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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Sami planned for a big wedding but Lucas had to break the bad news about their finances. With no word from John, Sami and Lucas looked into options to pay for a fairytale wedding. Kate slunk in the office and recommended they wait and save. Still suspicious of Kate, Sami thought she figured out how to have a big wedding and do it as soon as possible.

Rex thought he figured out Mimi's secret and rushed to the hospital to look for her at the nursery. Instead he found Lexie whom he told that he wanted to start a family with Mimi but to do so now would be a huge mistake. Lexie took a call from an emotional Mimi and when Rex heard her name, asked to speak with her. Reluctantly, Lexie gave Rex the phone. He reminded Mimi that their anniversary was in December and Mimi played along, finally telling Rex she loved him and hanging up. A worried Rex decided to do something to cheer her up.

Later at the loft, a shaky Mimi stumbled her way to her front door, contemplating the fact that she went through with the abortion. Rex greeted her and sat her down on the couch. An emotionally drained Mimi smiled weakly at Rex who brought out a Teddy Bear and told her, "I know you've been thinking about having a baby a lot lately and even if we had one now, we could make it work." A crushed Mimi laughed to herself, tears falling from her eyes.

Shawn continued to blame Belle for the deaths of his family from her lie about Marlena. Philip stood up for Belle and grabbed Shawn by the shirt. Still worked up, Shawn threatened to kill Philip. A horrified Lexie ordered Shawn back to his hospital bed as a stupefied Belle went nearly catatonic in confusion. Once back in bed, Shawn told Jan that she could not count him because no one could. A cooing Jan disagreed and told him he was wonderful, curling up against him in his hospital bed.

While Nicole was down at the Salem Police Headquarters snooping for info on whether Jan had been caught, she happened to hear Brady questioning Tek. As Tek and Brady discussed the disappearance of John and Bo, Nicole eavesdropped outside the office at the police station. Tek told Brady about the mysterious message Bo translated from his boyhood code with Roman. Brady believed his father might still be alive with the other undead Salemites but Tek wasn't so sure. Full of his dad's spy spirit, Brady planned on catering a Jet to the military area where John and Bo went down. Nicole rushed in to insist on going with him but Tek put his foot down, telling the couple that no one was going because the coordinates were classified. Clever Nicole distracted Tek with talk about how she already knew where the island was because she distracted other officers. With his back turned to Brady, Brady snatched the Melaswen file and memorized the coordinates. Sensing he was beat, Tek joined up with a gung ho Brady, leaving Nicole in the dust. Not one to take the brush off, Nicole followed them down to Key West where they had chartered a speed boat to get to the island.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

At the hospital, Belle is crying to Philip saying that Shawn had lost his parents and now he was pushing her away from him. Philip says that it's not her fault and that Shawn is wrong to blame her. Belle says she can't believe all that's happened with her dad gone and now Bo and Billie as well. Philip says that he'll always be there for her. Belle questions that maybe all of this is because of Shawn's head injury. Philip tells her that if Shawn was with Jan the whole time, it wasn't from the accident. Belle says if she loses Shawn forever she doesn't know what she'll do. Philip tells her Shawn said he doesn't want to be with her, and she has to get over him. Belle asks him if he thinks something is wrong with Shawn. He says there has to be to choose someone over her. Philip says he'll take her home and give her some TLC. Belle says she doesn't know what she'd do without him.

At the loft Mimi is crying and Rex asks her what's wrong. He continues by saying that he's done all kinds of things for her but it's not helping. Mimi tells him that it's not him. He asks her again what is wrong and says if she can't tell him the truth, what kind of future will they have? Mimi tells him that she lied to him, that she was pregnant and had gotten an aborting. Rex is furious and tells her that she's killed their future together. Mimi begs him to forgive her but he says he'll never forgive her and he never wants to see her again. Then we find out that the entire scenario was in Mimi's head. Rex again asks her what's wrong and she says it's a hormone thing and that she wants to be left alone. Rex says that if that's what she wants he gives up. He leaves and Mimi says that she has to keep this a secret but she feels like it's the biggest mistake of her life.

Belle and Philip are on their way back to the loft and they run into Rex. Rex tells them that there's something up with Mimi but he doesn't know what it is. Belle says that Mimi must have done it. Rex questions her and she tells him that Mimi has been emotional lately and was worried that they'd get into a fight. He tells them that they did get into a fight; that Mimi has been pale and tired, but he doesn't know what's wrong with her. Belle tells him that she'll go talk to Mimi. Belle asks Mimi if she really went through it with and asks her how she got home. Mimi tells her she took a cab, she didn't know she'd there'd be so much pain. Belle wants to call a doctor but Mimi stops her and says its pain in her heart. She says she took away Rex's chance to be a dad and if he finds out it would kill their relationship. Belle tells her she lost Shawn because of a lie; she doesn't want Mimi to see a future without the man she loves. Belle asks her what she can do to help and Mimi says nothing, even looking at the bear that Rex gave her makes her sick and that she can't get rid of it without telling him why. Belle tells her Rex deserves to know the truth, and the longer she waits the worse it's going to be.

