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Many of Salem's lost residents returned home to their loved ones -- or not: Maggie found Mickey married to Bonnie; Doug and Julie has a blissful reunion; Jennifer had to tell Abby that Jack was lost again; an injured John informed Belle, Kate, and Sami that Marlena, Roman, and Cassie were lost again; and Bo and family mourned the loss of Victor and Caroline for a second time. Meanwhile, Lexie was overjoyed that Abe and Tek returned, but happiness was short-lived when Abe lost his sight. Sami was torn between Lucas and the return of Brandon, while Kate and Eugenia continued to try to use Brandon as wedge to break up Lucas and Sami. Belle and Shawn seemed to reach an understanding until he eavesdropped on Philip's marriage proposal to Belle; meanwhile Bo and Hope were concerned about Shawn's behavior and his weird engagement to Jan. Kate was overjoyed to reunite with Billie who struggled over her strong emotional ties to Bo and whether or not to leave Salem. A stranger tampered with John's I.V. at the hospital.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Jennifer told a disbelieving Abby that her father had been lost at sea. Abby blamed Jennifer once again for killing him and ran upstairs to cry. A worried Jennifer cried on Patrick's shoulder as he told her not to give up. As they embraced, Jennifer thanked him for his friendship, and Patrick vowed to always be there for her.

In the Brady household, Hope remained suspicious of Jan. After Shawn asked Hope and Bo to get along with Jan, Hope questioned whether the accident was the real reason for his breakup with Belle. Furious, Shawn lashed out and told her to get used to Belle being out of the picture. After a moment, Shawn apologized, saying he would not take his parents for granted anymore. Noting his mood swings, Hope swore something was wrong with her son, especially since his relationship with Jan made no sense.

At the fireplace, Jan tried to coax Shawn back to his apartment. Horrified by the idea, Shawn called Jan stupid for trying to take him away from his family when they needed him. Desperate, Jan cried and told Shawn his reunion with his parents reminded her that she would never be reunited with hers. Softening up, Shawn agreed to take her home. As Shawn and Jan left, Bo promised that if Belle and Shawn were soulmates like he and Hope, nothing would keep them apart. Billie called with news about the disk, but Hope had a bad feeling about the new information.

At the hospital, Sami continued to panic in Brandon's presence. Assuring herself he wasn't another vision, Sami begged him to leave. Brandon tried to tell Sami the news about the serial killer victims surviving, but stubborn, Sami did not want to hear anything he had to say relating to Lexie. Fed up, Brandon walked away. As Sami fretted about the repercussions of Brandon staying in town, Lucas walked up behind her. After a moment of confusion, Lucas told Sami that her mother was innocent and that her parents had been alive the whole time. An ecstatic Sami felt vindicated but was soon crushed by the news of her parents being lost at sea.

In John's hospital room, Belle sat by her father's bedside as he explained that Brady was down in the Caribbean, looking for the others. John blamed himself for Tony's wrath but promised Belle he had killed Tony and rid their lives of him. Sami rushed in, demanding information on her parents. In rare form, Sami shrieked about her parents getting back together on the island. Kate took Lucas aside and begged again for Lucas to drop Sami but he refused. John continued to take Sami's verbal abuse until Kate returned from checking her phone messages with news of the missing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

At the hospital with Sami, Kate, Lucas, John, and Belle, Hope arrived with the blood-stained remnants of clothing the Coast Guard had found in the sea near the island. The clothing was identified as belonging to Roman, Marlena, and the other missing Salemites. Sami was in denial and lashed out at everyone. Belle, Kate, and John were devastated, and Sami rushed off in tears. Alone with John, Hope returned Marlena's wedding ring to him and told him how it had been recovered on the Japanese fishing trawler. They believed that Tony was dead, so it couldn't be a DiMera plot. Everyone was forced to accept that all the missing were truly dead.

When Sami ran from the room, she encountered Brandon at the nurses' station. He took her in his arms to comfort her just as Lucas arrived.

Brandon and Lexie prayed that Abe's tests would show his blindness wasn't permanent. Tek arrived and broke the news about the clothing. Brandon was still very protective of Lexie and lashed out at Tek. Lexie asked for time alone and told Tek they couldn't see each other anymore. Tek was understanding.

On the trawler, Roman and Marlena woke up and realized they'd been drugged and that their clothes had been taken, exchanged for fresh ones. Marlena discovered needle marks on their arms and feared they'd been injected with something. Tony arrived to check on them and let them know that some of their blood had been taken. When Tony left, they put it together and realized their clothing and blood were being used to convince everyone back home that they were dead. There might be no hope of being rescued.

At Mickey's, there was continuing tension among Maggie, Bonnie, Doug, and Julie. Mickey was unable to choose between Bonnie and Maggie. Maggie had been declared legally dead; therefore, his marriage to Bonnie was valid. He proposed they all stay in the house in separate bedrooms. Maggie rushed out, and Julie went after her to convince her that if she still loved Mickey, she had to fight for him. As Bonnie was trying to convince Mickey he was better off without Maggie, Maggie returned and announced that she would move in with Mickey and Bonnie.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Belle and Kate visited John and talked about Sami. John's pain increased, and Lexie gave him something to make him more comfortable; she warned he might live with the pain for the rest of his life.

