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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Sami went to see the priest about wedding plans but instead took an offer for confession as an opportunity to unload all the secrets she has been keeping. Sami told the priest about Mimi's abortion, John's drug use and theft, and Belle's indiscretion with Shawn on the rooftop. The priest cautioned her to turn the other cheek if anything bad should happen to her but Sami grumbled that she couldn't change who she was and would have to get revenge if anyone broke up her and Lucas. Sami also told him how relieved she was that Brandon was out of her life forever.

At the penthouse, John suffered the pain of withdrawal. Unable to stand it, Kate called Lexie in to ease John's burden. When Lexie arrived, she quickly surmised that John was the one who stole drugs from Salem Hospital. John admitted he did and Lexie told him she had to call the police. Lexie also explained how hurt and betrayed she felt by John but in the end, gave him medication to help him sleep.

Kate and Lexie went downstairs to talk about John. Lexie was surprised and dismayed to hear that Kate hoped Europe would bring Bo and Billie closer. The bearer of bad news, Lexie told Kate that Hope had left town with Patrick to track down Bo and Billie. Just then, Celeste called Lexie to inform her Abe had taken a bad fall because of his poor eyesight, causing a frazzled Lexie to run home and leave her PDA behind. Realizing the potential of her discovery, Kate used the PDA to send a fake message to Brandon from Lexie warning of Abe's declining health and to return home.

In the boys' loft, a disappointed Rex told Mimi he had honesty and trust issues with her because of her helping Shawn and Belle meet on the rooftop. Mimi apologized but still felt Shawn and Belle belonged together. Frustrated, Rex wondered whether they had a chance if Mimi couldn't understand that marriage was a forever concept. Rex begged her one last time to admit to any secrets but Mimi swore she had none. After Rex left, Jan and Mimi squared off again, twittering on about their respective blackmail secrets.

In the loft, Belle awoke in Philip's arms but was startled when she momentarily thought of Shawn and pulled away. While Philip hopped in the shower, Belle ran down the street to get him a gift. Outside a store downtown, Belle ran into Shawn who followed her into the shop. Belle asked the proprietress for a medal of protection for her new husband. While the shopkeeper dug around in the back, Shawn incessantly questioned Belle about her love for him. Shawn insisted Belle chose Philip because he was going off to war. Before Belle could answer, the shopkeeper brought out the medal. The present purchased, Belle scurried off into the street where Shawn grabbed her and kissed her.

Later at the loft, Philip asked Rex to stop by for a heart to heart with his brother. Philip asked Rex to watch over Belle while he is in Iraq and most importantly, keep Shawn away. Rex promised to.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

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As Patrick and Hope arrive in Europe, Patrick warns Hope that the village may be filled with DiMera spies and it's best to lie low. Patrick pulls Hope into a kiss to avoid detection by a surveillance camera. Little do they know they've been captured in the background of a wedding photograph being taken in the lobby. Like Bo and Billie before them, Patrick and Hope pretend to be lovers visiting Europe on a romantic vacation. During their ruse, Hope swipes the registration book and realizes Bo and Billie were here.

Bo and Billie are still tied up when Billie sees Georgia... it is a dream. Bo unties Billie and he's ready to leave but Billie won't go without Georgia. Emotional, she breaks down and Bo has to do his best to convince her that their only hope of saving Georgia is to leave now. Billie finally agrees with Bo and they take out the guard. The tables turn when it appears the guard will take out Bo. The guard points to a silhouette in another window and Billie and Bo are shocked to see "Georgia." The guard asks Billie if she wants to save her "lover" Bo or their "daughter."

John continues to fight withdrawal as Kate continues to fight Sami and Lucas's impending wedding. Kate calls on Eugenia for help but both women are surprised when Sami and Lucas show up - Sami is hell-bent on claiming her mother's pearls. Sami enters the apartment and Eugenia quickly hides in the powder room. Lucas tells Kate about Sami's threat to elope; Kate screams and Sami uses the opportunity to get upstairs to John. Sami demands John give Sami her mother's pearls. Thrown, John replies, "What pearls?"

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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Billie is forced to make a choice between saving Bo and trying to prevent Georgia from being taken away. Bo insists Billie save Georgia. Billie goes to an upstairs bedroom where she thinks she sees her daughter in a rocking chair. Billie and Bo are both captured and tied up again. They again quickly escape and Billie is emotionally devastated from the disappointment of not finding their daughter. Bo comforts her.

At the European inn, Patrick and Hope find the address where they believe Bo and Billie went and head out after them. When they arrive, they take out the guards and find Bo and Billie in each other's arms. Hope is angry and Patrick leaves to get the car. As Bo and Hope are squabbling, Billie hears a noise and we reveal a young girl upstairs...

Philip and Belle have a private farewell celebration before Philip has to leave for active duty. Belle keeps remembering the kiss with Shawn and his insistence that they resolve the situation between them. Philip goes to pack and Belle realizes she needs answers, too.

