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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 20, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, September 20, 2004

Shawn tooled around on his bike, thinking of Philip and Belle making out. After getting sufficiently upset, Shawn careened into a brick wall and ended up in the hospital with a brain injury.

Rex and Philip fought in the flower shop over Belle. Rex maintained that Philip was out of luck with Belle since she would always love Shawn. When it came to fisticuffs, the florist stepped in with two bouquets to send them on their way. Sated with flora for their ladies, the boys went home.

Belle and Mimi had a heart to heart over Belle's short weekend until Belle finally wised up and noticed Mimi was upset. Initially wary, Mimi finally broke down and told Belle about her pregnancy. Belle urged Meems to spill her secret to Rex but Mimi refused claiming she was protecting him from ruining his life. Slow to pick up, Belle finally figured out Mimi was thinking of getting an abortion and pleaded again with Mimi to tell Rex about the baby. Mimi feared it was her only option and swore Belle to secrecy before sending her upstairs. Right on cue, Philip walked in with a big grin and his bouquet of flowers. Playing matchmaker, Mimi sent Philip upstairs to Belle. While Philip raced upstairs, Mimi picked up the phone to call Family Planning. Behind her, Rex snuck into Belle's loft and heard her ask for abortion services. "Who's getting an abortion?!" Rex exclaimed.

Upstairs, Belle felt that Shawn was in danger and told his picture that she would never get over him. A shattered Philip heard her confession and dropped the pretty bouquet of flowers in the trash before walking out.

Bo and Hope argued over who would be the one to shimmy down the side of the cliff. Worried about a repeat of Patrick's plunge into the ravine's abyss, Hope won the toss so that Bo could pull both her and the person on the ledge in the ravine up to the top. When Hope was lowered down, she found an unconscious Jack, barely alive. Bo slowly pulled them both up to safety and they carried Jack back to New Salem from the jungle. Hope hoped to save Patrick but Bo said no one could have survived the fall.

Jennifer slept fitfully on the couch in New Salem, dreaming that Jack was trying to say goodbye to her. Maggie and Marlena worried that only Jack could save her and prayed that Bo and Hope could find him. Suddenly, a chipper Bo and Hope brought a groggy and weary Jack into the faux Deveraux residence. Jennifer, woke up at the sound of Jack's voice and the happy couple was reunited to the tears and joy of Maggie, Marlena, Grandma, Bo, and Hope. Jack met his new son briefly before Marlena dragged him off for inspection and an IV. Bo and Hope broke the news about Patrick to a horrified Jennifer who clutched the magic doubloon, hoping for a miracle.

Jennifer had not clutched the coin long before Bo coaxed it from her in order to get back through the force field and find Billy. However, before Bo could get past the front yard, Hope stopped him.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hope tries desperately to keep Bo from going back out into the jungle to search for Billie. His moral compass demands he do the right thing and try to rescue Billie. Hope, frustrated, insists Bo let her go with him. Seeing no way to talk her out of it, Bo appears to agree but at the force field Bo tricks Hope and breaks through the invisible barrier leaving her on the other side. Bo tells Hope he loves her so much but didn't want to put her life in danger. Hope weeps as Bo goes off to find Billie.

Back in Salem, Lexie gets to the ER and sees Shawn is in critical condition after his motorcycle accident. He is unconscious and could be brain dead. Lexie proposes risky surgery to save his life but before they can operate, Shawn flat-lines. Lexie tries desperately to resuscitate him but it doesn't look good.

Belle keeps getting distressing vibes about Shawn and Philip is aware that Belle can't seem to forget her ex. He is willing to stay by her side and to prove that he truly loves her. He offers to track down Shawn so that Belle can hear from Shawn's own mouth that he doesn't love her anymore. Belle doesn't want Philip to do that but Philip points out she is afraid to face the truth. Belle tearfully admits she still believes if she could see Shawn their love could be rekindled. Belle gets a call from Lexie and Belle suspects it has something to do with Shawn. Belle, Philip, Rex, and Mimi race to the ER. Lexie comes out of Shawn's cubicle and Belle fears the worst.

