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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 16, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, February 16, 2004

Lucas couldn't believe what he was hearing and asked Sami to clarify what she had just said. Sami repeated that they were married and that she loved him. As Sami tried to convince Lucas to make love to her, Lucas refused because he didn't want to take advantage of Sami in her state of mind. Finally, Lucas gave in and they shared a kiss. After a while, Lucas told Sami that she had hit her head and that they had never been married even though they had a son together. He admitted his true feelings for Sami, and Sami said that even though she couldn't remember, she knew that their hearts didn't lie and that they mutually loved each other. When Lucas tried to pull away so as not to take advantage of Sami, he fell over some rocks and down into the cave. Sami screamed for him and prayerfully pleaded with God to save Lucas who was actually clawing his way back up the rocks. After saving himself, Lucas told Sami that now that he knew how she felt, they could have a real family with Will.

Victor gloated to himself about Nicole's ignorance. After securing his new will that omitted Nicole from receiving any inheritance in the event of his death, Victor headed upstairs for a bubble bath. Jan watched him retreat and then conversed with a dreamlike image of Shawn who urged Jan to go ahead with her plan to kill Victor in the name of love. Jan followed Victor upstairs with a glass vase and entered his bathroom where he soaked and listened to classical music with his eyes closed. Jan paused and sat next to the tub. The sudden movement caused Victor to open his eyes and he asked Jan what she's doing. When he realized that Nicole had sent Jan to kill him off, Victor scoffed at the "lovesick schoolgirl" and angered Jan even more when he threatened to have her arrested. Jan sat the vase down on the counter and threw in Victor's radio instead and then proceeded to watch as the old man was electrocuted. Jan talked to Shawn's image again and said, "If you think this is bad, wait until you see what I have planned for Belle."

In bed, Brady refused to give Nicole her PDA back. Nicole tried to con Brady by saying she would tell him where the key to the handcuffs was after he returned her PDA, but Brady told her he wasn't ready to "give up his fun." Nicole started kissing him and Brady let his guard down, but was angered when she lunged for the PDA. He offered the cheap shot that Nicole wasn't above using her body to get what she wanted. Nicole responded with a swift slap to Brady's left cheek. Brady apologized for the comment, but told her that he would have been on her side if she hadn't lied to him about visiting Tony before he died. Nicole relented and told Brady he could read her emails, but he seemed to lose interest and returned the PDA when his cell phone rang. Brady hopped up and forced Nicole to get dressed so that they could meet the locksmith that had just called at the door. Nicole hoped secretly that Jan would hurry and kill Victor so she was still handcuffed to Brady when the job was done. Downstairs, Brady let the locksmith in. Just as the locksmith successfully unlocked the handcuffs, the lights flickered and Nicole smiled to herself.

At Tuscany, John and Shawn waited for Marlena and Belle to arrive. John wondered if "Doc" would even show up, and Shawn went to call Belle's cell phone again to find out what was taking the women so long. Shawn reported that Belle was still with Marlena and John asked how Marlena was doing. He admitted that Marlena had been upset that she was unable to stop the killer and hoped that she would show up at Tuscany for the Valentine's Day party so he could get her mind off the recent happenings.

At Marlena's penthouse, Belle asked her mother if she was ok. Belle stopped to answer her cell phone...again. Shawn asked why she hadn't answered before and admitted that he felt a vibe that something was not right. While Belle talked on the phone, Marlena internally struggled with herself over whether or not to kill off Belle. A memory flooded back to her of holding Baby Belle and introducing her to her father, John, for the first time. Belle hung up with Shawn and turned to her mother and then yelled, "No!" She rushed over to her collapsed mom who had apparently fainted. Marlena brushed it off and as Belle went to get her some water she searched for the knife she had dropped on the floor. Belle returned and caught her mom holding a carving knife. She explained that she kept it in her room for protection and was only getting ready to put it away. Belle found it strange that her mother kept a knife for protection and had also been cutting up the suit that was identical to the one the killer wore the night of Tony's murder. She reminded her mom that she shouldn't keep blaming herself for the murders and tried to get her to confide in John. Marlena told her daughter that until the serial killer was caught, nothing would change between her and John. In a mothering moment, Marlena realized that her daughter should be off celebrating Valentine's Day with her true love, Shawn, and not babysitting her panic-stricken mother. Belle refused unless her mom would accompany her to Tuscany, and after some badgering, she agreed to go for a few minutes. Belle hugged her mom in thanks, but Marlena glanced down and realized her hands were covered in blood.

