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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, July 26, 2004

Jan finds Philip and Belle on her front doorstep demanding to know where Jan saw Shawn. Trying to salvage the situation, Jan asks to go for a walk but accidentally knocks Belle down, skinning her knee. Philip insists on going in the house in order to clean the wound. A cautious Jan lets them into the house then goes to check on Shawn in his cage. A slumbering Shawn lies on the bed dreaming of Belle rescuing him because earlier Jan slipped him a mickey in his drink. With her toy safely ensconced, Jan returns to her guests and tells them that she saw Shawn at a coffee shop 50 miles north of Salem where he told her, "there's no blankety blank way that I will ever get back together with Belle. It's over between us." No fool, Philip says Shawn would never confide in Jan or not call Belle to break up. Sensing Jan is hiding something, Philip refuses to leave until she spills her secret.

A jittery Nicole eavesdrops on Brady's phone conversation with Chloe poolside at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady breaks the news about the opera hall and offers to go to Austria to be with Chloe. With a busy rehearsal schedule, Chloe tells him to stay put. When Brady hangs up the phone to sulk and soak up some sun, Nicole joins him and they debate the things we do for love. It gets heated and Nicole soon apologizes. After giving him a thank you hug, they start to kiss. As Brady nibbles her neck, she asks him to make love to her. After hearing out loud where this is going, Brady balks and backs away.

Victor and Caroline discuss their kiss from earlier and then talk about their families. After a bit, Victor confesses that he still loves her and always will but he refuses to act on those feelings out of respect for her and Shawn. With his feelings clear, Victor offers to move into the Brady Pub to ensure Caroline's safety. Roman tries to beat him to it but Caroline tells her son that Marlena needs him more and instead, Victor will stay with her.

Roman frets about leaving Hope alone with Patrick while they gab at the Brady Pub on the island situation. Marlena continues to go over her coffin time in her mind as Roman, Abe, Victor, and Caroline all agree that it is odd that they could have all been buried alive and survived. Abe thinks they were given the same drug as Carly Manning. As Abe goes off to Jennifer's to take over Patrick watching duty, Roman brainstorms that the undertaker must have been in on the plot to get them to the island. A harried Abe runs in to inform them that both Hope and Patrick are gone.

At the Salem Cemetery, Bo, John, Sami, and Lucas crack open Marlena's coffin and are shocked to find it not only empty but the lining shredded. Sami blames John for burying Marlena alive after she said she heard her in the coffin but John doesn't understand how she could have survived the embalming process. At first Bo thinks it is grave robbing but John says the ground was undisturbed and the coffin's seal was still intact. Following the trail of clues, the group goes to the funeral home to question the undertaker, Millbauer. He says Marlena was dead but promises to check his files in his office. Soon after he closes his office door, they hear a gun shot. They rush in to find the undertaker dead at his desk from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Jan told Belle that she knows that what she's said has hurt her, but now that she knows the truth about Shawn she can move forward in her life. Philip argued with Jan saying that she was up to her tricks and that if Shawn were going to do something like that he'd call Belle and tell him herself. Jan went to her purse and (while still keeping it concealed) picked up a gun and told Philip that they should talk privately. Belle said that anything Jan needed to say she could say in front of her as well. Philip asked Jan if she knew all of this earlier why she didn't tell Belle when she was at the loft. Jan said that she chickened out and that she didn't want to hurt her more than she already was. She went on to say that Shawn confided in her because he never wanted to speak to Belle again, that he still blamed her for lying about Marlena's alibi. Philip takes Belle out of the room and tries to convince her that Jan is lying to her about having talked to Shawn. They return and Belle asks Jan how she can believe what she's saying without proof that she saw Shawn. Jan said she had proof and took a box out of her purse, handing it to Belle while swearing to her that she hadn't opened it. Jan tells her that Shawn had asked her to give it to Belle. Belle opened it and found Shawn's purity ring and started to cry.

