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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 22, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, November 22, 2004

While at Alice's, Bo got a call from the Salem PD informing him the DiMera disk was decrypted and on its way over. Once off the phone, Bo and Hope learned from Billie that she was leaving town. Celeste bumped into Billie and warned her she would regret it if she left because the person she loved more than anyone in her life was in Salem. Billie agreed but said he belonged with Hope. Smiling, Billie placed Bo's hand on Hope's and went to say goodbye to her family. After she left, Bo received the decryption and was shocked to learn what was in the file.

In Alice's kitchen, Mickey tried to soothe Maggie's nerves about all the changes but a roller skating Bonnie came screeching in. When Mickey brought up sharing responsibilities, Maggie agreed to do the bookkeeping. After much needling, Bonnie dumped out all the receipts she had tucked away around the kitchen into a big heap. After Maggie made a crack about the IRS, Bonnie felt threatened and it turned into a knife fight. Before blood could be drawn on either side, Mickey interrupted and suggested an independent bookkeeper. Sensing a moment of calm, Mickey announced they should start discussing the living arrangements.

Outside of Alice's, Philip's proposal to Belle is interrupted by a slur dropping Shawn who teases Belle, "Why get married when you give it away?" Belle ran off in tears and Philip followed to calm her. Inside Alice's later, Shawn approached Belle. Belle asked him if he wanted her to marry Philip. After Shawn insulted her a couple more times, Belle asked why he was deliberately trying to hurt her before storming off.

Lucas was ecstatic when Kate told him she would pay for his honeymoon. As happy as he was, he still made Kate promise she would not sabotage his wedding. Evading the question, Kate pointed out all she had done to support the wedding so far.

On the dance floor, Brandon told Sami he would not be attending her wedding. When asked why, Brandon explained that part of the reason he came to Salem was to make sure she was with the right guy and that she was. A shocked Sami asked if he came to Salem to get back together with her but he denied it. Disbelieving, Sami asked about when he stood outside her apartment his first night back in town. Brandon copped to his brief stalker moment but stated he was merely curious about whether she was happy. He also admitted he still had feelings for Sami but she belonged with Lucas. He wished her luck and told her not to ruin it like she does with everyone. Brandon went back inside leaving a teary eyed Sami outside who was quickly joined by Lucas. Upon seeing her tears, he asked her what Brandon said. Sami told Lucas that Brandon was not coming to the wedding and that what she was feeling was a little like alcoholism. Lucas was ruffled but finally soothed when Sami explained that she felt fear of losing Lucas like all her other men. Lucas asked her to always be that honest. They hugged and then Sami ran after Celeste to find out about her future with Lucas. Celeste promised the cards looked good but when pressed for the truth by Eugenia, Celeste said, "Sami is her own worst enemy. I don't need her to be mine. If she ruins things it will be her own doing."

John lay in his hospital bed as a gloved someone stood over him, injecting something into his IV. When John woke up later, he asked a nurse about the stranger but was told he had no visitors. John felt uncomfortable and hallucinating about the Angel of Death. During a clear moment, Philip wandered in to ask for John's permission to marry Belle. A sweaty and at times, catatonic John said they were too young but that Philip was the most upstanding man he knew. Philip promised to make Belle happy and ran off to get her answer.

Back at Alice's Philip pressed Belle for an answer now that John said yes. When Belle watched Jan passionately kiss Shawn, she happily agreed to be Philip's wife. An angry Shawn went inside to drink to the news and told Jan to shut up. Across the dance floor, Philip asked to set a date but Belle wouldn't answer.

At Salem Hospital, John was still having a rough go of it when the mysterious gloved stranger popped out of hiding to finish injecting a syringe of liquid into John's IV. A horrified John looked up in time to see his assailant but was too weak to do anything. John began to convulse, then flatlined.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Bo and Hope are reeling from the mysterious and shocking news about Billie that was in a hidden file on the DiMera computer disc. Bo and Hope are desperate to stop Billie from leaving Salem to give her the potentially devastating news. They split up to look for her.

Hope goes to Jennifer's where Patrick joins the search and hooks up with Bo. He learns the secret they are trying to tell Billie before she leaves. After a series of near misses, Bo and Patrick arrive at the airport just after Billie's plane has left. Bo is devastated.

Billie remembers recent times with Bo but renews her conviction to leave Salem.

Jennifer is worried about Abby who continually comes home after her curfew. Chelsea is with her as Abby acts out against Jennifer, devastated about having lost her father for a second time. Patrick provides support until Hope arrives. Hope fills Jennifer in on the mysterious information she and Bo discovered. Jennifer is reeling and realizes that Billie, Bo, and Hope's lives will never be the same.