Back at Philip and Belle's loft, Rex tells Philip that he's sorry to hear about Billie and wishes he could have gotten to know her. He asks how Shawn is doing and Philip tells him that he had found out about his parents and blamed Belle for everything. He goes on to say that he hopes she gets over Shawn and that he won't let anything come between him and Belle again. Rex tells him he feels the same way about Mimi and they call a truce.

On the island, Bo finds Billie in some water and jumps in after her. She screams and tells him she's not drowning, she was just trying to clean off some mud.

On the island, Bo finds Billie in a pool of water. He jumps into the water when he sees He says he has to get back to Hope if she's ok. Billie is shocked that Hope is on the island and wants to know how she got there. Bo tells her it's a long story. Billie says she has a long story too but she needs to get dressed. Bo turns his head so she can get out of the water and get dressed and Billie screams. Bo runs to her and she has a leech on her and tells him to get it off of her. He burns off the leech and then asks her what she has to tell him. She tells him that Marlena isn't the killer and Bo says that's old news. Bo tells her who is on the island and about the fake Salem and force field. She said she doesn't recognize Patrick Lockhart's name. Bo tells her he thinks Patrick is involved and then asks her what happened to her after he found her the first time. Billie tells Bo that she will tell him everything, and he'll never believe it. Billie tells them about the plan to bring everyone from Salem to the island and then destroy the real Salem. Bo asks her who is behind it and Billie tells him it's the DiMeras. Bo said he's suspected Tony but wants to know if Stefano is alive. She says everything points to him being behind it all. Billie tells Bo that he needs to get everyone off the island while she stays behind and looks for clues. She goes on to tell Bo when she was being held captive she was given drugs to forget things, but she remembers some. There are scenes shown of her tied up, gagged and blindfolded, struggling in a chair. She tells him she heard someone say that the countdown had begun and soon everyone will be facing their very own Armageddon. Billie tells him again he has to get everyone off the island before it's too late. Bo doesn't want to let Billie go off on her own saying she'll be killed. She tells him she knew she would be -- that's why she'd escaped as soon as she had a chance. Flashback of a voice telling a bound/gagged/blindfolded Billie that she wouldn't be able to tell anyone anything she knows because dead people don't talk. Bo is insistent that he stay with her but she says no, if she dies then it was meant to be. Bo wants to know what she means by that and she says she's had a bad life and the only thing that saved her was falling in love with him. She goes on to say that he has Hope and a family and he needs to be there for them. Billie gasps and almost passes out. Bo sees that she's bleeding and insists she take off her shirt so he can look at her injuries. He proclaims her to be ok but he won't leave her alone. She again tells him he needs to go back to Hope and his family, she doesn't have any of that; but there is one thing she wants. He asks what, and she kisses him...and he kisses her back!

Meanwhile, Hope and Patrick continue to search for Bo. Patrick is trying to reassure her that Bo is just worried about Billie and that Hope won't lose him to her. Hope tells him it's not that simple and tells Patrick about Billie's baby and how she had never gotten over Bo. She goes on to say she doesn't trust Billie, whenever she appears it means bad news. Hope notices someone a bit off in the distance and runs after them. It turns out to be John and Roman. She asks why they're there; she thought they were leaving without them. They tell her the plans changed and they came out to find the island's power source. Roman sees Patrick alive and is surer than ever that he's working for Tony. Patrick tells him he only works for himself. Hope tells Patrick she trusts him, but that they don't have time to argue this again. She asks them if there was any sign of Bo or Billie. Roman says they found her necklace. Hope explains that she thinks Billie is there to ruin her marriage with Bo. Hope wants to keep looking but John tells her they were shot at with darts and it was too dangerous. Hope and Patrick say they were shot at too, and both Bo and Billie were shot at and hit. Roman asks if they've seen Bo and Billie and Hope says that they'd only seen Bo. She goes on to tell them how Bo found her in the cave after she found Patrick. Roman asks how she got through the force field and she tells them about the remote control she stole from Tony. John wonders what Tony is up to and what else he has planned. Hope tells them to take the remote and get off the island. John responds by saying even with it, there are probably cameras up all over; their only way off is if they shut down the power. Hope asks where the power source would be and John says he doesn't know. Patrick says he knows, which makes Roman even surer that Patrick is involved. Patrick tells them when he was in the ravine he felt vibrations, that the island had to have buried power lines. John pushes his knife into the ground and says Patrick might be right. Roman says he could also be leading them into a trap. John and Roman go off to look for the power source while Hope and Patrick go back to their search for Bo and Billie. John and Roman talk about not having much time before DiMera makes his move. Roman says they might be the ones who die if they find the power source. John says someone is going to die, but the question is who. Elsewhere, Hope and Patrick discover Bo and Billie kissing!

