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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, March 8, 2004

As Doug's lifeless body lies in the graveyard, Celeste visits with his spirit in the confessional. Doug confides in Celeste that the killer's next victim will be someone they all love the most. She begs him to tell her who the killer is. Doug decides that he'll try to give Celeste a hint but otherworldly forces refuse to let him. Worried, Lexie and John go to the church and find Celeste. Celeste sets they have to find the killer because she's getting ready to kill again.

Shawn arrives and learns that his grandpa Doug is the killer's latest victim. Shawn vows that he is going to stop the killer before she can hurt anyone else. Shawn is relieved to know Belle is safely at home in her loft.

Bo wants to know whom John pursued in the graveyard. We see John fears it could be Marlena but he decides to keep his suspicions to himself. Julie tells Shawn and Bo that Doug knew the identity of the killer and says he was supposed to go to the police but went to Celeste instead. Bo and Hope want to know if Julie told anyone that Doug knew who the killer was? Julie admits that she told Alice and Marlena.

Lexie and Tek realize the object used to kill Doug was a dull, pointy object.

Belle uses her key and enters the penthouse unaware Marlena is washing off Doug's blood upstairs. Belle sees muddy prints on the ground but assumes she made them herself. Marlena is startled when Belle barges in and she recognizes Belle is wearing Caroline's cross. Belle tells her that Shawn gave it to her. As Belle moves off, we see trouble brewing as Marlena convinces herself that not only did Caroline have to die Doug Williams had to die as well. Belle looks at a few photos and Marlena eyes a picture of Doug - it speaks to her accusingly. Belle and Marlena talk a little about Shawn's accusation that Marlena is the killer. Desperate to disprove her mom could be the killer Belle wants her mom to give a psychiatrist's opinion. What would drive a person to kill? Marlena describes motives and she collapses and admits her guilt to Belle!

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

by Joan

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole made plans to destroy Victor's Will and the evidence he had against her. But Jan was surprised when Nicole expected her to dispose of them in the fireplace. Still a bit intoxicated, Jan thought killing Victor had been a dream. Downstairs, Brady got a call from Shawn informing him of Doug's murder. Breaking the news to Nicole, Brady was curious not only at Nicole's need to light the fireplace, but why Victor claimed to have evidence that was never found. Nervously watching Brady sitting on cushion concealing the Will, Nicole said he would "never find that evidence... never." But Brady felt confident the Will was somewhere in the Mansion and was determined to find it.

At the Cemetery, John recalled Julie saying she had mentioned Doug to Marlena. As Celeste mourned Doug at the crime scene, she touched John's arm. Struck by a vision of John recognizing Marlena as she fled, Celeste cried out, "Oh, my God! You know who the Killer is!" John's denial brought a warning from Celeste. "Don't go after her alone. She's deadly. And just like the black widow spider, Darling, she won't hesitate to go after the people she loves." But John's reply was definite. "If I confront the Killer, she'll be the one who dies." Leaving to tell Marlena about Doug, John promises Julie to find the Killer "no matter who it is." As Lexie found her mother, Celeste offered two premonitions: one of more tragedy before the night was over, and second, that the Killer would be caught but not before more death.

At the Penthouse, Marlena's vision of Belle grew blurry. Resting on a sofa, Marlena said, ."..the reason I'm so obsessed, ...I know about the killings ... is because I did them. I'm the Killer." Still unsure of what her mother said, Belle found herself apologizing for upsetting Marlena. Concealing the letter-opener behind her back, Marlena contradicted Belle's reference to the Killer as a "maniac" and "monster." Claiming to understand, Marlena said the Killer was 'on a mission' and sometimes had no choice.

While a boot print was being found at the Cemetery, John arrived at the Penthouse. Noticing Marlena's muddy prints on the carpet, John watched her on the terrace, not wanting to believe his wife was a killer. Thinking he was dead below the crypt, Marlena stopped short hearing John's voice. "Doc, what's wrong? Whatever it is you know that you can tell me." Regaining her composure she replied, "Can I? Would you understand?"

Delighted at finding both parents there, Belle discussed the evening's stabbing at Shawn's and mentioned the supposed cut on Marlena's hand. John asked about the footprints on the carpet, but Belle said they were hers, leaving John to think he was overreacting. But when John broke the news about Doug, Belle was quick to leave to be with Shawn. John's warning for Belle not to go out, as followed by Marlena's assurance. "It's O.K. The Killer won't strike again tonight. I'm sure of it." As Belle left, a stunned John stood watching Marlena almost mumbling to himself as she explained her understanding of the Killer.

