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Monday, July 12, 2004

Belle tells Philip that Shawn must not love her anymore. Just as she declares that the relationship is over, a giddy Jan gives away her presence when she celebrates. Astonished, Belle and Philip immediately question her presence. Jan immediately starts to apologize for all she did to Belle and goes on to eloquently lay out some exposition of her past dealings with the Salem High crowd. Then, putting on her best empathetic face, she tells Belle how sad she was to hear about Marlena's death. Philip doesn't warm up to Jan but Belle tells Philip that even though Jan probably shouldn't be trusted that she does not want to be mean to anyone anymore after all the recent tragedies. Jan asks about Shawn and is "surprised" to learn that he left Belle. Keeping a straight face, she tells Belle that something must be wrong because Shawn would never run out on her adding, "he must be tied up." As Jan chokes down a laugh, Philip and Belle notice her engagement ring. She enthusiastically tells them that she is over her teenage crush on Shawn and is now madly in love with the "most wonderful man in the world."

Lucas and Manda roll around in Lucas's bed. Each time Lucas starts to claim he is too tired for another round, he imagines Manda is Sami and mysteriously finds the strength to ravage Manda again. But the jig is up when Lucas finally calls out Sami's name. Humiliated, Manda pulls away from Lucas who tries to convince Manda he is not in love with Sami.

A couch sleeping Sami dreams of her spinster, gray-haired life a decade from now eating TV dinners and kicking her house cat. Sami dreams that Lucas and Manda are still together and that Will will be spending his last summer before college with them at their new condominium. A horrified Sami wakes up determined to change her future and to take Belle's advice. She will fight for Lucas. After a quick ring of Lucas's doorbell doesn't get an answer, she uses her key to go inside. Sami enters Lucas's bedroom just as Lucas declares that Manda is the only girl he wants to be with. An outraged Manda screams at the sight of Sami and jumps out of bed to dress. Freaked out back to the fourth grade apparently, Manda calls Lucas a "liar, liar, pants on fire." Before she leaves Manda brings up the fact that Lucas called out Sami's name in bed. Though Sami looks pleasantly surprised, Lucas defensively says he never though about Sami until she showed up. Manda interrupts their vitriol to declare that things are over between her and Lucas. Frustrated, Lucas tells Sami that they were a mistake and the that "You disgust me so get out and stay out." "I never want to talk to you again!" Sami retorts as she storms out. Still fuming, Lucas goes down the hall to get his key back from Sami but stops himself when he hears her inside her apartment crying. Sami weeps on her couch, clutching the picture of her, Will, and Lucas from their camping trip.

At the police station, Tek reminds Bo that Hope had a gun on Patrick but went along with him in the plane. Leaping into action, Tek logs onto the tracking system through his ISA contacts as Bo continues to wonder why Hope went off on her own. Things get worse when Tek realizes that Patrick and Hope's plane is headed for restricted airspace where the Pentagon tests missiles. Frantic, Bo calls the military installation in the region to beg for an escort and safe passage for the cargo plane but the Colonel on the phone says it is too late. The computer automatically fires at unauthorized objects in the airspace.

In the cargo plane, Hope remains uneasy about the trip. Fed up, Patrick offers to dump her at the nearest airstrip but Hope declines. Hope then tries a different tactic by probing Patrick about his feelings for Jennifer. Without going into details, Patrick explains that he was always bad news but that he is hoping for some good karma by helping Jennifer. The awkward conversation is interrupted by a radio transmission warning them to leave the airspace. When they don't change course, a missile comes right for their plane. At first Patrick manages to dodge it but since it is a heat-seeking missile, it boomerangs and hits them from behind.

Back at the police station, a horrified Tek and Bo watch from the missile's mini-camera they have tapped into as it tears into the plane. They watch helplessly as the plane disappears from the radar.

