medication from the hospital unaware that Tek was continuing to tamper with his regular meds. Shawn and Belle were rescued from a fire and then hazy about having made love in the barn. Mimi was determined to prove to everyone that Jan brainwashed Shawn and was the sole reason why he and Belle were apart even if it meant that she would jeopardize her future with Rex. Celeste's visions were disturbing to Hope regarding Bo and Billie's future together. In Austria, Nancy convinced Chloe to return to the U.S. for plastic surgery and to let Brady know that she was still alive.
December 20 to 24, 2004
Bo and Billie barely escaped death after learning that Georgia was adopted at age three, and then miraculously found their way out of the DiMera castle and back home to their loved ones for Christmas. Tony made certain that Bo and Billie didn't learn that many of Salem's residents were still alive and imprisoned at the castle. Kate moved in with John to nurse him back to health, while Jan managed to talk her way out of the truth again and get Shawn back on her side. Julie helped Sami see the real love of her life, while Maggie and Bonnie found amusing ways to try to win over Mickey. Friends and family gathered at the Horton's for the wonderful Christmas tree tradition, but Bonnie managed to steal the show with her very own "ornament." Patrick made Jennifer's Christmas special, while Jack dreamed of finding away back to his family.
December 27 to 31, 2004
Sami was infuriated that John would not help her get her annulment so that she and Lucas could marry before the end of the year. After Philip received his urgent orders to ship out, Belle, family and friends pulled together to help them marry on New Year's Eve. John continued to self medicate himself so that he could be a real father of the bride. Jan and Kate tried to sabotage Shawn's plan to talk to Belle one last time before she married Philip; meanwhile Mimi and John had doubts that Belle was probably marrying Philip for the wrong reasons and that she was still in love with Shawn. Billie wreaked more havoc in Bo and Hope's life as she was beyond reason in her efforts to find Georgia. Chloe was torn about her decision to keep her secret from Brady as she watched Brady and Nicole draw closer each day. Jack was determined to get back to Jennifer after viewing her and Patrick on video. Chloe was at Brady's side in his time of need.
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