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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Lucas was sure of his love for Sami and promised to stop his mother once and for all. Worried about the sparks between herself and Brandon over Thanksgiving, Sami set off to get him out of town once and for all.

At Salem Hospital, Abe was released from treatment and could see. A surprised Brandon hugged his father but was distressed to learn that the eyesight was only temporary. Abe informed Brandon his experimental eye drops would only delay the inevitable and planned to make the holidays special since it would likely be the last one he would see. While Abe went off to see John, Sami found Brandon in the hospital hallway and asked him about Thanksgiving. Brandon assured her he was not flirting but perhaps her taking notice of her feelings was a sign she should postpone the wedding. Determined, Sami said that was never going to happen. Reassured of Brandon's non-feelings, Sami hugged him and ran out leaving a not so indifferent Brandon looking longingly after her.

At the loft, Belle worried about Shawn storming out but Philip told her to forget about Shawn and his insults. Talk then turned back to their upcoming nuptials. Kate overheard from the hallway as she was opening the door to the loft and was pleased as punch at the development. Her cheer was short lived though as Philip broke the news of his upcoming deployment. Kate bordered on hysterical as Lucas arrived to discuss Sami. After a couple of minutes of yelling at Kate to knock it off, Lucas learned of Belle and Philip's engagement. The beaming big brother went in to congratulate the twosome but was dismayed to learn that Philip was going off to war. To make matters worse, Belle informed him that their wedding date was the same as Lucas and Sami's just as Sami arrived at the loft. Freaked, Sami told Belle she was exactly like Carrie. Changing tactics, Belle suggested a double wedding with John walking them both down the aisle but the idea sent Sami into an even bigger rage. "I hope he never walks. I hope he wallows in pain!" shrieked Sami.

In the Salem County jail, Hope visited her son Shawn in the drunk tank. The disappointed mother asked Shawn what was wrong but Shawn could not remember the previous night's events. When Hope tried to tell him he was ruining his life, Shawn responded that he wasn't going to law school because he had dropped out of college. Understandably upset, Hope tried to call Bo but he was too busy with Billie to talk. Hope tried to talk sense to her son but he didn't want to hear about Belle when Hope and Bo's relationship was such a poor example for him. Ignoring Shawn's digs, Hope informed Shawn about the possibility that Georgia was alive causing Shawn to speak ill of his half-sister. Having had enough of Shawn's anger, Hope demanded he call Bo.

At the Salem PD, Bo and Billie worked to crack the code on the DiMera disk as they wondered what their teenage daughter would be like. Billie vacillated between joy over being a mother and despair over her daughter learning about her past and that she and Bo were not married. Bo tried to keep her calm. When Bo finally figured out how to crack the code, Shawn called but sensing a break in the case, Bo told the police officer to tell Shawn he would call him back. Finally, Bo discovered a clue involving latitudes and longitudes.

Delirious at Salem Hospital, John told a male nurse in his room "you're killing me." The nurse insisted no one else had been in the room before scuttling off. From the bathroom the gloved, needle bearing stranger emerged to inject more fluid into John's I.V. bag. Abe interrupted briefly to say hi but it only delayed the I.V. injection by a few minutes. Sweaty and in pain, John looked up at his attacker and exclaimed, "I was wondering when I would see you again."

Tuesday, December 30, 2004

Bo and Billie continue searching for their missing daughter. They discover the building where their daughter had been held burned to the ground, but no young girl Georgia's age was killed.

Hope is frustrated that she can't get through to Bo while their son, Shawn, is about to be arraigned for DUI and resisting arrest. Jennifer arrives to support Hope. Shawn is released on bail and takes off. Hope and Jennifer go back to Hope's house and once again, Hope tries to call Bo to give him the news. And once again, Bo is too busy with Billie. When he hangs up the call does not disconnect and Hope overhears Billie telling Bo how much his support means to her. Hope is cut to the quick and Jennifer knows from painful experience how difficult it is to raise a teenage child without a father. She warns Hope that Billie will want Bo to be a big presence in Georgia's life. Bo comes home and Jennifer leaves. Hope gives Bo the news about Shawn and Bo is stunned; why didn't Hope tell him? A fight ensues and Hope accuses Bo of being there for Billie and his missing daughter, and turning his back on Hope and their sons!

Lucas is furious at Sami for lashing out at Belle and refusing to share her wedding day. After Belle runs out in tears Philip warns Sami she is not welcome back until she apologizes. Lucas promises Philip and Kate that he will handle Sami. When he goes home, Lucas finds Sami packing their bags and ready to elope!

Mimi tries to get Belle to postpone her wedding to Philip and Belle is deeply torn. Shawn goes back to his loft after a long night and finds Belle there with Mimi. Belle has been worried about him but Jan jumps all over Shawn; Belle is hurt. Belle talks to Kate about the wedding and Kate gives Belle motherly/Marlena advice: follow your heart. Mimi manipulates Jan to get her away from Shawn, forging a note from Shawn asking her to meet him at the hospital. Mimi manipulates a moment for Belle and Shawn to be alone - Belle wants to be honest with Shawn and admits she still has feelings for him. She asks if he still loves her because if so, she can't marry Philip.

Brady and Nicole return to Salem from the futile search for survivors of the tidal wave. At the hospital, Brady is concerned about his dad's condition. John is worried about Brady getting closer to Nicole. Brady continues to defend Nicole.

Nicole runs into Jan at the hospital and assumes their partnership is over. Of course, Jan can still tell Brady that Nicole got her to try to kill Victor. Nicole warns Jan to keep her mouth shut but Jan warns Nicole to keep her mouth shut about Jan holding Shawn hostage all summer. When Nicole is alone with Brady, he confides that he couldn't tell his dad about the grisly, horrible way that Marlena and Roman died.