Asking about her lack of surprise hearing about Doug, John watched as Marlena seemed to make excuses but losing her grip. "I love you baby. I think you're the greatest person in this whole world. Is there something you want to tell me?" Emotionally, Marlena stumbled at a reply. "Yes...there is. I think that you might have guessed this already. John, I'm the Serial Killer." As the scenario played out, Marlena admitted she needed help, begging John not to turn her in. When John refused to keep her secret, Marlena was quick to stab her husband. Moments later, Marlena realized the scenario was just a fantasy, and John was not dead on the floor. Saying he knew Belle wasn't with her when Doug died, John asked again, "Are you sure there isn't something you want to tell me right now? "No, ...Nothing", she replied. But as she clutched the letter opener, Marlena asked, "Why do you keep looking at me like that?

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

John tells Marlena he was worried about her tonight; he knows Belle wasn't with her the whole time... is there anyone else who can vouch for her? Marlena, guilty after killing Doug, tries to cover by lashing out: is John suspicious of her? John tries to deflect. After she steps out to make tea, Marlena spies John going through her closet looking for the coat she was wearing tonight. Marlena remembers destroying the coat and tells him there is no way he'll find a coat like the killer's. John finally confesses... he caught a glimpse of the killer at the graveyard and for a moment he thought it might be her. Marlena inwardly freaks and can't believe John is suspicious of her. John must have lost all faith in her! John insists he still loves her but Marlena feigns she's deeply hurt - John suddenly realizes why he thought he recognized Doc at the crime scene.

Shawn is grateful for Belle's support and he believes Belle told him the truth about her being with her mom the whole night. Shawn now believes Marlena can't be the serial killer and we see Belle is inwardly guilty for lying. Later, Shawn hears from Julie that she confided in Marlena that Doug knew the identity of the serial killer. Shawn freaks... this is more evidence that Marlena could be guilty. But Belle (still lying) vouches for her mother again and Shawn's suspicions are assuaged. Hope and Julie say emotional goodbyes to Doug.

Bo and Tek search for clues. Doug's spirit materializes but no one sees him. Doug futilely points to the hidden slip of paper with the killer's name upon it.

Nicole gets Brady out of the living room so that Jan can destroy the incriminating evidence and Victor's will. Jan is almost caught but finally gets her hands on the evidence. Nicole does her best to distract Brady with a very sexy kiss but despite Nicole's seduction, Brady continues to be suspicious.

Philip is grieving over the loss of his father in the Cheatin' Heart. A good-looking young woman, Madison, comes up to hit on him. Philip apologizes and says he is not in the mood for socializing tonight. An insightful Madison guesses that Philip's heart is spoken for. He denies. After discussion and looking at a picture, Madison bets that Philip is in love with Belle. Despite Philip's protests, Madison gives him some heartfelt advice: if he loves Belle, he's got to go for it or he'll be lonely for the rest of his life.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

by Joan

At Sami's apartment, Lucas found himself fantasizing about Sami. Frustrated at not being able to get her out of his mind, he put his hand on her heart when she really did come into the room. Finding excuses, Sami couldn't give Lucas an honest answer about her feelings for him. Sami was having a difficult time visualizing a happy ending for them, when Lucas got a call about Doug.

At Alice's, Julie blamed herself for leaving the Cemetery before finding Doug. Hope thought the Killer had overheard Julie's discussion with Marlena. Asking how to go on, Julie was advised by Alice that Doug would live through her, just as Tom lived on through Alice, in her heart. Shawn and Belle arrived from the Cemetery. Shawn had just apologized to Belle for accusing Marlena. While she understood, she became uneasy at Shawn's confidence that she hadn't lied. Belle became more uneasy when Julie welcomed her as a future member of the Brady/Horton Clan, offering sympathy for Marlena's losses.

At the Penthouse, John also was apologizing, to Marlena, for his suspicions of her. While she accepted the apology, she refused John's request to move back in to protect her. Marlena thought, "You don't want to protect me. You want to keep your eye on me, just in case I do turn out to be the Killer. Sorry, it's not going to happen." Saying it would be too painful, even in separate bedrooms, Marlena told John, "I'm sorry, you're just not the man I fell in love with." Scolding him for suspecting her, Marlena said she was afraid Caroline's prediction would come true.

