Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 6, 2004 on DAYS

Mimi uncovered Jan's secret. Sami couldn't elope with Lucas because she was still legally married to Brandon. Hope remained objective when Billie and Bo left for Europe to search for Georgia. John knew that Tek had tampered with his I.V. Jack tried to escape from Tony's prison but left Jennifer to deal with problems at home.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 6, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, December 6, 2004

Brady and Nicole made out in the shower, but things quickly cooled down when Brady imagined Nicole was Chloe and said, "I love you, Chloe." However, Brady was more upset than Nicole, who understood that Brady still had unresolved feelings for Chloe because her death had happened so quickly and he had never gotten to say goodbye. Citing a fear of hurting Nicole, Brady tried to break things off. A tearful Nicole pleaded with Brady to let her return the favor and help him through his heartache. Brady worried about being able to give himself completely to Nicole, but Nicole's impassioned speech finally convinced him. As they lay down and began to make love, Nicole whispered she loved him, and Brady just looked guilty.

In Austria, a recovering Chloe dreamed of talking to Brady. When her vision told her, "You will always be beautiful to me, no matter what," Chloe began to imagine dancing with Brady. As Brady and Chloe soaked up each other's presence, a vision of Nicole attempted to take Brady away, blaming Chloe for breaking his heart and sending Brady over to her. Vision Brady was having none of it and ran back to Chloe. Chloe awoke and promised her picture of Brady that she would get better and return to him.

At Jennifer's house, Jennifer agreed to babysit Zack so that Hope could have a romantic evening with Bo. The cousins talked about Billie getting between Bo and Hope, but Hope vowed that Billie would lose. "He is coming home to me tonight," Hope said. Hope ran home to prepare for her special evening with Bo, leaving Jennifer behind to contemplate Jack. When she heard a noise outside, Jennifer ran to the door and found a surprise.

At the Salem Police Station, Billie planned to leave that night for Europe to find Georgia. Bo tried to talk some sense into her to wait and plan her attack, but Billie refused to wait any longer. Kate was thrilled by the news and sneaked off to make arrangements for the Basic Black jet to whisk Billie off to Europe that night. When Bo realized he couldn't beat her, he decided to join her. Unhappy about the turn of events, Bo pleaded for some time to go home and explain his leaving to his wife. After Bo left, Kate dropped off a packed bag for Billie, but Billie was furious to find a sexy nightgown in the bag. In response, Kate told her daughter she was praying Billie and Georgia would be a family with Bo shortly.

At the Brady home, a timid Bo arrived at home and found his home decked out for a romantic evening, including his amorous wife. As Hope began to nuzzle her husband, Bo pulled away. Bo explained they had a lead in Europe on Georgia and that he had to leave that night. Angry, Hope demanded to know if he would talk to their own son before Bo left, but Bo said it would have to wait. As Bo attempted to kiss Hope goodbye, she pulled away from his touch repeatedly.

On the side of the snow-covered road, Sami freaked out as she cradled Brandon's limp body. Sami worried Brandon was dead, but he soon woke up and shook off the accident. Once he had his bearings, Brandon called for a tow truck but learned that none would be able to show up for hours. Before telling Sami and Lucas the bad news, Brandon got a call from Celeste warning him that before the night was through, he would appear before the justice of the peace with Sami. Brandon said, "Over my dead body," and hung up.

Lucas' car couldn't be driven, so Brandon offered to give them a ride. Sami was reluctant but wanted to get married that night. Lucas finally got Sami to agree to make Brandon a witness at the wedding, but neither told Brandon right away. Once they arrived at the justice of the peace, they told Brandon, who reluctantly agreed. When the group got inside, the justice of the peace mistook Brandon as the groom.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Sami, Lucas, and Brandon were at the justice of the peace when Lucas demanded Sami tell the justice which man she wanted to marry. Sami spontaneously blurted, "Brandon," but quickly covered: Brandon was her past; Lucas was her future, and she wanted to marry Lucas. The justice went to get the paperwork in order. Sami and Lucas asked Brandon to be their witness, and he accepted. Sami's happiness was short-lived, as the justice returned with bad news. Sami's annulment papers had not been properly filed at the city clerk's office.

