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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, February 9, 2004

Belle and Shawn arrived at the circus tent in order to search for clues since Shawn was convinced that the killer would return to the scene of the crime. Belle stood nervously in the center ring while Shawn climbed up to investigate the catwalk. He started to climb back down, but stopped when he spotted a button and piece of fabric caught on a beam nearby. Before he could grab the evidence, Belle let out a shrill scream and Shawn swung down on a rope to tackle the hooded figure that was threatening Belle. When the hooded man stood up, Belle recognized him as a circus worker and apologized stating he had only startled her and that he hadn't hurt her. Shawn climbed back up to retrieve the fabric and button. Behind the bleachers, Jan Spears lurked in the dark and hurried to make her move to get Shawn and "take care" of Belle. Then, a gloved hand untied a rope nearby and Shawn yelled for Belle to "look out!"

Nicole cleverly handcuffed herself to an unsuspecting Brady while he and Victor watched in horror. She explained that the next time the killer struck she would have an airtight alibi. Victor brought in Henderson with a tool to cut the chains, but he was unsuccessful. With that, Brady threw Nicole over his shoulder and left to find his own solution to the problem. He went to visit his father, John, who tried his best to pick the lock, but he was also unsuccessful. With a smug smile, Nicole pulled Brady behind her to go shopping. In the store, Nicole pulled out her PDA and answered a message from Jan that said she no longer wanted to help Nicole with her plan. She forced Brady to turn his back so that she had some privacy and she then proceeded to threaten Jan by telling her that if she didn't help her she would reveal Jan's plan to Shawn. Jan finally relented and agreed to meet her at the store she and Brady were at. Nicole then dragged Brady away to try on some clothes. She made him sit with earplugs and a mask on while she handed a key to Jan on the other side of the dressing room wall. When she had completed her mission, Nicole towed Brady out of the store. Back at the mansion, Victor relaxed and listened to music when all of a sudden, the lights went out. He stood to grab his gun, and behind him a shadow appeared in the darkness.

Sami confirmed the camping arrangements over the phone for Will's class trip and then excitedly told Lucas the plans. They were agreeing that some quality family time would do them all some good when Will got home from school earlier than usual. They surprised Will with their exciting news that they were all going on the camping trip, but he seemed depressed instead of happy. He told them that they didn't need to go because they would only embarrass him, but Sami and Lucas both promised that they would be on their best behavior and not cause a scene. Will finally was happy and the trio hurried to pack. When they arrived at the campsite, Sami and Lucas met Will's teacher, Ms. Fox. She handed Sami a tent to share with Lucas, but Sami then threw a tantrum and stated that she would not share a tent with him. When she realized that her options were to share the tent with Lucas or to bunk with the gym teacher Pam (a.k.a. Sharon Osbourne) Sami agreed to sleep in the tent with Lucas. The two headed off the set up the tent as a "parental unit" and then settled down to sleep for the night. As Sami drifted off, a snake slithered into the tent and across her sleeping bag.

Celeste expressed concern of her future if she regained memory of the killer's name. She worried that she would be the killer's next victim, but Marlena assured Celeste that she would keep her safe. John told Celeste that the killer would never even know that she had spoken to Marlena. When Marlena left to get her upstairs room ready for the hypnosis session, Celeste told John that the killer was going to strike again soon and that she was very near. Upstairs, Marlena pulled a knife out of her secret compartment in her dresser and looked at her reflection, then placed the knife under her pillow and went to get Celeste. Before leaving, Celeste admitted that she felt the killer's presence, but then followed Marlena upstairs while John answered the door. Nicole and Brady burst into the penthouse and John asked for an explanation as to why his son was handcuffed to Nicole. He tried to pick the lock, but was unable to unlock the handcuffs. After sending the pair on their way, John remembered Celeste saying she felt the killer's presence and wondered if she was speaking about Nicole. In Marlena's bedroom, she and Celeste began the hypnosis session. They hear the security alarm beep, but Marlena checked it and informed Celeste that John had left and set the alarm and that they were all alone. Once Celeste was "under," she saw a vision of the killer, but was unable to decipher the face. Marlena urged her to try harder and Celeste told her that the killer was wearing a blue jacket. Marlena hurried to grab her blue jacket that was in plain sight nearby and realized that it was missing a button. A little confused, Marlena stashed the jacket in a closet. Celeste then said that she had seen the jacket before, but was still unable to identify the killer's face. Marlena then moved to get the knife she had placed under her pillow. Celeste began to cry and begged Marlena to erase the killer's name from her memory. Marlena was sure to ask Celeste if that was what she really wanted, and then while she poised the knife over Celeste ready to strike she said she would make sure that Celeste never uttered the killer's name.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

by Joan

Camping out Sami woke to find a snake in her sleeping bag. Claiming the snake bit him, Lucas heard a hysterical Sami say she would die without him. When she offered to suck the venom out in an effort to save him, Sami was furious at Lucas' joke. But when Sami joined Lucas in his sleeping bag and a pillow fight, Will thanked the harmless snake outside the tent for "a job well done."

