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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, March 1, 2004

Bo is anxiously awaiting the locksmith to finally open the safe. Hope gets off the phone and tells Bo about Jennifer letting the stranger, Patrick, stay with her. Bo suggests Hope go over to her cousin's and check on her, as well as run a background check on this Patrick guy. Hope calls Jennifer to let her know she's coming over, and that she doesn't like this situation one bit.

Nicole is trying to sober up a drunken Jan, who cannot remember the combination to Victor's safe. Nicole smacks Jan in the face, and forces her to drink black coffee. Jan tries to remember the numbers, as Nicole prays she can figure this out.

Jennifer overhears Patrick on his phone telling someone that he is in Europe right now, and Jennifer wants answers as to why he's telling lies. Patrick covers with some excuse about missing work due to the "accident" and Jennifer feels guilty again. She excuses herself to go answer her phone, while Patrick makes another call on his. This time it's Bonnie Lockhart he's calling. Patrick tells his mother that he's come home and he wants what's rightfully his. Bonnie freaks out and calls Mimi, who is at the lodge having a romantic getaway with Rex. Mimi realizes after talking to Bonnie that she needs to go home right away.

Doug goes to see Celeste, and together they contact the spirits so Doug can have confirmation of the killer. Doug again sees Marlena's face, and the spirits confirm it. Celeste warns him to go straight to Hope and tell her. Celeste keeps a candle lit for Doug, who leaves, but doesn't go straight to Hope.

Meanwhile, Julie is in Doc's office, concerned because Doug knows who the killer is. Marlena grabs the letter opener; mistakenly thinking Julie knows it's her. Julie reveals that Doug wouldn't tell her for the sake of her safety. Marlena puts down the letter opener as she agrees with Doug; it's not wise to reveal the identity of the killer. Julie thinks Marlena can think just like the killer, and Marlena says, yes, we are one and the same. Julie doesn't quite understand why Marlena would say such a thing. Marlena explains how she has to "get into the killer's mind" to work with the police. Marlena pages herself as Julie answers her cell phone, and then Marlena excuses herself. Marlena leaves to go find Doug, and Julie goes to Celeste.

Marlena detours at the church, and gets into the confession booth. She tries to confess, but can't, and she sneaks away before Father can open the confessional window. Marlena then runs into Doug.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

by Joan

Outside in the dark, Marlena told Doug that she had spoken with Julie. Confronting her with the knowledge, Doug said, "It's you, isn't it, Marlena? You are the Serial Killer." Running down the incredible list of her victims, Doug believed Marlena had a breakdown and needed help to be stopped. Concealing her weapon, Marlena cunningly blamed mass hysteria for everyone being mistaken for the Killer. Her explanation for leaving Tony's cubicle was that she had administered medication for his pain.

At Celeste's the angel candle's flame went out signifying imminent danger and darkness closing in around Doug. Desperately trying to reach her husband, Julie contacted the Salem PD, learning he never arrived there. A sudden vibration told Celeste that Doug was now face-to-face with the Killer.

At Jen's, Hope had just assured Jennifer she would do a background check on Patrick, when they learned he was Bonnie Lockhart's son. More suspicious than ever, Hope asked why Patrick wouldn't be staying with his family. Saying there was a family misunderstanding, Patrick impressed Jen by calling his mother. Surprised and impressed herself, Bonnie planned some gold digging if Patrick got involved with Jen, and she married Mickey.

At the Lockhart's, a nervous Bonnie told Mimi that she "kinda' lost" Patrick's money. Annoyed by her mother's irresponsibility, Mimi warned that Patrick would not be as forgiving as when Bonnie lost Mimi's savings. And when a suspicious Hope stopped in to check on Patrick's story, she picked up on Bonnie's matchmaking plans for her son and Jen. Calling his mother again when he was alone, Patrick said he had no plans of scamming Jen. But Bonnie's advice was, "If you're smart, you'll do whatever you have to to win this jackpot."

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole nervously watched the locksmith work on the safe. Waiting to arrest Nicole for murder, Bo was confident that she had an accomplice. Nicole's attempts to distract or stop them were unsuccessful, and the safe was opened. But Victor's Will and the file on Nicole were missing. Denying Bo's accusations that she stole them, Nicole sat on a sofa where the missing items were hidden. Now, holding her glass, Nicole recalled when the locksmith left for a tool. Using the combination she had gotten from Jan, Nicole removed the severely incriminating evidence.

