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John and Kate found comfort in each other's losses. Jan kept Shawn prisoner, while Belle waited for him at home. Lexie was drawn to Tek, but Celeste warned her that Abe might still be alive. Jennifer believed Jack was trying to contact her. Marlena worked with Abe and Roman to find a way to tell their families that they were still alive.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on DAYS
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May 24, 2004

Monday, May 31, 2004

Jennifer cleaned Patrick's wounds from his beating while they sat on the couch. She wanted to call the police, but Patrick insisted that it would put her at risk if the media got hold of the story. Instead, Jennifer decided to clean the air vents and prep the baby room, since she had a touch of nesting syndrome. Patrick tried to help her, but Jennifer preferred to do it herself. When Patrick tried to get her to sit down and let him help, Jennifer snapped at him that he wasn't the baby's father, and he should butt out.

A hurt Patrick said he was only feeling protective because, as a child, he had watched his mother, Bonnie, hemorrhage when she was pregnant with Mimi. Putting two and two together, Jennifer realized that was why Patrick had known what to do when she'd had the stomach cramps. Jennifer apologized for losing her temper but explained that she was huge, uncomfortable, missing her husband, and scared at the prospect of being a single mother without Jack.

To break the tension, Jennifer showed Patrick the baby book that Abby had given her. Jennifer lamented the fact that she could write a letter to the baby but that Jack, who'd always had a way with words, could not fill out the father's page. Jennifer left to wrap Theo's birthday present, and Patrick, after consulting his shiny doubloon, began to fill in Jack's page. Later, an emotional Jennifer read aloud what Patrick had written to the baby in "Jack's words."

In the Salem Island Carver home, Abe awakened and remembered the birthday package and letter he had arranged eight months earlier to arrive that day in Salem. He worried he would lose Lexie forever because of it.

In the Salem Island penthouse, Marlena discussed with Roman the impending arrival of a new captive. She wanted to stop it, but Roman said there was nothing they could do. Roman explained the houses for the new victims were built overnight, just before the victim appeared. Both Roman and Marlena suspected Stefano was their captor, and Roman explained that all they could do was continue to look for more clues like the missing pictures.

Anxious to help, Marlena wanted to do something to stop more people in Salem from suffering. Roman told her to sleep, eat, and remain healthy. Just then, Marlena noticed that the pajamas she had given Roman to wear were an exact replica of the ones she had given John. John's initials had been changed to Roman's.

Abe arrived and argued with Roman about the captor's intentions to mix up couples. A suspicious Abe warned Roman to keep his distance from Marlena just as Marlena entered and stopped their arguing. An uncomfortable Abe apologized and explained that he was really upset about the letter he had sent Lexie. He had written it during the Colin Murphy investigation because he had worried that, like Brandon, Theo might grow up without a father. He worried that their loved ones would move on without them.

However, Marlena told them to have faith in their spouses, who had to know somehow they were still alive. The sirens went off again, and as they wondered who the next victim was, a photo album with pictures of various couples fell off the table and onto the floor.

Celeste arrived at the Carver residence and found a note from Lexie asking her to decorate for Theo's first birthday party. A disgusted Celeste tossed aside the piñata that Bonnie had left, since it reminded her of Cassie's murder. Instead of decorating, Celeste decided to try to contact Abe's ghost as a birthday treat. However, when she consulted her Tarot cards, she was surprised to find that the cards were blank. As she contemplated that development, Lexie arrived downstairs with Theo in her arms.

Celeste asked to use Theo as a touchstone in order to contact Abe's spirit, but Lexie said no. When Lexie mentioned Tek's name, Celeste warned her that Tek's cards said he was only interested in Lexie romantically. Lexie tried to get more information from Celeste about Tek but claimed it was for her "single friends," since she was still in mourning for Abe. As Celeste blamed Tek for interfering with Abe's spirit, he showed up at the door with the package from Abe.

After informing them that the package had been scanned for bombs and confirmed to be from Abe, he opened it and found a present for Theo and a letter for Lexie. Lexie read the letter, which told her that if she found unconditional love for her and Theo, she needed to move on. Tek comforted her before returning to the police station. Celeste picked up the letter and, after holding it a moment, happily said, "Abe is not dead!"

