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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Mimi continued to cook Rex a romantic dinner until he could no longer keep his good news to himself. A happy Mimi rejoiced when Rex told her about his new teaching job. Anxious to hear her good news, Mimi told him to take a shower first. While Rex was in the bathroom, Bonnie called from Alice's, worried about Mimi's test results. Mimi told her she was fine and hung up. Bonnie called right back and told Rex he had to tend bar or else he was fired. Worried about paying bills until his teaching gig started, Rex ran off to work.

A heavily bandaged and bloody Chloe lay recuperating in a hospital bed in Austria with Nancy at her side, pleading for her to tell Brady that she was alive. Chloe refused saying that with her vocal chords gone and her face slashed to bits that the girl Brady loved was gone. Pushing a little harder, Nancy told Chloe that she was afraid viper Nicole would take advantage of Brady's grief. Sensing a weakness in Chloe's defenses, Nancy picked up the phone, called Brady, and held the receiver to Chloe's ear.

Brady drowned his sorrows at Alice's bar as a plotting Nicole asked him to dance. Beer goggles firmly in place, Brady imagined Nicole was Chloe and danced with her. Suddenly, the phone rang, breaking them apart. Getting an odd feeling, Brady answered it but whomever was at the other end did not say a word. Rex cut Brady off from the alcohol and Nicole promised to take him home. Once in the parking lot, Brady again mistook the widow Kiriakis for Chloe Lane and began to kiss her. Back at the mansion, Nicole took advantage of the situation and the two continued to kiss in his bed.

In Austria, Chloe pushed the phone away. She explained to Nancy that she wanted Brady to be happy. "He doesn't deserve to be saddled with a washed up, bitter, invalid who could never make him happy," she said. A tearful Nancy watched as Chloe ripped off her bandages to reveal the massive scars on her face.

Philip and Belle kissed on the terrace at Green Mountain Lodge as a gagged Shawn and an ecstatic Jan watched from the bushes. Shawn managed to get his mouth free to scream but Belle and Philip had already left. Not ready to give up, Shawn kicked over a potted plant, arousing suspicion. A quick Jan told an investigating waiter that he was a palsy patient she was taking out for a turn about the grounds. As punishment, Jan told Shawn she was going to park his wheelchair outside Belle's bedroom where he could watch Philip make love to her.

Inside the Green Mountain Lodge, Philip walked Belle back to her room. After they said goodnight, Belle got second thoughts looking at a picture of Shawn. After a quick phone call to check in on Mimi, she decided to get over Shawn and use Philip to do it. A lingerie clad Belle knocked on Philip's door and told him that she didn't want to be alone anymore. Philip promised, "You won't." As they kissed and lay back on the bed, a shaking Shawn watched from the window.

Mimi was also inspired by her chat with Belle and decided to go to Alice's to tell Rex her good news. Unfortunately, Bonnie was still working on her plan to split up Rex and Mimi. Bonnie told Rex that Mimi was going to get tired of him if she hadn't already. With horrible timing, Mimi ran up to the bar and blurted out to Bonnie and Rex that she was pregnant.

On New Salem Island, the two groups were reunited at the force field. Bo was upset that Hope was still out in the jungle with Patrick but Jennifer vouched for him, telling everyone he delivered her new baby. After denying he destroyed the radio transmitter, Tony promised to open the force field for them with his Zen meditation. A few "ommms" later, Tony secretly flicked a remote control switch to drop the force field. With the electric field down, everyone rushed to hug each other. Once caught up with all that transpired both in New Salem and the jungle, Bo ran into the jungle to find Hope. John began to go with him but Tony flicked the switch again, bringing up the force field once more. In the corner, Caroline worried that Roman's heart was breaking but he insisted that Marlena belonged with John just as he belonged with Kate.

Out in the jungle, Patrick kept hearing noises. Hope continued to question Patrick about his past and his feelings for Jennifer. Patrick insisted their relationship was platonic since no one could replace Jack in Jennifer's heart. When Hope agreed and drew a parallel to her and Bo, Patrick questioned whether there had been anyone that came between her and Bo. Hesitantly, she brought up Billie Reed.