A weakened Jack carries Jennifer into a nearby cave. She notices his fever but he covers saying, "Just seeing you again is all that it takes to cure what ails me." He tries to keep the mood light joking that, "If this were a dream, you'd be warm and dry and I'd have a four poster bed here with silk sheets." They kiss and laugh until Jennifer's stomach starts to cramp. Jack sits her down, calming her by waxing nostalgic on Abby's birth. Jennifer is grateful that the baby is going to get to "spend time with his father." The revelation perks up tired Jack but he remains equally chipper when Jennifer tells him it could be a girl. They discuss how Abby has changed since he left and he promises Abby won't lose her mother. When another cramp starts, Jack helps her with breathing but unfortunately it makes him light headed and dizzy. Assured that it isn't labor, Jack stumbles around the cave looking for dry wood to make a fire. Jennifer frets over his condition and he plays off the fever saying it is the adrenaline from rescuing a "pretty pregnant lady from a ravine." He collapses next to her, his head on her belly. A tearful Jack sings to the baby then the emotional couple embraces. She grabs the locket and explains her confusion over the organ donation to which a smiling Jack can only claim ignorance. He promises, "to never let you go. Never." When Jennifer begins to tell Jack about the messages and the video of him, he tells her he never sent her anything. A dreamy eyed Jack kisses her as Jennifer tells him that she emailed her plane info to Hope. As he struggles to stay awake, he finally tells Jennifer that there were no deaths, no serial killer, and that everyone is alive. A feverish Jack crawls toward the fire and barely coherent, collapses saying, "the others."

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Rex and Mimi are enjoying some downtime in the tub when they start to discuss their relationship. Mimi is worried that she and Rex won't make it because Shawn and Belle can't make it. Rex tells Mimi he thinks they will be fine and the two make love. When Rex goes to take a shower, Mimi spies Jan at Philip and Belle's apartment and leaves to see what she's doing back in Salem.

Jan tells Belle and Philip about her wonderful fiancée. She drops hints as to Shawn's whereabouts, but Philip and Belle don't pick up on them. Belle offers a hand of friendship to Jan and she accepts. They head back to the apartment, and Philip thinks something is off with Jan, especially when Jan knows how to unlock the special locks John installed on the windows. When Philip and Belle leave the room, Jan comments that she's going to have to kill Philip and Belle when Mimi grabs her.

Lucas hears Sami crying. Sami knocks Lucas unconscious when he comes in the door. She puts ice on his wound and freaks out when Lucas stays unconscious. She admits she loves him, and Lucas comes to. The two then argue about their relationship. Sami admits she wants to be able to take care of herself. Lucas tells Sami he overheard her say she loves him and he loves her too. They begin kissing, but Sami is afraid of getting hurt. Lucas convinces Sami to give him a chance and the pair begin to make love until Lucas calls out "Manda" as a joke. Sami is not amused, but forgives Lucas and the pair resume kissing.

Bo and Tek watch as the missile hit Hope's plane. Hope is lying in the ocean holding onto a piece of wreckage. Bo refuses to believe that Hope is dead. He organizes a search party but Tek wants Bo to grieve instead of work. Bo refuses to step back. The police commissioner orders Bo to hand over his badge, but Bo leaves when she is distracted. Tek jumps on the search helicopter with Bo and they spot blood in the water and all over the wreckage.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Nicole was hanging around the pool at the Kiriakis mansion watching Brady doing his nightly laps. As she watched him her conscience (which manifested itself as a mini-Nicole sitting on the edge of a large cocktail glass) told her to stop drooling over him and get on with it. The conversation between her and her conscious continued with Nicole saying she's not ready and her conscious telling her that Brady is always flexing his muscles around her and that he's about ready to pop – that they're both almost naked and they're at the mansion alone. Nicole agreed that she wanted him and told her conscience to get lost because in a few minutes Brady would be ripping off her bathing suit and making love to her. Brady finished his laps in the pool and before Nicole could make her move he receives a call from Chloe. Chloe wanted to know what was going on with the opera house and Brady told her that he would have to talk to Nicole about it, he told her he'd call her back and that he loved her. Brady tells Nicole that Chloe's agent wants to book her for several months to a year in advance if building of the concert hall doesn't start soon, and that if it didn't Chloe might never make it home. Nicole explained that she knew a way to get things under way and to save his relationship with Chloe. She brings out a box and hands it to him. He opened it and said that he couldn't accept it, that that was her jewelry. She told him that Crystal had taken most of it, but that what she had taken was costume jewelry for the most part, that what was in the box was the good stuff and should be sufficient to break ground on the opera house. Brady was touched that she would make that gesture, but said that he won't use her jewelry because things haven't been settled with Victor's will and the jewelry might be all that she ends up with. Nicole told him that she would do anything for him and that if she were Chloe she wouldn't have to be lured home, especially not with him waiting for her. Brady kissed Nicole's cheek, told her she was sweet and left.