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

by Joan

At St. Luke's Cemetery, Kate and Lucas visited Roman's grave. Telling Lucas about confiding in John, who seemed so like Roman, Kate made a decision. In honor of her late husband, Kate decided to call a truce with Sami. However, Kate still warned her son that his relationship with Sami was a mistake. Lucas argued that he believed Sami's feelings for him were genuine.

At her apartment, Sami was devising ways to hurt Kate and John, including using corporate scandal. When Julie stopped by, Sami referred to Julie's past as a "conniving bitch," asking for inspiration for revenge. Taking Sami to her mother's grave, Julie said her deceased mother had talked her out of revenge. Crying, Julie said, "Your mother was a wise woman. Talk to her. Listen to what she has to say to you. Listen before it's too late."

Reminding Sami that Marlena had confessed, Julie had a hard time convincing Sami that John and Lucas cared for her. As Lucas overheard them at the cemetery, Sami said, "No. Lucas is just a distraction. I don't have time for him in my life right now. The only thing that matters to me is getting revenge...making Kate and John pay for what they have done."

On Salem Island, the sirens stopped, but Marlena's door remained locked. Roman speculated where the next duplicate Salem structure might appear. Both he and Abe discussed how points of entry and escape changed as the duplicate city expanded. Marlena was shocked to learn that one castaway escapee, Jack Deveraux, had escaped into the jungle and had not been seen since. Once Marlena's door unlocked, the three set out to find an expected new structure.

At the Deveraux house, Jen was amazed that Patrick's words in her baby's memory book so captured Jack's voice. Saying he wrote through Jack's eyes, Patrick later received a call from his accomplice. Looking at his coin, Patrick promised he wouldn't let anything happen to Jennifer.

At the Carver house, Lexie said Celeste was offering false hope by suggesting that Abe was alive. Preparing for Theo's party, Lexie unknowingly dropped the Tarot Death card. As guests arrived, Tek was curious about Patrick's identity. When Patrick challenged him, Tek answered, "You were in prison, weren't you?" Tek's assumptions were based on a distinctive scar on Patrick's arm. Patrick denied it.

Jennifer defended Patrick, recounting the bearer bonds incident. Tek was suspicious, wanting to learn more about there being no police report. Patrick created a distraction with a loose-fitting lid, causing Tek to become covered in finger paint. When he had to change, Lexie was embarrassed about having feelings for Tek but uncomfortable moving on after Abe.

On Salem Island, Abe, Marlena, and Roman found the replica of the Deveraux house that had already been there. However, Abe noticed a difference, and Marlena noticed a plaque with Jack and Jennifer's names on it with that day's date. At the Carver house, Jennifer was stunned to find she had sat on a Tarot Death card. Throughout Theo's party, Celeste continued having visions of a door, knowing something connected to the Death Card was behind it. Finally making a connection, Celeste opened the door and saw a dead Jennifer Deveraux.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Crystal made herself very comfortable at the Kiriakis mansion, enjoying the champagne, the pool, and the scenery, which included Brady and John. She wandered around in a bikini then walked outside and watched Brady do exercises, offering herself to him so they could exercise horizontally. She said he wouldn't believe what she could do on a Pilates mat. Nicole rushed out to break that up and suggested Crystal had more important things to do, such as look for a permanent place to stay.

Brady went to get water, and Crystal scoffed to Nicole that she thought she had made herself clear. She liked staying in the mansion with the swimming pool and the awesome views, saying it was the life she deserved, especially after taking care of the Marlena Evans situation. Just then, John walked up and asked what they were talking about and just who Crystal was. Brady told him that Crystal was a friend of Nicole's and was also helping raise money for the Marlena Evans foundation at the free clinic.

Upon learning who John was, Crystal commented on where Brady had gotten his good looks, until Nicole hurried her away from them and pushed Crystal inside the mansion. John told Brady that he thought Crystal could be Nicole's accomplice in Victor's death and that he was going to keep an eye on her. Inside, Crystal described to Nicole what a threesome she, John, and Brady could make. Irritated, Nicole told her to cool it. Brady told John that Crystal had just gotten into town and was trying to turn her life around. Brady thought it was great how Nicole had taken her in and was helping her.