Now convinced he was mistaken, Doug begged Marlena's forgiveness. Delighted at his not sharing what she called "baseless rumor", a seemingly forgiving Marlena asked if Doug had shared his suspicions with anyone. Not wanting to damage Marlena's reputation, Doug said he hadn't. But he added that Hope would be interested in every detail about the message he left for her - that he knew the name of the Killer. With that, Marlena was taken aback. And at the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole suggested seeing Victor's lawyer, as a frustrated Brady punched out the pillow hiding the evidence. Stunning Nicole, Brady said, "I know what's going on here."

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Doug informs murderous Marlena that he has to tell Hope about his suspicion about Marlena being the serial killer. Marlena begs Doug to keep it to himself but Doug feels Hope needs to know and she will then quickly clear Marlena. Marlena realizes she has no choice and privately resolves to kill Doug. Marlena admits she is the serial killer and she feigns that she needs help. Marlena lies about having her cell phone and leads Doug off through the cemetery to find a pay phone. After they pray for all her victims, Marlena is poised to kill Doug with a letter opener.

Julie and Hope meet up with Alice at her house. Hope puts out a police manhunt for Doug and contacts Bo at the Kiriakis mansion to fill him in. Celeste calls Hope with the eerie premonition that Doug is in a cemetery, surrounded by swirling fog.

Bo, Brady, and John question Nicole about Victor's missing will and incriminating evidence against her. Brady almost finds the hidden stash of evidence but Nicole is able to distract them all. Bo is convinced Nicole got into the safe somehow but she defends that she doesn't know the safe combination. Brady, still torn, wonders if Nicole could be innocent. Nicole thanks Brady for believing in her but Brady is still suspicious. Bo gets a call about Doug and he and John will go join the search. Brady says he'll keep an eye on Nicole and cops are surrounding the mansion; if Nicole is the killer, she won't be able to strike again. Nicole is frustrated: how many times will the serial killer have to strike to prove her innocence?

Bonnie visits Celeste to get a love potion for Mickey but Celeste is on her own wavelength. She wants Bonnie to help her contact the dead but Bonnie wants nothing to do with another sance. Roman's ghost appears to help Celeste. Celeste realizes Doug is with the killer and his life is in mortal danger. Meanwhile, Maggie's ghost visits Bonnie and warns her to stay away from Mickey. Bonnie strongly defends and tells Maggie it's time for her to let Mickey go. Bonnie rejoins Celeste and they pray for Doug.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

by Joan

At Lucas's apartment, Kate criticized her son for not diligently seeking work. But as he found a computer listing for a Management Position at Basic Black, Kate was visiting Sami offering her the same job. Eager to get Sami away from her son, Kate offered her a transfer to London, mentioning that Brandon was apparently relocating there as well. Enticed by the opportunity, Sami almost turned it down recalling Celeste's prediction of John killing Marlena. Meanwhile, Will confronted his father, believing he was an unwanted child. But when Lucas confirmed that Will was a gift born out of love, he was told by Will that Sami still loved him. Moments later, Sami overheard a conversation between Lucas and Kate. Lucas warned Kate not to drive a wedge between them, and while Sami saw Kate's ulterior motives, she had hope for a future with Lucas.

Though not superstitious, Hope went to Celeste's for any information the psychic could offer. As Celeste recounted Doug's knowledge of the Killer, Hope became frustrated that she had not asked for a name. Saying she was cursed with the visions, Celeste admitted her fear to know the Killer's identity. As Celeste lit the angel candle, a disbelieving Hope was shocked as the tiny light burst into explosive flames. A vision showed Celeste that Doug was near Tom Horton's tombstone, sending Hope to St. Luke's.

At St. Luke's Cemetery, Marlena had Doug in a chokehold when distracted by police sirens. Saying, "Your killing spree is over," Doug overtook Marlena momentarily. But she grabbed him again just before hearing John's voice commanding to, "Hold it, right there." As Bo and John were distracted by Julie, Doug struggled to break away. As Doug fell into an open grave, Marlena jumped in after him. Doug's attempt to answer Julie's cries was muted by Marlena's hand. Just feet away, Julie prayed at Tom's grave and then left with Bo and John. Inside the grave, Marlena told Doug, "I couldn't have planned this better. A couple of little stabs here, and you'll be dead and buried."

Crawling out of the grave, Doug desperately sought help outside the locked door of St. Luke's Chapel, where Marlena soon reached him. Reminding him of family gatherings, Marlena suggested the song, "Never Again" and struck a brutal blow at Doug. But before she could strike again, Doug punched Marlena and ran. Hiding behind a tombstone, Doug wrote the name, Marl-ena, on a piece of paper, scrawled in his blood.