Meanwhile Kate was doing some work when John comes over. John said that he was sorry for interrupting her work but he didn't know where else to go and that he needs her. Kate asked what was the matter and he told her that he had had a bad night and needs to talk to someone about Nicole. Kate explained that she probably wasn't the best person to talk to about Nicole and John responded saying that he needs to talk to someone. Kate made John a drink and he told her that the bump on his head is killing him. She asked what happened and he said that he wasn't sure and needs help figuring it out; that he thinks there is something going on with Earl and Crystal and that he thought that they had set Marlena up to be killed! Kate wondered if he had proof and he said that he almost had but that was when someone hit him in the head with a shovel. She then asked him if he thought it was Nicole who had hit him and he says that she was at the house with Brady so it couldn't have been. He also said that he had been so close to getting the information he needed from Crystal. Kate told him that he could have been killed and he responded by saying that he wasn't worried about himself, but that he was worried about Brady; that something was going on in that house and that Nicole had already turned Brady against his family. Kate asked him who could have hit him on the head, wondering if it was the same person who was the accomplice in Victor's death. John said that he didn't know but that Brady was on Nicole's side and refuses to believe it when Kate suggested that he might be in love with her. He asked Kate why Brady would fall in love with Nicole and she tells him that love doesn't make sense and it just happens. John told her he should leave and she feels badly that she hasn't helped him at all and had made him feel worse. Kate ends up giving him a massage to ease his tension and when he says that he can always relax and be himself around her she tells him she feels the same.

Mimi attacks Jan when she hears her say she would have to kill Belle and Philip. Belle and Philip came in and told her to stop. Mimi said that she caught Jan breaking into their apartment and they told her that she didn't break in, that they had found her down at the pier and had invited her for tea. Mimi is in shock and asked how they could forget about all the horrible things that Jan had done. Jan said that Belle has forgiven her. Mimi said that she had gotten there in time to hear about Jan's evil plan to kill the two of them. Jan replied by saying yes she said that, but she meant that she was going to kill them with kindness. Rex shows up and Jan questioned who he was, Mimi says that it is her boyfriend and Philip's half-brother; Jan notes that she sees the resemblance and Mimi goes off on Jan again. Belle apologized to Jan for Mimi's behavior and Mimi tells her not to apologize for her. Mimi again questions how Belle can be so relaxed around Jan after what she did to her and Shawn. She says that Shawn has left and that he isn't coming back. Mimi tells her not to talk like that and told her to check her messages. When Belle says that she can't because she had a fit and broke her machine, Mimi brings her over to her apartment and gives her her old one saying she doesn't need it. Belle says that if Shawn hadn't called by now he wasn't going to and that it was over between them. Mimi tries to comfort her. Meanwhile Jan is thinking how perfect everything is and how she can't wait to tell Shawn that Belle and Philip are living together. She asks Philip if he's still hot for ghoul girl, he said he's not and not to call Chloe that. She says that she was a bitch and she didn't deserve him and that he needed someone special who can understand him and appreciate him. Mimi and Belle returned to the apartment and Mimi tells her to record a message for Shawn. Belle said he's not coming back and tells Philip they need to make their living together official and has him record the message. He makes one saying, "Philip and Belle aren't in right now, leave a message." Mimi says that if Shawn hears that he's going to go nuts, Jan thinks to herself that she's counting on it.