Brady and Nicole go out for Chinese food. Frantic Jan gets a private moment with Nicole and tells her Shawn has escaped. Nicole warns Jan to get out of town before Shawn can incriminate her but Jan refuses - she must kill Belle! Nicole panics when Brady interrupts them but he has not overheard. Jan exits, sees the motorcycle accident scene and races to the ER to be with Shawn!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It is touch and go as Belle learns of Shawn's accident and his potential brain damage. Jan is nearby and realizes in order to have Shawn for herself she will have to get rid of Belle. Lexie vows that she will do everything she can to help save Shawn's life. Mickey, Bonnie, and Julie arrive. Julie and Bonnie seemingly bury the hatchet due to Shawn's injury. Lexie emerges from OR and tells them she did her best. Belle and Philip go to the chapel and pray. Little does Belle know that Shawn's spirit has arrived and we wonder if he is dead. Lexie says it was a close call and that Shawn is still alive. Jan overhears the grim prognosis and is upset when Belle returns and cries over Shawn. Julie believes if Shawn were to hear Belle's voice he might respond. Lexie escorts Belle inside Shawn's room and she's stunned to hear him mumble Jan's name. Also, Philip catches Jan and demands she tell him what she's doing at the hospital.

On the island, Maggie worries about Mickey and Bonnie while Hope privately worries about Bo in the jungle saving Billie Reed. Hope confides in Maggie and Jennifer about her fears. Hope worries that whoever their captor is has reintroduced Billie into their lives for one reason: to drive a wedge between Bo and Hope. Jennifer tries to comfort Hope. Hope concludes that their captor is positioning them all to take a great fall and once they do, their lives will never be the same.

Will wants Sami and Lucas to plan their wedding. Sami and Lucas hem and haw but finally agree to set a date. At the same time, Kate receives some devastating news about her daughter Billie. Kate arrives and shatters Sami, Lucas, and Will's family moment by telling them that Billie is dead.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

by Joan

At University Hospital, a delusional Jan was heard Kewpie Doll encourage her plans to kill Belle. At Shawn's bedside, Belle was shocked as he tried to squeeze her hand but called Jan's name. Leaving the room, Belle confronted Jan. Even Lexie seemed suspicious of Jan after Shawn's reactions. But outside Jan broke Belle's heart saying she and Shawn had been lovers most of his time away. Philip hadn't bought Jan's story earlier, but his anger now turned towards Shawn, while Jan suggested he should take Belle. In his comatose state, Shawn saw Jan's face become Belle as she kissed him, before he flat-lined as Belle insisted to Jan that Shawn would tell them what happened.

At her apartment Sami consoled Will and Kate over the news about Billie's death. But for once, Sami and Kate were in agreement in their hatred of Bo. Kate blamed Billie's death on Bo leaving her for Hope, while Sami blamed Bo for Marlena being shot.

On New Salem Island, John tried not to be angry with Marlena as he recalled his time with Kate in Salem. But angry that Marlena and Roman knew their loved ones were alive, John had to confront Roman. John was rude to Roman, saying he would "table" it until returning to Salem when Roman called the near lovemaking "a mistake." The two discussed a plan to turn the tables on their captor. A surge in power gave them an idea to keep everyone together as they planned an escape. But Hope was also at odds wondering if Bo had hallucinated seeing Billie, or if Billie was still a very real threat to her. Alice's confidence in Bo couldn't stop Hope. Refusing to separate, further, Roman was accused of having Bo's blood on his hands when Hope left to look for him alone.

Tony's meditation was interrupted by the arrival of his Master Teacher Hattori, announcing, "It is time." Withdrawing the scabbards from their Katana, the two engaged in a duel. Hattori advised that Tony needed to convince his enemies he was one of them but sly like a fox, ready to strike at a moment's notice. With that the Count struck a surprise swipe at his teacher. "You mean something like that?" Hattori looked at his bleeding hand, changing his observation, "The Master has underestimated his pupil. You are ready. It's time for the real work to begin."

Surprised by another visitor, Tony was hugged by Bart, elated that his "Boss" wasn't dead. Instructed by Stefano to go on a "field trip" with Hattori, Bart found himself in New Salem. When Tony suggested his teacher needed some practice, Hattori left advice of Stefano's. "Never forget who's the Master and who's the student." Bart's excited questions couldn't be contained asking about the genius behind the island. Tony replied, "It was Stefano. He masterminded the entire plot. And once Father and I are finished with the beloved people of Salem, they will all have wished that they were really killed by the Salem Stalker." Putting out a candle flame with his fingers, The Count laughed.

