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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 19, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, January 19, 2004

Celeste spoke fearfully to Tony as she recounted what she had seen through the mask of the killer. She noted that the tiger's eyes that she saw combined with seeing Tony holding the bloody tiger's teeth were an omen and were surely connected to the Salem serial killings. She believed fully that the omen suggested that the killer is ferocious and deadly. The duo set out for the library to research the killing instincts of tigers and to gain insight into the Salem Stalker.

At the marketplace, Marlena eyed the tiger that Julie and Doug Williams had brought to town with them. She couldn't stop the vivid images from her nightmare when a tiger had pounced on her. Belle, worried about her mother, urged John to go talk to her. Marlena finally figured out that the tiger was in her nightmare and told Belle and John the details. Belle reminded her that she couldn't let the nightmare get to her, and that she should gain perspective and look toward the future instead of dwelling in the past. Just then, Mickey and Bonnie Lockhart arrived on their way to go shopping, and stopped to marvel at the striped beast. Julie greeted her Uncle Mickey and expressed her sorrow at missing Maggie's funeral as well as the others that had taken place. They turned to the others and told them that the reason the tiger had arrived earlier than the circus is because they owned the tiger! They explained that they had seen him at a traveling carnival in South America. He had been mistreated, so they bought him and nursed him back to health. They had stopped in Salem to lend the tiger for the circus, but then planned to take him to a wild animal reserve in Florida. Before they could speak further, Celeste and Tony rounded the corner. Celeste flashed back to her vision and became agitated. With that, Celeste insisted that this tiger was the one from her vision for sure. Mickey escorted an irritated Bonnie off to go shopping while Doug and Julie went to care for the tiger's feeding schedule. Shawn told Tony that he was positive that he was still the killer, but Tony told him that he was wrong and that he wanted the killer caught even more than Shawn did. Belle turned away and begged her mother to let John move back in with them as a safety precaution. John agreed that it would be a good idea, but Marlena refused and told Belle that she still needed time alone. She headed off, and Belle rejoined Shawn just in time to overhear Tony say that they needed to get to the killer before she struck again. When Belle asked about his reference to the killer being a woman, Tony explained that Victor thought the killer was a woman because the victims had all been taken by surprise, and that Caroline had been poisoned - a woman's choice of weapons. Meanwhile, Shawn offered John his assistance in finding the killer, and John asked him not to discuss it with Belle. Belle overheard the comment, but Shawn dodged her question effectively. By the tiger's cage, Tony suggested to Celeste that perhaps her vision meant that the killer would use the tiger as a weapon. After Celeste left, Tony mused that the humane thing to do for the tiger would be to let it go and started to unlock the cage while smiling. At the graveyard, Marlena talked to Roman and thanked him for always being there for her in spite of how she had hurt him. She asked her dead ex-husband to give her a sign to tell her if John was truly capable of killing her. Just then, the wind picked up and a tiger rounded the corner. Marlena screamed as it pounced on her, but then realized it was John who was trying to stop her flailing about. Marlena jumped up and told John that he had to stay away from her and swore that he was going to try to kill her.

Bo demanded to know who the ISA inspector was talking about when he had said that someone close to him was in danger. Hope arrived and wanted to know what was going on as well. The inspector admitted that Billie Reed had gone missing. She had disappeared in Europe on a routine assignment. They had found an envelope full of newspaper clippings from the Salem murders and had also intercepted a voice message to Bo that was garbled. Bo was certain it was his fault for running her out of town, but Hope disagreed and said it had been Roman who had encouraged Billie to work in Europe for the ISA. Bo told the inspector that he couldn't help Billie because he had to stay in Salem to protect his family and to help Salem's people. Hope tried to talk him into helping his ex-wife, but Bo declined. The inspector got word that the voice message had been deciphered, and they all listened to Billie's message. Billie told Bo that she needed his help, and that she knew who the Salem Stalker was, but could only tell him.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

by Joan

Fascinated by the tiger at the circus, Tony described the animal to Shawn Douglas as a perfectly efficient killing machine. Tony's observation that the tiger's kill-or-be-killed nature was an ideal method of murder, made Shawn D. think Tony was threatening. But Shawn's accusations were interrupted when Tony sensed someone listening in the bushes. The two found a metal spike left behind by an unknown figure, leaving Tony to speculate the killer was at large.

Running into Brady in Salem Park, John learned about Brady's concern for Victor and Nicole's relationship, worried they might end up killing. John thought he had successfully convinced his son to stay out of his grandfather's affairs and to stay away from Nicole. But Brady remained determined to help them. Later running into Shawn Douglas, John learned that Tony seemed to be communicating with the tiger. Both John and Shawn believed Tony was guilty, despite Celeste's premonition that the killer was a woman.