Belle tells Shawn she still has strong feelings for him and keeps getting a vibe of the old Shawn. She has to know where they stand... once and for all. If Shawn does return her feelings then she can't marry Philip. She remembers all the wonderful times they shared and laments that their relationship didn't end naturally. Shawn again reminds her of her lie about Marlena. They fight but Belle is determined to resolve the situation and tells Shawn to think about how he feels. They set a time to meet on the roof and then he can give her his answer. Philip and Jan arrive and react to seeing Shawn and Belle together. Shawn and Philip nearly go at it again. Alone, Philip tells Belle she has to resolve her feelings for Shawn; if she does still love him, she has to tell Philip and their relationship will be over.

Jan takes Shawn back to his loft and spikes his orange juice because she doesn't want him anywhere near Belle. Jan programs her computer to play the voices of Belle and Philip in intimate moments while Shawn sleeps it off.

Sami is frantic to elope and marry Lucas. Lucas refuses and wants to know what is really going on with her? Sami tries to deny anything is wrong. Lucas calls her on the truth and Sami can't deny - - she vows to stay secluded until she is Mrs. Lucas Roberts. Lucas thinks she is being silly and insists on taking her out to dinner.

Abe, with his recent diagnosis, is out to dinner at The Penthouse Grill with Lexie, Brandon and Celeste. He wants to treasure being with his family in the time he has left. Brandon is glad he decided to stay in Salem for a while to be with his father. Celeste reminds them of her premonition and they all scoff. Brandon swears he won't go anywhere near Sami and there is no way her prediction can come true. Celeste reads Brandon's palm and sees a vision of Brandon and Sami in front of a Justice of the Peace with the wedding march playing in the background... tonight! Lucas and Sami enter The Penthouse Grill.

Brady and Nicole return home, exhausted after their grueling ordeal. Nicole wonders if she and Brady will have a future now that they know she didn't murder Colin or Victor. Brady is non-committal and goes to take a shower. Nicole surprises him by joining him in the shower and they start to make love.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Philip has agreed to give Belle her space to see if there is anything left between her and Shawn. Rex thinks his brother is nuts and despite his warning Philip remains steady. If Belle chooses Shawn then he is out of the game. Rex tells his brother not to give up and Philip has a fantasy of Belle.

Jan is poisoning Shawn's mind with pills and audio tapes of Philip and Belle. Shawn comes to and snaps, nearly choking Jan to death. Thinking fast she kicks him in the groin and regains control.

Belle goes to the roof to meet Shawn at their appointed time while Mimi puts on her Nancy Drew cap to find out what Jan has really been up to. Mimi confronts Jan and Belle and Shawn find themselves together and alone in their special place.

Lucas & Sami are at The Penthouse Grill where they dance. Sami and Abe share a moment and as the old selfish Sami starts to self-destruct, Abe loses his sight and balance and takes an awful fall.

Abe is giving a toast to his family, Lexie, Celeste, and Brandon, as eyesight gets worse. Lexie warns Brandon to stay away from Sami. Celeste tells Brandon that he will end up with Sami in front of the Justice of the Peace. Brandon doesn't believe but Celeste shows him her vision and he is shocked; he will leave Salem tonight.

Bo returns home to Hope who is not happy that he is putting so much time into searching for Georgia. Hope understands his worry about his daughter but she is worried about their son. Bo is caught between a rock and a hard place. Hope apologizes for her insecurities.

At the police station, Kate tries to push Billie to make a move on Bo. Billie ignores her mother and it looks like she has a lead on her daughter in Europe.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Brady is relieved that he stopped and did not make love to Nicole. Nicole is not happy but Brady surprises her and asks her out on a date. Nicole is thrilled as they go to The Penthouse Grill. On the way out, Brady hears a song by Chloe and is haunted. Nicole takes this in and suggests they exorcise Chloe and Victor's spirits. They do so at home and go upstairs to make love.

Tony visits Caroline and Victor in their castle prison. He taunts them with the gift of two love birds as a token of what is going on back in Salem with Brady and Nicole. Tony reveals his admiration for Nicole; a woman who goes after what she wants. Tony shows them footage of Brady and Nicole performing their "exorcism."

Chloe is in Austria with Nancy at her bedside, Chloe isn't doing well. Her looks have regressed - - her face has turned black and blue and her wounds and scars have become infected. Nancy tries to offer encouragement but Chloe won't be consoled. Yet with encouragement from Brady's spirit, Chloe decides to pull it together.

Lexie blames Sami for Abe's collapse. Lucas receives a call and we realize he's got something planned. Lucas announces to Sami that they are going to elope. Sami and Lucas head out to get married.

Brandon is still reeling from Celeste's vision that he will stand before the Justice of the Peace with Sami. Brandon tries to get as far away as possible from Sami but on the icy road he heads into a deadly collision.

Bo and Hope try to make amends and share a romantic evening at home. Bo gets a call from Billie with news that she has located Georgia.

Shawn and Belle find each other on the roof; Shawn says he can't get over how Belle hurt him and that he doesn't love her anymore. Crushed, Belle tells Philip that she will marry him.

Mimi confronts Jan and Jan attacks. Mimi discovers the videotaped footage of Belle and Philip on Jan's computer and reveals that this is what made Shawn hate Belle. Jan tries to lie her way out of this situation. When Shawn returns, Mimi leaves and accidentally takes Jan's keys.

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