Sami broke down and stated that disaster struck her every time she tried to get married. Lucas tried to calm her down and assured her they would take care of the snafu in the morning and get married. On the way home, an insecure Sami vowed no one would stand in the way of her becoming Mrs. Lucas Roberts. Brandon was very conflicted.

Hope reacted when Bo told her he was leaving that night with Billie. Hope wouldn't let him go, and Bo argued that he had no choice. Hope reminded Bo that she and his sons needed him, too. Bo promised he'd be back and said he would always be there for Hope and their kids. They kissed goodbye, and Bo left to meet Billie on the Basic Black jet. Billie hid the sexy negligee Kate had given her. After they took off, Bo called Hope to say goodnight, but the call was cut off before Bo heard Hope warn him not to let Billie take advantage. Hope fantasized about Billie getting between her and Bo. On the plane, Billie fell asleep on Bo's shoulder.

Jennifer found Abby and Chelsea sneaking into the house after Abby's curfew. Jennifer was furious, and good girl Chelsea smoothed the waters. When Chelsea was alone with Abby, she revealed that she was a very bad influence. Abby and Chelsea sneaked out to attend a boy-girl sleepover party. Hope visited Jennifer, and they consoled each other over ice cream.

Jack tried to break out of the DiMera castle. Tony warned there was no escape. Jack insisted he had to get home to Jennifer, Abby, and the baby. Tony tortured Jack by telling him that Patrick was living with Jennifer, and Tony thought Patrick would be a great comfort to Jennifer in her grief.

Mimi received a computer invitation to Belle and Philip's wedding. She told Belle she was making a serious mistake; Belle couldn't marry Philip if she still loved Shawn. Belle defended herself and reminded Mimi that Shawn had told her in no uncertain terms that he didn't want her anymore.

Mimi still thought Jan was manipulating Shawn somehow, and she left to investigate on her own. Using Jan's keys, Mimi let herself into Spears's country house. On Jan's computer, Mimi found all Jan's peeping tom shots of Belle and Philip kissing and almost making love. Mimi went ballistic and realized she had to tell Shawn and Belle.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

There was a severe snow and ice storm in Salem. Sami, Brandon, and Lucas were driving back from the justice of the peace when they skidded off the road and into a snowbank. Brandon hit his head again and was a little woozy. There was no cell phone signal, so Lucas was forced to walk to a gas station to try to get a tow. Sami was fuming that she hadn't married Lucas that night, but Brandon reminded her it was because she hadn't properly filed their annulment papers. Brandon asked if maybe Sami had subconsciously misfiled the papers.

When Lucas arrived at the gas station, he was told the storm was too bad and no one would be able to get a tow truck back to his car that night. They said he would need a tank to get through the snow. Lucas knew exactly who to call.

Mimi was at Jan's country house and had seen the cage and the contents of Jan's computer. She called Belle and said Belle had to get to Jan's right away. She also left a message on Shawn's machine. Jan arrived and confronted Mimi. Mimi nailed Jan on what she had found. Jan and Mimi fought, and Jan wound up locking Mimi in the cage.

Belle ran into Shawn in the hall and relayed Mimi's message. They took off together in Belle's car, after Belle left a note for Philip. In the car, the tension between Belle and Shawn continued, but both were more worried and curious about what Mimi had found. The snow and ice storm was treacherous, and as Belle and Shawn were driving over the bridge to Kent Island, they hit ice, spun out of control, and crashed through the guardrail.

Hope was home alone and still upset that Bo had taken off with Billie. The storm knocked out her furnace and the power. Her worry and agitation grew that Bo wasn't there. There was a frantic knocking at the door, and Hope was surprised when she opened it.

On the plane, Bo and Billie were asleep, Billie's head resting on Bo's shoulder. Billie dreamed of earlier, happy times with Bo. Bo, subconsciously reminded by the scent of Billie's perfume, also dreamed and remembered romantic times. Stirred by the memories, Billie kissed Bo in her sleep. He woke and called her on it. Billie said it had been because she'd been dreaming about when they had been together. Bo looked into her eyes and told her he had been having the same dream.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

At Jan's country house, Jan left Mimi locked in the cage. When she returned, Mimi, holding Jan's gun, surprised her. Mimi had Jan's keys and had let herself out of the cage. Jan finally confessed to everything she had done but threatened Mimi with blackmail again, saying that if Mimi told Shawn and Belle, Jan would tell Rex that Mimi had gotten an abortion. Mimi assertively said to go ahead. Jan attacked Mimi again, but Mimi easily defeated her.

