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Monday, August 9, 2004

by Joan

Nicole and Brady headed to Titan's offices, after Lucas and Sami's engagement. Nicole panicked at Brady making changes to her completed Titan business plan. Finding her name added to the report, Nicole insisted Brady remove it. In addition to giving Nicole her job back, this indicated she wielded as much power overseeing Titan as Brady. But Brady said he needed her at Titan. Touched by his vote of confidence, Nicole was unable to conceal her emotion. But she added the one thing she wanted that would make her happier was Brady himself. Brady expressed gratitude for Nicole shielding him from the supposed gossip about Chloe. Realizing her lies, Nicole said it wouldn't work. Still not on to Nicole's schemes, Brady kissed her saying, "We never gonna know unless we try."

At the Penthouse Grill, Belle slow-danced with Philip, fantasizing it was Shawn, and said she loved him. Thinking she was speaking to him, a delighted Philip returned the sentiment. John had to encourage Kate to offer Sami her congratulations. With a reluctant, "Welcome to the family," Kate exchanged an insincere hug with her future daughter-in-law. But the hug turned into a grappling match as the two whispered insults in each other's ears. Sami was delighted at Lucas's suggestion to bring the good news to Will at camp. But when Sami asked Belle to design her gown, Kate sarcastically questioned her wearing white. Escorting Sami home, Lucas kissed her with expectation of spending the night. But thanking him for a lovely evening, Sami left a stunned Lucas standing outside.

John met with Bo on the Terrace to discuss the mysterious transmission. Sure that it wasn't Morse code, Bo still believed the signal was familiar. While Bo thought the point of origin could be from Hope's downed plane, John reminded him recovery of the plane's Black Box indicated the radio was destroyed. Interrupted by Philip, Bo criticized him for moving in on Belle. Demanding to know what information Philip had, Bo was sure Shawn would have returned the Purity ring to Belle in person.

Shawn called Jan a psycho-bitch on her return home, blaming her for his losing Belle. As she teased him with replays of Belle and Philip together, Shawn became more enraged. Leaving the room, Jan was dismayed that nothing succeeded in changing Shawn's feelings for Belle.

On Salem Island, Tony was accused of deliberately breaking the signaling device. Denying the accusation, Tony went on the defensive. Presuming that those in the jungle were dead, Tony added, "Guess what? We're next!" As he speculated that an island designed by Stefano would have barriers preventing communication, Tony was given away by a beep in his jacket. Frisking him Abe retrieved a PDA. Finding the PDA was password protected, Abe confirmed Tony's claim that the signal was for a low battery. Returning it to his pocket, Tony wished the group well in rebuilding the signaling device. Assured by Abe that it would be up and running in no time, Tony left. Standing outside Marlena's, Tony remarked, "Well, he's not going to like this."

As the sun disappeared, Hope lost her direction back to the parameter fence. Collapsing, she drifted in and out of consciousness she had recollections of why she had to go on. Nearby a trousered figure approached with a knife, flicked a spider off Hope's body and left. Once again the tie between the Brady's reached out as Hope heard Bo's words begging her to go on. Finding her way to the parameter, she followed Patrick's instructions. After jamming the system controls and tossing the coin into the force field, Hope was electrocuted. There was a knock at Marlena's door, where the Captives found a breathless Hope gasping 'save them.'

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Philip and Belle were walking through the park and ran into Mimi and Rex. Mimi and Belle wander off to chat. Mimi tells Belle how sweet it was of Philip to take her out. Belle says that she's worried that Sami was lying to Lucas when she accepted his proposal, that she only said yes to drive Kate insane. She continued on saying that Sami could regret it because good guys don't come around very often. Mimi questions whether Belle is talking about herself or Sami. Belle said that she's done everything she can to get Shawn to come back. Mimi said that she was referring to Philip. She knows that she still loves Shawn but maybe Belle should move on, and why not with Philip? Mimi told her that Rex thought Philip was in love with her but Belle assured her that they were just friends, he was in love with someone else.

Elsewhere in the park Rex and Philip were talking. Rex is still convinced that Philip is trying to steal Belle away from Shawn. Philip asked why he was being made out to be the bad guy when it was Shawn that had hurt Belle. Rex wants Philip to admit that he's in love with Belle but he refuses and tells him it's none of his business. Meanwhile, two guys approach Belle and Mimi and try to pick them up. Philip notices that the girls aren't in sight and they go off to find them. They find the guys with the girls and start yelling at them and beating them up. The girls screamed for them to stop, and the guys said that they were just being friendly. Philip and Rex tell them to get lost and not come back. Mimi and Belle tell them that they could take care of themselves.