Elsewhere in the jungle, a frantic Bo spotted a woman on the ground and cried out for Hope. When he rolled the female form over, he found Billie Reed instead.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

On the island, Hope is desperate to find Jack and reunite him with Jennifer. Hope and Patrick talk about Bo and Billie's past. Hope tells Patrick that she's glad Billie's far away from Salem and Bo. Hope admits she was upset that Bo went to Europe to help find the missing Billie but she knew it was something he had to do. Hope admits to Patrick that the only person who has ever been able to capture Bo Brady's heart is Billie Reed. Patrick and Hope find a body on a ravine ledge and Hope is stunned to see who it is.

Bo is in the jungle face to face with Billie Reed. She is thrilled to see him but doubts he is real. Billie explains how she realized Marlena was the killer and was close to finding out who was behind the killing spree when she was kidnapped. Billie hears somebody coming after them and they are both hit by darts. Both are knocked out and when Bo awakes, Billie is gone.

Bonnie continues to try to break apart Rex and Mimi; Mimi is determined not to let her.

Rex finds Max the dog with Kate. Kate has been trying to contact John but has been unsuccessful. Kate accidentally hits a button on her PDA calling up a photo of Roman. Rex sees this and guesses Kate's been thinking about Roman. Kate nods and Rex shocks Kate by telling her that he's not dead... he lives on in him. Kate agrees and she thinks her son is so much like his father. They talk briefly about Cassie and share a warm moment. Kate wants to give Rex some money but he refuses, mentioning his new job. Kate is thrilled for her son and guesses that he will be settling down with Mimi real soon. Rex stuns Kate by saying that is the last thing he wants right now - timing is everything. Kate tells Rex that she loves him and when alone again, Kate receives disturbing news from Tek.

Nicole's conscience, in the form of Victor, taunts her about being alone with Brady. Nicole flees but Brady follows her.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

At Green Mountain Lodge, Shawn, still taped to the wheelchair, is with Jan on the terrace outside Belle and Philip's room. They both think Belle and Philip have made love - Belle stopped at the last minute, however. Philip makes an impassioned speech, urging Belle to forget Shawn and move on with him. Belle takes out the purity rings and reflects on what they meant and puts it away, accepting Philip's marine ring. Philip and Belle look like they're about to make love again and Shawn is in unbearable pain as he watches Belle with Philip.

Nicole brings up Chloe and keeps having fantasies that Victor is taunting her. Chloe will always have a special place in his heart but she is gone and he knows she would want him to move on with his life. Nicole feels victory at hand and that she will have the mansion, the Kiriakis money and, best of all, Brady!

John and Marlena are in the penthouse where John only wants to be with his wife. Victor and Roman arrive to answer John's questions and to try to solve the mystery of who is doing this to them. They tell John about their speculation on how their deaths were faked and the bodies switched and John tells them about Milbauer's involvement and subsequent suicide. When they exhumed Marlena, Roman, and Abe's graves, all their bodies were missing. Victor leaves and Roman tells John that he has been staying at the penthouse with Marlena. After a bout of jealousy, John thanks Roman for protecting Doc. Roman sees John and Marlena embracing and leaves, wistful, with a slight twinge of loss. Marlena looks after him as he leaves.

Mimi and Rex arrive home where Rex tells Mimi he loves her and would go to any lengths to protect their relationship. Mimi, emotional, says so would she.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

by Joan

At the Green Mountain Lodge, Belle still had misgivings but convinced herself and Philip that she was ready to be intimate. Amidst Jan's taunting, Shawn fantasized about stopping them. As Shawn sent his thought patterns to her, Belle thought she saw him in the room. Jumping out of Philip's arms, Belle ran from the room. A disappointed Philip offered to give her time when, Belle said she felt Shawn's pain nearby. Shawn's screams for Belle went unheard when Jan removed the tape from his mouth.

On Salem Island, Jen slept after her ordeal while Alice and Maggie watched over her new baby. But while Mrs. Horton said Jen's love for Jack would get her through, Jen's sleep was startled as she begged to hold her child and wept for Jack. Roman froze listening to Maggie compared great loves like Jen and Jacks to John and Marlena's. While supplies for the baby were lost in John's plane crash, Roman brought a crate found at the Pub with the infant's necessities, supposedly from their "Host." Roman was eager to return to the Pub, out of concern that Caroline was there with Victor. Reminding him of their history together, Roman's past with Marlena, and his feelings surfaced again when Maggie asked. Maggie assured Roman they would someday be reunited with Kate and Mickey. But Roman reminded her of their wedding vows, "till death do us part. The day we died is the day that marriage contract is null and void. If we do get back home, we have to be prepared that our lives are going to be very, very different."