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Patrick and Hope catch Billie and Bo in a hot kiss. The kiss breaks and furious Hope rails at Bo. Hope runs out of the cave and Bo follows. Patrick realizes the woman Bo was kissing was Billie Reed and he introduces himself. He asks Billie if she's trying to come between Bo and Hope. Billie tells Patrick that no one can break up Bo and Hope. We see this register with Patrick and Billie questions if he's ever kissed Hope. Patrick hedges and we see Billie privately tuck this away.

Bo catches up to Hope and she slaps him. Bo guesses he deserved that and tries to get through to Hope. He explains what happened and Hope is still not happy. They also talk about learning DiMera is behind the plot to keep them on the island. Hope wants Bo to go back with her to "New Salem" but Bo disagrees, he needs to go with Billie. Bo tells Hope that unless they put a stop to Stefano once and for all, he's going to continue to torment them. Hope tells Bo to let Billie, Roman and John go, his place is with his family. Bo makes a big decision and says he can't go back. Upset Hope tells Bo that if he can't go back then she's going with him. Bo reluctantly agrees and Patrick quickly joins the team. In private, Billie tells Bo she's sorry and he quickly tells her that it's his fault. However, he loves Hope and it's important Billie know that. Hope tells Patrick she is not scared of losing Bo to Billie however, Patrick bets she is going to be there every step of the way just in case Ms. Reed gets any unsavory ideas.

Sami utilizes Basic Black's resources to kick-start her wedding into high gear. She asks Belle to design her gown and be her maid of honor. Belle accepts her sister's offer, happy to oblige. Belle needs the work to distract her from John's death and Shawn's treatment of her. Sami offers to slap him around a bit but Belle turns her down. Kate arrives and, surprisingly enough, she thinks Sami's idea to have Basic black advertisers "underwrite" her wedding is a good marketing idea. She points out that they must stay together in order for Basic Black and their corporate sponsors to reap the rewards. Sami and Lucas say this won't be a problem but again, Sami fears Kate may be up to no good.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

by Joan

As Shawn prepared to leave University Hospital, Jan consoled him as he threw Belle's picture away. Lexie walked in angry that Shawn had discharged himself against her orders. Saying he would go home with his "fiancée", a rebellious Shawn refused Lexie's help or advice in the absence of his parents.

At the Loft, Mimi was reliving her action Rex walked in. Mimi covered for her emotions, when they were interrupted by Bonnie rushing in. Sending Rex on an errand, Bonnie learned of her daughter's fateful decision about her unborn child. Unable to help her daughter Bonnie hugged Mimi who said she felt "so horrible" for going through with it. As Mimi regretted not sharing news of the baby with Rex, Bonnie tried to justify her actions. Learning that her mother had once done the same thing, Mimi was incredulous that Bonnie advised her not to have her child. Outside the door, Rex called Lexie who told him she was bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. Confronting Mimi again, Rex accepted Bonnie's explanation as "female problems."

In the jungles of Melaswen, Brady questioned Tek's FAA information wondering if they were even on the right island. Unaware of Nicole's presence the two men heard her shriek as a tropical spider crawled onto her hand. Killing the spider, Nicole accidentally bumped into Brady. Tek was highly suspicious that Nicole was on the island to cover something, after being a suspect in the deaths of Victor and Colin Murphy. While Brady was also still angry with Nicole, he disagreed with Tek's suggestion to tie her up on the boat. Assuming responsibility for Nicole, Brady arranged to meet at the boat the next night. Brady was taken by surprise as Nicole kissed him after Tek warned to watch his back.

From a control center, Tony and Bart watched as Billie explained being silenced in Europe when she was on to Stefano's Island plan. Hope was confident that Stefano would be compromised once the power source was turned off. But Bo was against Billie returning to Stefano's Island compound alone. Bo, Hope and Patrick decided not to return to New Salem but accompany Billie. As Bo assured Billie he loved his wife, she and Patrick exchanged glances. Patrick sensed something, just as John and Roman in another part of the jungle were also aware of something not right. Bart followed Tony's instructions, hitting coordinates and triggering an earthquake in the jungle.

John was quick to assume DiMera was behind the quake. While no one was injured Bo and Billie were separated from Patrick and Hope by a boulder collapse. Patrick suspected and later found a secret entrance to the cave they were in recalling Tony coming and going unseen during Jen's delivery. Through a crevice in the rock, Hope sent Bo on to the compound with Billie but he worried about Hope's safety alone with Patrick.