On the island Roman and Marlena were on the pier, Marlena was reading and Roman was pacing around. Roman tells Marlena that they should head in because it looks like a storm is coming when there is an explosion in the air! Roman gets some binoculars and looks out at the sea and Marlena said that it could have been one of their loved ones on the plane. Roman said that if it was that there couldn't have been any way for them to survive that explosion, eventually he saw something and gave the binoculars to Marlena to show her the wreckage. They think about who was on the plane and who could be behind the island. Marlena says she hates whoever is behind it and that everything is becoming real now that someone has actually died and wanted to know when it was going to all come to an end. Roman explains that it is over for somebody now and she says that coming from him, she believes it. She says she wants to see the bastards face when they walk off the island and that she thinks that the mastermind behind it all thinks that they will be victims of Stockholm syndrome and that they will want to stay there instead of returning to the real Salem. She went on to say that she thinks their captor wants them wants to forget about their lives back home and the people that they love. Roman says that there is no way he is going to forget about his kids or about Kate. Marlena says that every time she looks at him she thinks about John and that it was her love for him (Roman) that made her fall in love with John because she thought John was Roman, and even after she found out, she still loved him. She said she's always loved him and has grown to love him even more, Roman says he loves her too and they will be bonded forever through their kids. She says it is more than through their kids, and that when Stefano took him away from her she swore never to love another man, that she fell in love with Roman Brady not John Black, that she was so desperate to have him back that she didn't listen to the doubts she had at the time. Roman said that when he came back, she chose John; she says he left town and she had wanted to save their marriage even though what she did was wrong. He wants to know if she thinks he could have stolen her away from John and she responded by saying they'll never know. He said that he regretted leaving and not fighting for her, and if he had, wondered if it would have made a difference.

We saw Hope floating in the sea on a large piece of wreckage from the explosion. There was blood in the water and Patrick is trying to get to hope but sharks started to circle around them! They moved over to another piece of wreckage and Patrick told her how he used a trick a sailor once taught him, he stabbed one of the sharks and the bleeding caused a feeding frenzy. The sharks showed up again and Patrick tells hope to keep her bleeding hand out of the water, she asks if he thinks the trick he used earlier will work again and he said he doesn't think so and that it's a great white. They heard a helicopter but Patrick has doubts that they will be found in the storm. Something rams into the piece of the wreckage they're on and it breaks and Hope falls into the sea. Patrick swims to her and tells her again to try to keep her hand out of the water. They find a crate to hold onto and suddenly the sharks swim away. There was a change in the tide and thinking they're near the shore they decided to try to swim for it. Meanwhile, Bo and Tek are up in the helicopter, Tek thinks they should head back to land because there is a storm brewing. Bo spots the piece of wreckage that Hope had been floating on but all he that is left is her bracelet. They saw blood in the water and Tek said that whoever's blood it is must be dead. Bo said they could be hurt and he wanted to go down and look. Tek said that it would be too risky and with the storm approaching it will make searching for anything too hard. Bo said that he didn't care and goes down where he finds a burned family picture and Hope's bracelet. He cut his hand and started bleeding into the water. The sharks that had been circling Hope and Patrick headed towards Bo, but Tek, hanging from the rope on the helicopter shoots them and brings Bo back up where he looks at the picture that he found.

Roman and Marlena continued their talk back on the pier and he told her that he loved Kate but that she was always the love of his life and that he's happy that they remained friends. Marlena said that she missed her kids and Roman told her not to worry that somebody would find them; just then, Patrick and Hope climb onto the pier and are shocked to see Roman and Marlena there – and alive!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

by Joan

At the Loft, Philip quickly caught on to Jan when she knew that he was working with Belle. But Jan lied saying her parents' Estate had been notified of the Foundation's work. Still suspicious, Mimi asked for a photo of her fiancée, which Jan said was at home. Jan's comment about Victor's death made Philip say he was sure the killer was Nicole. Unlike Belle and Philip, Mimi was not convinced by Jan's performance and suggested following her home.

At Salem Inn John and Kate were surprised by a candlelit midnight snack for two, which they hadn't ordered. Comprised of the favorite foods of Marlena and Roman, the two thought it was a sick joke. Claiming the delivery was an error, the waiter later accepted payment from a black-gloved person. Questioning the motive, the waiter got silence as the person left. John and Kate saw the faces of Marlena and Roman as they fed one another, while the gloved figure watched them unnoticed. Realizing the grief they shared, John surprised Kate saying they were perfect for one another as he took her hand. In agreement, Kate turned on the radio, taking comfort in John's arms during a slow dance. But a news bulletin interrupted with the announcement that Hope was missing and presumed dead.

