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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 24, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, May 24, 2004

Bonnie works on visualizing lassoing Mickey for her future by actually lassoing Max the dog. A horrified Mimi begs Bonnie to think of Mickey's loss and how emotional Marlena's death must be for him. Bonnie tells her she is counting on Mickey's vulnerability but her daughter can't believe she is "duping a senior citizen." To save some face, Bonnie insists that she likes Mickey and that there is something cute about him. A disbelieving Mimi threatens to warn Mickey just as he enters. He is overcome with grief and Bonnie comforts him when he talks about the void in his life. Thinking of the flowers Bonnie sent, he gives her the pin he gave Maggie the day that "Tuscany" opened. Bonnie is so overwhelmed and touched that she tries to refuse the gift. A grateful Mickey insists and pins it on her before leaving. Just as Bonnie's tears are about to betray her sensitive side, she tells Mimi that she is failure because she let her heart get in the way of lassoing Mickey. So she practices again on Max.

Bo and Hope sit in Salem Place drinking coffee and discussing Marlena's funeral. As Sami's Uncle, Bo is worried about Sami but Hope wisely warns him to leave her alone. They both agree that Marlena's death brought no closure to the involved families just as a butterfingers Jan drops the envelope of money as she is walking by. Bo stops her to point it out as a nervous Jan scoops it up and scurries off. Detective Brady doesn't recognize her and goes back to Hope is worried about Shawn. To ease her nerves, Bo agrees to unofficially ask the Salem PD officers to keep an eye out for Shawn. Hope is relieved but Bo says they need to trust in their son.

Meanwhile, back at the Spears cottage, Shawn yells about needing to use the bathroom. Nicole, dressed as old Mrs. B, shuffles in to check on him. Shawn pleads for "Jan" to let him go. But when Nicole daydreams about making out with a chained up Brady, she whispers Brady's name. This tips off Shawn that Nicole is not Jan. Though familiar to him, he can't figure out whom she is but begs for her to let him go so that he can help Belle. A shirtless mirage of Brady appears and coaches Nicole to set Shawn free. She gets the key in the lock before realizing that letting Shawn loose means that Jan will be caught and will turn her in for Victor's murder. Nicole backs out of the room and waits for Jan to return. When Jan does return, she confirms that she left the money for Crystal at the bus station. A delusional Jan claims she isn't guilty of kidnapping since Shawn is willing and will fall in love with her.

When Nicole gets back to the mansion, a real life shirtless Brady questions her absence at the funeral. Fortune sort of intervenes when the doorbell rings. Unfortunately it is Crystal who ogles Brady and waves to a speechless Nicole.

Sami looks through photo albums as Lucas tries to cheer her up. He worries that he can't help her get through this tough time like Marlena could but compliments Sami's strength. Sami begins to get riled up talking about John, Kate, and Bo but Lucas tries to point out the weaknesses in her argument. Changing the subject, Sami tries to defend her sanity by insisting she heard Marlena in the coffin. A calming Lucas convinces her that Marlena was not buried alive and that she is in a better place. Sami clings to the hope that her mother is in a better place and is pleased when Lucas implies that Marlena is in heaven with Roman.

The buried alive Marlena screams and cries in her coffin, calling out the names of her husband and children. As she begins to recite the "Our Father," the coffin begins to shake and fall into a fiery pit below. When she awakens, she hears drilling and the lid of the coffin opens to a blinding light. On a tropical island surrounded by beautiful green water, Marlena wanders through a tropical replica of Salem Place. Just as she passes the movie theatre (which is now showing "Shiver Me Broken Timbers" and "Up a Creek"), she spots an elderly woman sitting on a bench knitting. The woman raises her head to reveal a rosy cheeked Alice Horton who tells Marlena, "Hi, darling. I've been waiting for you." A depressed Marlena thinks she is dead but a chipper Alice corrects her. Marlena is not dead. And neither is Alice.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

by Joan

Crystal showed up at the door of the Kiriakis Mansion. Admitting to Brady she was a friend from Nicole's adult movie making days, Crystal blackmailed Nicole. Planning to stay indefinitely on at the Mansion, Crystal threatened to reveal Nicole's implication in Marlena's murder plot.

At Basic Black, John found Kate working overtime now that Roman was gone. John's concern for Sami led to Kate thinking she'd let Roman down where Sami was concerned. The two found common ground as they shared their feelings about Marlena and Roman, wondering if the two were together in Heaven. Suggesting they take a break, John invited Kate for a bite to eat.

At the Blue Note, three Salem couples would meet inadvertently. Lucas surprised Sami with an invitation to dinner. Still depressed from the funeral, Sami's spirits were lifted on the dance floor until she saw Bo. Bo and Hope were taking a break though still concerned about Shawn. As Bo toasted Marlena's memory, Sami verbally attacked him.

