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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 21, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, March 21, 2005

At the Brady home, Bo tried to comfort Billie with a hug just as Hope came home. An huffy Hope told Bo he should be out looking for their son who took his bike and drove off to god knows where. Billie apologized for monopolizing Bo's time, but Hope didn't think she was sorry. While Bo was off making phone calls to start a Shawn search party, Billie tried to explain to Hope that she told Bo to go to Shawn, but it was his decision to stay. Not quite believing her, Hope informed Billie that Kate confirmed she was after Bo. Rolling her eyes, Billie exclaimed she was sick of Hope's insecurities while Hope retorted she was just sick of Billie. After making his phone calls, Bo returned and told Hope it was his decision to stay with Billie. With her mouth agape, Hope stared in disbelief. Furious, she asked Bo who was more important: Billie and Georgia or Hope and the boys. Bo said the question was unfair, but Hope insisted he has consistently chosen Billie and Georgia up until now.

In a fitful sleep, Belle dreamed that Philip came home in a casket. Standing over his body, Philip opened his eyes and said, "When you told me you still loved Shawn, I had nothing left to live for." Belle seemed to startle awake, but was still dreaming. This time a visage of Hope blamed Belle for Shawn's death because she denied Shawn's love. Belle saw another casket, this time filled with the body of Shawn. Shawn opened his eyes and told her he was there because of her. "You killed our love and you killed me," he muttered. A horrified Belle backed away as the phone rang. A relieved and now awake Belle answered the phone. Bo asked her if she had seen Shawn but she said no. Once she hung up, Belle noticed the "I love you" heart on her mirror and knew where to find him.

A sulking Shawn took a six pack of beer up to the special place in the woods where he made the snowman for Belle and declared his love. Shawn thought back to Belle's emotional turmoil over Philip and continued to drink himself into a stupor. Suddenly, Belle appeared behind Shawn to tell him his parents were worried. Worried herself, Belle added that he never used to drink up at their special place. A frustrated Shawn punctuated the moment by smashing a beer bottle against a rock. Near tears, Shawn complained he didn't mean as much to Belle as her husband. But a scared Belle proclaimed she would die if anything happened to him. Aggressively, Shawn pulled Belle to him and said no matter what they do, it won't bring Philip home. They began to kiss, and Belle quickly succumbed to her ex's charms.

Down on the Salem docks, John clutched his new bag of drugs and prayed for help from Doc. He envisioned her coming to him out of the fog like she did so many years ago, only to find Marlena was actually there. John grabbed her passionately and began to kiss her but slowly realized the woman was actually Kate. Kate questioned his presence down on the docks but he insisted it was not because of drugs. Kate gently broke the news that if he were lying, she would go to the cops. John changed the subject, lamenting that he wasn't strong enough to go find Philip. A devastated Kate had to tell John about Philip's video, which depressed John even more. Once they returned to the penthouse, John turned on the television and watched the video. An emotional Kate dropped a tray of tea when she realized what John was watching and John rushed to hug her and console her.

In the DiMera castle, a newly optimistic Roman felt like there were other prisoners and perhaps one had escaped. Marlena laughed, remembering the pessimist he used to be. Then Marlena became sad again thinking their loves had moved on. Continuing with his new found optimism, Roman told her the video feed of John and Kate was selective and tailor made to mislead them. Right on cue, the television clicked on to show John hugging Kate. When John announced to Kate they should turn in to bed together, Roman finally began to believe Marlena was right and that John and Kate really were falling in love. Sobbing, Marlena begged Roman to hold her.