Tony's monitors centered in on Bart wandering towards a door. Opening a slat in the door, Bart was shocked by a wild man yelling at him. "It's true! How in the world did Stefano and Tony bring him back?" The Count later asked Bart what he thought of his "caged specimen." But their conversation was interrupted as Hope and Patrick found John and Roman in the jungle. Knowing of John's willingness to give up his life, Tony said it was time for someone to die. Roman was hit in the neck by a dart, while John caught a second one between his fingers in mid-air. Promising to catch the next one, too, John did hear Tony say, "No, no, dear brother. I don't think you will."

Patrick was next to be hit when. As Tony watched him drop to the ground, a signal alerted that there were intruders in the East perimeter. Determined not to be beaten he ordered to seal the area. Outside, Bo and Billie had a plan as they found themselves surrounded and realized John and Hope were trapped. And John and Hope clutched one another as they faced danger.

Friday, October 8, 2004

by Joan

At University Hospital, Lexie found a message from Tek that he was searching for John and Bo. While Lexie feared losing another man in her life, Celeste was concerned that Abe might be alive calling the relationship with Tek adultery. Saying she had honored her marriage vows until Abe's death, Lexie believed she could be in love with Tek someday. Celeste's warned that an involvement with Tek would cause her great heartache. In Shawn's room, Belle arrived to find he had discharged himself and left with Jan.

Shawn returned to his Loft apartment to learn that Mimi was living there now. Refusing Rex's offer to use a spare room, Shawn went to collect his things. Deliberately knocking Mimi's purse over, Jan found the Women's Clinic paperwork, deciding to keep "this piece of might come in handy." Moments later, Rex could not get a straight answer as Mimi searched for the papers. Mimi couldn't convince Shawn to change his mind about Belle. She warned Jan, .".. in the end you're going to lose Shawn." But Mimi was troubled by Jan's reply. "You'd better watch your step out, Lockhart. Or you'll find out what it's like to lose a man, firsthand."

Stopping at Belle's to return her keys Shawn's memories were triggered of seeing her with Philip, at the Penthouse Grill and the night they almost made love. With the knowledge that Shawn had seen this on a monitor in his cage, Jan panicked about other memories returning. But before they left Shawn found himself face to face with Belle. Asking to put things in the past Belle questioned how Shawn saw her with Philip in the bedroom insisting she had saved herself for Shawn.

At the DiMera compound John and Hope realized they'd found Bo and Billie. Darts shot through the air as Hope ran to Bo's arms. A struggle ensued causing DiMera's operatives to radio for back-up. Grabbing one of the guns, Billie threatened to kill an operative who threatened Hope's life. "I don't take orders from you. I know what I have to do." But the operative was unable to follow orders as Billie shot him. But as darts cut through the air, each of the captives were cut down, including John after intercepting more darts by hand.

Waking in a holding cell, Hope noted one window with sharks on the other side of the glass. A screen lowered revealing their captor, Count Anthony DiMera, welcoming them to their new home. Reveling in his plot, Tony was like a crazed madman when Hope mentioned staging their deaths. "My personal favorite in all my illusions! ... You should have kept me in jail when you had the chance." As he recounted Kate's bloodcurdling screams on her wedding night, Roman threatened to tear Tony's head off with his bare hands. Saying they were close to 20,000 leagues under the sea, Tony mused how they would die if he opened the doors - by drowning or sharks.

The Count left them to figure it his motives for themselves. Blaming them for their situation, the six listened unhappily as Tony named those left in the safety of New Salem. "You could have been in the Brady Pub with all your friends having a little cordial ... they probably think you all died in the jungle." Threatening vengeance on his half-brother, John watched as a laughing DiMera promised to meet him in hell, and the screen disappeared. Angry as he watched Bo and Hope console one another, the Count gave a command, "Pull 'em out now." Suddenly unable to move, the captives found their feet magnetized to the floor as the ocean window was covered. Helpless, Bo screamed as operatives shot Billie and Hope into unconsciousness and carried them out. Tony said Bo would never see Hope or Billie again.

In New Salem, Abe was startled by a sound outside the house but delighted to find Tek. Asking for news from home, he was stunned to hear that Lexie was fine and had moved on while Tek insisted "not romantically." Producing a satellite phone, Tek hoped to reach the ISA while Abe hoped to reach Lexie. But a surge in power destroyed the phone as they realized it was more of Tony's interception.

Telling Bart it was time for the final stage of his plan, the Count added, "Fortunately, everyone has been accounted for." But lost in the jungle Brady and Nicole caught sight of a jeep bearing the palm tree emblem. Hiding in the back, they got out when the jeep reached its destination where another palm tree emblem was displayed. A curious Brady walked forward unaware that his shoe was about to trip a wire.

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