Lucas escorted Sami back to their table but she was livid when she saw John and Kate arrive together. Sami shocked the couple saying she was glad her parents were dead, and together where John and Marlena could not come between them.

On an island somewhere, Marlena thought she was dead as she spoke with Alice in what appeared to be Salem Place. Unable to accept that they were both alive, Marlena suddenly found herself a guest in Alice's parlor. Asking how she got there, Roman's voice answered, "I carried you." Dressed in tropical attire, Roman caught Marlena who was very dizzy, explaining, "The stuff they gave us to simulate death is really potent. The effects last a long time. But don't worry, eventually, it will go away... After that you'll feel like your old self in no time." Marlena said she didn't want to revert to her old self, recalling how she killed him. Touching Roman's cheek, Marlena thought it impossible, thinking she was to spend her afterlife facing those she had murdered. But when they matter-of-factly offered her a plate of donuts, Marlena called it a sick twisted dream.

And so Roman explained the truth. "Everything that happened back in Salem was a lie. Lots of things have been an illusion. Some still are. For example, this looks like Alice's house but it's not. Someone has built an exact replica of the Horton house and placed Alice in it." Alice added, "And I'm living in a carbon copy of my house." Asking about Salem Place, Marlena learned from Roman, "Same thing. An exact duplicate." Growing more curious, Marlena asked, "Are you saying someone has gone to all the trouble to reconstruct all of Salem and then populated that with the residents of Salem? Are you saying all of the people that were murdered in this fake Salem?"

Roman assured her, "They sure are." Marlena realized, "That would mean that I didn't kill anybody!" Marlena was unable to contain her joy when Alice replied, "That's right, dear. You didn't kill anyone."

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Marlena tries to process that she is not dead nor is she a psychopathic killer. Alice and Roman are still alive. Marlena's shock grows when she sees Abe. Marlena passes out. Roman and Abe wonder how she will deal with the rest of the news. When Marlena revives, Abe convinces her that she did not kill him. Then Roman drops the bombshell: this exact replica of Salem is on an otherwise deserted tropical island. The truth is, they're trapped here as if in a prison... yet with all the comforts of home. Marlena reels again; it is all too overwhelming for her and she must be on her way to hell... to be punished for the terrible crimes she's committed. Blinded by tears, Marlena rushes out. Roman goes after her and tries to reassure her that everything he has said is true - she is just as much a victim as the rest of them. After a tour of the tropical island, Marlena realizes they're being held in a very elaborate prison. Marlena is beside herself, at the breaking point: does Roman have any idea who did this to them? Who sentenced them to this living nightmare?

Abe tells Alice how much he misses Lexie and he fears his wife will take the advice Abe gave her before he died. Abe always told Lexie, if he was killed, she should pick up the pieces, move on with her life and find another man to love. Now Abe fears that's exactly what Lexie will do... not knowing that he is still alive. He's desperate to get back to Lexie before it's too late.

Lexie struggles to move on with her life but cannot seem to set up a toy train for Theo for his birthday. Tek visits to see how Theo is doing and Lexie is grateful for Tek's help. Celeste arrives and privately tells Lexie she's making a big mistake leaning on Tek. Lexie assures her mother she's not ready to start dating but she thinks it's important for Theo to have a male role model in his life. Celeste knows from reading Tek's tarot cards that he is interested in Lexie. This gives Lexie pause she is not ready to date another man yet she is clearly drawn to Tek.

Sami attacks John and Kate at the Blue Note. Lucas, very worried about Sami, brings Belle in to help. Lucas thinks Belle can help Sami...Belle has a plan. She brings Sami to the graveyard and Sami rolls her eyes: does Belle think she should talk to their dead mother, and ask for family therapy? Belle shakes her head and explains that she asked someone to call Sami. Stunned, Sami takes Belle's phone and receives a call from Brandon. He tries to comfort her, and tells Sami she needs to move on...find another man to love. Sami hangs up and Belle wonders if Lucas could be the man for Sami. Sami is firm: she and Lucas will never have a future together. Lucas arrives and overhears.

After failing to convince Lucas that he does not want to end up marrying Sami, Kate tries to comfort a grieving John. She knows what he's going through. How will they ever live without Marlena and Roman?

Thursday, May 27, 2004

by Joan

At The Blue Note, John and Belle were having a hard time coming to terms with their loss of Marlena. Seeing Philip there, Kate assumed it was a first date with Belle. But when John left alone, Belle followed him. Kate continued encouraging Philip to pursue Belle in Shawn's absence. Finding John alone and reminiscing at the Penthouse, Belle consoled her father. In tears, John embraced her, saying, "I'm always better with my Izzy B." Belle confided about Shawn, John advised she forget about Shawn and recommending Philip to her.