Overhearing that as she arrived, Sami said the only way to assure Marlena's safety was to kill John herself. Offering her mother the already murderous letter opener, Sami said she would attest to witnessing self-defense if Marlena cut John's throat. But Marlena sarcastically refused Sami's offer, saying she would let John kill her instead.

Rex and Mimi continued their interrupted Valentine's evening when Mimi returned from Bonnie's. Discussing her mother's schemes of marrying for money, Mimi said she would only marry for love. Mimi was curiously nervous when Rex mentioned marriage, his love for her and discussion about their future. Rex further surprised Mimi, with an invitation to dinner, not at home but something more special.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole worried about putting her trust in Jan. Not finding the Will behind the cushion, she became defensive when Brady said she looked like a criminal waiting for a guilty verdict. Declaring herself innocent, she panicked at Brady's reply, "Not according to the evidence," thinking he had found the Will. Nicole was feeling confident that she was a wealthy woman. Convinced that Victor had put the evidence in the safe, Brady asked, "How does it feel to get away with murder?" But as he stood in front of the burning fireplace, Brady never caught on to Nicole's angry remark that maybe the evidence had gone up in smoke.

Unaware that Jan still hadn't burnt it, Nicole happy danced her way to the fireplace looking for ashes of the evidence in the flames. Not finding anything, she turned around to see Victor's ghost, sarcastically saying, "God was all out of lucky stars the day you were born, Nicole." Mocking her, Victor told Nicole that the Will and evidence were still out there and her stupid mistakes would haunt her.

Meanwhile, Jan had wandered outside with the evidence in hand. As she warmed herself at a bonfire, a drifter asked about the items. Previously disinterested, Jan listened to the drifter's observation of what he called a "gold mine....sounds like an insurance policy to me." Realizing the incriminating evidence might save her from Nicole, Jan didn't destroy it as planned.

Friday, March 12, 2004

by Joan

At Jen's, Patrick greeted Mickey and Julie at the door, unaware he was meeting Doug's widow. Sympathetic to Julie's grief, Jen was preparing to write Doug's obituary, preparing family photos, and offered to help with a funeral program. But a bereaved Julie was highly suspect of Bonnie's display of tears to gain Mickey's attention. More upset, she scolded Jennifer and Mickey for trusting Patrick and Bonnie, reminding them that a little suspicion would be a good thing during dangerous times in Salem. In need of a distraction Julie offered to run Tuscany for Mickey. She was disgusted to learn that Mickey had signed over management of Tuscany to Bonnie, as a surprise.

Outside with her son, Bonnie suggested an insurance scam, saying Patrick was lucky to have been hit by a member of one of Salem's wealthiest families. Refusing to sue Jen, Patrick requested the money that Bonnie was holding for him. But returning inside, Bonnie scammed Jen into letting Patrick stay on. Not interested in a scam Patrick was furious realizing his mother had lost all his money.

Arriving at the Kiriakis Mansion Bo was an unwelcome guest for Nicole. Still determined there was evidence to convict Nicole, Bo advised minus the Will, Victor's Estate would be decided in Probate Court. His attorney, Briscoe, was prepared to reveal the contents detailing Victor's plans to divorce Nicole. Threatening Nicole with prison and even execution for Victor's murder, Bo warned she would be forbidden to profit from her crimes. Brady took Nicole's side until there was proof of her guilt, but Bo was convinced Nicole had an accomplice. When Bo criticized Nicole's family and her past, he also warned her to stay away from Shawn. Later, Bo would tell Brady that Nicole had the eyes of a killer, something he had seen before. Meanwhile, concerned about destroying the evidence, Nicole found Jan was unwilling to turn it over now. Jan was shocked at Nicole's deal. "Give me the evidence, Jan, or I'll have to kill you."

Overcoming her fear of learning the Killer's identity, Celeste tried to learn more. Questioning a vision within the crystals, she watched as the name "Hortons" was scrawled in blood. As the name disappeared, Celeste knew another Horton would die when she saw a vision of a gravestone. As she prayed to learn more, Celeste heard a voice call her name and saw Tom Horton's name appear on the gravestone.

At Jen's Alice was also praying that Tom would help an inconsolable Julie. Touching his photo, Alice sensed Tom sending a message. "Oh, yes, Tom, I hear you Darling, and I'm coming to you now." Leaving alone, Alice went to visit Tom's grave and caught sight of Doug's note as a black-gloved hand took her shoulder. Celeste, who also felt drawn to Tom's grave, said someone was in great danger. Answering Alice's question, "Who?" Celeste answered, ."'s someone very dear to everyone in the Horton Family."

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