Leaving the Kiriakis Mansion without permission, Nicole received a call from Victor. Asked if she was planning another murder Nicole was threatened by Victor if she harmed his family. Looking for his wife, Victor met Tony near the circus. Victor explained that Nicole's killing of Colin Murphy led to her murdering successive victims to avoid prosecution. Victor thought Nicole was irrationally jealous of Caroline, but he later assumed Caroline might have had knowledge of incriminating evidence. Aghast that Victor had allowed this to go on so long, Tony was furious that he himself could have been convicted for the crimes. Believing he might be the next victim, Tony requested getting rid of Nicole. Victor's reply: "Be my guest." While Victor was insistent that the evidence against Nicole be solid enough to put her away, the two men speculated that neither of their lives would be worth much if she knew. Overhearing their entire conversation, Nicole thought, "I'd kill you both first without blinking an eye."

Returning home, Tony withdrew a number of photographs from a box - Fingering a photo of Nicole for a moment, he held it to his chest and meditated. As if receiving a revelation, Tony gasped and said, "Of course, she did it. I have no doubt in my mind who the true killer is."

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole planned her revenge as she told Brady the story as Victor had told Tony, but placing Victor in the murderer's shoes. Victor privately warned Nicole that with the proper evidence her days were numbered. Playing to Brady's emotions, Nicole claimed Victor was threatening to kill her. Frustrated at getting no answers from his grandfather, Brady took on the responsibility of protecting both Victor and Nicole.

At the Brady's, Bo & Hope listened to Billie's message claiming to have proof of the Salem Stalker's identity. Urging Bo to save Hope and his sons, Billie said she could only tell him. While Bo was concerned this could just be a ploy for Billie to get him back, Hope convinced him that finding Billie might end the killings. Determined to accompany her husband, Hope finally agreed with Bo that staying in Salem was best. As they said their goodbyes, Bo gave Zack three words to say whenever Hope looked sad - "Daddy loves Mommy." And as Bo walked away, Hope closed the door, unaware of someone watching the house.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Salem residents wake up to an anonymous ad in the newspaper announcing that the identity of The Salem Stalker will be revealed today at the Horton Foundation Circus! John tells Hope he suspects Tony placed the ad and he is correct. Hope gets a call from Bo with an update on the search for Billie. Hope chooses not to tell Bo about Tony's intention to name the killer. Hope is still distressed over her dream of seeing Bo's gravestone - she wants to keep her husband out of danger...

Celeste warns Tony he may have signed his death warrant by publishing the ad. She remembers her premonition of the tiger's eyes through the killer's mask. Hope and John barge in and John demands DiMera name the killer right now. Tony tells them they have to wait for the circus and Hope warns Tony the cops and the ISA won't allow him anywhere near the circus tent. After they leave, Celeste hopes Tony has changed his mind about going to the circus but he is determined. Celeste arrives at the circus and sees Tony miraculously emerge from a very small crate.

Belle freaks when she reads the ad about the serial killer being revealed so Shawn brings her over to see Hope and John. Hope reassures them that the cops and the ISA will handle security. Later, Shawn and Belle visit Marlena who happens to be in with Jan for a therapy session. Marlena covers for Jan. Shawn and Belle arrive at the circus to practice their "act" with Rex, Mimi and Philip.

Jan reveals to Marlena that she has made a new friend and also shows Marlena a tabloid headline in The Intruder exploiting Marlena and John's breakup. Marlena is distressed by the publicity. Later, Jan secretly meets with her new friend, Nicole.

Mimi and Rex arrive early to prepare for the circus and Mimi is outraged by her mother's plans to use her dog in a rodeo act... Bonnie must find the dog, which has run off.

Lucas and Philip find unconscious Kate in her room at The Salem Inn... with an empty pill bottle at her bedside. They come to learn that she threw the sleeping pills away because they did not work she is simply hung over and mourning Roman. Philip gives her some tough love but she still kicks him out. After seeing the ad, however, she shows up at the circus.

Lucas runs into Sami at the circus tent and Sami is determined to make Kate pay for Roman's death. Lucas warns her not to try anything and we see Sami fantasize about a circus act in which she can cut Kate in half with a saw! When Kate arrives, Sami begins to scheme: if she can make it look like an accident, Sami could kill Kate and get away with it...

Brady overhears Victor threaten Nicole's life and Victor insists that this is Nicole's last day of freedom. Later, Nicole listens in on a phone call as Victor urges Tony to announce Nicole as the killer. Nicole cannot let this happen. Later, Brady catches sight of Nicole at the circus.

Max, the dog, sniffs out the killer who has also made it into the big top...

Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Horton Foundation circus begins. Tony is lurking in the shadows, still planning to reveal the identity of the stalker during the finale. Bonnie almost runs into the killer whiles looking for her missing dog. The masked killer stalks the tent and overhears Celeste reminding Tony about her premonition of an out-of-control tiger. The killer breaks into a supply tent and steals a drug that will send the tiger on a wild rampage, injects the drug into a blow dart and shoots the dart into the tiger's rump - the docile tiger turns into a raging beast.