At Marlena's Penthouse, an intimate interlude in the shower was interrupted when Marlena saw Roman instead of John kissing her. As John sensed her apprehension, Marlena shocked John by admitting almost making love with Roman. Recounting Roman's dying wish, Marlena explained her reactions resulted from the "madness" of feeling trapped and controlled on the Island. Marlena was unable to analyze what she thought might be guilt feelings for hurting Roman in the past. John asked, "Have you fallen in love with Roman again?" Marlena said she would always love Roman, but not the way she loved John. While John said he loved her "with my heart and soul" Marlena recalled the video feed of the Penthouse Grill and asked if he was thinking of moving on with Kate. He recalled his romantic moments and quickly answered as Marlena asked, "John, anything you want to tell me?" "No, there's not."

As a fog descended in the jungle, Bo regained consciousness to hear Hope's voice. But seeing Patrick, Bo thought Hope had been kidnapped by him. As Bo punched Patrick relentlessly, Hope struggled to convince him that Patrick had helped in rescuing Jennifer. As they discussed retrieving what they believed was Jack below the ravine, Bo explained seeing Billie briefly, but recalling he was hit on head, waking to find Billie gone. Patrick reacted strangely, but said he had only heard Billie's name mentioned. Bo was against letting Patrick go into the ravine, wanting him away from his family and friends.

And as Alice spoke to Baby Deveraux about his Great Grandfather Tom, the curtains rustled. As Alice asked if Jack was dead, Bo was fighting with Patrick about who would take the ravine. In a moment, Hope wrapped a vine around her waist, and jumped.

Friday, September 17, 2004

by Joan

Philip's hopes ended at the Green Mountain Lodge as he offered Belle the time she needed to get over Shawn. Meanwhile, Jan spoke badly about Belle, as she wheeled Shawn into her house. Shawn's angry shaking startled Jan prompting her to release the ties. In a second, Shawn jumped up pushing her to the floor. "Shut up! Don't you talk, and don't you move! You are going to pay for what you did to me!" As she desperately spoke of what they had together, Shawn called Jan insane saying Belle was his world. Saying it's never too late, Shawn walked out on a hysterical Jan dropping to her knees it tears.

Returning to the lodge, Shawn felt betrayed finding the empty room where Belle and Philip had been. But in her delusion, Jan heard "Kewpie Doll" encourage her to try again, blaming Belle for losing Shawn. Taking Kewpie's advice, Jan laughed over her plan to kill Belle. "Nobody can say that Jan Spears doesn't learn from her mistakes."

At Sami's, Kate arrived before Will's return from camp but Lucas asked for time alone with their son. Delighted at Lucas's idea, Sami drew suspicion from Kate suggesting that she see Will the next day. Will got the news about his parents' engagement over Chinese Dinner. But in the same restaurant a despondent Philip had joined Kate, who was doubtful about Sami's truce. Just moments later, Kate would overhear Sami talking about her, saying, "If I have anything to say about it, you won't be around for long."

Recalling Rex saying he wasn't ready for a child, Mimi spent some time alone in Belle's loft to think. But Belle's surprise return gave the girls a chance to talk. Advising Belle not to become an old maid, Mimi insisted she move on with Philip. "Even if I'm not dying, life's still short, and it's still full of disappointments ... nothing ever works out the way you want it to." Mimi denied anything wrong when Belle sensed her mood. Speaking about Rex's new job at Salem U, Mimi held back tears when Belle suggested she would be the first to be a wife and mother.

And in the jungle of New Salem Island, Bo pulled Hope back up from the ravine. As they argued who was better qualified to go, their mutual jealousies over Patrick and Billie surfaced. Unseen, Patrick quietly descended down the ravine. Once they realized, the vine Patrick used was breaking, and he fell into the rushing waters below.

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