At the Deveraux house, Bart giggled over the fact that Jack was conscious on the floor but paralyzed by Tony's drugs. A cop in the neighborhood prevented Tony from being able to spirit away Jack so Bart had to wait, gun in hand, for Patrick and Jennifer to enter from the front walk. Jennifer continued to feel Jack's presence nearby and thought about when he proposed to her, when she proposed to him, and the birth of Abby. Jennifer fondly remembered Jack, recalling how misunderstood he was and how no one took him seriously. "I thought that he was the most loyal and caring man in the world," said Jennifer. Jack listened from inside as Jennifer continued, "He was my best friend, my lover, and my partner and I could not have asked for a better husband." In his mind, Jack agreed that he could not have asked for a better wife. Bart slowly began to drag Jack's body away from the front hall as Jennifer finally decided to enter her home for the evening. Just as she entered with Patrick, a surprised Jennifer exclaimed, "Jack!"

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hope is furious with Bo for repeatedly choosing Billie especially tonight, when Shawn really needs him. Bo explains about the phone call and audio tape Billie received and although Hope is sympathetic, she points out that Billie has other people she can turn to... Billie is tired of Hope attacking her and storms out. Bo is upset that Hope made Billie leave and Hope is left incredulous -- Bo is angry at her?! She warns Bo that if anything happens to Shawn it is over between them.

Alone on the pier, Billie hears an eerie young girl's voice calling "Mommy, why haven't you saved me?"

Shawn and Belle almost make love but Belle stops at the last minute. Shawn is frustrated about the entire situation. Belle, even though she loves Shawn and wants to be with him, won't commit to him physically while Philip is still missing. If Philip dies she can't be with Shawn or any other man. Shawn, upset, drives off on his motorcycle and to Belle's horror, has another accident.

Jennifer enters the house and reacts to an overwhelming sense that Jack is there. She and Patrick search but the house is empty. Jennifer finds a magazine with dog-eared pages exactly as Jack was in the habit of doing; she is convinced that Jack is alive and must have been in the house. Patrick says that anyone could have done the page folding; Abby could have been "shopping." Patrick goes to look for Abby; she is out past curfew again. Jennifer still thinks it is possible Jack could have been in the house but if he was, why would he have left?

Jack, the sedation wearing off, is with Bart in Tony's limo and headed to the airport. Jack is more convinced than ever that Patrick is working for the DiMeras and that Jennifer is in danger. He manages to untie his ropes but Bart pulls a gun and Jack is stuck.

John uses his computer to locate Philip. Kate finds drugs in John's jacket and goes to call the police. John smashes the phone and tries to talk her out of turning him in. Kate finally agrees not to call the police if John will let her get rid of the drugs. John threatens: if Kate throws out those drugs Philip will die.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Shawn crashes his motorcycle. Belle rushes over to him and Shawn looks dead! Belle revives him but he is in bad shape but he won't go to the hospital. He has been drinking, driving with a suspended license and already has charges pending against him - he doesn't want to go to jail. Shawn begs Belle to take him home and she is very torn. While driving him home Shawn slumps over unconsciousness.

Hope warns Bo if anything happens to Shawn because Bo was too busy with Billie, Hope will never forgive him and it will be over between them! Bo gives Hope a gift of family photos trying to reassure her of his love and his commitment to their family. Hope is moved but thinks Bo's actions will speak louder than words. They are at an impasse when the cops call with the news that they have found Shawn's wrecked bike but no body. Hope pales, fearing the worst.

Billie hears a little girl's voice calling for her and thinks it is Georgia; she finds a talking doll deliberately set out to taunt her. Billie hears a noise and realizes someone is there... Patrick arrives. They wonder who planted the doll and who would want to be so cruel? Lurking nearby is Sami/Stan and we see that she planted the doll for Billie to find. Patrick and Billie hear a noise and go to investigate; Stan seems to be cornered.

John gives Kate an ultimatum: give him back the painkillers or Philip will die. Kate is aghast at John's use of emotional blackmail but John is sincere. He is the only one capable of rescuing Philip but he has to be sharp and focused to get the job done. He demands Kate give him back the drugs; he is only trying to help Kate and Belle. Kate is deeply torn. John gives Kate time alone to think it over and she makes a private decision and leaves the penthouse. John returns to find Kate gone and in a withdrawal-induced rage, goes ballistic.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Belle drives Shawn home in very bad shape; she thinks they should go to the hospital but Shawn refuses. When they get home Shawn wants/needs to be close to Belle and wants to sleep next to her. They argue again about how long Belle can be faithful to her wedding vows. Belle wants Shawn to think about her needs instead of his own for a change. Shawn apologizes says Belle is right, he won't pressure her anymore.