Later at Belle and Philip's loft – Mimi cleaned a cut on Rex's hand while Belle offered to fix a rip in Philip's jacket. Mimi says they need to leave Philip and Belle alone and takes Rex back to their place to fix up Rex's hand. While Belle searched for thread to fix Philip's jacket she comes across an old card that Shawn had given her. Philip tells her to go upstairs and get ready for bed; he doesn't think she should sleep alone tonight. Philip leaves and Belle gets changed for bed. Philip comes back with a stuffed dog for her to sleep with. She thanks him and they both go to bed. While lying on the couch Philip fantasizes about Belle, says he can't stand it and goes to lift weights. Belle heard the noises from the weights and watched him from the doorway.

At Sami's place, she kisses Lucas goodnight and moves to close the door in the face. Lucas wants to know what's going on because she's treating him like it's been the end of a bad first date. Sami tells him that his proposal came from the heart but her acceptance didn't. Lucas gets very upset and asks her what she's saying. She tells him that when she accepted his proposal earlier it was because she knew how upset it would make Kate. Lucas gets even more upset and says that he never should have proposed and he stormed out of the apartment. Sami chased after him and told him to come back and hear her out. She told him that what she said was true, that she was just going to marry him to upset Kate; but then she heard his proposal and it was so sweet and it came from his heart. She continues saying that she could see how much he loved her and she wasn't going to ruin her chance at happiness again - when she answered him, she was speaking from her heart. She said that if he didn't want to speak to her anymore she'd understand. Lucas says that he can't tell her what her words have done to him, he'd rather show her, and he kisses her.

On the island Roman and Abe are talking about who they think is behind the island, namely Stefano, and that they think Tony is working with him. Hope shows up at the penthouse and tells them that they need help; they'll die if they don't get help and she passes out. The put Hope on the couch and Marlena and Doug look her over. Abe and Roman theorize that Patrick must have known how to get through the force field and told Hope how. Marlena says that she doesn't think Hope's injuries are serious while Doug wonders why she hasn't regained consciousness yet. Hope finally comes to and tells them about Jennifer and Patrick being trapped on the ledge and that Jennifer could go into labor. She tries to pull herself up off of the couch saying she had to get to them but ends up passing out again. Doug worries that it might be too late to help Jennifer and her baby.

On the ledge, Patrick is trying to keep Jennifer calm; she's worried about Jack and Hope. Patrick tells her that if Hope made it back they'll probably wait until daylight to come find them. Jennifer doesn't know if Jack will last that long. Patrick tells her that he's a fighter and Jack knows that Jennifer needs him. He says that they'll be safe where they are until help comes. Just then, the ledge they are on starts to crumble! Jennifer screams out saying the baby is coming and he'll have to deliver it. Patrick says that he has to get off the ledge to take away some of the weight and starts to climb up the face of the cliff. Jennifer continues to scream as the contractions get stronger, then starts screaming for help. Patrick reaches down and catches her hand as the ledge breaks away from the side of the cliff!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Rex and Mimi are at their apartment in bed. Rex wakes up to find Mimi crying and asks her what's wrong. She tells him that she can't stop thinking about Patrick and she wonders if she'll ever stop feeling so bad. Rex tells her that the pain never goes away but with time it gets better. They talk for a bit longer and Rex suggests that she talk about Patrick when they were kids. Mimi tells him that she was pretty young when he moved out of the house but he was always protective of her. She goes on to tell him about the only vacation they'd ever taken as a family. She tells him how they went to an island and while her parents went gambling she and Patrick went on a safari in the jungle. While on the safari Patrick had walked into a nest of banana spiders. Rex tells her that he's lucky he wasn't bitten because those are one of the most deadly spiders in the world. Mimi says that Patrick had been bitten and had to be airlifted to a Miami hospital. She goes on to tell him that Patrick was scared of spiders after that, and the doctors had said if he ever got bitten again he'd die a very slow, painful death.

At Jan's, Jan continues showing Shawn the videos of Belle and Philip and telling him about all the things they are going to do in bed. Shawn tells her that Philip is family and Belle is his girlfriend and she should shut the hell up! Shawn tells Jan he's going to do the only thing he can do while trapped in the cage, take a shower. While he's showering Jan watches him and fantasizes about getting in the shower with him. She says to herself that she'll never have a chance with Shawn while he thinks Belle is saving herself for him. She goes on to say that she has to go to the loft and shoot Belle and Philip.