Meanwhile in the cage, Shawn starts to come to after being drugged by Jan. As he started to wake up he thought he heard Belle crying. Later after fully waking up he hears her clearly and tries to call out to her and signal to her by throwing a glass at the vent in the room. Philip heard the noise and asked Jan what it was. She said that it was the furnace and that it needed to be fixed and she leaves the room. She approached Shawn, told him it was time for him to take another nap and jabs him in the leg with a hypodermic needle!

Around the pool at the Kiriakis mansion Nicole told Brady that she had feelings for him and that she wouldn't apologize for that or for kissing him. She continued on by asking him why he'd want to be with Chloe when she is more interested in an opera house than being with him. Brady told Nicole that he and Chloe have a special relationship. Nicole says that he's made a lot of sacrifices for Chloe but what has she done for him? She also asked him why he wasn't on a plane heading to Vienna by that point. He wonders how she knew where Chloe was and says that she was listening in on the call. She said she was and said she thought she would be bringing him to the airport by now. A bit later Nicole is in the pool splashing Brady with water and climbs out, asking him if he thinks she's sexy and asked him if he wants to take a dip with her. He told her that she was beautiful and desirable but he wasn't going to cheat on Chloe. He left the pool area and Nicole picked up the phone and made a call telling the person on the other end that she's paying them top dollar to come up with the evidence on Chloe that she needs.

John, Bo, Sami and Lucas are gathered at the mortician's office and Tek shows up to look at the scene. Bo asks Tek to call Lexie and have her come over to the office. Meanwhile, Bo tells John that they should examine the mortician's records. John smells smoke and they find the records and files on fire! They note the fact that the files that have burned are those of the people that have died within the last year. Tek wonders if the mortician had been selling the bodies. Lexie showed up at the office and is shocked to see the mortician dead. John tells her that he had killed himself and wants to ask her some questions. Sami and Lucas approach Celeste who has come with Lexie and Sami asks her to try to read from the bear. Celeste saw a vision of Marlena in the coffin clutching the bear and tells Sami that her suspicious were right, that Marlena was buried alive! Sami fainted and when she came to again Celeste tells her about her vision. Sami said that she knows who was responsible and attacks Lexie telling her that she is a doctor and should know when people are dead and that she killed her mother! Lexie tells her that they opened the coffin, that they checked and double-checked and that she was dead. Sami wants Lexie to be arrested for killing her mother and then attacks John saying that he could have saved her but he didn't. John told Sami that he and Celeste had seen what the mortician had done to Marlena, that he'd stabbed her with a scalpel and that she was dead. Sami persists saying that she knows that Marlena is alive. Bo tells Sami that they'll find out what happened to Marlena and that they will pay.

On the island Victor finished eating a piece of Caroline's rhubarb pie proclaiming it better than ever, but that it tastes different. She tells him that it might be the soil or maybe she had finally perfected it. She then asked him if he'd want to stay on the island forever. He said no, that he was worried about his family in Salem, particularly Brady. Caroline tries to reassure him telling him that Brady is a good boy and that if wants to wait for Chloe then Nicole won't have any effect on him. Victor says that she could kill him, but Caroline tells him that that wouldn't help her reach her goal at all. Victor goes on to say that the best thing that could happen would be for Chloe to come back to Salem but with the concert hall on hold that wasn't going to happen.

Meanwhile, Roman and Marlena are out walking and Marlena is upset because she wants to be out looking for Hope. Roman theorizes that Patrick knew how to get out of the force field and that maybe Hope followed him out. Marlena is worried that Patrick has taken Hope as a hostage to the mastermind behind the island. Roman says that that is a possibility but then maybe Hope could figure out who was behind the island. Abe shows up and said that he agrees and that their captor is human and will make mistakes sooner or later. Roman said that their captor isn't normal, that it took a lot of time and help to come up with the plan. Abe says that the more people who are involved the more likely there is to be a mistake. Marlena told them that they've always pulled through Stefano's plans before and they'd do it again. Roman and Abe start talking about a way to get off of the island and Abe wonders if there are underground tunnels like there were in the real Salem. Marlena said that that would make sense, that there were tunnels connecting the DiMera islands according to Tony. Roman says that they are assuming they are in fact on a DiMera island. Tony shows up and says that their assumptions are right. When questioned how he knows that, Tony says that he isn't sure but that he was looking at the stars from his balcony and that the island they were on was 25 degrees south of a nebula. He continues saying that he had seen satellite photographs of his father's island and that they could be on it. Abe asked him if he was saying that Stefano did have an island and Tony says no, it was Lexie's now! Victor and Caroline showed up and joined the others in their interrogation of Tony. Tony said that his father was dead and Marlena counters saying that she murdered everyone on that island too! Tony says that there is a way off the island but like anything else some people will win and some will lose. But who will win and who will lose?!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