Bo and Hope rush to the scene of Shawn's accident and see the mangled bike. Officer Cesarez thinks he was thrown off the deadly cliff. Hope blames Bo. They are tremendously relieved to hear that an eyewitness saw Shawn walk away from the accident and that he got into a car with a young woman. Bo and Hope figure it had to be Belle so they go to the loft and let themselves in with Hope's emergency key. Bo and Hope find Shawn and Belle asleep in bed together and they prays Shawn and Belle will be together and that Philip won't always be an obstacle... like Billie has been for them. Bo tries to reassure her but Hope is afraid their marriage will not last.

Kate visits Lexie for advice about John and his addiction. Abe hears that John is an addict and surprises them with his opinion: he thinks Kate should give John the [illegal] drugs; if any drug, even street drugs, could cure Abe's blindness, he would take them in a heartbeat. Abe adds that John is strong enough to beat the addiction and Lexie is very upset. She urges Kate not to give John his fix. Kate leaves and once alone with Abe, Lexie expresses her distress over Abe's attitude -- his blindness has made him bitter. As they argue, we learn Abe is not able to be a true husband to Lexie. Lexie vows her undying love but we see their marriage is under real strain.

Kate returns to John and learns he got a call from Shane Donovan -- the ISA wants him to oversee the search for Philip. John really needs the painkillers now.

Sami/Stan hides from Patrick and Billie and is almost caught when Patrick gets a cryptic phone call. A mysterious voice orders him to let Sami/Stan get away. Billie points out that Bo is going to suspect Patrick of planting the talking doll; Billie trusts Patrick. Patrick hides the truth regarding the phone call he just received and assures Billie there is no reason to suspect him of anything.

Mimi knows Rex wants to have his own biological children so she offers to cancel the wedding. Rex will not hear of it and reminds her of his love and says he can't imagine himself with anyone else -- besides, it is not Mimi's fault that she can't conceive. Sami/Stan is lurking, listening and unnoticed. When Rex moves off to get ice cream, Sami/Stan confronts Mimi with the knowledge he knows of her abortion. Mimi freaks and Rex will return and find out her secret.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Kate considers giving John the pills but then tells him she will not barter drugs for her son's life. She dumps the pills and John angrily tells Kate to get out. Upset she goes to pack while in a fit of rage John pushes some furniture around. He notices a few errant pills and quickly pops one and calms down. Kate comes back downstairs and John apologizes; he asks her to stay and we see Kate is torn. John tells her how much she means to him and Kate is drawn to John.

Jack is taken back to the Euro DiMera castle and he tells Tony he will break out again. In a surprise move he cold cocks Tony and finds his way to Roman and Marlena. They have found a map of the castle! Jack attempts to spring Marlena and Roman but is eventually caught. Jack is taken to his room and Tony confiscates the map from Roman/Marlena. Jack has a vision of Jennifer.

Patrick and Billie arrive at Jennifer's house where Patrick explains about the talking doll. Alone with Billie, Jennifer wants to know that if it is proven that Georgia is not alive, will Billie be able to move on without Bo?

Rex runs into Abby and Chelsea. He sees they have a fake ID and thinks Abby should tell her mom. Chelsea claims the ID as her own and they leave. Patrick is looking for Abby and when he finds her he tells her that he is suspicious of Chelsea; they walk home. Chelsea emerges from her hiding spot only to have Sami/ Stan offer help to reel in Patrick Lockhart.

Mimi is taunted by Sami/Stan -- he threatens to tell Rex everything about the abortion unless she breaks up with him. Rex shows up and chases Sami/Stan off; Mimi tells Rex that she cannot marry him.

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