Sami puts together a plan to accidentally kill Kate - hearing Lucas is planning a knife-throwing act with a blindfolded Kate, Sami locks Lucas in a portable restroom and takes his place onstage. Kate panics as Sami begins throwing real knives...

Hope goes to visit Jennifer who thinks she has to postpone attending the fund-raiser - Lexie has made arrangements for her to have another ultrasound. Abby is still angry with her mother about possibly killing this baby just like she feels she killed Daddy! Jennifer refuses to confide in Abby about the risk to her own life. Hope calls Doug, Julie, and Alice away from the Horton fundraiser to be at Jennifer's side at the hospital. Lexie has to give bad news... the baby probably will not survive and Jennifer's life is also threatened. Lexie strongly urges Jennifer to terminate the pregnancy for the sake of her own health - if Jennifer were to die, Abby would be left an orphan. Jennifer is forced to make an excruciating decision. Jennifer overhears Abby talking to Doug and Julie about how the baby has to survive to keep her daddy's love for them alive. Jennifer is deeply moved and announces her decision to have this baby, no matter what the risk. Abby, overjoyed, hugs a tearful Jennifer. Hope and Lexie know that this decision may well cost Jennifer her life.

Shawn, Rex, and Philip freak out when Belle and Mimi insist they dress up in tights for their circus act - they perform a death-defying high-wire act. Mimi faints on the wire and the guys perform a daring rescue. Bonnie watches and leans on Mickey for support Bonnie charges ahead with her scheme to raise funds for herself and asks Mickey to volunteer for the dunking booth. He declines and Bonnie is forced to take his place. Mimi teaches her mom a lesson and throws the first ball... Bonnie goes down.

Friday, January 23, 2004

by Joan

At the circus, the tiger grew more restless after being hit by a poisoned dart from the Killer. Almost in a daze, Marlena watched the tiger, recalling her tiger vision at the cemetery. When John appeared, she ran from him. Surprised to find Sami in the knife throwing act, Marlena defended her daughter, when John was suspicious the knives were real. In turn, John accused Marlena of being equally suspicious of him. Lucas broke out of the port-a-potty in time to hear Kate begging Sami to get it over with. But Lucas saved Kate stopping the fateful knife in mid-air with a whip. Marlena's sarcasm about the knife being evidence, changed when John told her the knife was real. At that moment, Marlena had a vision of John attempting to attack her with a knife.

As the crowd watched, an irrational Sami threatened Lucas and John with a knife. Marlena calmed her daughter convincing Sami of John's love for her. But Sami's remark that Roman didn't deserve to die brought both mother and daughter to tears. Kate stopped Lucas' threat for vengeance. Saying her heart was changed after marrying Roman, Kate attributed Sami's actions to grief. Confiding in her mother, Sami believed she was the bad seed of the family. Marlena advised that it's never too late to change, calling Sami's behavior self-destructive. Sami called Marlena's breaking with John as destructive but the best thing she could have done. Marlena countered that recent predictions were not her reason for being apart from John. A distressed John overheard as Sami begged Marlena not to take him back. Later, a tearful Sami apologized to Kate. While Philip was unforgiving, Lucas went after her.

After being dunked, Bonnie ended up wearing the only dry clothes Mickey could find - a clown's outfit, but she lost her contacts Thinking everyone had forgotten, a delighted Alice cried out as Bonnie wheeled in a surprise birthday cake. But before blowing out the candles, Alice saw Tom. Julie's re-assurances could not appease Alice. Choked up, Mickey read a note from Maggie, prepared in anticipation of the day. Bonnie's poor eyesight saw something falling, not noticing drops of blood coming from a pail above, positioned by someone in black. She was repulsed tasting that portion of the cake.

Following a premonition, Celeste told Tony he was going to die bringing his secret to his grave. Knowing of his plan to reveal the killer's identity, Celeste tried unsuccessfully to learn who it is. Tony cautioned Celeste, that the knowledge would put her own life in jeopardy. Noticing a magician rehearsing, Celeste felt the performer would play a crucial part. Blinded by birthday gifts he was carrying, Doug bumped into a silent figure, dressed completely in black including their face. Assuming the person was a mime, Doug thanked them for helping pick up his packages, remarking about their attire similarity to the Salem Killer.

As Victor and Nicole watched the restless tiger, trading sarcasms, word spread that the magician had disappeared. Shawn D. found the unconscious performer while Julie announced a change in the program. But saying the show will go on, Tony surprised everyone, appearing in top hat and tails, promising "more thrills and chills than any of you could have ever imagined." As Marlena attended to the magician, John accused Tony of attacking him. Tony questioned why John was so opposed to his revealing the truth. Brady noticed Victor and Nicole were missing, while Tony assured Hope he had evidence to back up the identity of the Salem Serial Killer. With a drum roll, Tony incited the crowd to hear the name of the "Salem Stalker." While behind the scenes, the Killer unlocked "Horton's" cage, setting a now ferocious tiger free - and the eyes of the tiger lit up behind the Killer's mask.

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