At Jan's, Shawn had passed out from the hypodermic needle he was jabbed with. Jan kisses his hand and said that it's true about what they say, that you hurt the ones you love. Meanwhile, Philip and Belle are discussing whether or not Jan is being truthful or not. Philip thinks she's up to something and Belle says that only she and Shawn knew about the purity rings. Philip told Belle to keep Jan distracted because he wanted to have Tek check out the ring box and see if Shawn's fingerprints are on it. Jan came back and asked Belle where Philip went. Belle told her that he needed to call the base but couldn't get a signal so he was driving out of the area. Jan questioned that saying that Philip could have used her phone and wanted to know what was going on. Belle said that nothing was going on and that they were only there because Jan said that she had seen Shawn and thought she'd have good news. Belle went on to say that when she first got to Jan's she thought Shawn was there because they shared a special connection like her parents did. Jan insisted that he wasn't there and goes on to talk about her fiancÚ, which is almost a perfect description of Shawn. Belle told her that if she didn't know any better she'd think it was Shawn. Jan said it is. Meanwhile, in his enclosure Shawn has a dream of Jan dressed up in leather trying to seduce him; Belle enters dressed like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and cuts her head off!

In the mortician's office, Sami is continuing to blame Lexie for her mother's death, convinced that she's in a conspiracy with Bo, John, and Kate. Lucas tries to calm her down but Sami persists, saying that they killed everyone. Lucas tells her she's crazy and that nobody was responsible except for the mortician. Bo told Sami that she had to let them do their jobs if she wanted them to figure out what happened to Marlena. After arguing for a bit she relents, but vows to make whoever is responsible pay. Bo asks Lexie and Tek to examine the mortician to see if he was killed or if it was suicide. Before they can, John asks Lexie if it's possible that Marlena was alive when she checked her and not said anything. Tek defended Lexie and John apologized to her, saying that he can't stand the idea of her being buried alive. Bo tells John that they'll figure out what happened to Marlena and thinks that Jennifer, Patrick and Hope are all part of a bigger picture. Celeste suddenly remembers a vision she saw of Marlena saying that everything was a lie. Bo said that he thinks he knows what happened to Marlena, recalling how Vivian had drugged Carly so it would look like she was dead, and theorizes that Marlena could have been given something similar. Lexie and Tek report that the mortician wasn't killed, that it had been suicide. All of a sudden Celeste screams, "No, it can't be!" John wonders if she is having a vision. Bo said that they all want to believe Stefano is dead, and John said that if anybody could possible have Marlena it's him!

Meanwhile, Philip runs into Kate at Salem Place and tells her what's going on with Belle/Shawn. Kate tries to convince him to make a move, saying that this is his big chance! Philip said that if he's going to be with Belle it'll be because she wants to be with him. They talk about it some more and Philip refuses to take Kate's advice saying that he won't do anything underhanded to be with Belle. Tek passes by and Philip gives him the ring box to check for fingerprints.

Also at Salem Place, Lucas is still trying to convince Sami that Bo, John, and Lexie aren't responsible for what happened to Marlena, and they wouldn't have dug up her coffin if they were. Sami told Lucas that she hated him and didn't want to see him again and leaves. Lucas follows Sami back home and they continue to argue. Sami demanded that he leave and he said that he loved her but if he did, he wouldn't be back. Sami says that's fine by her, and told him that it was his fault because he turned his back on her. They argued a bit more and Lucas left. Lucas finds a letter from Will and brings it over to Sami's where he finds her praying about having been so mean to him, and asking God to forgive her. She says that she will try to be a better person if he will bring Marlena back.