During their investigation of the circus site, Shawn saved Belle from a falling sandbag deliberately set up by Jan. Sensing her near, the two found Jan behind a curtain dressed as a clown. Once she was gone, Belle was curious about a blue button Shawn had found which didn't seem to belong to any of the circus workers.

At the Kiriakis Estate, Nicole tried to use the handcuff situation to her advantage, coming on to Brady at every chance, including a shower together. Brady's indifference, he informed her, was not because of Chloe's return but his refusal to take sides against his grandfather. Victor found the mysterious intruder was John proving the inefficiency of the Kiriakis Security. Aware of Victor's liaison with Tony, John insisted that Victor produce whatever knowledge or evidence he had against Nicole. Convinced of his wife's guilt, Victor assured John, "if anything happens to me, mark my words, it's Nicole."

When a sound was heard from the shower, Nicole insisted to Brady it could be a gunshot. Hoping to find Victor dead, Nicole was disappointed finding him resting but alive. When Nicole contacted Jan's PDA about completing her part of the job today, Jan quietly considered Nicole's job as practice for what she planned "when it really counts."

At the Penthouse, Celeste asked Marlena to erase her memory of the Killer. Fearful of a painful death, she justified her reasoning, blaming Stefano for time lost with her daughter. As Marlena stood behind her, Celeste could see the Killer's blade and the gloved hand. Putting on the gloves, Marlena was surprised and covered the knife as Celeste foretold death stalking Marlena..."You will die, no matter what I say or do, what anyone does...Your fate is sealed." Seeming to be in a trans Marlena said, "maybe they all died in vain...If I can't protect myself, then I need to end it...once and for all.." And she put the blade to her wrist.

But as Marlena realized she had too much to live for, Celeste echoed her words as she suddenly saw a blue button falling off something. Marlena questioned Celeste's words that Belle, Shawn and John were close to the truth. Marlena grew angry as Celeste said she wasn't sure if it was clear to them. A calm Marlena lost control crying out for Celeste to "Shut up"..."Nobody cares about your premonitions."

After meeting with Shawn and Belle at the circus, John noted a trace of blood on the blue button, also recognizing it as familiar. As his memory was triggered, John left, asking them not to mention the button to anyone. As Marlena approached Celeste with the knife saying, "It's finally time", John burst through the Penthouse door yelling, "Stop!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

After having interrupted Celeste's and Marlena's session, John let the two know that evidence was found that could potentially lead to the killer. This evidence was a button with cloth from a suit still attached to it. Once they id who owns the suit then John believes that they will have the killer. Yet this is not the case because after Celeste revealed that the suit was from Barron's Department Store, Marlena, Celeste, and John head down to the store and the search turned up empty. However, only twelve of those suits were ordered since they were exclusively designed for the department store and the sales lady remembers that she had sold Marlena one.

Nicole and Brady were still handcuffed together so Brady had to go with Nicole to the Cheatin' Heart because she felt like going out for a while. By the time they return home Nicole hoped that Jan would have killed Victor. After being at the Cheatin' Heart for a while Brady receives a message on his pager letting him know that it was the start of the business day in Europe. He told Nicole that he had to return home because he had to send some faxes. Meanwhile Jan has gotten into the Kiriakis mansion and hit Victor over the head with a vase.

Shawn and Bonnie convinced Mickey to give Shawn the keys to Tuscany so that he would be able to give Belle a special night there for Valentine 's Day. At the same time Julie and Doug were at Tuscany because they were going to make the place special for the holiday. Mickey had a fantasy that he and Maggie were at Tuscany celebrating their anniversary.

Sami woke up from having a fantasy with Lucas. Lucas wanted to go and look for firewood to add to the fire, but Sami refused to let him go because she had told him that she was capable of doing it on her own. Sami ended up in a cave and at the bottom of a pit.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

by Joan

After falling into a pit, Sami heard Horton, the tiger, growling within the cave. Doubting her screams were genuine Lucas found Horton at the mouth of the pit and took cover himself until the tiger left. Thinking Lucas left her there, an upset Sami fell, hitting her head. Lucas quickly returned to the pit as Sami regained consciousness. But he realized Sami had developed amnesia. As she asked about her missing wedding band and their marriage to one another, Lucas was shocked hearing Sami say she loved him.