At Alice's, Mimi learns from Bonnie that Patrick is alive and so is Maggie. Then Rex, Bonnie, and Mimi learn about Philip's and Belle's engagement. Shawn is sullen, continues drinking and refuses to leave with Jan. Rex congratulates Philip and Belle and does now believe they belong together. Mimi tells Shawn he has to go to Belle because she knows Shawn still loves her. Shawn remains surly and in denial. Philip presses Belle to set a date but she avoids. Philip gets a mysterious phone call and tells Belle their plans may have to change.

John is still in enormous pain and is becoming delusional and feverish from the drug the mystery figure is injecting. Kate and Lexie are extremely concerned; they think John is having a reaction to the pain medication. Lexie decides to discontinue it, telling Kate John's pain is only going to get worse. The mystery figure injects John with more of the mysterious and dangerous drug...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Billie has missed her flight to London in order to visit Georgia's gravesite. Kate shows up and thinks Billie stayed in town for Bo as well. Billie admits that she still loves Bo but tells her mother that a future with him is simply out of the question.

Hope notices the tension between Jennifer and Abby. Hope admits to Jennifer that she is worried about the prospect of Bo and Billie's child, Georgia, being alive. Hope knows she must put her petty differences aside but if Georgia is alive she must help her husband and Billie find their child. Bo is on fire to find Billie. Patrick finds her first and brings her to Jennifer's house where Bo tells her that Georgia might very well still be alive.

It is Thanksgiving Eve and Celeste receives a strong premonition regarding Sami and Brandon; she strongly believes the two will be reunited. Lexie who points out that Sami is with Lucas now but Celeste says it doesn't mean anything. Brandon shows up and tells Lexie that he promised Abe he would cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family (Lexie, Celeste, and Theo). Brandon is still haunted by his past with Sami and even though he tells Lexie it is over, Celeste says that he is lying.

Sami is busy prepping her Thanksgiving feast with a little help from Alice Horton; she intends to make a special meal for Lucas and Will. After Will has gone to a friend's house Sami and Lucas make love. Sami reluctantly invites Kate to Thanksgiving dinner and Kate has a fantasy about "hunting" the ultimate turkey, Sami.

As Rex looks on, Mimi tries to talk some sense into Shawn. Jan tries to push Belle deeper into her relationship with Philip. She convinces Belle to marry Philip before he ships out just as Mimi convinces Shawn to talk to Belle. Shawn hears Belle telling Philip that she wants to marry him before he ships out.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air today. Regular programming will resume on Friday, November 26th. This holiday preemption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

The entire Soap Central "family" wishes you and your loved ones the safest and happiest of holidays. We are thankful for the continued support and patronage that you have given us over the past year and we look forward to dishing out many more servings of soap opera news and information in the years ahead.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Philip and Belle visit John. Belle is thrown to see that John is in so much pain and Lexie tries to reassure them. Belle wants to share Thanksgiving with John. Philip informs John about moving up his wedding date before he must ship out. John questions the need to rush. Alone with Belle he questions her love for Shawn. After Belle and Philip leave, John is in great pain and the mystery figure continues to inject John's I.V. with a syringe. It is Thanksgiving in Salem. Mimi is worried about Shawn because he is passed out drunk and knows he is truly hurting. Rex receives a Thanksgiving invite from Kate to attend Thanksgiving dinner at Sami's. Rex says he will ask Mimi. Mimi is confronted by an angry Jan who warns Mimi to keep her nose out of Jan's business or else Jan will blow Mimi's secret. Mimi is not happy but she realizes there isn't a lot she can do. Jan shocks Mimi by telling her that the two of them are going to throw a Thanksgiving dinner together. Belle is upset over her father's condition and returns home with Philip to find a Thanksgiving nightmare: Jan is in Belle's kitchen whipping up a turkey. Philip makes an announcement about his and Belle's wedding and Shawn storms out.

Sami burns her turkey and Kate (having been invited to Thanksgiving by Lexie) tells Lucas, Sami, and Will they cam come along, too. Brandon confronts Celeste about her premonitions and Celeste says the writing is on the wall: Brandon will be with Samantha. It appears that Celeste's premonition has come true when Sami, et al show up for dinner.

Bo and Billie continue to look for evidence that Georgia is alive. Hope tries to be strong and Jennifer offers support. It appears Bo and Billie have something to be thankful for after all, their daughter, Georgia, is alive after all. Patrick calls in a few favors to try to track her down. Abby is still at odds with Jennifer and Billie meets Abby's friend Chelsea.

In a far away castle, Tony and Bart treat Marlena and Roman to a delicious Thanksgiving feast. Tony zaps Roman and Marlena punches Tony. Roman and Marlena share wonderful Thanksgiving memories and appear to be growing closer than ever.

Jack has tried to escape from Tony for the last time. Bart throws him in another castle cell.

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