At the loft Belle is watching Philip lift weights. Suddenly he grabs her over his shoulder and throws her to the ground! Philip apologizes and tells her she thought she was someone breaking in. Belle got up off of the floor and complained about her back hurting. In his mind, Philip brings her to the couch and starts massaging her back, telling her that he knows what will make her feel better and kisses her. Belle asks him what he can do to make her feel better. He says whiskey, and makes her a drink. Unbeknownst to them, Jan is outside of their window videotaping them, the feed going straight to the computer with Shawn. Meanwhile, through the open windows Belle and Philip hear Mimi and Rex in bed and start laughing. Belle asks Philip to tell her about sex and what it's like. Philip says he can't talk to her about stuff like that, they're friends. Belle says she doesn't want him to tell her about it she wants him to show her. She asks him to make love to her and kisses him. At Jan's, Shawn watches it unfold on the computer screen. Back at Rex and Mimi's, Rex is sleeping and Mimi goes into the bathroom in pain. She sees that she's bleeding and wonders what is going on!

On the island, Abe and Roman are asking Marlena if there's something she can do to revive Hope. She says there's a drug but it could be a risk, Hope might never wake up. They ask her if she has the drug there and she says she did back in Salem so it should be there as well. She finds the bottle of Adrenaline. She examines the bottle and says it should be ok if their captor hasn't tampered with it. Doug offers to be injected with the Adrenaline to make sure it's safe before administering it to Hope. Marlena injects him and all seems to be fine with Doug so she gives Hope a shot as well. Suddenly, Doug collapses on the couch. Hope comes to and sees Doug lying there and asks what happened. They tell her about the shot and say it must have been tampered with. Doug comes to and Marlena says that he got lightheaded from the shot. Abe asks how Hope got through the force field and Hope explains about jamming the keypad and throwing the coin in. Hope wants to gather some supplies together and head back out to find Jennifer and Patrick again. Roman and Abe say no, that they'll take over. Hope persists, saying she's the only one who knows where they are. Marlena tells her that the only reason why she's awake is because of the Adrenaline. Hope gives in and says she'll tell them where Jennifer and Patrick are and give them the coin. Hope searches for the coin and realizes she's lost it!

In the jungle Patrick is clinging to the face of the cliff with one hand, holding onto Jennifer with his other. The ledge crumbles away and Jennifer screams saying she's going to fall. Patrick tells her to calm down and think about her family and her baby. Jennifer starts talking to the baby, telling it that now isn't the right time for it to come. The contractions stop, and as Patrick tries to pull Jennifer up she notices a spider crawling towards his hand. Patrick sees that it's a banana spider and a bite could be deadly. Jennifer tells him to flick it off! Patrick moves his hand a bit and Jennifer screams.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

by Joan

At the Loft, Philip worried that Belle might regret their making love. But insisting she was ready, the two went upstairs. As Jan delighted reporting what happened, an enraged Shawn screamed into the transmitter that Jan was to blame by not letting him return. As he pulled at the cage, one of the bars loosened.

Mimi was frightened at the thought she might be sick, and tried to call her mother. But a phone disconnection kept the two from talking. Needing to speak with someone, Mimi let herself into Belle's apartment. Checking on the noise, Philip found Mimi who was surprised at Belle's appearance. Realizing she had interrupted them, Mimi apologized to Belle while Philip showered. But once Mimi left, Belle rethought what had transpired with Philip. Uncomfortably, she excused herself and went to bed, leaving a now-equally uncomfortable Philip alone to watch TV.

On Salem Island, Hope recuperated trying to determine where the coin might have been lost. Doug and Abe left for the parameter area in search of the coin, promising Roman they wouldn't proceed alone. While Roman was able to get the transmitter working again, the signal was weaker. Also, at the parameter, Doug found his flashlight batteries losing power. Finding the coin, and thinking he even heard Jen scream, Doug tried to convince Abe to enter the jungle immediately. But the two returned to Marlena's Penthouse. While they argued about letting Hope make another trip, the final plan was for her to help guide Abe, Roman and Marlena, as medical assistance for Jen. Reluctantly, Doug remained behind to watch out for the others, replenish the transmitter batteries and keep Tony unaware that it was working again.