Outside Tuscany, Philip walked his mother, Kate to the door with her eyes covered and begged her to keep an open mind. When he revealed his plan for the evening, Kate at first refused. Philip told his mom that she should remember the good memories at Tuscany that she shared with Roman and that he wanted her to move on with her life even though she was still grieving. Kate finally agreed to go in and John showed his surprise that they were there. He offered Kate hope when he told her that they finally had a clue that could lead them to the killer. She asked John to make sure that the killer would pay for what she had done. Kate then moved the conversation to Sami and told John that she was glad she hadn't come, but was worried that she was preying on her son, Lucas. Philip returned and presented his mother with a dozen boxed roses. He admitted that they weren't from him, but that they had been delivered to every woman in attendance at the party. Across the room, Shawn looked on as Belle and Marlena arrived. Belle asked her mother what had taken her so long to get there, and Marlena explained that she had stopped at the hospital to pick "something" up. John stepped forward and handed Marlena a single red rose and Belle left to find Shawn. John seized the opportunity to tell Marlena he hoped to take her mind off her troubles for the evening, and they started to dance. A few feet away, Shawn gratefully held Belle and relayed how worried he had been about her. Belle told him that he had found her mother cutting up one of her suits and that she had resorted to hiding a knife in her room for protection. Shawn agreed that it was odd and mulled over the significance of Belle's admissions. When Belle saw how happy her parents seemed, she wanted to dance also and she hugged Shawn while he suspiciously watched Marlena and John. All the new evidence he had learned tossed around in his mind, but he was jolted back when he heard Kate scream nearby. After opening her roses, she found they were covered in blood, and Belle rushed to open hers also. Shawn quickly drew it all together and turned to Belle and said, "I know who the killer is. It's your mother."

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

by Joan

While she seemed to still have amnesia, Sami said she'd waited all her life for Lucas to make love to her. But Sami suddenly regained her memory, confusing Lucas when she pushed him away. Determined to find Will, she arrived at the deserted campsite while Lucas insisted Sami get medical attention. Campers had left because of Horton the tiger on the prowl, but Will returned sensing something had happened between his parents.

The lights at the Kiriakis Mansion shorted on and off as Victor was electrocuted by Jan. As she watched him dying, Jan murmured, "Oh, my God. I killed another man." She promised Nicole would "fry, the electric chair" if she didn't get Shawn. Wiping her fingerprints from the doorknobs, Jan found herself unable to leave the mansion in the dark. Freed from their handcuffs, Brady was distracted by Nicole as he searched for his grandfather. Nicole tried to get rid of a panicky Jan, who called herself a two-time killer. Recalling her shooting of Nicole's father, Paul, as well as Victor, Jan said it was time to pay up. When Brady heard her talking, Nicole lied saying she was speaking to Victor locked in the bathroom.

Hope spent Valentine's evening with Jen and Lexie. Celeste arrived at Jen's bringing what she believed was good news. A premonition of three shiny wedding rings foretold new love for Jennifer, Lexie and Hope. Jen and Lexie had no desire to dismiss their commitments to Jack and Abe. Hope worried that Celeste's vision did not include Bo. Trying to reach Bo through an ISA contact, Hope's fears grew when Bo could not be found.

Tuscany's festivities became a scene for forensic investigation of the bloody roses. Marlena's distant personality wavered, seeking refuge in John's arms. When a distressed Kate asked when it would be over, Marlena hugged her promising it would get a little better every day. But Marlena's thoughts added, "...until your life is over. Roman paid the price for marrying you, but you're the one who deserves to die."

Outside, Belle was infuriated when Shawn said he could prove Marlena was not above suspicion based on the evidence. Joining the discussion, John claimed that Shawn could never prove his accusations. But a defiant Shawn asked if John was withholding something, and overlooking the facts where Marlena was concerned. Unaware that Marlena was found cutting up her designer suit, John listened as Shawn presented all the clues. Belle walked out on Shawn when he said he would present the facts to Hope and let the police investigate.

Although he called his wife, "the most ethical person I know," John returned to Marlena, with doubts. As John watched Marlena, he recalled Shawn's remarks, unaware that Marlena was recalling her attack on Roman. Telling Marlena he could never harm her, as foretold by Celeste, John thought, "but what if there was reason that it had to be?" Philip had just given Kate pictures of her three sons, when she sensed Roman's presence.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady screamed at finding Victor in the tub, eyes opened but unconscious. Although Nicole thought her husband was dead, Brady confirmed Victor was still alive. And at the Deveraux's, Jen left to pick up Abby. Reminded of Jack by a song on the car radio, a distressed Jennifer backed out of the driveway accidentally hitting someone.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Brady and Nicole found Victor lying in the bath tub barely alive. They trying to keep Victor alive, but Nicole is wishing that he dies. Nicole was also upset with Jan because now she has to finish the job that Jan was supposed to do in the first place. As Nicole and Brady are working on Victor he stops breathing.

Both Mickey and Kate saw Maggie and Roman, respectively. Mickey had a back flash to their anniversary while at the same time Kate and Roman shared one last dance with each other. Maggie told Mickey to live the life that he deserved to live. She also asked if Bonnie was taking good care of him. She does not approve of Mickey drinking again since he stopped whenever Maggie was alive because she was an alcoholic.

Kate told Roman that she missed him. Roman let her know that he died a very happy man because he was married to Kate. Kate however, blames herself for what happened. John and Marlena walked out on the terrace and saw that Kate was crying. Kate told them she was crying because she missed Roman.

John promised to stand by Marlena no matter what. Marlena later started to cry because it felt as though Maggie, Roman, and everyone else never died. John was confused by her behavior.

Shawn and Belle are having an argument as who Belle should pick, either Marlena or Shawn. Marlena finds out that Shawn knows about the killer.