Now hearing the returning police sirens, Marlena tried to lure Doug pretending to be a caring physician. Unable to signal loudly or give out his location to a malicious Marlena, Doug weakened, as he heard Julie's voice. Unknowingly, John stood inches away from his wife hiding behind a gravestone. Preparing the bloodstained blade, Marlena thought, "Don't make me do this to you, John." Bo found blood on the ground, as they searched by flashlight. Losing strength fast, Doug inched his way to a gravestone, placing the paper against it. As Hope prayed to Tom, she screamed when Doug's hand reached out from behind the stone and grabbed her ankle.

Celeste was having a vision of a gravestone with Doug's name on it next to Tom's. Julie lit a candle for her husband at St. Luke's as Bo called for help and Hope begged her unconscious father not to die. Marlena watched, thinking, "Your Daddy's dying, Hope. Now's my chance." And as Marlena ran into the darkness, John's flashlight caught sight of her, as he astonishingly whispered, "Doc?"

Friday, March 5, 2004

by Joan

As Sami overheard the conversation, Lucas admitted his feelings for her to Kate. While Lucas accused his mother of offering Sami the London assignment to separate them, Kate warned that Sami would break his heart. Still typing up loose ends for the DiMera Organization, Lucas was interrupted by a call from Tony's attorney. Realizing Kate's ulterior motive, Sami and Kate's old arguments of revenge began anew. But, Lucas, tired of old arguments sent his mother away. Sami was amazed hearing Lucas defend her. And when he demanded to know just what feelings were for him, Sami was unsure what Lucas wanted her to say but her face expressed it all.

Out on the Loft balcony, Belle worried about how close Shawn came to being attacked in his apartment. Reassuring her, Shawn reminded her of the necklace with his grandmother's Cross given as a pledge that he would take care of her. Shawn believed as long as Belle wore it, his grandmother was watching over her. With those words, Belle leaned over a railing, and the necklace slid off. Retrieving it Shawn made Belle promise not to remove the Cross. Realizing that Shawn still suspected Marlena, Belle left with an idea how to prove her mother's innocence.

Candles flickered at St. Luke's where Julie prayed for her husband and at Celeste's home as the psychic saw a vision of Doug dying. At St. Luke's Cemetery, Marlena still clutched the bloody blade as she watched Bo's desperate attempts to revive Doug. But Doug couldn't speak as Hope asked for the Killer's identity. Watching his strength fade, a hysterical Hope cried, "Daddy, no don't leave. Daddy please come on, fight!" As she begged her father to hang on for the sake of his grandchildren, Doug struggled to respond, ."..and for you, my little girl."

When Bo asked who his assailant was, Doug moved his head to one side, perhaps pointing toward the nearby paper with Marlena's name; perhaps to Marlena herself hiding behind a gravestone. Assuring her father the ambulance was near, Hope begged, "Just don't leave me. Please, don't leave me." But before the EMT's arrived, Doug said his last words. "Never. You're my baby, Hope. You always will be." As Hope screamed, the candle inside St. Luke's went out, and Julie saw the Chapel door open revealing the spirit of her husband. As Julie embraced him for the last time, Doug sang "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" to his "Fair Lady." As Doug's spirit faded, Julie found Hope standing in place of her father. In tears, the two embraced.

In the darkness, John's flashlight caught Marlena by a gravestone. Almost frozen in his steps, John whispered, "Doc? It can't be. My own wife, the Serial Killer? I gotta' be seeing things." As she made her escape, John followed Marlena into a crypt. Thinking he had her trapped, John was tricked as Marlena pulled a lever sending John into a hole. Sealing her husband below, she said, "Poor John. He had no idea sometimes these old crypts have secret traps. Perfect for catching grave robbers and killing them."

As Celeste's vision of Doug faded away she decided to get inside the Killer's mind. Retrieving a book, but realizing the danger, Celeste began chanting in a foreign language. As Marlena was about to leave the crypt, Marlena felt the force of someone trying to get inside her mind. Fighting it, Marlena forced Celeste out of her mind sending Celeste to the floor. "Time to say goodbye to my husband", was Marlena's thought as she triggered the walls of John's trap causing them to close in on John. Tek's last-minute arrival saved John, but Marlena slid out, leaving a muddy footprint behind.

Returning to Doug's side, John discussed the evidence with Bo. Bo asked if there was anything John recognized about the person he saw. Recalling Marlena escaping, John definitively answered, "No. Not at all." And at the Black's Penthouse, Marlena returned home, trailing muddy prints on the carpet. Looking at the bloody knife, she said, "Oh my gosh. What have I done?"

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