Shawn, soaked and freezing, pulled an unconscious Belle onto the riverbank. She wasn't breathing, so Shawn gave her mouth-to-mouth, and Belle revived. The storm was still raging, and they could freeze to death. Shawn saw what could be shelter across a field, but Belle was weak and didn't think she could make it. Shawn, empowered by his love, picked her up and carried her off across the field.

Kate arrived at the gas station in her big SUV, having been called by Lucas. She was upset then relieved to hear Sami and Lucas had tried to elope but hadn't succeeded. She was privately thrilled when she heard Brandon and Sami were alone in the stuck car and deliberately drove the long way to delay getting to them. Lucas called her on it, and Kate thought Lucas was worried about what would happen between Sami and Brandon in the car.

In the car, the tension and animosity continued between Sami and Brandon. It built until Sami finally realized Brandon was angry, defensive, accusatory, and anxious for her to marry Lucas because he still loved her. Brandon looked into her eyes and finally admitted he did.

Doug and Julie arrived at Hope's, and she filled them in about Bo, Billie, and the fact that Georgia was alive. Julie was aghast with worry about what it would do to Hope and Bo. Hope tried to convince Doug, Julie, and herself that everything would be fine. Julie said if Hope believed that, she was a fool.

On the plane, Bo worried about why Billie had kissed him in her sleep. Billie said she wasn't going after him and blamed Kate for suggesting she use Georgia to get Bo back. Billie swore she wasn't doing that, and Bo believed her. He went to get some coffee, and Billie revealed she'd had her fingers crossed when she'd told Bo she didn't want him.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Sami and Brandon remained stuck in the car during the blizzard. Sami reeled at Brandon's admission that he still loved her. Sami had known he'd been protesting too much, but she couldn't believe it. Sami asked Brandon why he had left her. Brandon said he'd had to because he had been hurt, and it had been the only way he had been able to cope. He told Sami that he had no intention of getting between her and Lucas, especially since they were getting married. Sami insisted it was what she wanted.

Kate and Lucas tried to get to Sami and Brandon. During the ride, Kate told Lucas that marrying Sami was a big mistake. Of course, Lucas didn't want to hear it and asked his mother to please try to get along with Sami. Kate preyed on Lucas' fear and told him that she thought Brandon still had feelings for Sami. When they arrived and found Sami in Brandon's arms, Lucas couldn't help but be jealous. Sami quickly explained the heater had died and they had been trying to keep warm. Sami and Lucas went home, where a distracted Sami made love to Lucas. Halfway through the love-making, Sami looked up, and instead of Lucas, she saw Brandon.

Kate drove Brandon to the hospital, where Brandon told Kate that once the storm was over, he was leaving town for good.

Mimi and Jan struggled over the gun, and it went off. Neither was hit, and Jan got the upper hand again. Mimi told Jan that once Shawn and Belle got there and realized what Jan had done all summer, she could kiss her life with Shawn goodbye. Jan threatened Mimi with the abortion blackmail, and they continued to fight. Mimi finally got the upper hand and called Philip and Rex. Due to the storm, the connection was bad, and Philip and Rex only heard that Shawn and Belle had gone to Jan's house and that Mimi wanted them to go too. The line went dead, and Philip and Rex took off on cross-country skis.

Shawn rescued Belle from the storm by carrying her to a barn. Shawn and Belle got out of their wet, cold clothes and tried to warm each other up. They both fell asleep and fantasized about each other. While asleep, they acted on their fantasy and started to make love.

John continued to suffer. Perplexed, Lexie didn't understand his reactions to the pain medicine. The mystery figure continued to inject John's I.V. John thought it was Tek, but he was confused. Lexie confronted a mystery figure, but it was Tek.

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