Shawn tells Mimi about the kiss and asks her to help him talk to Belle again. Mimi refuses because Rex forbade her them any further; she won't risk jeopardizing her relationship with Rex. Shawn is still determined to resolve things with Belle and he has to do it before Philip leaves. Belle calls Mimi and tells her she wants to talk to Shawn again. Mimi reacts and asks Belle if this means she's still in love with Shawn?

Sami is horrified to learn that John gave Marlena's pearls to Belle. Sami rails at John (who is still going through withdrawal) and Kate and Lucas join in the argument. Eugenia is hiding on the terrace. Lucas tries to get Sami to forget about the pearls and continue to strive to be on her best behavior/be good. Sami is furious with John and then spies a fax to Kate from Lexie. Sami realizes she has proof that John is an addict!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Billie hears a noise upstairs and immediately thinks it could be Georgia. Bo and Hope do not hear it and want to leave. Bo reminds Billie it could be another trap but Billie refuses to leave without her daughter. She rushes upstairs and Bo would follow, but Hope lashes out at him for always following Billie. Bo and Hope argue and Hope has to rein in her anger. Meanwhile, Billie returns to the room where she previously saw a mannequin and finds a young girl! Billie is thunderstruck as the girl says her name is Georgia. Reeling, Billie introduces herself to her daughter as the birth mother. Bo arrives and gets a huge shock -- Billie introduces Georgia to her biological father. As emotional Billie holds Georgia, and Bo holds tearful mom and daughter, Hope comes in and sees the close family tableau.

Lucas brings Sami home; she is glad she found the fax. Lucas warns Sami to stay out of it. Sami would rather strike out at her enemies, John and Kate, but she has to be good for Lucas' sake. Lucas leaves to shop for Sami's wedding present. When Sami is alone, torn about whether to elope, she calls Telepsychic Marguerite again. Eugenia is there to prompt the psychic with answers; she tells Sami that eloping is a bad idea and that she should stay in Salem and have the big, lavish wedding she planned. Nothing will go wrong, as long as Brandon doesn't return to Salem.

Brandon, in London, gets an email from Lexie (actually sent by Kate). He calls Celeste to check on Abe's condition. Brandon wants to come home to visit but Celeste warns against it - she is getting disturbing vibes. Brandon is torn but finally decides to book the next flight to Salem.

Kate is tipped off when Brandon makes his plane reservation; her plan is working!

Belle asks Mimi to help her meet with Shawn again. Mimi thinks Belle is in love with Shawn but Belle will only admit that she has some unanswered questions. Mimi is torn because Rex warned her not to interfere anymore. Belle doesn't want to jeopardize Mimi's relationship and say she will find a way to meet with Shawn on her own. Philip enters and wants to know what they're talking about. Belle covers but when they're alone, Philip warns Belle not to let Shawn get to her while he is at war. Mimi calls Belle just as Philip lays down the law: he wants Belle to stay away from Shawn.

Shawn is determined to straighten this out with Belle today - before Philip ships off overseas. Jan is determined to keep Shawn and Belle apart for the rest of the day. Despite Jan's threats, Mimi decides to help Shawn and Belle.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

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Bo and Billie rejoice over finding their missing daughter but Hope is skeptical that it is another DiMera trick. The young girl's parents arrive and are horrified to find strangers in their house. At first, Bo and Billie think they are DiMera minions but the two prove they are Georgia's adoptive parents. They were sent on their own wild goose chase today and Bo figures DiMera got them out of the house in order to set Bo and Billie up. As her biological parents, Bo and Billie want to take their daughter back to the states for DNA testing. The adoptive parents refuse to let them take Georgia anywhere and the young girl is scared.

Mimi sets up a secret meeting between Belle and Shawn. Belle hates lying to Philip and is relieved when he says he has to go out. Shawn continues to turn down Jan's sexual advances. Shawn sneaks into Belle's bedroom and Mimi is left to deal with Jan. Before long Jan figures out what is going on and she will not let Shawn spend time with Belle! Mimi locks Jan in the closet. Jan vows she will make Mimi pay! Shawn shows Belle old emails and digital photos he found on his laptop -- a history of their love. Belle is deeply moved and Shawn points out that he was obviously a different person when he was with Belle and wants to be that kind of person again. Belle is in tears and finally admits she still loves Shawn. They kiss as Philip returns to the loft.

Philip goes to say goodbye to his mother and Kate is emotional as she prepares to send her son off to war. She is proud but also afraid she will lose her son. Philip asks his mother to look after Belle while he's gone. Philip confides that he gets so angry he could kill Shawn.

Lucas and Will give Sami a surprise bridal shower. She is deeply touched as Lucas gives Sami a new set of pearls - they will start their own Roberts family tradition.

Kate and Eugenia are still plotting and Brandon has just landed in Salem.

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