John told Brady that he was just like Isabella, always giving people the benefit of the doubt. John and Brady went on a bike ride, and after they got back, he begged Brady to move out and get away from what could be two murderers, meaning Nicole and Crystal. Brady remained firm and said it was all the more reason why he should continue living in the mansion, so that he could keep an eye on Nicole. He told his dad how important to him it was to carry on his grandfather's legacy, to make sure that Victor's wishes were carried out, including business aspects and his charitable foundations.

Back inside the mansion, Nicole described to Crystal her plan to get Chloe out of the picture once and for all, and at the same time, end the opera house plans. Nicole stated that the best way would be to divide and conquer Victor's heirs, and she would start with Brady's sister, Belle. The plan would involve setting up a women's health fund that included free counseling for women in crisis, and the fund would be in Marlena's name. Nicole was confident Belle would go for the idea, since Marlena had volunteered so much of her time there.

An eager Crystal listened as Nicole explained that Philip was head over heels in love with Belle, so dragging him in would not be a problem, and he would go for some benefit that would help the families of servicemen. Next, she found a police cause for Bo to support. Crystal asked how all that would help break up Brady and Chloe, but Nicole told her to just sit back and watch. She said before it was all over, Brady would forget all about the opera house. Before long, the whole family would be at each others' throats.

Brady walked in the door in time to hear Nicole's last words about the family being at each others' throats and asked what they were talking about. Crystal went for a swim as Nicole began to cover her bases with Brady. She told him that he would have to face the truth -- that Victor's heirs were meeting later to decide how to apportion funds for his charitable foundation, and sadly, when someone like Victor Kiriakis died without a will, and "gazillions" of dollars were at stake, families could turn on each other. Brady assured her there would not be any problems unless Nicole had some sort of hidden agenda. He asked her what kind of game she was playing, but Nicole explained that she just wanted to honor Victor's memory.

Belle and Philip were at the penthouse, with her crying about missing her mom and Shawn. Philip told her that she would be better off if Shawn never returned and that it was killing him to see her hurting. She said she would never give up on Shawn. Philip fantasized about taking Belle in his arms and sharing a kiss. She checked her email and had a message, which Nicole had anonymously sent, about a charity fund being set up at the free clinic to honor her mother. Belle was touched.

Belle said she wanted to help. Philip told her that he would help, as well, and would convince his family to make a donation from the Kiriakis foundation. Since the family meeting was being held later that day, he asked Belle to go with him to pitch their ideas. Belle said that was very sweet of him and agreed it was a great idea to go together. She worried that she didn't know what to say, so she just gave him a big hug and said thank you. Philip said she didn't have to thank him, and he would do anything for her -- and that he loved her.

At Basic Black, in Kate's office, Kate and Lucas still couldn't believe what Sami had said at the cemetery. Sami called Kate, saying she needed to talk with Kate and that she wanted to do the right thing. A puzzled Kate, who feared the worst, asked Lucas to stay with her for protection and as a witness. Sami arrived and told Kate and Lucas that she was there to apologize, surprising both Kate and Lucas. She told them that she was going to do the same for John.

Sami explained that Julie had straightened her out and urged her to talk to her mother about it. Both Kate and Lucas were very suspicious of Sami. Sami offered her hand in a truce. Kate accepted and shook her hand but was sure she was up to something new. Sami also gave Kate a letter. She had written it about Kate's past and said that she had planned to mail copies to all her associates but had decided not to.

Kate said that she was having trouble buying Sami's sudden turnaround, but Sami swore she was doing it for her parents' sake. Kate said she only hoped Sami was sincere. Sami said the letter was the only copy as she swore she was changing her life and rushed out crying. In the hallway, Sami smiled, proud of her performance. Kate tried to convince Lucas that it was all an act, but he believed Sami and rushed off to find her as Kate fumed. John entered and found a furious Kate.

Lucas caught Sami before she left and asked her to talk. He told her they had overheard her and Julie earlier and asked if she had meant what she had said about Lucas being only a distraction. She said she had only been lashing out and begged him to believe her. She told him she didn't need revenge. What she needed was love, and she begged him to help her be a better person.