Over the ravine, Patrick was able to escape the poisonous spider's bite as it fell below. But Jen panicked as she watched it begin to crawl on her. Once freed of it herself, Jen followed Patrick's instructions using him as a ladder to climb to the cliff's edge. As Jen reaching safety, Patrick was slowly losing his grip. Managing to reach the top as well he found Jen had fainted. As she woke, Jen worried about Jack but Patrick's only concern was for the unborn baby. Carrying her as far as he could, Patrick finally built a fire. Hallucinating, Jen began seeing Jack instead. Hearing Jack's, Jen kissed Patrick.

Arriving at the parameter, Hope tried jamming the keypad controls twice but each time the coin was thrown, the force field was not disarmed. The four speculated that their Captor might be on to them and had reprogrammed the code sequence.

Finding Mimi at her door, Bonnie mistook her daughter's distress was for Patrick. Nervously preoccupied out her missing son, Bonnie second-guessed Mimi's remarks. Returning to her matchmaking idea for Mimi and Shawn D., Bonnie said she was looking out for Mimi's future. Desperately, Mimi cried out, "I may not even have a future!" Confirming that her grandmother had died of uterine cancer, Mimi feared that she was experiencing a symptom of the same illness. Understanding her daughter's fears, Bonnie hugged Mimi forgetting all about Shawn Douglas. But at Kent Island, Shawn had new hope as he used the dislodged bar to loosen the rest of his cage.

Friday, August 13, 2004

by Joan

At Bonnie's, Mimi was convinced she would die of uterine cancer. Taking Bonnie's advice, she promised to see a doctor in the morning. Mimi kept her suspicions from Rex, who found her note, and made excuses for being there during the night. Rex had checked his email at home learning he won a contest for devising a new thermal insulation. Excited about using the prize money for a winter trip to Hawaii, Rex was at a loss when Mimi wept. When the couple left, Bonnie prayed, "Please God, if you gotta take somebody, take me. Please don't let my baby die."

In Vienna, the crowd cheered Chloe after another opera performance. Her chauffer marveled that her admirers were increasing, but Chloe thought, "But my heart belongs to Brady Black." With air travel grounded, the chauffer drove through a bad storm, assuring Chloe they would arrive in time for her benefit concert.

Poolside, at the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole tried to pick up where Brady's kiss left off. Brady disappointed her saying his earlier kiss should never happened. Nicole found herself helpless at seducing him. Brady chose to dismiss the tabloid gossip he'd heard, saying Chloe was still his girlfriend. Calling her, Brady heard Chloe answer her cell phone. Chloe was delighted to hear him, but Brady just got static as the limo swerved off the road.

On Salem Island, Patrick continued letting Jen think he was Jack as her contractions increased. Hope made a third unsuccessful attempt to disarm the force field parameter. As the group discussed their options, the force field suddenly turned off. Roman was about to run through when Abe suggested it might be a trap, set by their Captor. Watching from somewhere, an unidentified hand was near the control button. Claiming seniority, Abe chanced going first. Once safe, the rest joined him on the other side of the parameter. Immediately, the force field was armed again, leaving them to wonder if their Captor would allow them back in later.

In the jungle darkness, Roman fell into a trap. Hope speculated it had been set for animals, but Abe answered, "Yeah, us." Despite Roman's determination to go on, a spike had impaled his foot. Sharing the medical supplies, Marlena remained with Roman while Abe and Hope searched for Jen. Hope recognized bent branches that indicated a trail back to the ravine. But as she left with Abe, the mysterious figure appeared re-arranging the branches and covering the trail.

Late night at Basic Black, John and Kate worked to their minds off Marlena and Roman. After discussing their lost spouses, Kate left, lightly kissing John's cheek. When John found her later on the building roof, she assured him she wasn't planning to jump. Kate said he was a good man, to which John answered, "I was Stefano's assassin. That's all I really know about my past." Consoling one another Kate said John had made Marlena happy. Despondently, he replied, "And you gave Roman the kind of happiness that he hadn't seen since ... since I stole Marlena away from him." As Kate remarked they'd lost the center of their being, John realized, "Only the two of us really understand the pain that the other one is going through." Saying Marlena and Roman would want them to go on, Kate took John's face in her hands, kissing his cheek. Beginning to kiss her, John pulled away momentarily, and then, as the thunder rolled, he passionately kissed and embraced Kate while removing his shirt.

And on Salem Island, Roman fought with Marlena insisting on seeing his injured foot. As he fought to see the injury, Marlena said, "I guess there's only one choice." Marlena's passionate kiss was returned by Roman as the two embraced.

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