At the Kiriakis Mansion Brady sensed Nicole's uneasiness. Nicole feared that Jan would expose their plot to kill Victor, but was disappointed at finding Victor still alive. Contacting Jan's PDA, Nicole learned Jan felt uncomfortable about harming Shawn's grandfather. After trying to attack Victor, Jan was unable to do it. Taking shelter in a closet she listened when Shawn paid a visit to Victor. Determined not to lose him she planned on going through with the plan.

Recognized by the Baron's Store Saleswoman, Marlena was slow to admit she owned the blue designer suit. As John recounted where the button was found, Marlena recalled catching the suit as she changed into the hooded outfit and mask. John's concern was that Marlena could be targeted if she knew the Killer's identity. But she coolly assured him, "The Killer isn't going to hurt me, John."

At Tuscany, Belle and Shawn were unaware they were planning the same Valentine surprise for one another at Tuscany. In an effort to turn the restaurant into a country-western attraction, Bonnie helped Shawn. Julie assisted with Belle's plans, determined to re-open Tuscany as it was. Philip and Tek helped the two groups decorate; confusing them as they took direction from Julie's tasteful to Bonnie's tawdry decorating ideas. But once the two women ran into one another, a fight broke out as Bonnie insulted Julie, and Julie began destroying Bonnie's decorations.

At the Penthouse, Marlena panicked as John rushed to find her suit. Fumbling to find it, she concealed the area of the missing button with her arm. Saying there was a stain on the suit, Marlena sent John away, but then withdrew a pair of scissors. Belle arrived as John was taking the button for forensic testing. John was doubtful Marlena would accept Belle's invitation to the Tuscany Valentine Party.

At Tuscany Shawn suddenly had a feeling that Belle might be in danger. John assured him, "Don't worry. She's with her mother. Couldn't be any safer than that, right?" But upstairs at the Penthouse, Belle found her mother about to cut the incriminating suit. Recognizing it as what her mother wore the night of Tony's attack, Belle grabbed it from Marlena's hands. Looking it over, Belle asked what was going on. Marlena concealed a large blade behind her back as she replied, "It'll all be over pretty soon, Sweetie."

Friday, February 13, 2004

by Joan

Valentine's Day was lonely for many in Salem. Jennifer and Lexie shared feelings about their husbands, recalling previous Valentine celebrations. Attempting to show a video of Abby, a broken-hearted Jen found her wedding video play instead. At the Salem PD, Hope left messages for Bo receiving no reply. Piecing clues together, she came up with the names of twelve women who knew the victims. Sharing the information with John and Shawn D., her son recalled Belle's close call at the circus. Shawn tried unsuccessfully to reach Belle who preferred speaking with Marlena.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady woke up to Nicole kissing him. Fed up with the handcuff predicament, he took possession of Nicole's PDA as payback when it sent off an alert. Downstairs, Jan fantasized Shawn's approval of murdering Victor. Victor was signing a new Will, leaving nothing to Nicole. Unseen, Jan listened to his conversation with his attorney. Planning to keep the document in his safe, Victor would not even allow his attorney to make a copy.

Suspicious that Nicole might even cut off his hand to gain access, Victor disengaged the handprint sensor from the safe. Unafraid that Nicole might contest the Will, Victor said he was leaving her a one-way ticket to hell. In the event of an untimely death, Victor instructed that Bo be present when the safe was opened and that a file and videotape inside the safe be given to the Salem PD. Most importantly, Victor wanted Brady to see the contents, and learn about Nicole's character.

At the Penthouse, Belle recognized the designer suit and questioned Marlena's strange behavior. Clutching the knife behind her, Marlena said, "I'm sorry, Belle, I hope you can forgive me. I love you. I never meant to hurt you." Belle was puzzled hearing Marlena say she'd done unspeakable things that Belle herself would suffer for. Briefly, Marlena imagined Belle accusing her of being the killer.

As Belle finally took Shawn's call, Marlena struggled within herself about what to do about her daughter. "Take care of her now, before she figures it out. She's already seen too much. Any minute now, she's going to put it together and realize you are the Killer. But I can't. How can I harm my little girl?" Marlena had a brief recollection of Belle as an infant as she watched Belle on the phone. But her maniacal thoughts returned. "Do it. Kill her." And as Belle hoped to convince her mother to go to Tuscany, she turned, looked at Marlena, and screamed.

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