On Salem Island, Jennifer left to find water for a feverish Jack while he protested, "no, no water." Cutting her hand along the way, Jen's locket became bloodied. Plagued by fever, Jack hallucinated, seeing blood on the locket Jen was wearing and believing she was dead. But coming to, Jack realized Jen had really been there. Getting up to find her, he fell over a cliff.

Over the nearby waters of Salem Island, Bo returned to the Rescue Chopper more determined than ever that Hope was still alive. On the Island Hope and Patrick were pulled to shore by Marlena and Roman. Hope's reaction was that she was dead while Patrick's only concern was that Roman was a cop. As Hope observed, "something is very wrong here," Roman confirmed her fears saying, "Welcome to our nightmare."

Hope explained following Jennifer's plane before they drifted into military airspace. Rebellious about wanting to leave, Hope was told by Marlena that they were captives. Giving the new arrivals time to get acclimated before telling them more, they brought her to Brady's Pub where Caroline was waiting. While Hope was overjoyed, Caroline's joy was diminished saying, "if you're here, I may never see Bo again." Hope desperately cried, "I want out of here. I want to go home...back to Bo and my family and take all of you with me." But Caroline just tearfully asked for her son. At Marlena's suggestion, Caroline left to find Doug while Roman planned to question Patrick further. A voice came from the doorway, "Hope, Darling, you're a sight for sore eyes." At the sight of Alice, Hope fainted in Patrick's arms.

Friday, July 16, 2004

by Joan

Jan returned home to give Shawn the news about Belle and Philip, bragging about her time with them at the Loft. When he refused to believe her, Jan delighted in letting Shawn hear the new voice message Philip and Belle had recorded. But a despondent Shawn was unaware that Belle reached the phone seconds too late.

At the Loft Mimi was angry they hadn't followed Jan, but lost patience with Belle for being so being so trusting. As Philip turned on the radio, Mimi was devastated at the report of Patrick's plane going down. At Alice's Bar, Bonnie learned from Julie that Hope and Jennifer were missing. Holding Patrick responsible, and angry at Bonnie's relationship with Mickey, Julie called Bonnie a curse. But Bonnie recalled Celeste's warning that Jennifer, Hope and Patrick were doomed. Mimi arrived finding her mother strangling Julie in another fight. But Mimi's news left the two mothers weeping, as they shared the same grief: Bonnie losing a son and Julie losing her stepdaughter.

At the Salem PD, John was unable to make Bo see reason. Thoroughly convinced Hope was still alive Bo planned to find her himself. As both men wondered about Shawn not calling, John was suspicious at Jen being lured away by messages from Jack. When Bo observed they were being "toyed pawns on a chess board," he questioned if Stefano was behind it. But Bo considered Patrick Lockhart was the key, and John offered his personal jet planes for what he believed to be a futile search.

On Salem Island Jen was unable to find her way back. Becoming confused by a leaky water container she thought she was in labor. Delirious with fever, Jack imagined seeing Jen's grave but as she screamed, he heard her cries. Eventually reaching an unconscious Jack, Jen collapsed next to her husband.

Hope was in disbelief as she found more 'victims' alive and well. As she explained the pursuit of Jennifer's plane, the captives realized the sound they'd heard was Jennifer's plane crashing somewhere on the Island. Confident of Bo's connection to her Hope believed he would save them. But Roman insisted that even Celeste's premonitions had not led her to Salem Island, and the Captives were assumed dead. Patrick listened intently as Jack's Island disappearance was described. Roman felt sure that Stefano or Tony was behind the plot while Maggie defended Tony in light of the tiger attack. As Hope spoke of Lexie moving on, Roman worried about Abe's feelings. Eager for news about Mickey, Maggie was confident that he had a good housekeeper in Bonnie. Hope couldn't bring herself to tell Maggie the whole story. Hope was agreement with a suspicious Roman that Patrick knew more about Jen than he was saying. And Patrick studied his coin saying, "It wasn't supposed to turn out this way."

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