Lucas caught Sami with Brandon and was surprisingly mature and calm. Lucas and Brandon talked, and Sami learned about Brandon's commitment with and from Basic Black. Sami said she'd known Kate had been behind his return, and when Kate arrived, Sami attacked her. Sami threatened to tell John about Kate using company funds for her own ends.

Belle showed up and told Sami that Belle and Philip had approved the money for Brandon's charity. Lucas lit into his mother, saying if he found out that she had funded the charity to destroy Sami and Lucas' relationship, they were through. Eugenia asked Kate if her plan to break up Sami and Lucas was worth it. A wistful Brandon softened toward Sami.

Hope broke the news to Jennifer that Jack was indeed dead and offered to go over. Jennifer needed some time alone to tell Abigail. Bo had also lost his father and his mother. Bo tried to keep a stiff upper lip. Bo told Hope that he and Billie had managed to unlock the disk containing files from DiMera's mainframe. He said that according to Billie, there was enough proof to exonerate Patrick; Bo was still suspicious. Bo also told her that Billie was leaving town. Bo and Hope made love.

Jennifer mourned, and Patrick tried to comfort her. Billie stopped by and offered her condolences. Jennifer said she appreciated it but needed to pick up Abby. Billie offered Patrick a copy of the DiMera files on him and told him that she could never go after Bo and break up his home. If she and Bo shared a family, things might be different.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

After making passionate love, Bo and Hope decided to stay in for the evening. Doug and Julie prepared to go out for a romantic dinner until Julie received a call from Maggie. Maggie told Julie that she was having trouble with her new love triangle situation, and Mickey wanted to show her what they'd done to Tuscany. When they learned what was happening, Hope and Bo decided to go down to Alice's and convince Doug and Julie to watch Zack.

At Alice's, Brandon and Lexie, Sami and Lucas, and Kate and Billie all showed up for the evening. Lexie continued to dissuade Brandon from dealing with Sami.

Sami saw Kate and realized that she had gone to the right place. They had words, and Lucas pulled Sami away. Sami and Eugenia also had a fight. Sami found herself in Brandon's arms again, and Lucas still wasn't jealous, just concerned.

Kate tried to get Billie to stay in Salem and fight for Bo. Bo and Hope arrived, and Kate could tell that Billie was still in love with Bo.

Maggie arrived at Alice's and fainted at the sight of what had been Tuscany. Bonnie gloated, and Mickey tried his best to moderate. Devastated, Maggie couldn't believe her life had come to that, and she turned to Hope for support.

Bonnie was thrilled to see Patrick was alive. Bonnie decided to play a song/dance number -- whoever a person ended up with was the one they were meant to be with. All of the couples danced and got uncomfortable when Bo and Billie, and Patrick and Hope ended up together.

Doug and Julie yearned to spend a romantic evening together, but Zack had other plans -- a food fight ensued.

Friday, November 19, 2004

John was in terrible pain, but the nurse was unable to give him more painkillers. Falling asleep, John dreamed he was reunited with Marlena, she cured him of his paralysis, and they made love. The dream turned into a harrowing nightmare, and the Grim Reaper appeared. Pointing a skeletal finger at John, the deadly demon pointed toward an ominous end. While he slept, a mysterious figure wearing black gloves injected an unknown substance into John's I.V.

At Alice's, Hope and Billie had a heart-to-heart. Billie couldn't hide her strong feelings for Bo but was committed to leaving Salem and never seeing Bo again. Kate tried to get Billie to stay.

Cops at the station found a secret encrypted file on the DiMera computer disk.

Belle and Philip, both mourning the loss of a parent, arrived at Alice's. Shawn and Jan were there. Bo took Shawn aside and tried to get him to reconcile with Belle. Shawn wouldn't listen and reiterated that he was with Jan. Shawn was reunited with his Aunt Maggie, and she had an idea to get Shawn and Belle back together. She got them to dance to a romantic song, and it seemed her plan was working, as Shawn apologized to Belle. Since they knew Marlena was not the serial killer, Belle's lie about her mother's alibi was not such a big deal. However, when Shawn saw Jan dancing with Philip, his anger flared.

Kate tried to get Philip to make his move with Belle. Philip would not bend to pressure and had his own plans already in place. Philip took Belle outside and proposed to her. Shawn and Jan moved in to witness the big moment.

Brandon suspected Kate and Eugenia were trying to use him to break up Sami and Lucas. Lucas took his mom aside and warned her not to interfere. Kate was forced to lie and vowed she would not try to stop Lucas from marrying Sami. Kate confided her secret plans to Eugenia. To convince Lucas that she supported his relationship, Kate announced that besides Basic Black's sponsoring of the wedding, Kate would pay for all the other expenses as a wedding gift and she would send Sami and Lucas on a dream honeymoon.

Lucas was deeply grateful, but Sami was still suspicious. Sami would not look a gift horse in the mouth, and if Kate was footing the bill, Sami would expand the guest list. Sami publicly invited everyone at Alice's to her wedding -- which meant Brandon was invited, too.

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