Lucas said he would try to help Sami one more time. She told him that he wouldn't regret it, and they hugged. Sami promised things would be different from that moment on and that he would see the difference. Inside her office, Kate told John what Sami had done and said, and John was suspicious as well. Neither of them believed that she had changed.

Jennifer told Patrick, on the ride home, that she was freaked out by Celeste's prediction. Once home, they found the front door open, and Patrick said he would go inside to check it out. While he was gone, Jennifer's cell phone rang. She gasped and said, "Jack, is that you?" She lost the signal as Julie walked up. Jennifer told Julie about the call. Patrick returned with Bonnie, who was there cleaning, and Jennifer told them all about the call and that Jack had said that he loved her.

Julie, Patrick, and Bonnie all thought Jennifer was losing it and helped her inside to try to reason with her. There was a message on the answering machine, giving her hope, but it wasn't from Jack. She rushed off to the kitchen to check her email. Bonnie, Patrick, and Julie all were very worried about Jennifer. Bonnie noticed Patrick's injuries. He told her about getting beaten and getting the bonds back. Julie accused both of them of taking the bonds in the first place. Jennifer yelled from the kitchen, "I knew it -- it's from Jack!"

Jennifer rushed out from the kitchen and told Bonnie, Julie, and Patrick that Jack was alive, and she had proof with an audio message on the computer from Jack. It was full of static, but he had said things that only Jack would know. Julie told about her dream and how real it had seemed, but then she had realized it was only a dream. Bonnie quietly asked Patrick if it was one of his cons and dragged him outside. Julie tried to convince Jennifer that Patrick and Bonnie were manipulating her, but Jennifer was convinced it was Jack.

Later Jennifer was waiting by the phone as Julie revealed she had found Jennifer's diary on her nightstand, wide open, where either Bonnie or Patrick could have read it, knowing what to say in a message from Jack. Outside, Patrick assured his mom he'd had nothing to do with it, but he had an idea who might. He swore that he only wanted to protect Jennifer. Bonnie went back inside, and Patrick received a call from the unknown man, who told him that they were taking Jennifer out. Inside, Jennifer was having second thoughts, wanting to believe that Jack was still alive, but Julie pointed out that it just was not possible and that Jack was dead.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

by Joan

At the Loft, Philip apologized to Belle, saying he loved her. Taking it as a friendly remark, Belle insisted that Philip tell the girl of his dreams how he felt about her. At Basic Black, Kate and John discussed their children. Unafraid to say Belle and Philip would make the "sweetest couple," Kate remarked about not interfering in their children's lives. However, John worried about Brady not listening to John's advice to move out of Victor's mansion. Recalling Victor's fate, Kate warned, "Don't let Nicole destroy your son."

At the Kiriakis mansion, family members gathered to discuss the disbursement of Victor's estate. With Victor's will still missing, Brady was confident that his family would agree to honor his grandfather's wishes. As Nicole claimed to be in favor of the concert hall, Bo and Philip resented Brady's gratitude for her support. Philip was quick to say Victor's intention was just buying Chloe for Brady. Thanks to Nicole's email interference, Bo and Philip had their own ideas as to where Victor's money should go. While she had no voice in the family vote, Belle suggested there were better causes than an opera house for Victor's fortune.

Bo's suspicions about Nicole caused Brady to accuse him of ordering Marlena's death. With resentment over Brady still living the good life in the mansion and lusting after Nicole, Philip got into a fistfight with Brady. Pretending to be on Brady's side, Nicole later voted in favor of the Isabella Toscano Black Concert Hall. Together with Shawn's proxy vote, Bo and Philip's votes won three to two against it. Bo warned Brady about staying there with Nicole, saying, "Open your eyes before you, too, are dead."

Delighted that her scheme had worked, Nicole expressed fake sympathy toward a disappointed Brady. Saying the family was jealous of him, she criticized Victor's personality. Stunning her with his response, Brady said, "Don't disparage my grandfather to me ever again." Saying he didn't appreciate being treated like an idiot, he added, "If I find out that you had anything whatsoever to do with my grandfather's death, I take after him, and I will have his revenge on you."