On Salem Island, Roman and Marlena agreed that only Stefano could be capable of plotting the Island scheme. Speculating whether or not Stefano was still alive, Marlena questioned how he could have killed Tony. Insisting that the killings were not real, Roman noted that Tony was the only "Killing Spree victim" not seen on the island. Abe found Doug at Alice's door, disheveled and burned at from being electrocuted. Desperate to reach Julie, Doug had tried to escape. Scolding him, Roman reminded Doug that the perimeters of the duplicate Salem were guarded by an electric fence.

Theorizing about mind control, Roman questioned Marlena's change of personality and the possibility of her being drugged. Marlena recalled her dream of the tiger attacking, and a voice saying, "You are the Salem Stalker. You are guilty of all the murders." Recalling her confessions under the sodium pentothal, Marlena wondered if she was programmed. Roman was shocked that Marlena's confessed motive was jealousy over his relationship with Kate. Roman said his love for Kate had grown stronger. But watching how Roman and Marlena were looking at one another, Doug made an observation. "Here they are trapped on this island together. I wonder if those feelings just might be rekindled."

Back in Salem, Julie woke saying Doug was alive. Excitedly she called Hope, "I know where he is...He's alive," as she described what she had seen at Alice's Café. As she spoke of Doug singing in a blue jacket, a tearful Hope told Julie had been dreaming. Broken-hearted, Julie realized it herself and hung up on Hope.

At Jan's, Shawn tried convincing his captor to unlock the handcuffs so he could hold her. Angry over his feelings for Belle, Jan threatened that she might kill Belle. Following a hunch the Salem P.D. was checking a house on secluded Kent Island. Outside, Bo's motorcycle was parked. Interrupted by the doorbell, Jan left Shawn bound and gagged. Posing as Mrs. B, she became nervous when the Officer at the door asked about Shawn.

And on Salem Island, Marlena speculated. "All the people that ended up on this island aren't really victims of the Salem Stalker. But, what if it turns out that we're not the real victims...we're the lucky ones...that the real victims are the people that we left behind in Salem?"

Friday, May 28, 2004

by Joan

Bo and Hope continued to speculate about Shawn's whereabouts. Hope worried that Belle might not wait for Shawn while Bo was confident in true love. Meanwhile, Jan, disguised as "Mrs. B," told Officer Casarez she hadn't seen Shawn. Jan was nervous that Shawn's bike might be seen but Shawn himself caught the Officer's attention. Jan bluffed the Officer into believing Shawn's noises and screams for help were cats.

At the Penthouse, Belle offered to help John pack and leave to get away from the memories. But John refused, saying, "Everything in this house will stay exactly the way that it is." Bringing food John and Belle, Kate was relentless in her efforts to get Philip and Belle together. Thinking she was keeping him from someone else, Belle found that Philip wanted to be there for her. Sympathetic to her feelings for Shawn, Philip said he believed what they had was special. But he was glad when Belle hugged him saying, "I don't know what I would do without you."

Kate and John bonded as they shared past loves and regrets. Confiding in John, Kate told him about working as a call girl for Stefano. Asking, "Have you ever had to put your child to bed hungry?" was Kate's question, believing her past was unforgivable. Instead of condemning her, John referred to his unknown past deeds, and told Kate, "You had the best did it for you child...and there is no one that can punish you or blame you for doing that." Astonished, Kate said the words were almost the same as Roman's.

On Salem Island, Roman showed Marlena into her new home. While it was replicated to the smallest detail to her Penthouse in Salem except for one thing. Marlena noticed a new picture of Belle was not in the Salem Island Penthouse. Roman noted that a last-minute change had not been taken into account. Commenting that John was not waiting for her in this Penthouse, Marlena thought of those she loved in Salem who hated her and now thought she was dead. When she declared, "This place is creepy", Roman offered to sleep outside the door as he had for her when they first met.

Roman had not asked Marlena to stay at his replicated Salem house because of their past memories in the original house. Marlena wanted the Penthouse thinking if John came to save her, he would look for her there. But Marlena sensed awkwardness from Roman. Unable to explain his feelings, Roman felt he had left Kate behind. But he had a shared past with Marlena to look back on that he didn't have with Kate. Marlena recalled all that Stefano did to keep them apart, angry for the years lost with her husband when she thought John was Roman. Thinking that love for him was a flimsy motive for killing, Roman wanted to de-brief Marlena. "But that is true", she replied. "I do still love you." But Roman insisted that her heart was with John, and his with Kate.

At the Salem Penthouse, Kate commented at how much alike John and Roman were. Unsure if it was by nature or design, John said one thing was sure...that they were both hopelessly in love with the same woman. And on the Salem Island Penthouse, there was a sudden blast of sirens as the doors automatically locked. Roman answered Marlena's questions with, "It's happening again ... It always happens this way when somebody new is coming to the Island...And that means that somebody else in Salem is about to die. And then, they'll be coming here

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