On the island, Marlena asks Abe and Roman if they thought Tony was right about some of them getting off the island alive but not others. Roman said he might be right, that they won't all leave alive, that Jack and Jennifer could already be dead. Marlena told them that she thinks sometimes that they might be better off dead. Abe and Roman are in disbelief that she'd say something like that and she corrects herself. She said that she was afraid that the longer they were there the more likely it would be that they would turn on each other. Roman reassured her that wouldn't happen; they'd find a way off the island. Abe wants to try to get through the force field, but Roman said that even if they did get into the jungle it wouldn't mean they'd get home - they still don't know what happened to Jack. Marlena says that they have to keep trying because the longer they were there the more likely things would happen that could hurt them back in Salem. Roman said that they need to get off of the island soon, but better to wait to be rescued than try to escape. Marlena wonders how they can do that when they have no contact with the world outside the island. Roman says that there might be a way and they follow him.

In the jungle Patrick and Hope are searching for Jennifer. Hope is wondering how big the island is and if they will ever get off of it. She also continues to think that Patrick knows what is going on, but Patrick still insists he doesn't. The come across the wreckage of the plane and Davies' body. Patrick has a memory of meeting with him and Davies telling him to do what he was told or he'd be sorry. Hope asks him if he recognizes him and he says no, he's never seen him before. Hope goes to look inside the wreckage and Patrick takes a gun he finds on the pilot. Hope isn't able to find Jennifer and part of the wreckage falls on top of her!

At the ravine Jack is having hallucinations of Jennifer falling. He sees her ghost telling him that she's happy but she misses him and asking him to come be with her! Jack walks to the lip of the ravine and falls over. He catches the face of the ravine and sees Jennifer on the opposite side lying on a ledge. Jack yells out that he is coming for her, then wonders how he is going to do that.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

by Joan

Belle was shocked at Jan's claim to be engaged to Shawn, beginning to think Jan was unbalanced. Correcting herself, saying her fiancÚ was comparable to Shawn, Jan insisted she had seen him with another girl. Taunting with hints about Shawn, including a conversation she had eavesdropped on, Jan finally convinced Belle that Shawn had left for good.

Meanwhile, there were several discussions in Salem Place. Without success, Kate used every argument possible to convince Philip he should pursue Belle. At Tek's request, an envelope was delivered directly to Philip with the print results on the ring box.

Now admitting that Stefano might be alive, Celeste stunned Lexie, Bo and John, as she recalled not sensing Stefano in the ashes from the urn. Confirming her fears, Bo said the ISA tests could never determine the remains as Stefano's while John noted the notorious rising of DiMera, The Phoenix. At John's request, Celeste took hold of items of Hope and Marlena's, agreeing to determine life forces. With a scream, Celeste dropped the items as smoke rose from them in her hand. But the only thing she could tell him was that Marlena was with the rest of the dead. John gave Kate the news about Marlena's missing body.

Tek gave Lexie some disturbing news about an island off the shore of a town called "Harmony" which might have belonged to Stefano. Watching from a distance, Celeste was unhappy at Tek consoling her daughter to the point of their kissing. But Lexie told Tek that Abe was still in her heart.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole had a new plan as she suggested Brady join Chloe in Europe. Unsure about the idea, Brady was convinced and grateful when Nicole produced an airline ticket for him. But before leaving, Brady found Nicole pretending to cover a TV reporting entertainment news. Seeing Chloe socializing with a tenor, Brady listened to Nicole echo the gossip that Chloe could be involved with another man.