Showing Bart a map, Tony described New Salem as an acre-for-acre duplicate of Salem. Unknown to the New Salem Captives, a "holding area" on the other side of the island contains additional inhabitants. Explaining that Billie Reed had escaped from that area, and Bo now in the jungle in search of her, Tony put Bart in charge of further security. Bart's can-do willingness to serve caused Tony to let down his commanding demeanor for a moment. Pinching Bart's cheek, he smiled, "Oh, it's good to have you back."

John worried about Hope speculating that DiMera's objective was ultimate destruction of all of his enemies. After Roman's refusal to help, Hope learned from Jen that Tony had the ability to get through the force field, and said she would "make a deal with the devil." Meanwhile, Tony took a call from a hidden phone. "Hello, Father ... Don't worry, I will have them all trusting me completely" ... As he circled a location on the island map he added, "Oh, that's understood. Whoever decides to try to enter the jungle through the perimeter will be killed ... Consider it done."

Friday, September 24, 2004

by Joan

Most of the Island Captives gathered to talk Hope out of the dangers in the jungle or going to speak with Tony. While Hope refused to leave the Island without Bo, Roman argued that an escape plan required they not separate. Agreeing to Doug's plea, Hope offered to make coffee but left the house.

With Stefano's smiling picture over his shoulder, Tony revealed the Island plot to a curious Bart. "Very proud of it," Tony described a plan years in the making. Marlena's subconscious was implanted with scenarios for each of the killings. Under the influence of a drug she saw herself committing the crimes. Marlena stood in a wide-eyed altered state at the scene as Tony rendered victims unconscious with a dart. A drug devised by Dr. Rolf was then injected to slow down the circulatory and respiratory system, simulating death. Tony then bloodied the bodies and added fabricated wounds to complete the "murder" scene. The Medical Examiner, working for Stefano, declared the living, uninjured bodies, as dead. Laughing, Tony admitted that Mortician Milbauer was also on the payroll. In some cases look-alike bodies were switched so that even Lexie and family members could not tell the difference. Some victims were embalmed, but removed after burial and injected again with a reviving drug.

After Abe, Tony said Jack's "murder" was the most challenging because of his organ donor status. A body was switched. And in the case of Maggie, Tony was nearly caught by Mickey before he replaced his mask. Tony delighted recalling drugging Caroline's tea and timing it so she would die in Church. Tony ambushed Cassie on her way to the Police Department. Early on Thanksgiving morning he remained unseen placing her body in the pi˝ata. But Marlena was out of town with John and later programmed to believe she had murdered Cassie.

In Victor's case, Tony claimed to have taken advantage of a situation of "an incompetent killer." "We just walked in, did it, and that was it." Bart was stunned at Tony's reply to who killed Victor. The Count coolly replied, "You don't really need to know that, now do you?" "Next was Roman," Tony smiled, and then spoke of Doug. Tony had a fight with Doug who didn't "die" as fast as anticipated. Marlena's memory would recall hitting Doug herself. Doug removed the dart, and only half a portion of Dr. Rolf's drug was injected, giving Doug time to write the note found by Alice. "Poor thing, I didn't mean for her to become a victim, but we couldn't afford to have Marlena prematurely."

Saying, "Marlena had to be killed," Tony laughed about the dart shot through her heart by the sharpshooter, "also under our employ." When Bart questioned Tony's own "death", Tony revealed the damage done during the tiger attack, and then peeled off fake scars. A suit of body armor, and Paramedics also under the Count's employ had saved him. But his apparent death had removed him from the Suspect List. Tony's excited remark, "The fun's just about to begin", was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Hope saying, "I need your help."

At University Hospital, Mimi had second thoughts about having her baby when an unwed mother spoke of losing the baby's dad. Belle refused to believe Jan's story, until Jan claimed her fiancÚ was Shawn. Philip was not convinced nor was did Brady, who recalled Jan's past scams and delusions. Refusing Nicole's advice to leave town, Jan threatened her with blackmail if she refused to help in killing Belle. And as Shawn regained consciousness, he looked around silently as Lexie questioned him. "Shawn, Belle and Jan are both here to see you. Which one do YOU want to see?"

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