Guilty over her feelings for Tek while still loving Abe, Lexie finally decided to invite Tek for a drink at the Blue Note. On his guard, when Lexie said she was using him, Tek listened as Lexie admitted being unable to go out alone. Tek understood as Lexie explained feeling both that Abe was still alive and a desire to move on. John took Kate there, as well, to cheer her up. Seeing Crystal at the bar, John excused himself, saying he had some business to take care of. With a plan, John approached Crystal, who was seductively grateful when John offered to buy her a drink.

On Salem Island, Abe and Roman wondered if Jack was lost in a forest or even dead. Because of the plaque with both names on the Deveraux house, Abe expected Jennifer to be the next inhabitant of the island. Desperately wishing for Lexie and Theo, Abe speculated Jack and Jennifer would be the only couple there. Abe considered that their captor's design might be for their loved ones to move on without them.

Roman's concerns were that John and Kate might be consoling one another's grief. Reminding Roman about the "RB" robe in Marlena's Salem Island penthouse, Abe suggested Roman was being set up to fall in love with her again. Assuming their captor might expect them to escape, Abe wondered if their wives would wind up on the island after they were gone. Shocked, Roman realized, "In trying to escape, we could be condemning the women we love to a hopeless future on this island."

Friday, June 4, 2004

by Joan

Rex disappointed Mimi with his new plan to take a course in bartending. Determined to make his way without help from the DiMeras or Kate, Rex convinced Mimi it was just a steppingstone to a better future. Rex had suspicions that Philip had feelings for Belle and was angry that he was taking advantage of Shawn's absence. While he wanted to warn Philip, Mimi was angry that Shawn had treated Belle badly.

Philip took Belle to the office at Basic Black. After the vote at the Kiriakis mansion, Belle suggested Philip's feelings were based on his relationship with Chloe. Saying it wasn't Chloe, Philip said there was only one girl who owned his heart, but he didn't know how to tell her. Saying he had a confession to make, Philip told Belle she knew the girl he loved, and it was about time he told her.

At the Blue Note, John had a plan as he bought Crystal expensive champagne. When Crystal asked about the short mourning period for Marlena, John said relations had been strained. When John remarked about someone to ease his pain, Crystal took the bait, kissing him passionately. John returned the flirtation when Crystal asked to spend time with him. Impressed as he kissed her hand, Crystal said, "Nicole just didn't do you justice," to which John replied, "I feel the same way. Why hasn't Nicole mentioned you before? Where has she been hiding you?"

Celeste was home, seeking answers from the spirit world. As she lit a candle, a box of ancient ivory tiles from Madagascar began rattling. Opening it, she found the tiles glowing briefly with a green light before going out. "The window of opportunity is brief. I must obey the rules, or the message will be lost," she said. As she turned each tile over one by one, the tiles slowly lit once more, revealing the initials, "SDBRADY DANGER." Realizing that meant Shawn, Celeste asked for more, but the box slammed shut.

Hope was home when Bo angrily returned from the Kiriakis mansion. Having no sympathy for Brady and calling Nicole a murderer, Bo wanted Victor's funds going to worthier causes than a concert hall. While Bo stepped out briefly, Celeste visited Hope with her concerns. Hope asked Celeste to contact the spirits. Lighting a candle, Celeste told Hope to think of her departed loved ones. As Hope concentrated, Celeste's eyes grew white, and the Brady front door flew open.

A voice spoke through Celeste. "The spirits you seek are not present." When Hope asked about Shawn, she was told, "Enter his world, if you dare, but once inside, you must beware. The answers you seek won't be complete. Just find the spot and connect the dots." With that, Celeste collapsed. Upon his return, Bo was furious about the séance but left with Hope to follow the riddle's lead at Shawn's loft.

In his cage, Shawn was rebellious and asking for Belle when Jan arrived, dressed as a French maid. Seeing the keys on her apron, Shawn distracted a deluded Jan, who thought she had won him over. After her apron dropped near his hand, Shawn reached for the keys without being seen. Taking hold of them, Shawn overthrew Jan to the floor as he struggled to unlock the cuffs with the keys in his mouth.

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