Walking into Sami's apartment, Lucas overheard her praying to reform in exchange for Marlena's return. Sympathizing with her softer personality, Lucas found himself being locked out by a stubborn Sami who refused to admit she was praying at all. But curious to see Lucas's letter from Will, Sami was quick to invite Lucas back. Reading the letter, the two parents were proud of their son's achievements at camp. Lucas suggested they pay him a visit but Sami was against mentioning Marlena's exhumation to Will.

Consoling Sami no matter how many times she turned on him, Lucas in his encouragement criticized Sami's lying and manipulative ways. Sami was convinced that she was hurt by whomever she loved. Lucas' remark, "I'm different and I can prove it," prompted Sami to say, "O.K. Prove you'll never leave me." And with that, Lucas asked, "Sami Brady, will you marry me?"

And on Salem Island, Roman devised a way to get help. In the duplicated Carver house, Abe found electronic toys in what would be Baby Theo's room. Using the toys' batteries and electronic parts, Roman built a crude telegraphing instrument. Marlena was giddy at the thought of being rescued while Roman planned on sending an S-O-S to whomever might pick up the signal.

Friday, July 30, 2004

by Joan

At Jan's, Belle was suspicious finding Jan behind a locked door. But Jan made excuses as Philip arrived with results that of Shawn's prints on the ring box. Relieved, Jan delighted at her cleverness in handing Shawn the empty box, which now bore his fingerprints. Hiding a Dictaphone, Jan asked Belle what she would say to Shawn. Belle blurted out what would later be played to Shawn. "It's over between me and Shawn. I don't want to see or hear or even think about Shawn Brady ever again." As she turned to Philip who consoled her, Belle said, "Thank God I have you in my life, Philip. I'm so glad you moved in with me. You were always here for me in ways Shawn never was. I don't know what I'd do without you." As Belle said, "I love you," Philip added, "I love you, too. And I will always be there for you. I promise." As Shawn woke, thinking he heard Belle's voice, he cried out to her from the cage.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole's plan worked. Hearing the tabloid story about Chloe, Brady refused to believe she was unfaithful. Identifying himself as her "Significant Other", Brady was not connected to Chloe when he called her dressing room. When her assistant asked if he was "Maestro Amore", Brady hung up. Feeling betrayed he destroyed the plane ticket. Offering her apologies, Nicole assured Brady he had been faithful to Chloe, despite their mutual feelings towards one another. But Brady was still able to resist Nicole's seductions. Moments later she placed a call to Giorgio in Vienna, who took Chloe's calls. Together with the gossip columnist spreading rumors about Chloe, Giorgio was now on Nicole's payroll. Chloe's assistant would be taking orders from Nicole and keeping Brady and Chloe apart.

At Sami's apartment, Lucas proved his proposal was serious with a kiss. Admitting they both were guilty of lies and manipulation in the past, he said their relationship's start was not normal. Lucas was unafraid to admit his alcoholism or recall Kate sending Sami to death row. But setting groundwork for a commitment, Lucas insisted on some major changes on both their parts saying, "That old Sami's got to go."

Indignant at his conditions, including making peace with Kate, Sami recalled losing everyone she loved. Mentioning Austin and Brandon's promises not to leave, she had little faith in Lucas's assurances, "You're not alone. You have me." But Sami was touched by Lucas's love and encouragement that she becomes the person her mother wanted her to be. Asking for "total honesty" for the rest of their lives, Lucas left giving her time to think about it, saying, "Let me know if you can make that kind of commitment." Outside her door, he whispered, "God, please let it be yes."

And on Salem Island, Hope was pinned under a sudden fall of the wing wreckage from Jen's plane. Grateful that Patrick didn't leave her behind, Hope was unaware he had gashed his shoulder in saving her. Jack called out to Jennifer's lifeless body on the ravine ledge below. Still trying to reach her, Jack could not believe seeing Hope on the opposite side of the ravine almost out of earshot. Yelling Jen's location, Jack explained what happened. Now realizing Patrick was injured, Hope decided it was her or no one that would save her cousin. Before climbing down a vine, Hope left a message with Patrick in case she didn't make it. "Tell Bo and my boys I love them with all my heart. And I always will."

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