Jen hit someone with her car. Lexie and Hope were there to help out, but then Jen collapsed and went into shock. While she is down she saw back flashes of her and Jack. After taking Jen to the hospital as Hope is coming out of the hospital someone grabbed and gagged her.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

by Joan

At University Hospital, Patrick was diagnosed with a sprained back. Not covered by insurance, he was unable to pay by credit card pretending to have lost his wallet. Feeling responsible for the accident, Jen offered to pay Patrick's medical expenses. But when she offered to let the stranger stay at her house during his recuperation, Lexie tried unsuccessfully to convince Jen otherwise.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole's delight at Jan's success was short-lived when Brady insisted on calling the police. While Nicole hoped an accident or the Serial Killer would be blamed for Victor's death, Brady did not rule out foul play. Brady grew more suspicious of Nicole during her feeble attempts to cover for Jan who remained trapped in the house when Police arrived.

At Tuscany, Belle relentlessly defended her mother and threatened to leave Shawn if he reported Marlena as the Serial Killer. Learning of Shawn's intentions, Marlena fingered a table knife before fainting. But unable to ignore the facts, Shawn left a message for Hope to come to Tuscany. Belle was surprised at John's suggestion that she break up with Shawn in consideration of his "irrational behavior."

As Hope left University Hospital, she was overtaken from behind. Flipping the assailant over her head, Hope found herself pointing her gun at Bo, who had returned home as a surprise. Finding the message from Shawn, they left for Tuscany. Before Shawn was able to reveal his suspicions, Brady called John regarding Victor. Before they all left for the Kiriakis Mansion, Hope wondered if the Serial Killer had claimed another victim. But Marlena said, "It's just not possible."

At the Deveraux house, Patrick surveyed his surroundings before sitting down. But while Jan catered to her injured guest and prepared tea, Patrick jumped up and began going through her purse and wallet. And at the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady commented that Nicole's handcuffs had given her the perfect alibi. Saying things worked out exactly as she'd hoped, Brady called it "one hell of a coincidence." While Nicole played the grieving widow, Brady reminded her "the truth will prevail."

Friday, February 20, 2004

by Joan

As the Black's and Brady's arrived at the Kiriakis Mansion, Jan was coming unhinged upstairs. Hysterically wanting to confess that she was forced to kill Victor, Jan was threatened with a gruesome death by Nicole if she did so. John, Marlena, and a hidden Nicole, listened intently as Lexie declared Victor's death an accidental electrocution but did not rule out murder. Belle offered condolences for Shawn's grandfather, but was quick to demand that he admit Marlena couldn't be the Killer. Brady was appalled at Shawn's accusations, while Marlena defended Shawn. Putting a spin on it, Marlena compared the accusations to the hysteria of the Salem (Massachusetts) witch-hunts.

While Bo refused to take himself off the case, Hope convinced him to say a proper goodbye to his father. As Victor's body was brought past him, Bo uncovered his father's face. Having never related with Victor's lifestyle, he acknowledged that Caroline and Victor loved one another. Knowing Caroline would want him to, Bo promised to "make it right" and find the murderer.

As the Mansion was searched, Nicole greeted a Police Officer at her bedroom door in a black negligee, to distract him from finding Jan. Outside, Belle asked Shawn if he wanted to break up, but Shawn was concerned for Belle's safety. And downstairs, Brady discussed with Marlena the impossibility of Shawn's accusations. Wondering if it was an accident or the Serial Killer, Brady didn't hear Marlena say, "Well, it was an accident." But as Brady told Marlena she was incapable of hurting even Tony DiMera, Marlena's mind played out a thought of "kill her" as she saw Belle's face.

Investigating the bathroom crime scene, Bo declared, "This was no accident." Henderson affirmed that Victor had strict instructions to keep the CD player plugged away from the tub, leading Bo and Hope to deduce the crime was pre-meditated. But based on Brady's testimony that the door was locked from the inside, Hope wondered how the killer got in and out.

At the Deveraux house, Patrick went through Jen's wallet checking her credit cards and cash. Claiming to have met Jack in Minneapolis, Patrick gained Jen's trust saying he and Jack were good friends. Lexie stopped by on her way home to check on Jen. As Patrick appeared without a shirt, Lexie called Jen's hospitality 'very risky', saying his injuries might not be as serious as he claimed. As the two spoke, Patrick found a newspaper clipping on Jack's death, thinking to himself, "It's true what they say, it's all in the timing."

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady and Shawn paid their respects to their granddad before he left the Mansion for the last time. Marlena listened to Shawn's promise if the death was a murder. "We were family. If it turns out that your death wasn't an accident....the Killer is going to pay with her life...I don't care who she is!" Overhearing Shawn tell Belle he couldn't declare Marlena's innocence, Marlena thought, "Shawn is becoming a problem, and problems need to be eliminated."

John recalled Victor's words earlier, warning to "look no further than Nicole" if anything suspicious happened. And as Victor's widow made her entrance in black, welcoming everyone, Bo was quick to reply with no condolences. Saying, "My father's word is good enough for me", Bo placed a stunned Nicole Kiriakis under arrest.

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